Retro double ice cream maker giveaway

I grew up with gelato or ice cream. During the long hot Italian summers I would always have a scoop or two every day and I still do. Everyone loves freshly made ice cream and if you can make your own that’s even better.

My favourite ever flavours are yogurt with fruit of the forest, “pinolata” made with fresh pinenuts and pistachio provided it is not fluorescent green. I wrote an article some time ago about  how to spot a good ice cream: Beware when you buy ice cream that looks too bright and colourful and that makes you very thirsty afterwards, in most cases this is a sign that additives have been added.

A good thing is that you can also make your own and today I have a fab giveaway for all ice cream lovers: a retro style Double Ice Cream Maker  courtesy of Find Me a Gift worth £ 49.99.

It makes 2 different flavours of ice cream at once, it is easy to assemble and to re-use and has a funky retro design. It can also make a good gift for someone.

All you need to do then is to switch the ice cream machine on and pour in your mixture. Your ice cream will be ready in about 30 minutes. If you like a firmer texture store it in the freezer.

The machine includes 2 cups and full instructions.

Nostalgia retro double-ice-cream-maker


For a chance to win it enter the gleam form below.

Terms and conditions:

  1. You can enter with the Gleam widget below via blog comment, twitter, instagram, facebook or pinterest.
  2. Please comment on this blogpost before proceeding with other entry options (this is mandatory).
  3. One winner will be randomly selected, announced in this blog post and contacted via their provided e-mail address. Please claim your prize within 4 days of being notified.
  4. Giveaway open to UK residents over the age of 18 only.
  5. This giveaway closes on April 16th  2016

Win a retro double ice cream maker


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741 Responses to Retro double ice cream maker giveaway

  1. Tracy K Nixon

    I love vanilla!

    • Gemma Bailey

      Coffee ice cream is my favourite

  2. iain maciver


  3. Bev


  4. Paula Readings

    Chocolate. yum.

  5. Jo Hutchinson

    I love chocolate icecream

  6. Christopher Williamson


    Ice cream to die for

    The perfect combination of sweetness and refreshment

  7. Kim M

    Love Coffee flavour

  8. amy fidler

    mint choc chip xx

  9. Kim Neville

    Pralines and cream

  10. Bex Jones

    Chocolate !!! I just love chocolate ice cream 🙂

  11. Angela Fitzjohn


  12. Lucy Major


  13. mark

    chocolate for me

  14. Barry Page


  15. tracy steer

    mint choc chip

  16. Zoe G


  17. chloe ward

    I love bubblegum flavoured ice cream but my favourite is mint chocolate chip!

  18. Caroline Clarke

    Rocky Road is my favourite flavour.

  19. Claire Simpson

    Chocolate xx

  20. christy spencer

    Mint chocolate chip is my favourite x

  21. Simon tutthill

    Vanilla mmmmm

  22. Darren Millburn


  23. Richard T


  24. Kirsty Hosty

    Cookie Dough mmmm yummy

  25. ValB

    Maple pecan

  26. Stuart Edwards

    mint choc chip

  27. Leanne Newsome

    Mint chocolate chip ice cream

  28. Veronica Still


  29. Mark Palmer


  30. Louise A

    Always has to be chocolate 🙂

  31. Louise Hunt

    Strawberry for me and chocolate for my daughter xx

  32. Janet King

    Rum n raisin

  33. Nicola Dow

    Scottish Tablet is my fave x

  34. jennie k

    vanilla because you can add what you want

  35. Mary Heald

    Has to be chocolate!

  36. sharon martin

    raspberry ripple

  37. Helen Adams

    Pistachio x

  38. Paul Wilson



    I love Vanilla

  40. Rich Barker

    Rum and Raisin!

  41. stephen ashdown

    Tutti frutti when I can find it or Coconut

  42. Nicki Evans

    Mint chocolate chip

  43. Alica

    Chocolate! 🙂

  44. Jane Jenner

    Chocolate YUM!❤️

  45. Angela Walker


  46. ashleigh allan

    I like vanilla!

  47. Sophie Sanderson

    Honeycomb! or Toffee!!!

  48. Paula Nixon

    I’m a sucker for a really tangy sorbet – like orange and mango – YUM!

  49. Andy Wedge

    Rum and Raisin

  50. Sarah Mackay


  51. tracey ryder

    banana and walnut

  52. Helen Hodgson

    Cookie Dough

  53. Chris Andrews

    oh l love . . . . Raspberry

  54. Stephen Day

    Rum and Raisin

  55. Phil Darling

    Pisatchio all the way

  56. Cherry Edwards


  57. steven young

    I could eat Pistachio all day long!

  58. sharon mead

    clotted cream

  59. Lucy I

    Strawberry or lemon

  60. Rey Chunara

    Mint choc chip

  61. Sarah Brokenshire

    chocolate xxx

  62. Holly Greig

    Chocolate. Omg, chocolate chocolate chocolate!!

