Carnivore Club: A feast of artisan delicatessen

When I grew up I well remember that there was always a salami hidden somewhere in the fridge. Sometimes you would have to look really hard, it was so often buried under packets of cheese and other meats. The fridge was always so ridiculously full you could never find anything if you were in a hurry. That’s an Italian mamma for you πŸ™‚

If I was hungry I would just slice it and make myself a panino which would certainly satisfy my cravings and fill any holes in my stomach.

There is something about cured meats that make you want more. I don’t normally have them all the time but usually on occasions because it is a real treat.

I received a box of cured meats from the “Carnivore Club”. I liked its funky fake wood design.

carnivore club box

Carnivore Club started out in Canada and the USA and it is the world’s first monthly delivery service of artisan charcuterie. Every month there are different types of cured meats, usually 4 or 6 types of handcrafted charcuteries from Britain’s best artisans.

Inside mine there was: pancetta, moma, air dried ham, salami and Spanish Chorizo.

Carnivore club cured meats packaged

I put everything on a wooden board and started slicing..

salted cured meat salami

I am not over exagerating if I say that I was dribbling. There is something about freshly sliced salami.. the smell and everything that can overpower your a nice way I mean!

I liked the pancetta, I particularly like it on pasta dishes and lomo, whole pork loin dry cured with fresh herbs and spices and then rubbed with smoked paprika was new to me.

cured meats on wooden board

My children promply wrapped the ham around breadsticks like they always do.

Eating ham with breadsticks

What happened next was whilst I briefly went upstairs my children polished off the lot! So I just managed to try a slice of everything but thankfully there is still some salami and chorizo left which I have not sliced yet.

Carnivore Club is kindly giving away a box filled with charcuterie to one lucky My Little Italian Kitchen reader. Enter the gleam form below. This is a raffle. The more entries the more chances of winning.

Terms and conditions:

  1. You can enter with the Gleam widget below via blog comment, twitter, instagram, pinterest or facebook.
  2. Please comment on this blogpost before proceeding with other entry options (this is mandatory).
  3. One winner will be randomly selected and contacted via their provided e-mail address. Please claim your prize within 4 days of being notified.
  4. Giveaway open toΒ UK residents over the age of 18 only.
  5. This giveaway closes on July 16th 2016

Win a Carnivore Club charcuterie box

I was sent a Carnivore club box to review all opinions are my own.

Carnivore Club is offering 10% offΒ  the purchase price of one of their boxes. Just enter the promocode Italiankitchen10.

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288 Responses to Carnivore Club: A feast of artisan delicatessen

  1. Angela Treadway

    My fav is definitely a bacon sandwich just don’t have it very often, I have more egg Sarnies than anything x

  2. Nicki Evans

    Egg Mayonnaise

  3. Tania Atfield

    Chicken and mayo sandwich

  4. winnie

    tuna and sweetcorn

  5. mick proctor

    Cheddar , chorizo and jalepenos

  6. Kim Neville

    Roast chicken salad and mayo sandwiches

  7. Kay sale

    Brie and cranberry sauce

  8. Petra Beck

    My favourite is salami & cheese on a crusty roll, with cucumber slices for freshness!

  9. Amanda Richardson

    My favourite sandwich is smoked ham, cheese and carrot chutney. Don’t get to eat that often though unfortunately.

  10. Lindsay McPhee

    Bacon brie and cranberry!

  11. Dottie Sauchelli Balin

    Dear Alida,
    Great gift box..This reminds me of my father when he had his Italian Speciality store years ago. He would always bring home these types of meats, especially Soppressata, Pepperoni, and Prosciutto which we would wrap around a breadstick just like your kids. You are right when you say that the fridge was always stocked full of goodies, but you could always find some hard salami in the drawers hidden. Everything smelled so good and it was a treat, mostly at holiday time is when we would have the Prosciutto. Lots of wonderful memories..Thank you for sharing this …I know the contest is for the UK..but had to write you. Have a good weekend my friend..Ciao!
    Hugs Dottie πŸ™‚

  12. Tracy K Nixon

    Tuna, red onion, red pepper and cherry tomato!

