My tips for the perfect Italian Pantry

What do you think an Italian pantry should have? Which are the ingredients you should always keep in your cupboard? Well I will give you a clue..

This is what I keep in my pantry:

  • Olive oil: I go through many bottles of olive oil and as this can be quite pricey for my budget I buy two types: a slightly cheaper one for cooking and a more expensive one to dress my salads where olive oil is not cooked and you can taste all its goodness.
  • Tomato sauce (passata): as I live in England it is harder to grow your own tomatoes. You need sun kissed tomatoes to make the perfect tomato sauce and plenty of them! So I buy chopped tinned tomatoes for my sauces and jars of plain organic tomato sauce with nothing added to it. I use them as a base for my pasta sauces but also in meat casseroles and many other dishes.
  • Apple (cider) and balsamic vinegar: Many Italians usually use wine vinegar to dress their salads but I have a strong preference for apple vinegar. It has a more gentle flavour, it is antiseptic and has many detoxifying properties.. basically it is very good for you. It even soothes a sore throat.
  • Herbs: It is always a good idea to keep some pots of fresh herbs like parsley, rosemary, oregano and thyme. I use lots of parsley and in winter when it is harder to grow it I wash it and freeze it. When needed I use it just as it is, still frozen and it works out very well. I also keep some dried oregano too (which I use in my pizzas).
  • Breadcrumbs: are needed in so many recipes. You can make your own. It is quite handy to use up your old bread this way!
  • Parmesan cheese I always grate my own as whenever you buy ready grated  from supermarkets it just seems to taste of anything but Parmesan. What do they really put in there??
  • Onions and garlic: you almost always need them in your cooking.
  • Pasta and rice: I keep white and brown wheat pasta but spelt pasta too. I love the texture of spelt and it is very healthy.
  • Anchovies, dried beans and canned tuna:
    I use anchovies to lift up my pasta sauces especially when I make tuna pasta and dried beans are really handy to have, they last a long time too.
  • Coffee: I could not live without it!!

My husband thinks I am worried about “starving”.. as I have the habit of always buying lots of food; often my fridge looks like it is about to explode.. I am always worried about being short of ingredients. Sometimes my pantry looks like a warehouse but hey… that’s why I am a food blogger, I do love my food!

My Pantry

My mum stores her homemade tomato sauce  (much nicer!), wine, jams and fruit in her little cellar, the “cantina”:

Mom's Passata

Mom's cantina

In a kitchen it is also nice to have lovely crockery and today Houseology is offering  one lucky “My Little Italian Kitchen” reader the chance to win a handy Porcelain blend LSA Dine 12 piece set. I love their kitchen range!

This is a comprehensive and versatile collection which combines white porcelain with oak from sustainable FSC approved sources.

dinner plates and bowls

This set of four dinner plates, starter/dessert plates and cereal bowls looks fab and it is really handy to have.

This set includes:

4x dinner plates
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Terms and conditions:

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Win a set of 12 porcelain blend plates and bowls


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585 Responses to My tips for the perfect Italian Pantry

  1. Lucy I

    My school friends who I don’t see very often

  2. amy fidler

    dawn french,jennifer saunders and ruby wax x

  3. iain maciver

    elvis Presley if only

  4. Louise White

    Your pantry is very similar to mine, which pleases me that I’m getting it right 🙂 Your mum, however, has inspired me with her stock of homemade pasta sauces. I never thought to do this before. I’ve now sourced the glass jars, but may have a problem sourcing a cantina 🙁

    • Alida

      My mum works so much in the summer making sauces, often the whole month of August she spends it making passata! In England they sell “Bormioli Rocco” jars (very good quality) for preserves and passata. You can use the jars over and over again and only replace the lid after each use (to make sure your preserves are vacuum sealed).

  5. Tania Atfield

    My family but if I could invite celebrities then I would ask Helen Mirren and Bruce Willis

  6. Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy

    I think that as long as you have passata and some pasta, as well as some dried herbs, in your cupboard, then you always have a quick and delicious meal 🙂

    • Alida

      Absolutely! I entirely agree you!

  7. samantha price

    brue willis and bryan adams

  8. Tracy Nixon

    My family and Ant and Dec!

  9. Mary Heald

    My friends from college

  10. Margaret Abram

    My husband’s 4x great grandfather who designed and built the iconic buildings in our town, his mysterious great uncle, Valentine, who travelled the world and we know little about and my grandmother who died when my mother was born. Should be some interesting conversations!

  11. KATHY D

    Stephen Fry would keep us entertained

  12. Paula Readings

    My son, who is working in China.


    Nicole Kidman, Adele, David Beckham, JK Rowling, Craig Counsell and my wife

  14. lindsey stuart

    I would invite my partner ofcourse and our good friends maybe even our parents LOL!!!!
    I love dinner parties
    If I could Invite anyone to my party I would invite Sharon, Tracey and Dorien from birds of a feather that would be such a laugh 🙂

  15. Kevin Honey

    Stephen Hawking and Carol Vorderman

  16. Susan Lloyd

    My family, as I don’t see them nearly enough x


    my entire extended family, most of whom live in Sheffield so don’t get to see them very often

  18. Kim Neville

    Jesse Metcalf and Keith Lemon

  19. gemma brown

    my grandparents

  20. Ms Suan Watts

    My husband and daughter’s family

  21. ElizM

    Neville Goddard – the American mystic

  22. karen cowley

    My family, i’ve actually never hosted before so would be amazing x

  23. winnie

    my best mates

  24. Neil Dobson

    Professor Brian Cox

  25. Diana

    Alida! YAY….my kitchen matches yours! I love here during the tomato season…you see all the equipment out in the stores to make and jar your own sauce…….something you would never see in the States……in fact, when I did the homemade Nutella, I went to the stores to get the jars, but had to go to three places…because the jars were not in season…ha, ha, ha…..jarring season was over……

    • Alida

      How funny! Yes it really is jarring season in the summer! It is incredible how much work there is in passata making. My mum spends days swetting in her kitchen during the hottest days of the year.. all worth it in the end!