  63. Rachel Craig

    Turkish Delight, which I have had at Nardini’s Largs, Scotland, UK.

  64. S Bufton

    I love chocolate ice cream

  65. Tania Atfield


  66. Keri Roberts

    Pistachio – (in Rome!)

  67. dorothy merrett

    Vanilla for me

  68. darren hay

    Vanilla is my favorite flavour followed closely by pistachio

  69. David Patrick


  70. Carly Taylor

    chocolate for me, more chocolaty the better!

  71. Catherine Whetton

    I love toffee ice cream!!

  72. zainab hassan


  73. Amanda

    Honeycomb is my absolute favourite.

  74. winnie

    i love chocolate mint

  75. Lisa Everaert

    I love Neapolitan – why choose 1 flavour when you can have 3 xx

  76. Harry Baulch

    Rum and Raisin

  77. Chieara

    Mint choc chip

  78. Jane Berrow


  79. Edward Guerreiro

    I really like pistachio ice cream.

  80. Lisa williams


  81. Vincent Porter

    Chocolate of course!

  82. Andy Grant

    Mint Choc Chip

  83. Suzanne


  84. Robyn Seviour

    Salted caramel

  85. Leanne Abel

    vanilla, plain and simple but so tasty

  86. jeff lowe


  87. Soph H

    Chocolate or maybe toffee

  88. Laura Pemberton

    Mint! Mmmm



  90. Tracy Hanley

    Rasberry ripple

  91. Georgina Davey

    Ben and Jerrys Phish Food!

  92. Frances H

    Love me some strawberry!

  93. clair downham

    mint choc chip

  94. Jan H

    Pistachio, I really like these nuts.

  95. Simon C

    I love vanilla. But it has to be a good quality one — cheap vanilla ice-cream is awful.

  96. Rosys123

    I love honeycomb flavour!

  97. Margaret Clarkson


  98. Dean Willoughby

    Clotted Cream

  99. John Frost


  100. Lisa Parker

    Banana flavour x

  101. chloe brill

    Rum and raisan

  102. Phil Oneill

    Strawberry 🙂

  103. David Sweet


  104. C Kennedy

    Fudge is my favourite flavour!

  105. sherri hough

    Rum and raisin

  106. Leanne V Mckenna


  107. Angela Ellis

    Butterscotch but pistachio is a close second

  108. alan mcveigh


  109. Heather

    Banana and honey!

  110. Yvonne Dimbleby

    Coffee and walnut

  111. emma walters

    i do love rum and raisin ice cream mmmmmmm

  112. Karin Mortensen

    Pistachio 🙂

  113. Rebecca Williams

    Caramel. 🙂

  114. Miranda Robinson

    Rum and Rasin Ice Cream!

  115. John Tingay


  116. laura banks

    mint choc chip

  117. Marycarol


  118. Joanne Beale


  119. Ellen Sheppard

    Strawberry is my favourite 🙂

  120. Rachael G


  121. jessica woods

    Mint chocolate chip fantastic prize

  122. Alison

    I love tutti fruiti but you can’t get it anymore. Would love to make my own!

  123. Steve

    Chocolate and coconut with a little caramel.

  124. Katherine Teff

    I love Cornish Clotted Cream ice cream the best.

  125. Lisa Rowsell


  126. cheryl hadfield

    I love pistachio ice cream

  127. Maddalena Dalton


  128. melanie stirling


  129. Suzanne O'Neill

    i love proper vanilla where you can see the seeds from the pod

  130. justine meyer

    rum and raisin x

  131. Claire Blaney

    I love salted caramel ice cream, but there are many flavours i love.

  132. Diane S


  133. Louise

    Hi Alida:)
    My son just returned from Rome and he said he had the best ice cream he has ever had in his life!!! (no he didn’t bring me any home, lol:) He did bring me Italian cookies though and they were fabulous!!!

    What a GREAT give-away Alida…Thank you so much for sharing…

    • Alida

      Rome is full of great ice cream shops. One day you need to visit Italy too, you will love it! Enjoy the cookies!

  134. fozia Akhtar


  135. Jo m Welsh

    Walnut and maple syrup

  136. Dadmac


  137. Laura Nice

    Mint choc chip!

  138. Jo Richards


  139. Alexia Patropoulos


  140. sarah challacombe

    mint choc chip

  141. Alan Burrows


  142. Paul Whiteley

    Tutti Frutti

  143. Susan Smith

    My favourite is Vanilla

  144. Laura T

    I love coconut ice cream. It seems hard to find in shops now so I will have to learn how to make it!

  145. Gemma Jordan

    Run n Rasin

  146. Hannah Smith

    Cinnamon is my favourite ice cream flavour. It’s almost impossible to find in the UK, so winning this would mean I could make it for myself!

  147. Lindsey Jones

    Mint choc chip

  148. lynn heath

    My favourite is Mint choc chip!

