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Spring has sprung, I feel good!

In Food Experiences, Uncategorized On 10/03/2014 4 Comments

Could there ever be the perfect day? At the moment we are as close as we can get! Bright sunshine, a view of a bright yellow sea of… Read More »

green olives

Food glorious food: an all Italian obsession

In Food Experiences, Foodie Articles On 27/02/2014 7 Comments

Sometimes I do think of ways of getting food out of my mind. Shouldn’t I also be interested in fashion like most girls are, or gardening or God… Read More »

fresh cheese

Fresh cheese made in Italy

In Food Experiences, Foodie Articles On 18/02/2014 5 Comments

Close your eyes and imagine sliding a knife into a large round of cheese. Your hand is now leading a piece into your mouth and that soft but… Read More »

assorted salami

Salami and bread “pane e salame”

In Food Experiences, Foodie Articles On 05/02/2014 7 Comments

Oh I do love, yes I do love my salame (in Italian salame is the plural for salami). I have made an awful lot of crumbs on my… Read More »


Has Italian food changed over the years?

In Discover Italy, Food Experiences On 26/01/2014 3 Comments

When people think of Italian food they think of healthy and colourful Mediterranean food like spaghetti with seafood, caprese salad, delicious salami and hams, gnocchi and plenty of… Read More »


Pick, score, roast and enjoy: it’s chestnuts time!

In Food Experiences, Vegetables & Soups On 04/11/2013 22 Comments

  “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire . .” how romantic is that.. This is one of the best rewards autumn can bring us: that precious sweet little… Read More »


I love “pasticcini”! Italian addictive mini pastries

In Cakes & Biscuits, Discover Italy, Food Experiences On 04/11/2013 2 Comments

A recent break to Italy certainly hasn’t helped my waist line! It is always the same story: as soon as the plane touches Venetian soil I feel like… Read More »

corn picking

Snapshots from Italy: the corn picking experience

In Food Experiences, Vegetables & Soups On 03/10/2013 5 Comments

In autumn, all over Northern Italy corn is being harvested. My dad grows organic corn on a small scale, enough to feed the family and to make polenta… Read More »

peppers salad

Six yummy meals for the September Organic Campaign

In Cakes & Biscuits, Food Experiences, Meat and fish dishes, Pasta & Rice, Pork Dishes On 17/09/2013 7 Comments

As part of the September’s Naturally Different Organic Campaign I have received a second hamper full of fresh organic ingredients. Again these were essential ingredients to cook with,… Read More »


A traffic jam in Sicily

In Discover Italy, Food Experiences On 10/07/2013 7 Comments

It can be boring being in a traffic jam and we probably all experience it on a daily basis but what if instead of cars there were 100… Read More »


Tomatoes and a summer vegetable patch

In Discover Italy, Food Experiences On 02/07/2013 11 Comments

It’s nearly time to make passata. These are the first tomatoes my mum collected to make tomato sauce. Like her many Italian mamma’s will be very busy soon… Read More »

wild garlic soup

Detoxing with wild garlic soup

In Food Experiences, Low Fat, Vegetables & Soups On 15/05/2013 12 Comments

What do you do when spring arrives? You go foraging! It can be very therapeutic going into the woods: I love the stillness, the peace you can find… Read More »


Mamma makes polenta!

In Food Experiences, Foodie Articles On 09/04/2013 8 Comments

The Italian mamma is well known all over the world and you might already know why. The reason is simple: she is such a terrific cook!! Italian grown… Read More »

montasio cheese

The making of Italian Montasio cheese the traditional way

In Food Experiences, Foodie Articles On 01/03/2013 9 Comments

These days you find so many different types of cheese. In UK supermarkets the most popular cheese, after the English ones, are the French, Italian and Spanish ones…. Read More »

cantina with wine

Take a peek into an Italian cellar: “la cantina”

In Discover Italy, Food Experiences On 03/02/2013 7 Comments

Some time ago I went out for dinner with some relatives in Italy. We went to a local “agriturismo” which is a farm house resort with a restaurant … Read More »

sausage making

Sausage making in Italy the old fashioned way

In Food Experiences On 29/11/2012 28 Comments

  During the post war days, Italy, like the rest of Europe was left quite poor. Most people would eat meat rarely and usually it was Sunday the… Read More »

porcini mushrooms

Time to head to the woods: looking for Porcini mushrooms

In Food Experiences, Vegetables & Soups On 16/10/2012 27 Comments

Yeah! It’s that time of the year again. In October I am on “high alert” for my friend Antonio to call me for a mushroom expedition. Antonio is… Read More »

fried fish

The big Italian village fish festival

In Food Experiences On 06/09/2012 24 Comments

You know how much I love fish as I often post recipes with it. Since I was little my parents used to take me out for a fish… Read More »

bresaola rocket

Bresaola with rocket and foraging with granny

In Beef Dishes, Food Experiences, Meat and fish dishes, Starters On 06/04/2012 35 Comments

May I introduce you to my granny: a fit 88 year old with a good sense of humor who lived all her life in the middle of the… Read More »

pig's festival

The great annual pig festival!

In Discover Italy, Food Experiences On 29/12/2011 6 Comments

Here we are again, in the north east of Italy, in the region of “Friuli Venezia Giulia” in late December, our friends the “fratelli ” (the brothers) hosted… Read More »

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