  26. Chris Andrews

    my celeb guest list would be the talented Tom Hanks, Jo Brand, Danny Miller and Her Majesty the Queen

  27. carol g

    my parents and in-laws, they do get a little of the winter blues at this time of the year

  28. tina edwards

    my husband and my three daughters and their families

  29. Mel Taylor

    Mark Webber, Rev Richard Coles and Adele

  30. Sobia

    My Family

  31. Stacey

    My mother in law and grandparents in law as she works so hard and they all never get time to sit together as a family

  32. Shirley Evans


  33. kim wallace

    Boris Johnson he is fascinating

  34. Lesley Bambridge

    I truly am grateful for and enjoy my family’s company so much. I would invite my children and my wonderful husband.

  35. Julie D

    my neighbours

  36. Tracy Newton

    I like to have eight for a dinner party. I would invite my cousins and their partners

  37. pete c

    Simon Reeve and Dawn French

  38. lydia

    my sisters, I’m not the cook of the family so it’d be a nice change

  39. Allan Wilson

    Our foodie friends

  40. Oleuanna Twig

    Stephen Hawking
    Richard Dawkins
    Carmen M Reinhart and
    Tu Youyou

    We’ll need a lot of wine

  41. Adeline Sheradelia

    My whole extended family, and if I could invite one celebrity, it would be Christina Aguilera!

  42. samj

    My whole family

  43. Jacki

    I would invite funny bunch..Ricky Gervais,Dawn French,Jennifer Saunders,Boy George,David would love David Attenborough there too-it’s a BIG dinner party x

  44. Kim M

    My nearest and dearest x

  45. claire griffiths

    my family

  46. Susan Smith

    Would love to invite Harrison Ford and Goldie Hawn, , but i’m sure they will be to busy to attend, so I think I will ask my parents to come and dine.

  47. Andrea Fletcher

    I would get all my family together.

  48. Marylyn Hammersley

    I have got some great friends and they are fabulous to spend time with, we always end up laughing. So for this dinner party, my very special friends would be invited.

  49. Bev B

    Yotam Ottolenghi and Mary Beard

  50. Paula Burnside

    My Mum and Dad. The kids love having them round for dinner.

  51. Karen Laing

    The cast of A League of Their Own,it would be hilarious x

  52. Paul Wilson

    Kelly Brook.

  53. Lola Bellouere

    I would invite my whole family

  54. kelly mobbs

    My sisters as i dont see them as often as i should.

  55. Tracey Belcher

    King Henry VIII

  56. Andrew reed

    Freddie flintoff

  57. Lyn Geddes

    Eric! Cantona, Sir Alex Ferguson, and Richard Armitage

  58. Kristy Brown

    My fantastic friends and family

  59. amanda dunn

    My husband and son and my in-laws who are in need of a treat x

  60. caroline walliss

    Alan Shearer

  61. Jen Schofield

    All the family

  62. Gilla01

    My family. Don’t like celebs.

  63. Alison

    my mum and dad I don’t see them often enough

  64. Laura Lombari

    I would invite Amy Poohler, Ru Paul and Jennifer Lawrence.

  65. claire woods

    If it could be anyone it would Phillip Schofield, Gary Barlow and Mark Owen but I don’t think hubby would like this!

  66. tracy sinclair

    My family, if they weren’t available then I would invite Robbie Williams, would be a fun evening x

  67. Suzanne

    My gardening friends.

  68. Sarah Mackay

    Jamie Oliver

  69. Louise Smith

    Daniel Craig, Jennifer Aniston & John Bishop

  70. David Collinson



    All my family who are dispersed over the Country so it’s lovely to have get togethers like this.

  72. JOANNE darnell

    prince william and George

  73. Claire D

    My mum and dad

  74. Lisa Everaert

    My Family as its rare we are all in the same place at the same time.

  75. Samantha Trimby

    My mum!

  76. tracey ryder

    my family

  77. clair downham

    my hubby kids and mum

  78. Joanne Hutchings

    My close friends Ali and Amy who I don’t get to see enough of.

  79. Dadmac

    I would have liked to invite Orson Welles as he was a fascinating person.

  80. Rebecca Williams

    The cast of corrie 🙂

  81. Paul Martin

    nichole Sherzinger

  82. darren hay

    Keith Lemon and Holly Willoughby

  83. Ashleigh Allan

    My family!

  84. Angela Fitzjohn

    I would invite captain jack sparrow, Russell brand and the characters of the mighty boosh, the IT crowd and father ted.

  85. la cucina di Molly

    Bella fornita la tua dispensa, direi che è altrettanto la mia… anch’io preferisco la passata fatta in casa, l’olio d’oliva che produco dalla mia campagna, insomma alimenti genuini! Un abbraccio!

    • Alida

      Che fortuna produrre il tuo olio, di certo piu’ che genuino! Un vero lusso!

  86. Emma Nixon

    My family

  87. Paula Nixon

    Stephen Fry, Kathy Burke and Peter Kay!

  88. Anne Bostwick

    Not more than twelve friends and neighbours (if we were using the 12 set Plates and Bowls!)

  89. laura banks

    david boreanaz

  90. Ellen Sheppard

    Daniel Craig – he is my celebrity crush 🙂

  91. Iris W

    My family and Peter Kay

  92. Tracey Parker

    Paul Hollywood and my husband, my two favourite men!

  93. Heather Haigh

    I would invite my hubby and my best friends, I’m not a celeb watcher.

  94. Michelle Dennett

    Only my family will do

  95. Clair Dukes

    Ed Sheeran

  96. fozia Akhtar

    All my friends…old and new

  97. hannonle

    I’d invite my parents, and my sister’s family.

  98. Abigail Cullen

    I would invite my friend Selina, for a good catch up.

  99. WeeMo

    I’d invite David Cameron, Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un so I could try to talk some sense into them!

  100. Carole

    my family

  101. Louise Lumsden

    they are no longer with us ,but I would still love to have all my grandparents round, if only I could

  102. Maria Richards

    Michael Fassbender, hehe. 🙂

  103. sian hallewell

    Prof Brian Cox, Dara O’Brien, Mary Berry, great conversation, great food, great laughter

  104. olivia Kirby

    My family. If we are talking ‘famous’ then Philip Glenister, David Beckham and Mads Mikkelsen

  105. Jo Jones

    I would invite my family and special guest would be Will Young and later he could entertain us too

  106. Bob Clark

    j paxman

  107. Gwyn Sharps

    I’d just invite my friend Saada, whom I haven’t seen for far too long.