  149. TJ Wells

    Mint choc chip (actually I’d love mint on its own).

  150. Nuala r

    Strawberry cheesecake yummy

  151. kate philpott

    vanilla mmmmm

  152. jemma dwyer

    coconut flavour x

  153. laura cooper

    Coconut! Love it!

  154. lyn Burgess

    Raspberry ripple

  155. Kat Glynn

    I love Pistachio Ice Cream x

  156. fiona gray

    Mint choc chip

  157. Paul Martin

    mint choc chip

  158. Bob Clark

    coffee and chocolate

  159. Sam McKean

    Rum & Raisin 🙂

  160. pete c

    Mint choc chip is mine

  161. Freya Knudsen

    Salted caramel or clotted cream icecream 🙂 yummy

  162. Jen Boucher

    Love salted caramel

  163. Hannah Gibson

    Cookies and Cream

  164. Kristy Brown

    Rum and Raisin

  165. Laura Williams

    I love mint choc chip ice cream! Creamy and chocolatey but refreshing too! yum!!!!

  166. Stefan Pearson


  167. Pam Lawrence

    My all-time favourite is rum and raisin flavour x

  168. Pam Lawrence

    My favourite is rum and raisin.

  169. Fiona R

    Vanilla 🙂

  170. Rebecca Inman

    An Italian hazelnut flavour which I think translates as kisses

  171. Siobhan Brown

    Got to be raspberry and white choc!

  172. Alex Jones


  173. ellie spider

    I love dulce de leche (although I am not sure I have spelled it right!)

  174. Harline Parkin

    Vanilla and strawberry

  175. Balvinder

    This is a wonderful giveaway. Sadly I can not participate because I am not on instagram or facebook.

  176. Edgar v

    My favorite ice cream is definitely vanila

  177. Clair Dukes

    Chocolate Chip Cookie dough 🙂

  178. gemma brown

    rum and raisin

  179. amy bondoc

    i love mango flavoured ice cream, banana is a close second !

  180. amy bondoc

    i love mango flavoured ice cream, banana is a close second ! 🙂

  181. Emma Ellams

    Mint choc chip 🙂

  182. Sarah Lee

    My favourite is strawberry

  183. Michael Massarella

    The quality of any ice cream producer is reflected in the quality of their vanilla ice cream, so when visiting gelateria’s I always start with tasting their vanilla.

    • Alida

      Interesting, great tip thank you!

  184. MaurizioB

    Stracciatella flavour

  185. Linda C

    My favourite is Clotted cream ice cream

  186. Farhana

    Pistachio…mmm.. and mango too

  187. Ray Dodds


  188. Emily Hutchinson


  189. Adele L

    Mint chocolate chip is my favourite

  190. Darrell

    I know I’m a big kid, but my favourite has always been Tutti Frutti. There’ ‘s still a few places to get it

  191. helen tovell

    Mint choc chip is my favourite

  192. Carolynn Woodland

    Coffee ice cream

  193. aaron broad

    My favourite flavour is Vanilla

  194. Bev B


  195. Joanne Blunt

    My favourite is chocolate

  196. Ellie Gingell

    Mmmm Coconut 🙂

  197. Lynsey Buchanan


  198. judy kennedy

    mint choc chip

  199. Ruth Goddard


  200. Karen R

    I love Butterscotch 🙂

  201. Amy Dear

    I love Mint Chocolate Chip!!

  202. greg davies

    Chocolate – and lots of it 🙂

  203. Rachel Tasker

    ❤️ Chocolate!

  204. Ann Bolton

    Rum and raisin

  205. Riri

    Chocolate. 🙂

  206. Sarah Swainsbury

    Mint choc chip

  207. Nicola Phipps

    Mine has to be rum and raisin 🙂 xx

    • Aneta Taylor

      Mine is plain cream

  208. Debbie Louise Davies

    I have always loves strawberry! xx

  209. Tracy Newton

    I love strawberry ICECREAM with big chunks of fresh strawberries in

  210. Iris W

    Pistachio ir caramel

  211. Naz Mirza

    Mint chocolate chip

  212. Liam Bishop


  213. Ray Becker


  214. Heather T

    Ben & Jerry’s caramel chew chew – slurp nom nom

  215. Janice Papworth

    My favourite flavour is coffee and I think if I was making my own I would swirl chocolate and hazelnuts through the ice cream

  216. Emily Knight

    It has to be tiramisu flavour – so addictive!

  217. Rita Hutton


  218. Jayne Kelsall

    Mint Choc Chip is my favourite 🙂

  219. Kirsty Ward

    Boring but i love Vanilla!

  220. louise reeks

    Mint Choc Chip

  221. Rich Tyler

    Toffee Ice Cream 🙂

  222. Kate Knight

    salted caramel

  223. Marjoleine Kok

    Honeycomb Icecream <3

  224. Lucia

    Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla!

  225. Laura Jeffs

    My favourite is definitely Coconut!!

