Giveaway: Stellar Hard Anodised baking tray

Following my Stellar baking tray review I am really pleased to be giving away one Stellar Hard anodised 36 x 26cm baking tray courtesy of Stellar Bakeware.


I love this sturdy but lightweight baking tray. The anodising technique gives the pans a significantly longer lifespan than traditional bakeware and makes it virtually non-porous, safe to use with metal utensils.

■ Hard Anodised heavy gauge material, abrasion resistant, can even use metal utensils

■ Unlike non-stick bakeware the surface will not peel or flake off

■ Efficient and even heat distribution for superior cooking & baking results

■ Suitable for oven use up to 240˚C, can also be used under the grill and even on the hob

■ Hand wash only in warm soapy water ■ Stellar Lifetime Guarantee

■ Sleeved

Would you like the chance to win it? Enter the gleam form below. This is a raffle. The more entries the more chances of winning.

Terms and conditions:

  1. You can enter with the Gleam widget below via blog comment, twitter, facebook, instagram or pinterest.
  2. Please comment on this blogpost before proceeding with other entry options (this is mandatory).
  3. One winner will be randomly selected, announced in the Gleam giveaway box and contacted via their provided e-mail address. Please claim your prize within 4 days of being notified.
  4. Giveaway open to UK residents over the age of 18 only.
  5. This giveaway closes on January 8th 2016

Win a Stellar baking tray RRP £38


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457 Responses to Giveaway: Stellar Hard Anodised baking tray

  1. Christopher Williamson

    Looks great!

    The perfect addition to my bakeware collection – and a good reason to get rid of some of the tattier-looking ones!!

    And perfect for baking more of my favourite: home made white chocolate chip cookies

    • Alida

      I agree!

  2. aaron broad

    Hobnobs are my favourite biscuit

  3. Jennifer Haden

    Just a plain ginger one

  4. Tracy K Nixon

    A Viennese whirl!

  5. Tracey Peach

    Jammy Dodgers 🙂

  6. suzanne Drummond


  7. Susan Lloyd

    Soft chocolate chip cookies x

  8. winnie

    chocolate digestive

  9. Jo Hutchinson

    Chocolate chip cookies.

  10. Kirsti Peters


  11. Jan Johnson

    ALL OF THEM that’s why I had to join weight watchers

  12. iain maciver

    mcvities digestive

  13. lindsey stuart

    I love double chocolate shortbread, especially from the tesco bakery counter oh yummy!

  14. laura stewart

    i like the nice biscuits x

  15. Julie Tift

    Chocolate homewheat

  16. Annaloa Hilmarsdottir

    Shortbread biscuits…mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!

  17. kim neville

    Double chocolate chip cookies

  18. clair downham

    choc chip hob nob

  19. Isabel O

    I love chocolate Bourbons, especially with chocolate milkshake. Not exactly a healthy snack but really yummy.

  20. Paul Scotland

    My favourite biscuit is a custard cream

  21. Carolynn Woodland


  22. Michael Griffin

    Dark chocolate digestive

  23. ashleigh allan

    chocolate cookies!

  24. Anthony G

    I’m particularly partial to ginger nuts and malted milks 🙂

  25. georgina prince (was Davies)

    i love jammy dodgers x

  26. Andrea Fletcher

    I like shortbread

  27. Elaine Savage

    Chocolate digestive

  28. Amie George

    My favorite biscuit is homemade garlic cheddar jalapeno biscuits. They are AMAZING

  29. Samantha loughlin

    Dark chocolate digestives

  30. Kevin Honey

    Chocolate digestives

  31. KATHY D

    I do love a bourbon

  32. laura banks

    bourbon biscuits

  33. Sarah Davison

    chocolate chip cookies are my favourite biscuits.

  34. Katie Skeoch

    I love a kitkat

  35. gemma nisbet

    I love a caramel digestive!


    foxes crunch creams

  37. William Gould

    Would be very hard for me to pick a favourite, but things with chocolate chips are right up there!

  38. Anna Brown

    chocolate digestive!

  39. Simon C

    Definitely Foxes Crunch Creams. I don’t buy them often, but when I do, they disappear quickly!

  40. Liam Bishop

    Custard Creams

  41. Ruth Harwood

    Love bourbons xx

  42. Gill


  43. Garry

    Ginger Nuts

  44. Laura Pritchard

    Jestives (those chocolate chip Digestives)

  45. Hayley Lynch

    Borders Chocolate gingers

  46. Kallie Maile

    It has to be hobnobs!