  108. Rachel Dayan

    Tom Hardy!

  109. Andrew Knight

    Sorry but it would be a romantic dinner for me and the wife.

  110. John Massie

    Billy Connolly, Richard Attenborough and Levison Wood

  111. Lisa Wilkinson

    My best friends 🙂

  112. Charlotte Clark

    Jamie Oliver 😀

  113. Sarah Davison

    My partners mam and dad as they never got to meet our two children.

  114. Iona Cornish

    Max Hastings so we can argue about history

  115. David Paterson

    Holly Willoughby and Stephen Fry

  116. Joy

    My two best friends.

  117. helen tovell

    my wider family

  118. kate philpott

    my best friend we dont see each other enough

  119. tamalyn roberts

    george clooney defo lol and all my girl friends

  120. maggie ali

    Prof Brian Cox 😉

  121. Serena La Pietra

    Gordon Ramsay, Russell Crowe and my best friend. A girl can dream.

  122. Catherine Whetton

    David beck ham 🙂

  123. alice O'connor

    I would invite my best friend, Hannah, who lives in Sydney, and who I miss every single day!

  124. christine shelley

    Stephen Fry and Dawn French, there would be laughs all night!

  125. Allan Smith

    Prof. Brian Cox

  126. maddalena dalton

    Tom Hardy

  127. Susan Ocock

    My family when I move into my new house

  128. Barbara Knight

    All my family, including my daughter who lives abroad.

  129. emma walters

    i would invite jason manford for a few giggles

  130. nashath ullah

    I would love to invite my school friends. x


    My sister , brother and families , and some aunts and uncles .

  132. Mandie Wright

    Micky Flanagan!

  133. don erwood

    Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie as they are still just marvellous

  134. Vanessa Cox

    My three sisters in law!

  135. Pamela Chang

    my entire family for a Chinese New Year celebratory dinner

  136. lyn Burgess

    I’d ask my sister and her husband

  137. Maggie E

    Cast of ‘The Big Bang Theory’

  138. Stephanie Tsang

    I would invite my best friend and her family

  139. Suzanne O'Neill

    my friends and family

  140. barbara daniels

    the conservative party and then id grill them on their cuts

  141. Rahela

    my friend Nadia – she always looks underfed and I want to fatten her up a bit

  142. lauren liu

    Without a doubt, Leonardo DiCaprio. Not sure he’d accept though!

  143. Rachel Craig

    Susan Boyle, as it would be nice to have a chat. Hopefully she would sing for us, which my fiancée, Mum and sister would love.

  144. Ellie Bromilow

    Sylvester Stallone – because i like a man that eats big portions, especially of pasta!

  145. Max Power

    Patrick Stewart

  146. Lee Ritson

    I’d love to invite Jennifer Lawrence round for food 😛

  147. Lisa Pond

    Michael Fassbender, he doesn’t even have to say anything 🙂

  148. Karen Richards

    My family

  149. Annette Oliver

    My sister and her family

  150. Karis

    My family

  151. Emily Clark

    Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood. They seem so sweet and I love their on-screen chemistry!

  152. Lisa Buckley

    Oooh, decisions decisions….Robert Downey Jr, Stephen Fry, Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, Sandy Toksvig and Jo Brand

  153. Marie Evans

    Joan Collins,I am sure she could tell a tale or two.

  154. zoe cross

    the cast of friends and big bang theory

  155. Samantha loughlin

    My mum boyfriend and daughter xx

  156. laura stewart

    Ant and Dec xx

  157. Ferhana bata

    My parents! Have not seen them in 5 years .. We live on different continents ..

  158. Roger Bufton

    Gwen Stefani

  159. Debra E

    Friends I’ve not seen for years because we’re always too busy.

  160. Paul T

    Neil deGrasse Tyson

  161. Holly Gibson

    Taylor Swift

  162. aaron broad

    I would invite Steven Gerrard

  163. christine chrriss bray

    Dawn French & Jennifer Saunders (Ab Fab)

  164. Lorraine Tinsley

    All of my family from all over the globe

  165. Milly Y

    Jamie Oliver – he could do all the cooking!

  166. Joanne Benham

    My family, they win hands down!

  167. kate kathurima

    my family

  168. susan surgeoner

    My family

  169. Becky John

    My extended family

  170. maureen findley

    my boyfriend

  171. Rachel Arnup

    All my friends & family!


    my family!

  173. Alison Johnson

    My family & friends. We never all get together anymore it’s just ne person or couple at a time. It would be great to have the type of get togethers we used to have before everyone got so busy!

  174. Alica

    All my immediate family 🙂

  175. Jen Rogers

    My husband of 50 years!

  176. Julie F

    Michael buble

  177. C Kennedy

    I would invite my family, some friends and Stephen Fry if he would come!

  178. jayne hall

    all of iron maiden

  179. Nicola Lynch

    Barack Obama and Holly Willoughby!

  180. jennifer thorpe

    elvis presley and audrey hepburn

  181. Christine Sunter

    My daughter – she appreciates my cooking now she’s left home!

  182. Ruth Goddard

    My nan who passed away 9 years ago in November and all my family

  183. christina kennedy

    The ballet dancer Carlos Acosta

  184. lynn heath

    The whole family, around a huge table eating and laughing would be the best!

  185. sharon mead

    my best mates and sister

  186. Dottie Sauchelli Balin

    Dear Alida,
    I know that this contest is for UK only, but had to say that I love your pantry…I also have the same products as you on hand, there is always room for one more jar, can or bottle. You never know when the spirit moves you that you must have that item on hand…You are right we are “foodies” for sure…Thanks for sharing this post and good luck to all of your readers… Have a glorious day!
    Hugs and smiles Dottie 🙂

    • Alida

      Thank you Dottie!


    I’d make it a girlie dinner party and invite my daughter, daughter in law and best friend x


    My family and friends

  189. Amanda

    I would invite John Lennon

  190. Louise Bridgwater

    The uni friends I never see anymore!

  191. Danika Lloyd

    my ladies who lunch friends!