  226. Emma Gibson

    Mint 🙂

  227. Claire D

    Raspberry Ripple

  228. Barbara Knight

    Coffee ice cream, although lemon is a close second.

  229. Vicky Lewis


  230. Angie McDonald

    My favourite ice cream is Mint choc Chip!

  231. Louise Smith


  232. Catriona Hutchinson

    Pistachio every time!

  233. Chris wright


  234. mrki


  235. Lindsey

    Pecan & maple syrup

  236. Kate Loader

    Mint Choc Chip

  237. ruth robinson


  238. Ruth Harwood

    Mint Choc Chip xx

  239. Val Swift

    Mint choc chip is my favourite

  240. Terri-Louise Dudey


  241. Jo Carroll

    I love Neapolitan ice cream best as that way I get three delicious flavours in one sitting 😉 The traditional Italian version was representative of the Italian flag: green (pistachio or almond), white (vanilla), and red (cherry)…I’d really love to try that one too. x

  242. Sarah Rundle

    Thunder and Lightning

  243. Isabelle Smith

    coconut 🙂

  244. maureen findley

    chocolate chip

  245. Sharon Smith

    Cookies and cream

  246. Dylan Calderon

    Mint choc chip 🙂

  247. Joanne Holland

    Rum n raisin for me

  248. ema j lowe


  249. Philippa Gerrard

    mint choc chip for me please 🙂

  250. jennifer thorpe

    salted caramel is my new latest flavour

  251. Gemma Massey

    I love mint chocolate chip

  252. Kay Broomfield

    Mint choc chip

  253. Zach Ohmite Hudson

    Coffee mmmmmm

  254. Alison


  255. Sheila Howes


  256. Sandra Bald


  257. Simon Wade

    Cookie dough! Yum

  258. Tracy Gladman

    Rum and raisin

  259. julie-ann eley

    COCONUT is my favourite 🙂

  260. michelle o'neill

    chocolate x

  261. Mickie Bull


  262. Sue C

    Strawberry – as long as it’s got fresh strawberries in it!

  263. Corinne Peat

    I love vanilla ice cream

  264. Anna Murrell


  265. Solange


  266. Clare B.

    Peanut butter

  267. Kat Lucas

    I love strawberry ice cream

  268. matty a

    mint choc chip

  269. Rhia P

    Mint choc chip is my all time favourite- but I LOVE to discover new flavours 🙂

  270. Beky Austerberry

    chocolate fudge brownie

  271. Christine Constable

    I love accacia and ginger

  272. charlie pope

    irish cream

  273. Judith Allen

    Mint chocolate chip. I do like vanilla choc chip too.

  274. Karen S

    Mint choc chip

  275. Richard R

    I like Raspberry ripple

  276. Mandy Waller

    My fav is Chocolate Chip

  277. Victoria La Mon

    It used to be mint choc chip, nut I seem to have grown into rum & raisin!

  278. natashajayne

    When i go to Fredricks i always buy a double cone, one side Black Cherry and the other Toffee Fudge. Yum, If i had to choose one definitely Black Cherry <3

  279. Clara Bee

    Salted caramel

  280. Sobia


  281. katrina walsh

    mint choc chip

  282. Clare Hubbard

    Mint choc chip 🙂

  283. Rachael Mccadden

    i love choc ice cream

  284. keith banham


  285. charlotte

    chocolate chip! mmm

  286. Lisa Owen

    mint choc chip or banana

  287. Ellen

    Pistachio definitely!

  288. Gabrielle Powell

    My favourite ice cream flavour is chocolate

  289. Natalie Baskerville

    my favourite ice cream flavour is clotted cream strawberry

  290. Jade


  291. Anne Johnston

    It has to be raspberry ripple

  292. Neil Pearson

    Raspberry Ripple

  293. Emily Clark

    Mint choc chip!

  294. Alison Johnson

    Strawberries & cream

  295. Miriam Said

    Rum and raisin is my all time favourite ice cream flavour closely followed by chocolate then strawberry.

  296. david cavender

    vanilla is the best

  297. claire woods


  298. Lorraine Bell

    Mint chocolate chip

  299. Natasha Mairs

    butterscotch or mint chocolate chip, but love any flavour x

  300. Corinna Ball

    Raspberry ripple.

  301. jen s morgan

    toss up between banana and cherry but if I have to choose I would say banana x

  302. joanna

    Chocolate and caramel with ground hazelnuts sprinkled on top.

  303. rebecca smith

    rum and raisin

  304. Emmadex85

    Chocolate fudge brown

  305. Rachel Butterworth


  306. Kay Panayi

    Cookies and cream

  307. sarah clegg

    mint choc chip 🙂

  308. Emma Stone

    vanilla xx

  309. JE

    Mint choc chip

  310. Dom


  311. Chantelle Binge

    I like caramel with really big fudge chunks in it! xx

  312. frances hopkins

    Chocolate x

  313. betony Bennett

    Toffee fudge is my favourite. The best one used to be Gino Ginelli’s but it seems to have vanished!! 😀

  314. Michelle Ferguson

    I love chocolate ice cream

  315. Jessica steele

    Choc peanut butter is my favor our flavour!