  47. Claire D

    Plain chocolate digestives

  48. Soph H

    Chocolate chip digestive

  49. Lynne Durkin

    Love a custard cream but at the moment I’m into Rich Tea dunked in my coffee. Delicious x

  50. Steve

    Homemade shortbread.

  51. Mark Palmer


  52. Rachael G

    Chocolate Hobnob

  53. Sarah Tilley

    Chocolate hobnobs

  54. Anne Thompson

    Ginger biscuits

  55. Paula Burnside

    Chocolate Hobnobs

  56. Paul Martin


  57. Tracey Belcher

    Viennese Finger

  58. Lisa Parker


  59. maddalena dalton

    custard creams

  60. Barbara Daniels


  61. Paul T

    Chocolate Hobnobs!

  62. kate philpott

    cherry shortbread

  63. Victoria N

    Custard Creams

  64. Suzanne



    Dark Chocolate digestives

  66. Corinne Peat

    I love chocolate digestives

  67. Christopher Campbell

    Chocolate hobnob

  68. Emily Clark

    Love lotus biscuits!

  69. Stephanie Tsang

    I like shortbread biscuits.

  70. amy bondoc

    Love shortbread mmmm

  71. Zoe G

    Fig Rolls

  72. Bob Clark


  73. helen tovell

    milk chocolate hobnobs


    choc chip cookies!

  75. Lola Bellouere

    Custard creams

  76. Helen Adams

    Custard Creams x

  77. Emily Knight

    Amaretti biscuits for me – I love them crushed and used as a cheesecake base too!

  78. jennifer thorpe

    chocolate digestive

  79. fozia Akhtar

    Custard creams

  80. S Bufton

    Bourbon Cream

  81. Kat Glynn

    Milk chocolate hobnobs

  82. Lynsey Buchanan

    Dark Chocolate Ginger


    Border’s dark chocolate ginger

  84. Lynn Heath

    I love a nice custard cream!!!!

  85. Suzanne O'Neill

    A digestive biscuit 🙂

  86. Emma Ellams

    Bourbons 🙂

  87. kaye talvilahti

    I love a fig roll and any kind of shortbread

  88. Karen Hannah

    My favourite biscuits are Nice biscuits – great for dunking!

  89. julie eley

    i love a custard cream 🙂

  90. Joanne Phillips

    Chocolate hobnobs

  91. Rey Chunara

    I’ve always loved chocolate digestives

  92. Catriona Hutchinson

    If flapjack counts as a biscuit!

  93. Leanne V McKenna

    I love a good old fashioned custard cream 🙂

  94. Kathy Cakebread

    chocolate biscuits

  95. liz ferguson

    chocolate digestives x

  96. Angela Treadway

    Chocolate chip cookies x

  97. emma franklin

    chocolate digestives

  98. Ella L

    I love Ginger biscuits

  99. Laura

    Garibaldi (I know no one will agree with me!)

  100. Jackie ONeill


  101. Helen Metcalfe

    Shortbread, eat far too much this time of year!


    Oreos,no contest

  103. debbie mckellar

    I love all biscuits

  104. Jade

    Malted Milk

  105. Laura Baker

    amaretti biscuits

  106. Rachel Butterworth

    Custard Cream.

  107. kayleigh Bates

    Chocolate chip cookies x

  108. Richard R

    A Viennese slice

  109. Emma Walton

    My favourite biscuits are shortbread, easy to make as long as you don’t overcook them and very tasty.

  110. Michelle Cheeseman

    Custard Creams ! : )

  111. Fiona Timms


  112. Steve Dickinson

    choccy hobnobs!

  113. Sobia

    Ginger biscuits are my favourite, especially in the winter.

  114. Sue Bowden

    Rich Tea

  115. claire woods


  116. Rich Hill

    Fox’s Golden or Ginger Crunch Creams

  117. Derek D

    Fig biscuit

  118. Adeline

    Milk Chocolate Hobnobs all the way!

  119. Karen Richards

    My favourite biscuit is half coated chocolate fruit and nut cookies.

  120. Carol Emmett

    I love a really good shortbread – especially at this time of year.

  121. Alix Smith

    Chocolate Hobnobs – Nom!