  192. Suzanne Sendell

    My Inlaws as my family are the out laws

  193. Emily Knight

    I’d invite the Arsenal football team…wishful thinking, maybe!

  194. Ruth Harwood

    Stephen Fry, Alez Fergusson and Jeremy Corbyn xx

  195. Liam Bishop

    Jamie Oliver – would have to cook something really nice though!

  196. tracy baines

    all my immediate family, we just don’t get together enough or ewan mcgregor if he was available!

  197. Jayne

    My best friend and twin sister

  198. Jo Carroll

    I would invite all my closest friends. A really good dinner party can only be enjoyed if the quality of the guests match the quality of the food on offer. x

  199. Rachel Stephenson

    Derren Brown but failing that….friends

  200. Helen Humphries

    My best mate, he’s so supportive he would help the evening go smoothly and deliciously. 🙂

  201. Sarah Brokenshire

    all my family xxx

  202. Hannah Cummings

    My family

  203. Rebecca

    My family…but if we’re talking famous people – Rihanna, Matt McGorry, and Cheryl Tweedy (not sure what to call her now she’s divorced again!).

  204. Vicky Carter

    My sister 🙂

  205. ema j lowe

    all the family

  206. Christine Beake

    Matt Damon!

  207. Angela Treadway

    Dont need nobody else but my family so i would invite them x

  208. elisabetta

    My pantry and yours could well be twins – they’re identical. I also have a selection of Bormioli Rocco jars for my pulses, rice, polenta, nuts and dried herbs. I adore your mamma’s cantina where all her precious food is stored. xx

    • Alida

      Many Italians seem to have a preference for Bormioli Rocco’s jars, at least this is what I see when I visit friends and family. Can you easily find them where you live? Your pantry is really Italian too! I only wish I could have a cantina to hang up salami! 🙂

  209. Kim H

    Marilyn Monroe to find out if she really committed suicide.

  210. Helen Moulden

    My brother! But famous person it’d be Ryan Reynolds!

  211. Emma H

    I’d invite my friends as they make me laugh

  212. Jess

    Idris Elba and that is it! Other than that my mummy 🙂

  213. Danielle M

    David Attenborough would be top of my celeb list along with Brian Blessed. Two fascinating men.

  214. Debby

    I would invite Sir David Attenborough, Chris Packham and Dr Lynn Rogers for dinner so that we could spend an evening talking about wildlife and the natural world whilst enjoying good food. Oh, and my better half would be invited too 🙂

  215. debbie smith

    all my family as we never get the chance to be all together as we are dotted about the country xx

  216. Tracey Peach

    My Friend & Her Family Because They Have just Lost their Dad/Husband

  217. Maxine G

    If I could pick anybody I’d invite Danny Devito as he makes me laugh!

  218. lyn

    I’d have all of my girlie friends

  219. Layla Thomas

    If it’s whoever I’d like, I’d love to invite Christoph Waltz because I think he’d be fascinating.

  220. Sam McKean

    My old school friends 🙂

  221. Clara Bee

    Brad Pitt and Angelina!

  222. michelle o'neill

    all my family x

  223. Jo Hutchinson

    Some of my close friends.

  224. Neha Parmar

    Close friends and family

  225. Debbie Skerten

    Jamie Oliver and Gennaro Contaldo. Would be great fun x

  226. Elinor Fisher

    I would invite my husband but, if he’s not available, then Chris Hemsworth (aka Thor) would do!

  227. Cheryl G

    I’d invite some of my old college friends as its been ages since we’ve had a good get together

  228. sarah mcvicar

    Gino De campo! xx

  229. Lyla

    I’d invite a mix of my single friends who don’t know each other and see if any romantic sparks are lit

  230. Justine

    I’d invite all my old friends from when i lived and worked in Genova, Italia a prepare an Italian Feast

  231. Laura Asplin

    I would invite my new friends that I have met through NCT

  232. Michelle Ferguson

    My hubby, love spending time with him


    Take That, but they would be having a takeaway, have you tasted my cooking

  234. Richard Tyler

    David Attenborough 🙂

  235. Jayne T

    I’d invite all my family. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  236. Laura

    Neil Gaiman because he seems so interesting and he cook sign all my books!

  237. Paul Ballantine

    I’d have loved to have had an evening with Sir Bobby Robson. It would have been an interesting and funny conversation with him

  238. Wendy Becker

    My hubby

  239. Corinne Wright

    Gary Barlow (if only)

  240. Helen Adams

    My parents x

  241. Esma Blackwell

    I would invite Russell Howard as he would have us all in fits of laughter

  242. amy bondoc

    i would invite my dad and all my uncles 🙂

  243. charlotte qualter

    my dream dinner party guests would be stephen fry, Brian blessed and David attenbourough xx

  244. Michelle Sykes

    Mel Gibson would be perfect for me

  245. Jemma edge

    The queen!!

  246. Andrea Lloyd

    My mum I miss her everyday x



  248. Tasha h

    Johnny depp

  249. Rebekka Phillips

    Monica Bellucci

  250. Vicky R

    I would love to invite Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson to my dinner party.

  251. Jane Willis

    I would invite some of the friends who live inside my computer, the best friends I’ve never met

  252. Ella L

    my dear mum and dad

  253. Pauline Wilson

    My other half and a few close friends who wouldn’t judge my cooking!

  254. Steph W

    I would invite Hugh Laurie. He is such a fantastic actor and i think the conversation would be great.

  255. Sam Goodwin

    My neighbours. I would love to treat them all to a perfect dinner and dessert! 🙂

  256. Adeline M

    I would invite my friends from work because we don’t get out much together!

  257. Amandeep Sibia

    My family first!

  258. Hazel Rea

    I’d invite my children and their partners and my closest friends. If I could invite celebrities I’d invite Graham Norton – his humour would ensure the party really went with a swing.

  259. julie-ann eley

    Tom Hardy 🙂 Yes Just Tom Hardy!

  260. Solange

    My whole extended family

  261. kaye talvilahti

    Id have a big family dinner

  262. Judith Allen

    My gran, Mum and daughter, 4 generations round one table.

  263. Rachel Butterworth

    Stephen Fry for his knowledge, Peter Kaye for his jokes and Ryan Gosling for his abs.