  316. don erwood

    Coconut and Lime

  317. Christine Lockley

    Raspberry Ripple

  318. rebecca nisbet

    i love salted caramel ice cream

  319. Linda Thorn

    I love chocolate ice cream
    as it is made in so many ways
    it can be made in many streams
    or made in many swirls
    or a full bodied chocolate
    or a cream.

  320. melissa crowe


  321. Cheryl Price

    banana is my favourite


    Vanilla with caramel sauce

  323. Adeline M

    Rum and raisin

  324. heather hawley


  325. Vicky Varley

    Salted caramel

  326. Steph

    Mint choc chip

  327. Cyra Bellamy

    Turkish delight, although it’s hard to find 🙁

  328. Tracey Peach

    Vanilla because I can them put all different toppings on 🙂

  329. jayne hobson


  330. Robertgeneralmail


  331. Lisa Pond

    Banana, so hard to find but perfect when i do 🙂

  332. Angela Curtis

    Mint Choc chip

  333. Maria Dhillon

    mint chocolate chip

  334. Lorna Lyons

    White chocolate chip & Irish cream

  335. Sue Wickins


  336. Laura Harrison

    Salted caramel mmmm very yummy

  337. Pam Smith

    Rum and Raisin

  338. Steve Patterson

    Banoffee…. Yummy!!!

  339. Jackie ONeill

    Salted Caramel

  340. Helen Humphries

    Vanilla…done right! 🙂

  341. Patricia Avery

    Vanilla as its so versatile you can add such a variety of ingredients and / or toppings 🙂

  342. Alison Crabb

    Love ice cream, would be so good to make my own.

  343. Alison Crabb

    I love butter pecan flavour

  344. Christine Caple

    Ferrero Rocher flavour, it’s fab!

  345. Trudi Walsh

    Mint Choc Chip…….very refreshing and yummy!

  346. Stevie

    Mint with anything.

  347. Angie Hoggett

    pecan nut and caramel

  348. Elizabeth Gurney

    Always chocolate!

  349. pmillington


  350. Samantha loughlin


  351. Katie Harmer

    I love Vanilla, especially if it is made with clotted cream!


    Raspberry Ripple

  353. Kevin Honey

    Real Vanilla

  354. Katherine McDonald


  355. Eileen Sumner


  356. Carole Paton

    Any kind of coffee flavour for me.

  357. Hazel Murphy

    cherry almond

  358. Lynn Nelson

    I love mint choc chip – yummy 🙂

  359. Tuesday

    It has to be coffee and chocolate !!!

  360. Natasha Alyce

    Mint choc chip! Which is funnily the favourite of my best friends also…

  361. Heather Skinner

    Malt Chocolate

  362. Lisa Pope

    A really well made vanilla, you can’t beat it!

  363. Kerry Oneill

    Raspberry ripple yum

  364. Sheila Sloan


  365. Joanna Kasznicki

    my favourite is pistachio

  366. Steff Wyatt

    Salted caramel!!
    Want to experiment though. A family friend recently made Horlicks ice cream and I want to give it a go! Great with warm chocolate brownies apparently!! Would like to try a peanut butter variety. Up for frozen yoghurt making too!

  367. helen booth

    Any kind of chocolate ice cream, as long as its not got mint in!

  368. Elisa Trueman

    I love honey vanilla ice cream with clotted cream…about a million calories but totally worth it x

  369. Annabel Greaves


  370. Caroline Buckley

    Raspberry Ripple

  371. Juli Savage

    rum and raisin


    Good old fashioned vanilla

  373. Tammy Tudor


  374. claire Blake

    Honeycomb is my favortite ice-cream

  375. Monica Gilbert

    Mint chocolate chip or chocolate chip cookie dough, depending on my mood.

  376. Alice Fox

    Strawberry xx

  377. Greig spencer


  378. cheryl lovell

    I love rum and raisin

  379. Jayne L

    Rum and raisin

  380. Vanessa Jumeau

    Rum & Raisin

  381. Hayley biles

    Mint choc chip is my favourite ice cream flavour

  382. Rosie Holloway

    I adore pistachio flavour but ginger is a very close second

  383. jane

    Mint choc chip – straight back to childhood!

  384. Maureen M


  385. J Mitchell

    Nothing beats good old Vanilla for me

  386. marie powell

    mint choc chip for me

  387. Clare Davies

    vanilla or stawberry! x

  388. Adrienn Banki

    Lemon is the best

  389. Jacquelyn Burton

    I love Coffee flavoured ice cream

  390. Hannah Bee Griffin

    Black Cherry and chocolate chip

  391. Emma

    Mint chocolate chip my abosolute favourite

  392. Shirley Evans

    Rum and raison

  393. Victoria 17265

    Vanilla and butterscotch

  394. Anthony Martin

    rum and raisin

  395. Paul Witney


  396. Katherine Coldicott

    Pistachio flavour.