  122. Jo Carroll

    It’s a close race between Garabaldi’s and Scottish Shortbread but I think the Garabaldi’s just edge it for overall taste. x

  123. Gilly Holmes

    Plain digestives

  124. Beky Austerberry


  125. Mark Richmond

    Chic chip cookies

  126. Gabrielle Powell

    Custard creams

  127. Daria

    I love shortbread. Mary berrys recipe is too good!

  128. Maxine G

    I love biscotti, especially at Christmas!

  129. Beverley Cousins

    Homemade shortbread biscuits..Mmmm

  130. Danielle Cresswell

    Fig rolls

  131. Julie Davies

    my favourite biscuit is shortbread

  132. Danika Grace Lloyd


  133. Nikki Hunter-Pike

    Fruit Shortcake!

  134. John Frost

    chocolate digestive

  135. Kayleigh Butler

    Squashed fly biscuits (fruit shorties) are my favourite.

  136. Andrea

    I like shortbread with chocolate covering

  137. michelle o'neill

    pink wafers x

  138. Sophie Lester


  139. sharon mead


  140. Rebecca Smith

    Ginger nuts

  141. rebecca nisbet

    fig rolls

  142. james harland

    chocolate bourbon

  143. Joanne Greer

    Custard creams

  144. Liz

    Chocolate digestives

  145. Monica Gilbert

    Chocolate chip cookies.

  146. Julie

    Hobnobs for me!

  147. Maureen Quinnell

    dark chocolate gingers

  148. Justine Meyer

    love any kind of shortbread x

  149. Sarah Walford


  150. Stevie

    I love Caramel Wafers.

  151. Angela L white

    bourbon cream

  152. Tracy Gladman


  153. Riri

    Chocolate cookies 🙂

  154. Clair Dukes

    I love a biscotti, especially with my late morning coffee.

  155. Graeme Macmillan

    Ginger nuts

  156. katie w

    a lovely custard cream



  158. Solange


  159. Kim Styles

    dark chocolate digestives!

  160. Emma Nixon


  161. Wendy Marfleet


  162. Phyllis May Ellett

    Custard Creams

  163. Lara Latchem

    Rich tea biscuits

  164. Christine Constable

    Homemade lemon biscuits with lemon icing

  165. Allan Wilson


  166. Angie Hoggett

    I love a nice buttery shortbread

  167. carole n

    chocolate hobnobs

  168. milli

    chocolate chip

  169. Stephanie Whitehouse

    I used to love All Butter Thins, but I never see them any more

  170. jane Evans

    custard creams

  171. emma walters

    shortbread mmmm

  172. Lyla

    Ginger biscuits

  173. Mary Baldwin

    Ginger nuts

  174. Gwyn Sharps

    I’m a bit traditional and like digestives and rich tea

  175. Mickie Bull



    Chocolate fingers

  177. Colin Gault

    Bourbon Creams

  178. Natasha R-M

    Homemade gluten free ones

  179. Ann Skamarauskas

    dark chocolate covered ginger biscuits

  180. Christine Caple

    Chocolate digestives

  181. Jane Shaw

    I don’t have a fav but I do prefer a plain one

  182. Lynn ryan

    Rich tea -good for dunking!

  183. Laura Caraher

    Clementine crunch biscuits

  184. Lizzy Cooper

    Digestive 🙂

  185. Dawn Hull

    My favourite has to be chocolate chip cookies

  186. Kerry W

    I do like a chocolate digestive


    ginger parkins

  188. Jane Berrow

    chocolate digestives

  189. Cupcake R

    Chocolate shortbread!

  190. Lucy Chester


  191. Kathleen Bywaters

    I love yummy buttery crumbly shortbread!

  192. Steven Hunter


  193. Chris Andrews

    my favourite biscuit is . . . . . . . bourbon creams

  194. Lisa Everaert

    I loveeeeeee Maryland choc chip cookies.

  195. Hannah Igoe

    chocolate digestive

  196. Tania Atfield


  197. katrina adams

    I love Maryland cookies. Yum yum (even ate them after I had my tonsils out!)

  198. Charlotte Moore

    Chocolate cookies

  199. Andrea Horner

    Ginger Biscuits but only my nana’s recipe!

  200. Hayley Mulgrove

    Chocolate Cookies

  201. Karen Hughes

    You can’t beat a bourbon!

  202. pete c

    my favourites are coconut rings

  203. Anna Crowley

    Chocolate digestives

  204. Sarah Heath

    Jammy Dodgers

  205. Suzanne Roberts

    I love Ginger Biscuits – dunk them in tea – yummy.