  264. Jemma Bond

    The inlaws!

  265. Laura-Jane Baker

    The whole family

  266. Phil Darling

    Kylie Minogue


    My friends, or Jamie Redknapp if that was an option x

  268. Hayley Lynch

    Ant and Dec

  269. Gill Holmes

    My family

  270. Naz M

    I’d invite Neil Degrasse Tyson

  271. Kat

    My whole family, even the distant ones that I haven’t met before!

  272. Amanda deacon

    My husband, he works shifts so he misses quite a few meals

  273. Katie Harmer

    If it was possible, I would invite Stephen Fry and Einstein and spend the entire evening being enthralled and yet feeling as thick as a house brick!

  274. Jacqueline Barker

    Kiefer sutherland and a vicar!

  275. Chantelle Binge

    My OH. His work pattern is four on four off night shifts. As he is awake during the night and me during the day we don’t see enough of each other at all 🙁 x

  276. SuzyG7

    I would invite Louise Brooks to my dinner party – I’d love to talk to her about her silent movie days (hoping that she does actually speak)…


    David Bowie, Peter Kay and Graeme Swann!

  278. sue johnson

    whole of the doncaster rovers football team to find out how they feel about how the season is going

  279. Beverley Cousins

    My family and our great grandmother.

  280. Tracy Gladman

    I would have a celebrity dinner party – will smith, kate middleton, elton john and kylie minogue. Think this would be a great party.

  281. rachel S

    i would invite my inlaws as we dont often see them and get to spend time with them x

  282. Nicola Newton

    My lovely family and inlaws

  283. katherine s

    Apart from my family. I would invite Ant and Dec and Aidan Turner.

  284. BattleMum

    I’d invite my family. Living away from them can be hard so to sit down for dinner and a catch up would be the ideal evening for me!

  285. Lisa Pope

    My husband, daughters & a few close friends

  286. Priscilla Stubbs

    Could I invite the gorgeous Mr Beckham please

  287. Laura Pritchard

    My friends I met travelling, Skip, Rachel & Mark.

  288. wendy moore

    Eddie izzard

  289. Steve Dickinson

    Felicity Jones please

  290. Stevie

    I’d invite David Bowie if I could have.

  291. Kat Kingsbury

    Doug Stanhope.

  292. Amanda Langley

    I’d invite Miranda Hart because she makes me laugh as well as all my friends and family

  293. Tracy

    Stephen Fry, Lee Evans, the Beckhams and all my lovely family.

  294. Faye Bryan

    I’d invite Keith Lemon, Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby as I think it would be a hilarious evening.

  295. Kay Moffat

    I would have loved dinner with Spike Milligan and Robin Williams.

  296. grainne marnell-fox

    my family

  297. Amanda tanner

    The muppets. How funny would that be

  298. Kat Lucas

    Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant & Karl Pilkington

  299. Mary Chez

    My family

  300. helen w

    Robbie Coltrane, my hubby plus sister

  301. Sarah Robinson

    Ant and Dec would be a laugh! bet they have loads of stories to tell!

  302. Bethan Phillips

    Stephen Fry!

  303. Jackie ONeill

    George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp

  304. Carole

    My family – it would be nice to get everyone together again.

  305. Miranda

    Karl Pilkington

  306. Danielle Cresswell

    My family from all over the country. Nobody lives near anybody else so it would be lovely to have everyone together

  307. stephen smith

    sir steve redgrave dame edna and paul hogan

  308. Jess Mary

    My beloved cousins from United States 🙂

  309. Isabelle Smith

    daniel craig!! sexy

  310. irene gilmour

    my twin sister and brother in law

  311. kirsten

    all my best friends

  312. Sheila Reeves

    Eddie Izzard and Claudia Winkleman would be my choices

  313. Sophie Marie Cartwright

    I would invite the girls from the office 🙂 We are about to start doing a work come dine with me so this would be great!!

  314. Kathleen Lynch

    I would invite my family, we don’t get together enough.

  315. Hannah Bee Griffin

    David Attenborough and Stephen Fry

  316. Lynne Durkin

    Would invite my very good friend and her family as we haven’t had a get together for years as she moved away x

  317. Anthea Holloway

    I would invite my old school friend and her husband – we have been friends for 60 years!

  318. Sheila Shepheard

    All my girlfriends – we always have such a laugh when we are together and talk about everything under the sun. Good times.

  319. Joanne Hayes

    All my family & friends

  320. Maria P

    my family and our lovely neighbours

  321. Kumba Dauda

    I would invite my best friend and my fiance

  322. Susan B

    I would invite Michael Kitchen and ask him to wear his Foyle’s War hat and coat.

  323. Louise Baxendale

    David Attenborough and Barack Obama

  324. Amy Dickson

    I would invite my favourite characters from books in a fantasy dinner setting, I’d have MoonFace from the Faraway Tree, Minerva McGonnagal from Harry Potter, Jon Snow from Game of Thrones, Thorin Oakinshield from The Hobbit. Failing that, I’d invite all my friends rounds for a boozy dinner

  325. lynn neal

    I would invite my favourite chefs, Gary Rhodes, Rachel Koo and Mary Berry.

  326. Miriam Said

    I would invite all of the Doctors and Nurses that have taken care of me from my birth up until now so I could say thank you to them with a wonderful meal and good company and entertainment because we don’t thank Doctors and Nurses enough and I would like to show them just how much they are appreciated.

  327. Samantha Wardle

    All my nearest and dearest 🙂

  328. Marianne Daniels

    My mama! She lives so far away and has never seen our lovely flat. I think she’d be proud to be hosted by her daughter.

  329. Keri Jones

    I would invite all my mummy friends, their partners and their kids- it wouldn’t be very sophisticated but it would be fun 🙂 x

  330. Ruby Spiteri

    all my family x

  331. Angie Hoggett

    all my close family

  332. carole nott

    my family

  333. Eileen Sumner

    My son and daughter in law

  334. Lynne Robinson

    The teaching staff at the school where I work. I would love to give them a lovely meal to show them they are appreciated.

  335. Lola Balntas

    friends and family 🙂

  336. Tony Metcalfe

    The Arsenal football team!!

  337. EJ Dunn

    All of my family as we don’t get to see each other often as we live in different places.