  13. Jo Whitmore

    Club sandwich – chicken, bacon, lettuce and tomato

  14. Ruth Harwood

    Cheese and Ham xx

  15. Ray Dodds

    Free range egg mayonnaise

  16. iain maciver

    tuna mayo

  17. Suzanne Drummond

    prawn and mayo

  18. Kirsty Hosty

    I love a BLT on nice fresh door stop bread from the bakers

  19. jus

    BLT – bacon, lettuce, tomato with a touch of mayo.

  20. Paula Readings

    I like a cheese ploughmans.

  21. Tracey Peach

    A Bacon & Egg Roll πŸ™‚

  22. laura banks

    philadelphia and banana

  23. laura stewart

    cheese and tomato x

  24. Mandy Waller

    My fav sandwich is egg bacon and a bit of mayo πŸ™‚

  25. Carolynn Woodland

    Chicken Tikka

  26. Ruth Giles

    pastrami, rocket on rye bread

  27. janet humphrey

    Love BLT’s but any italian meat sandwich is much appreciated

  28. Chria newson

    Proper smoked ham in soft gooey bread can’t be beat!

  29. Joanne Beale

    Cheese and Coleslaw

  30. aj

    Tuna and sweetcorn

  31. clair downham

    tuna mayonaise

  32. gemma brown

    brie and cranberry sauce with lettuce



  34. Rachel Tasker

    Ham, cheese & pickle

  35. Krzysia

    smoked mackerel, beetroot & horseradish on a seeded bread

  36. Suzanne O'Neill

    pastrami and english mustard

  37. William Gould

    Sliced chicken breast & sliced red peppers with a little mayo!

  38. Iona Cornish

    Prawn and Onion

  39. Sue Hutchins

    Tuna and mayo

  40. lucy higgins

    Egg mayonnaise and cress

  41. Char Keddy

    Mozza cheese, tomato, and fresh herbs x

  42. Angie McDonald

    Beef and Mustard!


    beetroot and salad cream

  44. Sarah Spencer


  45. Emma S

    Mozzarella, Proscuitto, Sundried Tomato and Pesto

  46. amanda walsh

    A spicy BMT like the one on ofer at subway, we recreate it at home with salami

  47. Jo Hutchinson

    Ham, salami and cheese.

  48. matthew Cobb


  49. wendy gordon

    It depends on time of day and how much time I have, but a bacon sandwich with brown sauce is always a good choice. With lots of time to spare then a warm baguette with roast chicken and warm stuffing .

  50. Diana Maxwell

    Egg but must be made with salad cream NOT mayo.

  51. Charlie Cheung

    Egg and Bacon!

  52. Amica Grant

    Egg mayonnaise with marmite.

  53. Gwyneth Lowe

    Raw beef and onion

  54. Paul Heaney


  55. Julia Linsley

    Tuna and Mayo

  56. sarah evans

    thinly sliced beef and blue cheese


    Vintage cheddar and a thick slice of smoked ham

  58. Simon Wade

    Mixed meats with cheese toasted! Yummy, might go and make on now. Lol

  59. Terri-Louise Dudey

    cheese and beetroot

  60. Stephanie Hall

    Roast Beef

  61. Emma Ellams

    Cheese, beetroot and salad cream πŸ™‚

  62. Steven Appleton

    I do love a beef & horseradish butty

  63. Patricia Avery

    Since being a little girl many moons ago egg sandwiches have always been my favourite πŸ™‚

  64. Nat thomason

    Tuna mayo

  65. Kim Styles

    avocado and bacon

  66. Lara Latchem

    Crab salad is my favourite

  67. Kim M

    Egg mayonnaise and lettuce

  68. Miriam Said

    Peanut butter and strawberry jam is definatley my favourite snadwich.