  397. kimberley ryan

    Tutti Fruiti has to be my favourite

  398. Kristyn Harris

    My favourite ice cream flavour is strawberry

  399. Michelle Carlin

    Mint choc chip is my fave.

  400. Samantha Atherton


  401. Shalene Hodder


  402. Martina Alban

    Lemon or Lime is my favourite

  403. Sharon Jackson

    Coconut is my favourite 🙂

  404. carole n

    chocolate and mint

  405. Ella Swinbank

    Vanilla with cinder toffee is my favourite 🙂

  406. Teresa Lee


  407. Kerry Webber

    Mint Choc Chip

  408. Caroline Blaza

    My favourite ice cream is Raspberry Ripple x

  409. Louis P


  410. R McMeekin

    White chocolate

  411. Andrea A

    Mint choc chip

  412. Denise Ann Walker

    Vanilla or Mint Choc Chip ( depends on my mood )

  413. Stella


  414. amanda noble

    Toffee is my all time favourite …also love vanilla and choc chip

  415. Lauren Old


  416. Angela Williams


  417. Kerry Locke

    Peanut Butter

  418. Chrissie Curtis

    Vanilla is my Favourite

  419. jo ogden

    mint choc chip

  420. Emily Carter-Dunn

    I love honeycomb flavour

  421. Mike Gerrie

    Raspberry Ripple

  422. Clare W


  423. Phyllis Ellett

    Just good old fashioned vanilla.

  424. Jodi hill

    I love mint choc chip

  425. Robert Price


  426. Vickie Jackson

    You can’t beat a good vanilla ice cream 🙂

  427. A.E. ADKINS

    Melon is my fav but if I won I would experiment with strawberry & black pepper

  428. Laura Craggs

    I love rhubarb crumble ice cream

  429. Rebecca Townsend

    Pecan & Maple syrup icecream

  430. donna l jones

    raspberry awake


    Pistachio x

  432. Lynne OConnor

    Black cherry or blackberry

  433. donna hale


  434. Saran Benjamin

    Raspberry ripple yum yum

  435. Suzanne Howell

    Coconut. There is an ice-cream shop (about an hour and a half away – sadly), that sells 60 flavours – but I usually always have the coconut – it’s delish. Wish that shop was nearer! I love the idea of being able to make two flavours at a time. I’d do coconut and perhaps mint choc chip, or clotted cream or pistachio…. ah… I can dream…..

  436. Ruby Spiteri

    Mint chocolate chip x

  437. Claire Conniff

    Mint choc chip 🙂

  438. Susan B

    Anyone who has been lucky enough to travel to New Zealand would probably say Hokey Pokey, which is vanilla with honeycomb pieces. They have the best ice cream in the world and Hokey Pokey is still my favourite.

  439. Bridgette West

    Coffee and Walnut <3

  440. Ann Williams

    Coffee is my favourite ice cream flavour

  441. Lucy Chester

    I love vanilla the most

  442. Aaron Milne

    Rum & raisin was a child hood favourite – now there are so many its impossible to know

  443. Logan

    Mint choc chip or anything decadent with caramel and chocolate :p

  444. Antonio Santos

    Stracciatella is my favourite =)

  445. Maggie Riordan

    I adore COFFEE ice cream. Anything coffee flavoured.

  446. Jade


  447. Sarah H

    I do love a scoop or 2 of mint choc chip!

  448. Elspeth MacMillan

    Toffee or Scottish Tablet both delicious

  449. Matt Allison

    Mint Choc Chip

  450. Amy Eastwick

    I love pistachio, with gooseberry and plum ice creams coming in a close second and third!

  451. classybird85

    chocolate fudge brownie is my favourite

  452. Jenny B

    I love honeycomb flavour ice cream! 🙂

  453. Jacki

    S.Luca in Edinburgh make the most delicious Nutella flavour ice cream…really is superb-am sure could re create..may take some practice! Xx

  454. Thomas Beswick


  455. Toria

    Love love love tutti frutti but you rarely see it around anymore. 🙁 Lemon is a good second. I had kiwi in Hungary once, which my other half says is as common over there as strawberry is in the UK… very tasty!

  456. Jenny Jones

    Cherry and vanilla

  457. Penelope Hewitt

    Cookies and cream

  458. Gigi21

    My favorite is chocolate.