  338. Clare Kent

    I’d invite my family.

    I love the storage you have, I wish I had more as I have a habit of stockpiling 🙂

  339. Sally Kershaw

    James May – do two of us constitute a party?? 😉

  340. Jacqueline Chapman

    My famous guests would be Stephen Fry, Ed Sheeran and Johnny Depp

  341. kerryann owens

    Channing tatum and Chris hemsworth mmmmm

  342. Sarah Red

    My HUGE family, although I would need a bigger house for us all to fit in. I think we could find a spare chair for Channing Tattum aswell :-).

  343. Brenda jarvie

    I’d like to invite Tom Hardy to dinner 🙂

  344. Lynsey Buchanan

    My mum & Dad

  345. Ann Skamarauskas

    Sir Ian McKellan, Dara O’Brien, Dame Helen Mirren,

  346. Denielle Nicol

    George. R. R. Martin to get future storylines off him! Hope my cooking skills were very impressive!. Dxx

  347. donna l jones

    my parents

  348. Rebekah Jones

    I think Gordon Ramsey, Gino de Campo and you !! …. then I woulnt have to cook lol xxx

  349. Ruby Warwick

    I would invite my stepdad and his partner and any of his choices as dinner companians.

  350. Robert Price

    My family

  351. Linda Thorn

    my family

  352. Katherine McDonald

    Our friends, and Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad- he seems like he’d be a lot of fun at a dinner party.

  353. Suzy B

    Sir Alex Ferguson, Arsene Wenger, Rafa Benitez and Jose Mourinho.
    It certainly wouldn’t be dull.

  354. Dan Lancaster-Holmes

    mick jagger!

  355. amanda noble

    I would invite Mr Paul O’Grady…absolutely adore the man x

  356. Liz Blaney

    Hugh Laurie !

  357. Steven K

    Rustie Lee

  358. Harline Parkin

    Id need some eye candy Johnny depp

  359. Eggtizz

    I’d invite all my family or Hugh Jackman hahahah

  360. Lauren Old

    I’d invite my family and close friends

  361. Yvonne P

    My best friend and husband, love feeding people up and don’t need much of an excuse to go to the local farm shop for delicious ingredients!

  362. Rachel Butler

    My realistic dinner party would be family and friends, my fantasy dinner party I would invite Barak Obama, Chris Moyles and Ant and Dec! Lol! X

  363. Paula Gwynne

    My large family

  364. John Shakspeare

    My family and some cousins

  365. Sarah S

    I’d invite Ryan Gosling and I’m sure he would be a charming guest!

  366. Emma Perry

    Tom Hardy……..who else?!?!? lol

  367. Lucy Chester

    My six brothers and sisters and mum and dad

  368. Amy Skinner

    All of my family, there are loads when we’re all together and the laughter is deafening

  369. Kathryn Amis

    Boris Johson

  370. Trina Rowland

    my nearest and dearest

  371. Barbara Handley

    Jeff Stelling. I love football so could talk all night about it to him. He also always makes me laugh.

  372. Kate Knight

    my family and friends

  373. kimberley ryan

    My parents 🙂

  374. Juli Savage

    Eddie Izzard, Peter Kay and Boy George

  375. jemma dwyer

    my partner 😀 x

  376. sandy ralph

    well top of my list would be my idol Phillip Schofield but being realistic then i would invite my best friend Donna and her husband Steve

  377. Layla Thomas

    Christoph Waltz, I think he’d be fascinating.

  378. Andrea A

    My family

  379. Naomi M

    Well my first choice is George Clooney, for an intimate dinner party for two (id send hubby and kids to the pictures or something!) If he couldn’t make it then I’d invite my whole family, it’s always a bit of a squash but totally worth it!!


    Jensen button to join my husband and me and what a wonderful day we all would have, and l would be a proper show off

  381. Kathleen Bywaters

    Kate Middleton – I think she is so stylish!

  382. Mary Baldwin

    My grandma to ask her all the questions I should have done whilst she was still alive.

  383. Angela Elliott

    Dawn, my bestest friend who married and moved to South Africa 3 years ago, would love a good old catch up with her x

  384. Sheri Darby

    Stephen fry

  385. Natalie Baskerville

    My husband, kids, in-laws and Ed Sheeran

  386. Debbie Preston

    Miranda Hart

  387. Phyllis Ellett

    To late now, but Isaac Asimov would have been my dinner guest.

  388. A.E. ADKINS

    My family, Brian Cox, Stephen Fry & Santa Claus for the kids!

  389. Andrew Tanner

    the family

  390. Allan Fullarton

    Stephen Fry – witty and entertaining!

  391. Ann Williams

    My family. They all adore Italian food and would be most appreciative.

  392. Donna Lawton

    Celebrity world would be Stephen Fry. Real world would be my good friends

  393. Adrian Bold

    I’d invite James Corden to my dinner party.

  394. Catherine Chetwood

    I’d invite Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci and my grandparents! Rather impossible as there’s only Stephen who could actually join me!


    my best friend and her family

  396. Nicki Simpson

    My mam and dad, they do a lot for us x

  397. Donna Coleman

    My entire family. I’d love everyone to be together!

  398. Lyndsey Beckford

    I would invite all my closest friends 🙂

  399. Melanie Southey-Hill

    All my girl friends as we don’t get together as often as I’d like

  400. carol boffey

    My gorgeous man

  401. Saran Benjamin

    My children and their partners

  402. Krzysia

    Boris Johnson. I’d love to quiz him about this great city of ours and also his views on the EEC!

  403. Jenny

    I’d love to have all my family in one place for dinner! Since we moved up North it seems like we never see them!