  69. aaron broad

    Can’t go wrong with Bacon Sandwich

  70. Tracey Parker

    Cheddar cheese with onion relish and tomatoes

  71. claire griffiths

    i love a BLT sandwich

  72. pete c

    mine is cream cheese with celery

  73. Graham Riches


  74. Michelle Ferguson

    Cheese and tomato

  75. Corinne Peat

    I love a BLT

  76. judy kennedy

    Parma ham and artichoke in a white bread roll

  77. Viswa

    Delicious recipe,i like your recipes,my favourite sandwich is chicken, tomato, jalepenos,i love your recipe..

  78. Katie Richards

    My favourite sandwich is turkey, ham, bacon and loads of edam cheese!!

  79. helen jones

    Roast chicken,rocket and mustard mayonnaise on seeded brerad

  80. Gillian Hitchen

    roast beef and onion

  81. Rachel Butterworth

    Lancashire cheese and tomato on crusty bread.

  82. Hannah Ingham

    Smoked Salmon, cream cheese and cucumber!

  83. lucy rose

    It has to be …….Salmon, cream cheese and cucumber…… love it…..

  84. Joanne Davis

    Erm gotta be a bacon and sausage sandwich with ketchup and a little brown sauce

  85. Mark R

    Has to be a bacon sandwich

  86. Tee Simpson

    Sweet chilli chicken with salad!

  87. Jane Willis

    My favourite sandwich is tuna, mayo, cucumber and sweetcorn on granary

  88. Magdalena Kobrzynska

    Chorizo Roll

  89. Joan

    egg mayo

  90. Dion Petrie

    My favourite has to be Mexican chicken

  91. Roxanne Clements

    That looks insanely delicious! I love cured meats πŸ™‚

  92. Alix Smith

    Tuna & sweetcorn

  93. Hazel Rea

    Turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce on Boxing Day. Other times of the year chicken and salad.

  94. Stevie

    My favourite would have to be bacon and runny yolk egg with black pepper.

  95. Lyla

    Parma ham and jarlsberg

  96. Jan Beal

    My favourite is Smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwich (or bagel)

  97. Lauren

    Ham salad

  98. Margaret Clarkson

    Crispy Bacon in soft white bread.

  99. Fiona Rennie

    Tuna and onion πŸ™‚

  100. Melissa M

    Prawn mayo

  101. Karl Borowy


  102. Sam McKean

    Chicken, Bacon, Mayo, parmesan cheese and lettuce

  103. Mary Chez

    Cheese and pickle

  104. Claire Elizabeth Noke

    Chicken, Bacon, Tomato and onion chutney πŸ™‚

  105. Fiona Sanderson

    Salami and mozzarella πŸ™‚

  106. Lorraine Polley

    ham and cheese is my favourite

  107. Zandra Higgs

    Reuben Sandwich


    Melted cheese and chorizo

  109. Samantha

    Tuna & cucumber

  110. jessica catherine

    tuna and mayo

  111. Angela Kelly

    Chicken and chorizo is my favourite.

  112. Susan Trubey

    cheese salad

  113. Kat Glynn

    My favourite is Pastrami, with homemade coleslaw πŸ™‚

  114. Sue Harrison

    Egg and bacon for brunch

  115. Sophie D

    Chicken and avocado

  116. Jemma Dwyer

    a BLT is my fav

  117. Lizzy Cooper

    Chicken, bacon & stuffing is the best πŸ˜€

  118. Chris Andrews

    OH probably chicken with mayo and sweetcorn

  119. Kimberley Ryan

    Egg mayo with pepper and chilli is my favourite

  120. Gareth Evans

    I take crusty bread and spread soft blue cheese like dolcalatte up in it and then spread a bramley apple sauce over that before topping with rocket leaves



    Hot steak and onion

  122. Rachel Craig

    Ham and cheese.

  123. david cavender

    Tuna & mayo

  124. Rebecca Beesley

    if i have the time i love making a club sandwich with pastrami, emmental and gherkins in x

  125. Sheila Reeves

    I love chicken, salad and avocado

  126. Helen Metcalfe

    pastrami on rye, with strong mustard and cheese

  127. Janet Cutler

    Hot bacon, fried mushrooms & mayonnaise in a large floured bap.