  206. donna l jones

    chocolate chip cookies

  207. stacey kavanah


  208. angela sandhu

    chocolate digestive

  209. Louise A

    Ginger biscuits….love they way they go a bit gooey when you dunk them

  210. Jamie Millard

    orange chocolate digestives

  211. Lee ann McWeeney

    Parmesan cheese baskets are a great idea!

  212. Sarah Thomas

    I love home made choc chip cookies that are still a bit soft in the middle!

  213. Claire Ward

    Chocolate hobnobs

  214. stephen holman

    ginger nuts!!

  215. Sue Wickins

    always shortbread

  216. Helen Gilbert


  217. sharon sheppard

    My fav biscuit is a ginger one but also like choc hob nobs x

  218. don erwood

    choc chip digestives

  219. Lee Davis

    double chock chip and hazelnut cookies

  220. Gemma Massey

    Chocolate chip cookies xx

  221. Cheryl G

    cadbury’s chocolateg fingers…yum!!

  222. Pam Lawrence

    I adore shortbread, particularly homemade, all-butter shortbread – Gorgeous!

  223. Anthea Holloway

    chocolate bourbons

  224. Michelle Murray

    custard cream

  225. Fiona R

    Jammie dodgers although I don’t buy them often as I just eat the whole packet 🙂

  226. Joanne Dewberry

    Malted Milk

  227. stephanie Llewellyn


  228. sarah clegg

    custard creams 🙂

  229. marion morgan

    a ginger nut, just right for dunking

  230. Caroline Scott

    rich tea every time

  231. Laura Nice

    Nice biscuit! 🙂

  232. Meena Hindmarch

    Chocolate hob nobs!

  233. Ella Swinbank

    Home made ginger biscuits

  234. Kim M


  235. Caroline Blaza

    Custard Creams are my favourite x


    viennese fingers

  237. kimberley ryan

    I love Shortbread

  238. Cheryl Price

    i love all butter shortbread.

  239. Greig spencer





    I like shortbread x

  242. Polly Power

    Will say digestive but I like so many


    Homemade shortbread

  244. Annette Oliver

    Ginger nut

  245. tracy sinclair

    Chocolate Digestive x

  246. Sarah S

    A lovely crumbly shortbread biscuit

  247. Lydia Frew

    Chocolate Hobnob

  248. Tim Woolfenden

    Love a digestive biscuit

  249. Kirsten Barthy

    White chocolate and cranberries cookies

  250. Alison Macdonald

    Love a dark chocolate digestive 🙂

  251. Laura Marshall

    I love those jam and cream ones, yum!

  252. jackie curran

    shortbread is my favourite

  253. Mark Scott

    My favourite biscuits are club orange.

  254. Sheena Widdowfield

    You can’t beat a BOURBON

  255. Jane Middleton


  256. Penelope S

    Jaffa cakes for me

  257. Clare Hubbard

    I love a bourbon

  258. olivia Kirby

    Oat cookies

  259. sarah mcvicar

    chocolate cookies for me. yummy

  260. Katherine Coldicott

    Peanut cookies.

  261. Lisa Wilkinson


  262. Susan B

    My favourite biscuit is one my mother used to make called Afghans. They are indescribably delicious (the recipe is widely available online).

  263. Barbara Handley


  264. Jenny Prest


  265. Laura Kevlin

    Jam and cream

  266. Sarah

    Custard creams

  267. Hazel Rea

    Dark Chocolate Choco Liebniz

  268. Ali Thorpe

    Plain chocolate digestive.

  269. Rahela

    I love shortbread, made with proper butter.

  270. sherri mse Fordham

    the good old malted milk

  271. Vickie Jackson

    My favourite is shortbread, closely followed by ginger nuts 🙂

  272. Claire Toplis

    you can’t beat the good old Hob knob which i love

  273. Helen Gossage

    Chocolate hobnob

  274. sharon martin

    homemade gingerbread biscuits

  275. carolyn joyce


  276. Laura Farnworth

    The custard cream

  277. Ceri Kay


  278. Natalie Charman

    Chocolate hobnobs

  279. Michaela Smith

    I love a Bourbon or two 🙂

  280. David Crabb

    I love hobnobs 🙂

  281. Lauren Old


  282. Sarah W

    Chocolate digestives – simple is best! Or homemade ginger cookies…

  283. Sheri Darby

    shortbread fingers

  284. diane allen


  285. Stacy Fenemore


  286. Michelle Jenkins

    Chocolate shortcake

  287. Jaelin Farrow

    Bourbons 🙂

  288. EJ Dunn

    I LOVE ginger cream biscuits

  289. Aimee Wright

    Oreos 🙂

  290. Jade Hewlett

    Shortbread biscuits

  291. Clare S

    Dark chocolate digestives!