  404. esther james

    My best friends liz and corrie

  405. Janet Clegg

    My mum to cook for us

  406. Sue Harrison

    My dancing friends 🙂

  407. Debbie

    Mark ‘The Beast’ from the Chase

  408. Patricia Avery

    My children and grandchildren. Love our family meals together 🙂

  409. Linda Curtis


  410. Jane Middleton

    My nephews, would be fun

  411. Ruth Hedges

    Ant and Dec

  412. Claire Butler

    Jamie Oliver
    Dawn French
    James Corden

  413. Charmian Filewood

    My mum and ad to celebrate my dads retirement, also would get our daughter through from Uni with her boyfriend

  414. alice lightning

    my twin sister ,and her family as we live quite far so don’t see them that much it would be lovely

  415. michelle thompson

    john bishop, adele, and some eye candy,bradd pitt!! and id throw in russell howard for good measure

  416. Martina Alban

    Victoria Beckham

  417. Jenny Jones

    It would be all of my family, love having the over, good food, good wine and good company 🙂

  418. Victoria Prince

    I would invite James Martin, Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood – give me chance to pick their brains and get some tips 😀

  419. Sarah

    My friends – because why not?

  420. Elspeth MacMillan

    My entire family

  421. Gary Topley

    I would invite a homeless person so they knew people care about them x

  422. Helen CLAYTON

    Miranda Hart! and Giorgio Locatelli would add a certain Italian frisson too..

  423. Sara Owen

    My friends ☘☘

  424. Paula Barker

    Nick Knowles!!!

  425. Heli L

    Donald Trump. It’d be gobsmackingly entertaining for sure!

  426. Robert Slipper

    My grandchildren – to help me remember my own youth

  427. melp

    Alan Carr John Bishop Tracey Solomon

  428. Michelle Wild

    My entire family.

  429. Michelle Ptak

    My closest friends x

  430. James Donovan

    Oliver Reed, i have been fascinated with his life

  431. kirsty szekeres

    My childs school teachers, so I could find out more about who spends all that time with my daughter and also find out how she is getting on

  432. Angela Wilcox

    My mum and dad. They help us alot.

  433. Mand

    My husband and my kids. Cheesy I know but that’s all I need.

  434. Alison MacDonald

    My family and some of my oldest friends 🙂

  435. Vicky Loveday

    Noel Edmunds

  436. Clare B.

    My best friend and family

  437. Amanda Gregory

    David Suchet

  438. tracey olver

    alan carr as you always need someone who is a good laugh

  439. Harry Baulch

    I would enjoy having it with my friends and my family, who I don’t see very much

  440. Natalie Crossan

    Alan carr- because he’s so funny

  441. sharon martin

    patrick dempsey 🙂

  442. Bridgette West

    Stephen Fry, Billie Joe from Greenday (eye candy!), everyone from Red Dwarf, Melissa McCarthy and the fairy from Scrooged 🙂

  443. sharon sheppard

    Would invite my whole family and my little granddaughter x

  444. yvonne clark

    i would invite David Walliams and Ruth Jones two very funny celebs who would liven up any dinner party.

  445. Sue Dorking

    Would love a 60s retro dinner party, so would invite Mary Quant and Twiggy plus my Mum.

  446. Julie Edwards

    Well in my perfect dinner party I would have my husband, Axl Rose, Slash, Jon Bon Jovi and Sebastian Bach.

  447. David Price

    Emma Thompson

  448. Victoria Middleton

    My boyfriend, step dad, David Attenborough and Morgan Freeman – Hours of conversation

  449. Donna Caldwell

    Jamie Dornan (mr grey )

  450. Cyra Bellamy

    My family, James Corden and Dawn French!

  451. Teresa Sheldon

    Paul Hollywood nice on the eye

  452. Beryl drake

    Id love to gather all my family together , nothing better

  453. Ruth Tesdale

    Stephen Fry

  454. Val Pownall

    Tim Peake. My 7 year old granddaughter has lots to ask him so she’d better come too!

  455. Laura J

    My family

  456. Helen Gilbert

    Bette Davis..for all the great Hollywood legend stories

  457. angela sandhu

    stephen fry

  458. Sarah Ballantyne

    I’d have to invite our lovely next door neighbours who have been kept awake by my poor refluxy, teething daughter.

  459. michaela atkins

    my mum

  460. Andrea Johnson

    Boris Johnson. He’s hilarious

  461. Aimee Wright

    I’d love just to have a big family dinner party, I have a massive family so we’re never all together!

  462. Dale Dow

    Bruno Mars, Jack Wilshere, David Beckham mmm

  463. Nancy Bradford

    Will and Kate (but they might not come 🙂 ).

  464. Em S

    I’d invite my mum.

  465. Sarah Gray

    I would invite Ant and Dec, and Holly and Phil. Pure entertainment 🙂

  466. Dawn M

    Sorry to be the one with the boring response…but just a bunch of mates that I don’t see that often anymore.

  467. ellie spider

    I’d invite my family and Ellen Degeneres as she is super funny 😀

  468. louise Evans

    I would love to have a dinner party with Rowan Atkinson as i think hes so witty

  469. Natasha R-M

    Martin Shaw

  470. Sarah Parker

    bradley cooper

  471. John Forster

    David Walliams, Ant and Dec and my Barbershop quartet

  472. Jean Vaughan

    My close friends and neighbours who keep a watchful eye on me, include me in their family events and generally make my life happy and fulfilled 🙂

  473. angela edmonds

    I would invite my daughter and her family as they dont eat out much so would be a special treat xx

  474. Kirsty Woods

    My parents 🙂 its always nice to see them

  475. Susan Trubey

    my grandchildren- much more fun than grown ups

  476. Cristín Williams

    Jk Rowling and Ken follett my favourite authors

  477. Sarah Archibald

    I’d invite my family and hubbies side if we’re being realistic 🙂 Otherwise Ii’d invite David Attenborough, imagine the stories!

  478. Erin

    My family!

  479. Jess Berkeley

    I would have a dinner party with my partner, Jon Bon Jovi, my son, Justin Fletcher ( Mr Tumble) and channing Tatum

  480. Pauline Black

    Sean Connery and Kenny Rogers!

  481. Lynn Bright

    My foodie family!

  482. liz ferguson

    My brother as this is his favourite food x

  483. Gill

    Ed sheeran

  484. Catherine Bell

    I would invite my brother and sister in law

  485. Glyn Davies


  486. Joanne Beale

    Would have to be Gino D’Acampo and hopefully he can give me some hints, tips and some new ideas

  487. Jane H Shaw

    I would invite my whole family as I love family dinners and we don’t see each oth often enough Thanks

  488. michelle tabaku

    Adam Levine

  489. Michelle Buckle

    My family

  490. Jacqueline Roberts

    My family & Tom hardy, he can be my pudding.