  128. gemma raines

    cheese pickle and ham πŸ™‚

  129. Pam Smith

    Chicken and avocado

  130. reg vandra

    Ham cheese and pickle

  131. Mary Baldwin

    Rare roast beef on sourdough bread with a smear of English mustard and mayonnaise.

  132. jen s morgan

    Cheese and tomato x

  133. carole n

    chicken salad

  134. Vicky Hawkins

    egg mayo and bacon

  135. Gemma Lewin

    Salami and cheese baguette (with a generous serving of butter) is the business.

  136. Carol Emmett

    For a packed lunch, Tuna and chopped red onion. As a ‘hot’ sandwich it would be bacon or sausage and brown sauce

  137. Kelly Knowles

    Bacon, Egg mayonnaise on brown bread

  138. Kerry Purves

    I love smoked bacon, no sauce!

  139. Charlotte H

    I love bacon, avocado and rocket!

  140. michelle o'neill


  141. Susan Sargent

    My favourite is Tuna and Mayo

  142. hayley meredith

    I love pastrami with cheese and salad on a nice crunchy gf cobb, yumm!!!

  143. Rebecca Lathwood

    Cheese, apple and Dijon mustard

  144. Debbie Preston

    Chicken salad

  145. Allan Wilson

    Ham, Cheese & Piccallili

  146. Jessica M

    Pastrami and mustard

  147. jessicag

    I love prawn and mayonnaise, but salami too is one of my favourites, but can never find it anywhere?!

  148. sharon mead

    cheese and onion

  149. Annette Oliver

    Ham and cheese

  150. Andrew Petrie

    Tuna mayo.

  151. Angela Williams

    egg, mayo and chives

  152. Norman innes


  153. louise gazeley

    Cream cheese and Salami !!

  154. lynn savage

    proper thick ham freshly cut off the bone in thick slices of granary bread spread with good butter and a dollop of homemeade piccalilli

  155. Helen Gilbert

    Roast beef and hot mustard

  156. Juli Savage

    Egg Salad

  157. Jessica Townley

    Pastrami and mustard! πŸ˜€

  158. Rachel White

    Pastrami. salami & egg with salad & mayo… yummy!

  159. Georgina Sudron

    Good old chicken salad yummy

  160. Maggie Osborn

    Banana and nutella!

  161. Amandeep Sibia

    Ham and egg

  162. Gemma Massey

    My favourite sandwich is chicken and bacon xx

  163. Anthea Holloway

    Crispy bacon, lettuce and mayo.

  164. Kimberley Hazelton

    Tuna mayo

  165. Kelly Goodall

    Chicken and stuffing

  166. Victoria Prince

    My favourite sandwich is peanut butter πŸ™‚

  167. donna l Jones

    tuna and mayonise

  168. Antonio S

    Goat cheese, tomato and lettuce

  169. Iris W

    My favourite is a BLT or salami and gherkin in a crusty roll

  170. ailsa sheldon


  171. Martin Burley

    Prawn mayo


    Pastrami, gerkin and mustard with salad

  173. Jayne Kelsall

    Mine is Chicken Bacon and Mayonnaise, yum .x

  174. Simonsurfer

    Bacon, Chicken, Lettuce, Sun Dried Tomato and Mayo!

  175. Louise giles

    Chicken and stuffing and gravy!

  176. carol boffey

    Cheese and onion

  177. Lauren Old

    Bacon and ketchup!