    chocolate cookies x

  293. Ray Becker

    custard cream

  294. Laura Whittle

    Rick Tea Finger

  295. elaine stokes

    you cant beat a custard cream

  296. Victoria Prince

    I love Fruit Shortcakes 🙂

  297. Jayne T

    I love chocolate chip cookies, thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  298. Lucy Carter




  300. Angela

    chocolate hobnobs are my favourite

  301. Bridgette West

    I can never remember the name of the ones i love, like rectangles and they are italian i think, they go perfect with a coffee, taste really sweet <3

  302. Debbie Nichols

    Custard cream

  303. Stacey Leigh

    Chocolate hobnobs, hands down!

  304. Ann Williams

    Shortbread – preferably home-made

  305. Andrew Hindley

    Scottish Shortbread

  306. Steven Beasley

    Its gotta the good chocolate chip cookie for me.

  307. Anthony G


  308. Sarah Parker

    rich tea

  309. Robert Dittrich

    That’s like saying which us your favourite child, so I would say all of them: Shortbread, Choc Chip and Choc Digestive (no, that’s not really their nicknames and I don’t even have three!).

  310. Eleanor Spencer

    Ginger nuts… they’re gingery, but not nutty at all, it turns out. They don’t dissolve in your tea though!

  311. Serena La Pietra

    Cinnamon cookies

  312. Michelle Wild


  313. Amy Eastwick

    Dark chocolate Hobnobs

  314. Christine Hobbs

    Digestive with a hot cup of tea x

  315. Pauline Dring

    My favourite biscuit is a Cherry Cookie

  316. Margaret Clarkson



    Shortbread is my favourite

  318. Emma Davies


  319. James Mullen

    Chocolate Hobnobs are my favourite.

  320. Emilia nastaly-howard

    Chocolate digestive 🙂

  321. Susan Jackson

    my favourite biscuit is Plain Digestive

  322. Jenny Barker

    Shortbread for me, homemade :0)

  323. Lorraine Mabbitt

    Shortbread is my fav biscuit

  324. Emily Fowler

    Golden crunch!

  325. Donna Caldwell

    Love shortbread biscuits

  326. Rachel James

    Chocolate HobNob – I think it’s the hint of salt that does it. I’d love to try to make something similar

  327. Patricia Avery

    Shortbread 🙂

  328. Rennene Hartland

    Custard Cream

  329. Rebecca Powell

    I love custard creams

  330. Mark George

    Cadburys Chocolate Shortcake biscuits. They’re delicious

  331. Caroline Signey

    Chocolate chip cookie

  332. Kat Allinson

    Shortbread, love it!


    I love proper shortbread fans

  334. Sam Gregory

    Strawberry shortbread

  335. Chris Fletcher

    I love custard creams!

  336. Katherine McDonald

    A New Zealand Biscuit

  337. Debbie Preston

    I love Bourbons

  338. Fiona K

    chocolate digestives

  339. Helen Porter

    I love ginger with a cuppa!!

  340. Leanne Newsome

    Hob nob

  341. Kay Moffat

    Caramel Wafer

  342. Emma Price

    White chocolate chip cookie for me 🙂

  343. Diana

    Shortbread 🙂

  344. Paul Nichol

    Chocolate Hobnobs

  345. Margaret Glover

    Chocolate digestives

  346. Cerys John


  347. jessica cook

    jammy dodgers

  348. Alex Fowler

    has to be a jammie dodger

  349. ellie spider

    Jammy Dodgers 🙂

  350. Em S


  351. Kim Lam

    Chocolate hobnobs

  352. Andrea Johnson


  353. Denise Seddon

    Dark Chocolate Digestives

  354. Tamsin Dean

    chocolate caramel digestives

  355. alison clark

    Godiva dark chocolate biscuits are my fave.