  491. Alisa Moore

    My family

  492. Zoe Hawley

    Celebrity wise would be Stephen Fry, Lee Evans and Katy Perry. But real world would be my friends and family

  493. Miss Tracy Hanson

    OOOH well can I be greedy?

    Bradley Cooper and Chris Hemsworth (my 2 fav actors) and Dave Grohl (who is my fav rockstar). 🙂

  494. Emma Schofield

    Kelly Jones

  495. Lorna Cox

    My family and Bruce Springsteen xx

  496. Tess D

    Peter Kay for the laughs

  497. Annaloa Hilmarsdottir

    The cast of Friends

  498. Jenny Mace

    If it was just the two of us – Tom Hardy. Otherwise it would be all of my girlfriends – what a raucous night that would be!! x

  499. Sarah Fisher

    My best friend Ben, Jamie Oliver because I worship the ground on which he treads, Micky Flanagan because he is pure hilarity, Dame Helen Mirren because she is a heroine of mine and isn’t afraid to say what she thinks, my nan because she’s a great woman with a fascinating history, better not sit her next to Mickey though!, Dara O’Briain, smart and funny and less likely to offend my grandma!

  500. barbara snaith

    alan davies and stephen fry

  501. Sandra Jo Siddall

    I would invite Holly Willoughby, Philip Scofield and Keith Lemon and it would be awesome 🙂

  502. Karen Harrison

    My whole family

  503. jackie beckett

    Stephanie Cole she was so funny in Waiting for God going to be just like her when i grow up

  504. Amy Jane Beckett

    Orville the Duck

  505. Gillian Turner

    Dick Van Dyke (chim chimney, chim chimnet, chim chim cher-ee) Dame Angela Lansbury and Jeremy clarkson. Oh that would be fun!!

  506. Claire Elizabeth Noke

    All of My family …. We only have a small family, but We love spending time together 🙂

  507. Julia Morris

    El Divo – they can sing for us and look very sexy. would brighten up any feast!

  508. karen clapp

    my in laws as don’t get to see them much 🙂

  509. Ashley Phillips

    Stephen Fry would have to be top of my guest list

  510. Laura Corrall

    I’d invite all mine and my husbands family. We only ever seem to all get together at big dinner parties. So I always get very excited for dinner parties. I love a good get together.

  511. gaynor spanswick

    My sister ,it seems the only time we get together is at funerals .

  512. Melissa Palmer

    Would most certainly have to be Channing Tatum and Shayne Ward lol a girl can dream xx


    I would invite Ewan McGregor as i love to travel and would enjoy his travel stories

  514. Edward Guerreiro

    It would be my family, including all of my cousins and uncles and aunts. Most live in Portugal, so I don’t see them very often, and never at the same time.

  515. Rich Hill

    Stephen Fry, Peter Capaldi and Susan Calman

  516. Rennene Hartland

    My besties

  517. Melanie Burton

    My OH Nik, my mum, my brothers, Nik’s mum, dad and sisters and last but not least Gerard Butler – because he is gorgeous!

  518. christine WESTLAKE

    family and friends

  519. Nadine Kirkpatrick

    Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln. I’d do a zombie themed dinner party


    Whole of the Manchester City football club squad.

  521. Jo heath

    My gorgeous school friend now yummy mummies

  522. Liz T

    my extended family

  523. Ruth Wollerton

    Jamie Oliver so he could cook up a feast that’s magic

  524. amanda greensmith

    my husband
    jamie oliver ( he could give my hubby some tips on cooking)
    mary berry ( you never know she might even bring a cake with her)

  525. Natalie Gillham

    I would love to invite all my friends, Russell Howard as he’d make everyone laugh and Danny Mac (from hollyoaks) for a bit of eye candy lol x


    I would invite Nigel Slater, he is such a glorious cook

  527. Ellie Jones

    The mad hatter if he was real 🙂

  528. Kayleigh Robinson

    It would have to be Olly Murs, Sarah Millican and Robert downy Jr.


    All my old work mates that I have lost touch with.

  530. @Chyandour

    My family

  531. Sue Lempkowski

    my mum and dad

  532. Rebecca Lis

    Gordon Ramsey so he could cook!

  533. Fiona JK42

    If I could invite anyone I would invite my grandmother. I was very close to her and still miss her. I’m sure my children would love to hear all her stories about her adventurous life in Russia, Poland, India and present-day Pakistan.

  534. Chirag P

    stephen hawking

  535. Andrew Seaman

    Russell Howard – The amount of times he has made me laugh

  536. Herbert Appleby

    I’d be delighted if you arrived along with a fine selection of cooks – one specialist for each course… heaven!! 🙂

  537. Anneka Hulse

    Stephen Fry

  538. lucie m fish

    i would invite my mum and brothers as i dont seee them enough x

  539. Kate Rampersad

    Will.I.Am – he is epic

  540. sue mcdermott

    the Queen!

  541. Diane Wood

    I’d invite Jon Richardson, Jack Whitehall and James Corden. Calvin Harris can DJ, Ella Eyre can sing and Theo James can be the topless waiter

  542. Laura

    my best friends from high school as we have not had a catch up in ages

  543. Beth Rawsthorne

    Stephen Fry 😀 because we would have very interesting Dinner table conversation

  544. Paula Smith

    Jennifer Lawrence, Giles Coren, Van McCann and Lena Dunham- 4 of my favourite people/celebrities

  545. Jacqueline Mclean

    Gerard Butler

  546. Loraine Day

    Danny la Rue

  547. Ioana Popescu

    all my family and maybe Bryan Adams

  548. Alison Clifford

    Family but celebrity wise I think James Corden would be a great guest. He’s very funny and can hold a tune!

  549. Lisa Mauchline

    My close family and friends

  550. Jo Glasspool

    All the family.

  551. Keeley Shaw

    My family because being together with them all is a rare but wonderful time.

  552. Anne Jenkins

    My Family and Friends. Sounds quite boring but we don’t get to meet up often x

  553. rebecca nisbet

    a majority of my family, with a hint of ryan gosling yum!

  554. Julie Booth

    My Italian Emergency dept consultants who are lovely and could show me how to cook properly

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