  178. Lynne Rea

    Egg Mayo and Bacon

  179. paul jackson

    Egg mayo

  180. Robert Price

    Ham and cheese

  181. jessica cook

    ham cheese and coleslaw xx

  182. Samantha Philpott

    Ham, cheese, salad cream and cucumber πŸ™‚

  183. Jo McPherson

    Ham salad, with mayonnaise

  184. olivia Kirby

    smoked salmon and cream cheese

  185. Lisa

    My Fave sandwich is Chicken, pastrami, salad leaves, cucumber and mayonnaise. Yum πŸ™‚

  186. Sheri Darby

    Tuna and mayo

  187. Donna Caldwell

    Pastrami and mayo on rye bread

  188. Stev Rigby


  189. emma walters

    cheese & pastrami baguette

  190. Andrew Emery

    Brie and cranberry

  191. Louise Crocker

    Chicken, ham, cheese, salad and mayo

  192. Teresa Sheldon

    Chicken, crispy bacon and mayo

  193. A.E. ADKINS

    Bovril & iceberg lettuce – don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

  194. Ms Aideen McElhone Patel

    Toasted Club sandwich with lots of mayo & mustard πŸ™‚

  195. Natalie Gillham

    cheese and ham is my favourite sandwich x

  196. Laura Harrison

    Cheese and fruit chutney on wholemeal bread xxx

  197. Andrea Johnson

    Roast beef, yorkshire pudding and gravy

  198. Adrian Bold

    Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato.

  199. Anna Brown

    Chicken and bacon club is my favourite

  200. Emma Whittaker

    Good old Egg Mayo πŸ™‚

  201. alice lightning

    love bacon sandwiches

  202. Nicki Simpson

    Hmmmm chicken and bacon or salted beef

  203. Geoff Hibbert

    Roast beef and horseradish

  204. Tricia Cowell

    BLT !

  205. Jill Fairbank

    ,u face is tuna mayonnaise and chopped red onion

  206. Emma h

    Turkey, salad & Mayo

  207. Dawn Underwood

    Ham and mustard

  208. Ian Campbell

    Bacon Lettuce and Tomato, an endearing classic πŸ™‚

  209. Jess Berkeley

    Chicken, stuffing, bacon, lettuce and mayo!!
    That’s made me quite hungry now

  210. Hayley Todd

    My favourite sandwich is filled with really strong mature cheddar, pepperoni, chorizo and mexicana spiced cheese!

  211. karen laing

    I love a chicken salad sandwich but no mayo,if it’s a hot sandwich then it has to be a bacon sandwich,the bacon has to be very crispy and a touch of brown sauce,so very delicious x

  212. Kevin Rogers

    Chicken and apple sauce

  213. Danielle pooley

    Cheese with slices of tomato

  214. Eve Ogden

    Prawn Mayo

  215. Lisa Conn

    I love a banana sandwich transports me straight back to childhood x

  216. Allan Fullarton

    Swiss cheese and Pastrami – lovely.

  217. Rebecca Roberts

    Hot roast beef yum xxx

  218. kelly morgan

    chicken mayo and bacon

  219. cara-jane Hunter

    old school -cheese and tomato

  220. alison clark

    Roast rib of beef with a small amount of english mustard

  221. chris bull

    Parma ham, shaved Pecorino served in toasted ciabatta roll

  222. Anneka Hulse

    lemon chicken is my favorite sandwich

  223. Angela Cringle

    Love Feta and roast peppers on grannery bread

  224. Lisa Pond

    A BLT, get 2 of your 5 a day then too πŸ™‚

  225. Hannah Broomfield

    Tuna Mayo with salad

  226. Michelle Wild

    Caesar salad.

  227. adrian price

    ham and smoked applewood cheese

  228. Zoe Lowe

    Chicken Bacon and mayonnaise mmmm

  229. cheryl hadfield

    chicken breast, crispy bacon, lettuce tomato and mayo

  230. Karen Harrison

    Brie and bacon

  231. Chris Fletcher

    I love a cheese ploughmans!

  232. tess d

    Chorizo,chicken & avocado on sourdough bread

  233. Spencer Broadley

    Tuna mayo with salad

  234. Mary Lennon

    mmm I’m partial to coronation chicken but for a veggie sandwich creamy brie and grape.