  459. Barry Rowlings

    mint choc chip

  460. Jennifer Rhymer

    Vanilla is my favourite 🙂

  461. leanne perrett

    wow i have two i love pistachio and coffee i love ice cream

  462. Antonia Rookley

    A really good vanilla please

  463. Jane Middleton


  464. Emma Whittaker

    Rum & Raisin 🙂

  465. becki gates


  466. Dawn Millmoor

    Mint chocolate chip!
    (Or Minty Monroe as it is known in my local parlour)

  467. barbara clarke


  468. Laura Graty

    Peanut butter

  469. joanne liddement

    I love strawberry ice cream

  470. miriam krutska

    lemon and vanilla but made with proper vanilla beam xxx

  471. Zoe Smith

    Salted caramel, love the way it melts

  472. Trevor Linvell

    mint choc chip

  473. Lucy Carter

    Rum and raisin

  474. Donna Clinton

    My favourite Ice cream flavour is Strawberry

  475. elaine stokes


  476. Sarah Mills


  477. Caroline Shepherd

    I usually go for Rum & Raisin.

  478. Deborah Bird

    Rum and raisin x

  479. Donata

    rum and raisin

  480. Diana

    Ice-creams with hazelnuts 🙂

  481. Helen A

    Cookie Dough!

  482. Alison Hartshorne

    Coffee ice cream with a flake and clotted cream

  483. Marrian

    Definitely chocolate.

  484. Lisa Houston

    raspberry ripple

  485. Sam Goodwin

    Nutella Ice Cream!

    This is the best thing i have EVER SEEN!!!!

  486. kayleigh white

    Simple vanilla – not the cheap stuff, the proper vanilla!

  487. Simon Keeping

    Without a doubt my favourite flavour is pistachio. Not many places either make or sell it though so I’m always over the moon when I see it.

  488. Kirsty Cannon

    My favourite flavour is Rum and Raisen.

    I love Ice Cream with a big dollop of clotted cream on the side.

  489. Corinne Wright

    I’ve just come across peanut butter ice cream. Oh my gosh, my new addiction.

  490. martin pentecost

    peanut butter or strawberry cheesecake

  491. Kelly cooper

    Mint chocolate chip

  492. Alison MacDonald

    Cookie Dough Ice cream I just love it.

  493. Pauline Wilson

    My favourite is Ben and Jerrys Phish Food ice cream, they do some great flavours

  494. carol boffey


  495. Susan Jackson

    Creamy vanilla

  496. Anne Alexis O

    Mint choc chip….the more minty the better! Yum!

  497. Julie Edwards

    Cherry xx

  498. Bryanna M

    I am quite boring in saying my favourite is vanilla, but it is just so great when done right! 🙂

  499. simon hardy

    I like the crunchie ice cream, has honeycomb flavour in it!

  500. Amandeep Sibia


  501. Amy Lambert

    Mint choc chip

  502. Allison Allen

    Dairy free vanilla

  503. Julian Norris

    Vanilla custard

  504. Karen Barrett


  505. Michelle Wild

    Lime or something with lime in it.


    I adore chocolate ice cream

  507. rebecca courtney

    lemon ice

  508. Sandra Jo Siddall

    Salted caramel and it’s soooo good!

  509. Emilia nastaly-howard

    Mint dark chocolate 🙂

  510. Collette Mackey

    Mint chic chip mmmmmmmm

  511. Jo McPherson

    Mint choc chip

  512. Margery Lumsdaine

    Cherry – ben & jerry’s Cherry Garcia – I go to the cinema just for the ice-cream

  513. Sue Price

    Would have to be Ben and jerrys phish food!! ☺️

  514. lisa tebbutt


  515. Kerry Kilmister

    oh it’s hard to choose a favourite flavour as there are so many possibilities – but I think my favourite would have to be cherry, coconut and clotted cream Ice Cream. My mother in law has a fantastic recipe that she showed me once, and I would love to make it myself.

  516. Jade Hewlett


  517. Lisa Wilkinson

    Raspberry Ripple

  518. Jane H Shaw

    Plain old vanilla love it

  519. Lyndsey Beckford

    I love Ben & Jerrys Cookie Dough

  520. Alexandra Edwards

    Baileys and Peanut Butter

  521. Barbara Handley

    Neopolitan as you get 3 in 1!

  522. Jenny Rogers

    Chocolate and raspberry – great on their own, brilliant together.

  523. Ian Campbell

    Pistachio – I’m absolutely nuts about it! 🙂

  524. Michelle Sykes


  525. Simon Collinge

    Strawberry 🙂

  526. Victoria Prince

    My favourite flavour is chocolate mint chip 🙂

  527. Lara Latchem

    Has to be honeycomb

  528. Maggi L


  529. madeline connolly


  530. Kelly Jones

    Salted caramel 🙂

  531. Cheryl G


  532. nicola james

    mint choc chip

  533. Sarah Davison

    Black cherry is my favourite ice cream flavour.

  534. AG

    I like a good coffee or hazelnut ice cream

  535. Vicky Loveday

    Tutti fruiti

  536. AG

    I like good coffee or hazelnut ice cream

  537. Lora

    coconut, when I can get it

  538. Rebecca Powell

    Strawberry cheesecake

  539. Eve Burke

    Rum and Raisin

  540. jessica cook

    rum and raisin

  541. matthew colburn

    mint choc chip 🙂

  542. Donna W

    Pistachio ice cream is amazing!

