Puff pastry Christmas trees, ideal for parties

Puff pastry Christmas trees, ideal for parties

By 18/12/2016

It's party season!

I am digging all my sparkly jumpers and dresses from my wardrobes and putting on sparkly make up too. I seriously feel in a party mood this year.

Over the weekend I went to a friend's Christmas party: the food was amazing, she made lots of mini appetizers, pizza, mini cakes including homemade sparkly meringues and a fab buche de Noel with a pretty decoration of top. I had a fantastic time.

I brought over these puff pastry Christmas trees on wooden skewers which went down very well. They did not take long to make and they are perfect for parties. If you make them slighly smaller they can be self-standing as you can stick the skewers on a single cube of cheese.

You can put salami inside, parma ham, ham or just a little bit of cheese and finely chopped olives too if you prefer.

  • Prep Time : 15 minutes
  • Cook Time : 15 minutes
  • Yield : 12



Cut the pastry sheet into long strips of approx 2 cm or 0.8 inch in width, place some ham and a sprinkle of parmesan onto each strip.

Taking the ends of each strip zig zag the strips on top of each other to create a tree-like shape.

making puff pastry christmas trees

They should look like little trees

Puff pastry christmas trees

Pierce them with a wooden skewer which you will have first dipped into water (to avoid them burning in the oven).

Puff pastry Christmas trees

Bake them in the oven at 200C or 390F for 15 minutes or until golden.  Pierce an olive on the skewer on top of the tree and you can serve them on a cube of cheese.

Puff pastry Christmas trees

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10 Responses to Puff pastry Christmas trees, ideal for parties

  1. Astrid Brailsford

    Oh this real Looks super, will try them for New Years evening…
    Thanks for this recepe…

    Five stars!!!

    • Alida

      Yes these are just perfect for the longest night of the year!

    • Alida

      Thanks Angie

  2. La cucina di Molly

    Ma che bella idea natalizia, bravissima, sono molto sfiziosi! Un bacione!

  3. classyflavors

    It looks amazing. Great idea. 🙂 Merry Christmas Alida 🙂

    • Alida

      Thanks so much! All the best xx

  4. donna smith

    can you make these ahead and freeze them

    • Alida

      Yes you can but you will need to bake them a little again to make them crispy after defrosting them.

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