  235. Emma White

    Parma ham and guoda,
    any ham and cheese basically


    Ham and tomato is my favourite

  237. stephanie Llewellyn

    ham cheese and pesto

  238. robert sharman

    ham, cheese and pickle

  239. Lisa Mauchline

    My favourite is tuna Mayo and red onion on brown bread

  240. Ann Massingham

    My favourite time of the sandwich year is just post-Christmas when there is left over turkey in abundance. The best sandwich is turkey leg and horseradish sauce with a sprinkling of chestnut stuffing if there is any left!

  241. Paul von der Fecht

    Ham, cheddar cheese and coleslaw.

  242. Deborah Mackenzie

    Biltong (dried beef) with avocado

  243. Christine Hobbs

    Bacon and egg mayo and tomato. Also love Chorizo and cheese x

  244. Josiebicknell

    Chicken advocado and sun dried tomato

  245. Scott Fallon

    Bacon sandwich with brown sauce

  246. Joanna Kasznicki

    BLT is my favourite, lots of bacon, tomato and lettuce with mayo yummy

  247. Sheila Howes

    Brie and Bacon

  248. Aaron Milne

    The “Full English Breakfast”

  249. Emma Watson

    Always a BLT – crisp lettuce, crispy bacon and large slices of tomato, smothered in salad cream and between seeded bread slices, gorgeous!!

  250. iona

    My favourite is any twist on ham & cheese. It could be a strong pancetta and a creamy Port Salut cheese or some very simple ham with a strong scottish cheddar. Often accompanied by a mustard or chutney.

  251. Pia Stephens

    Ham, cheese and pickle in a French stick (proper local French stick though not the ones you can buy from a supermarket here) x

  252. Irene Murdoch

    Tuna sandwich

  253. Amanda Norwood

    Pastrami, emmental, gherkins and mustard mayonnaise

  254. Averil Lea

    I love cheese and pickle sandwiches

  255. Matt Brasier

    Hot sausage and brown sauce

  256. Julie Edwards

    I love King Prawns with seafood sauce in a crusty cob.. no butter or margarine. Maybe a bit of salad to liven it up abit..

  257. Julia Linsley

    Palma Ham Rocket and Tomato

  258. Jeremy Andrews

    Ham and Coleslaw

  259. Charlotte Hoskins

    I love crispy bacon and ripe, gooey brie

  260. Jade Leigh

    Pepperoni, salami and ham with salad and mayo

  261. Miss Tracy Hanson

    Bacon, egg and sausage πŸ™‚ Yum. Tuna, cheese and red onion toastie is another favourite.

  262. Paul Ballantine

    Cheese, Onion & Tomato

  263. Holly Walker

    prawn cocktail or seafood cocktail

  264. Lisa C

    Bacon sandwich – very crispy streaky bacon and a generous dollop of ketchup has to be mt favourite πŸ™‚

  265. Ruth Wollerton

    Mozzarella with the caramalised onions and rocket on homemade Rosemary bread

  266. Alexis Newbery-Buckley

    Sausage and egg with red sauce

  267. Simon M

    Cheddar cheese and pickle!

  268. Kirsti Peters

    My fave is a Reubens sanwich for those not familiar with this american classic it consists of Pastrami or american corned beef (nothing like you get in tins in uk) Sauerkraut, Russian or thousand island dressing and Swiss cheese. Once you had had one, there are no other sandwiches that compare. and should be served on Rye bread

  269. Keith Hunt

    Tuna and mayo

  270. Herbert Appleby

    smoked salmon with crem fresh and black pepepr

  271. Natalie Crossan

    I do love a tuna cucumber πŸ™‚ xx

  272. Mark Scott

    Corned beef and salad cream

  273. Julie Booth

    ham, tomato, rocket and mustard

  274. Cara Bemrose-williams

    Pork & stuffing

  275. Lyndsey Jones

    I like parma ham and St Agur blue cheese, with rocket and pomodorino tomatoes. Relish!

  276. Keeley Shaw

    My favourite sandwich is chicken(or turkey) with salad cream.

  277. Kathy Cakebread

    tuna mayo, red onion, mayo and white chunky bread πŸ™‚

  278. louise Evans

    Tuna mayonaise

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