  356. Michelle Pierce

    Plain digestive biscuit

  357. Nancy Bradford

    White chocolate with macedemia nuts x

  358. lisa tebbutt

    chocolate biscuits

  359. Anneka Hulse

    chocolate and hazelnut cookies

  360. Champaklal Lad

    butter ones

  361. Lyndsey Beckford


  362. Lucy Robinson

    Shortbread. x

  363. Vicky Ashley

    Shortbread biscuits

  364. Jane Gorton

    Tesco’s Jam Sandwich Creams x

  365. Gilla01

    Rich Tea Fingers

  366. Hayley Spencer

    I love shortbread!

  367. Zoe g

    Bourbon biscuits

  368. Mike Williams

    Plain chocolate digestives for me

  369. Martina Alban


  370. Thomas Perry

    Chocolate Rich Tea are my fave

  371. Wes

    Chocolate hobnobs

  372. angela edmonds

    chocolate chip cookies !!!!

  373. Juli Savage

    Chocolate chip cookies

  374. Kayleigh


  375. Joanne thomas

    choc chip cookies

  376. sadie coffin

    Jaffa cakes

  377. Emily Hutchinson

    Custard Creams

  378. Maria Jane Knight

    I do love a Jammy Dodger

  379. Marsha Richardson

    I love garibaldi’s and fig rolls. They remind me of my childhood. I know thats 2 biscuits but I couldnt decide!!

  380. Val Pownall

    Dark chocolate digestive!

  381. cheryl hadfield

    custard creams

  382. Chloe Bailey

    (And sorry but I accidentally put hobnob in the box on form instead of my name )

  383. Laura Tonks

    Choc chip cookies xx

  384. Kimberly goldsmith

    Chocolate digestives

  385. Angela Wilcox


  386. cara bemrose-williams

    chocolate hobnobs 🙂

  387. Rebecca Roberts

    Shortbread hence the jan diet!

  388. Trevor Linvell

    Chocolate digestives

  389. tishist

    chocolate digestives

  390. Gemma Cook

    Custard Creams.
    Yum Yum!
    Fantastic Giveaway!
    Thank you for the chance 🙂

  391. Simon Collinge

    Chocolate Hobnobs

  392. Jacqueline Roberts

    Custard creams

  393. Darlene

    My favourite cookie is called Thick, Chewy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies which I found on Smitten Kitchen. Absolutely delicious.

  394. Claire Nelson

    Ginger biscuits are my favourite

  395. Diane Carey


  396. melanie horbury

    custard cream

  397. Lana George

    Great and perfect for baking my own recipe double choc and orange cookies! 🙂

  398. Susan Carruthers

    I love chocolate digestives!

  399. Catherine Gregory

    Digestive cream

  400. Chris Minko

    Got to be a Hobnob

  401. Kirsty Woods

    You can’t beat a Custard cream

  402. Samantha Atherton

    chocolate chip gingers

  403. claire davey

    pink wafers yum yum. xx

  404. Pauline Black

    Custard creams!

  405. Melanie Burton

    Milk chocolate digestives

  406. Julie Booth

    rich tea biscuits

  407. Chanise Kemp

    Cadburys Caramel

  408. Kimberley Alex

    Buttery shortbread!

  409. Lynn Woodcock

    Rich Tea

  410. Dawn Andrews

    I used to love M&S Viennese Sandwich biscuits. I’m not sure if they still sell them, but they were delicious.

  411. nicola james

    fruit shorties

  412. Natalie Catterall

    Chocolate Chip Cookies xx

  413. Andrew Fearon

    Jammy Dodgers!

  414. Patricia Whittaker


  415. Margery L

    fruit shorties 🙂

  416. Lisa Pond

    Maryland cookies yum yum!

  417. esther james

    Ginger nuts!

  418. Natalie Crossan

    Custard creams

  419. Pauline Burroughs

    Chocolate Chip Cookies

  420. sally brown


  421. rlavender

    Hmmmm Rich Teas!

  422. Jo McPherson

    I love shortbread or dark chocolate digestives

  423. Chris S

    I don’t think you can beat a Ginger Nut

  424. Andrea A

    Lotus biscuit

  425. Tammy Neal

    Jamie Dogers is my favourite biscuits xx

  426. Nicole S

    Chocolate Chip!

  427. Michelle Stokes

    Custard creams

  428. Patricia Fraser


  429. Lisa Mauchline

    Deans shortbread!

  430. George Wright

    Milk chocolate Malted Milk!

  431. Carole Hiscock


  432. Ioana Popescu

    Chocolate chip cookies

  433. Jacqueline Buckley

    Viennese whirls

  434. Susan Elai Kelly Carter

    peanut butter choc chip.

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