  543. Angela Paull

    Raspberry Ripple

  544. Ali Thorpe

    Mint choc chip.

  545. Miss Tracy Hanson

    Rum and Raisin used to be, but Peanut Butter is my favourite now. 🙂 Thanks for the chance.

  546. Gill Abrahams

    Vanilla is my definite favourite.

  547. chris bull

    Vanilla is my favourite as it’s perfect to add to all sorts of yumminess 🙂

  548. Jenny Barker

    Rum and raisin :0)

  549. Debbie Preston

    mint choc chip

  550. Lorraine Duff

    Choccy nutty bear – vanilla ice cream with belgian chocolate bits, nutella sauce and bits of honeycomb too. so yummy. next favourite would be choccy bear which is vanilla ice cream with belgian choc pieces, honeycomb pieces and sauce.

  551. Nicola Marshall

    Cookie dough

  552. Hekna

    My absolute favourite has to be cherry.

  553. Teresa Sheldon

    Tutti Fruitti

  554. Donna Caldwell

    Mint choc chip

  555. Louise S A

    Rum and raisin 🙂

  556. Nancy Bradford

    Cookies and cream

  557. paul jackson

    salted caramel

  558. Zoey Deacon

    Peanut butter

  559. Joanne Welsh


  560. Jayne K

    Mint choc chip

  561. Jane Gorton

    Strawberry. Fantastic prize, thank you x

  562. Hayley Colburn


  563. Charmian Filewood

    Salted Caramel 🙂

  564. Andrea Johnson

    cookie dough

  565. Jamie Millard

    To buy? Raspberry ripple.

    To make? American breakfast pancake ice cream!

    Vanilla ice cream swirled with nutella. Tiny pieces of fluffy American breakfast pancakes scattered throughout, and a pool of gooey maple syrup at the core.

  566. Annette Oliver

    Peanut butter with choc bits in it

  567. Andrew Knight

    if it hasn’t got chocolate then it’s not worth eating.

  568. monika s


  569. Su Brett


  570. Jayne B

    rum and raisin

  571. Susan Fraser


  572. Lisa Mcalley

    Oh got to be toffee it’s the best

  573. Natalie Gillham


  574. Jennifer Conn

    My fav is Salted Caramel <3

  575. alice lightning

    coconut or banana delicious when made properly smashing giveaway

  576. Emma Gough

    I’ve found a new ice cream flavour when visiting the sea side recently, I’m guessing there won’t be much of it around but it’s Turkish delight flavour, mmmm yummy 😀

  577. Christine Hobbs

    I love good old vanilla. Must be homemade though and full of flavour using vanilla pod x

  578. Susan Trubey


  579. Tam Payne

    rum and raisin

  580. Lisa Lewis

    Chocolate x

  581. Chris Fletcher

    I love rum and raisin!

  582. Debi Gillard

    Chocolate or cornish cream (which may not be a flavour as such!)

  583. Simon Knuckey

    Chocolate Mint Chip

  584. Kim Lam


  585. stephen smith

    neopolitan or rum and rasin

  586. Ferhana Bata


  587. LEE HARDY

    Rum & raisen

  588. nicola ithell

    favourite icecream is mint choc chip. yummy! 🙂

  589. Victoria Nicholls

    Strawberry !

  590. Denise S

    cherry ice cream with whole cherries in it

  591. Simone Kilshaw

    caramel and fudge pieces 🙂

  592. karen clapp

    clotted cream 🙂

  593. David Price

    Cornish Clotted Cream flavour

  594. Kimberly gy

    Mint choc chip

  595. Jacqueline Roberts

    Butterscotch is my favourite

  596. Leannz0r


  597. Claire Burton

    rum and raisin

  598. Morag


  599. sarah hayes


  600. Zac Farley


  601. Kirsty Sparks

    Mint Choc Chip 🙂

  602. Hayley Perry

    Rum & Raisin 🙂

  603. Lydia Graham

    Rum and raisin

  604. Emma Rawlinson

    Mint choc chip

  605. Lisa King

    Raspberry Ripple

  606. Michelle R

    Strawberry, without a doubt!

  607. Tim Graham

    Best I ever had was a Reeses Peanut Butter cups ice creams mmmmmmm

  608. Pauline Burroughs


  609. Gillian Hale

    Mango ice cream is my fav!!

  610. kelly morgan


  611. Melanie Burton

    Strawberry – yummy!

  612. Julie Camm

    Rum and raisin is my favourite……. I love the squishy raisins in it…

  613. stacey kavanah

    has to be choc mint

  614. Caroline Signey

    Mint choc chip

  615. Meena H


  616. tess d

    my favourite ice cream is vanilla

  617. Melissa Manning

    I had Baileys ice cream in Rome, oh my godddd <3

  618. Nichola

    Peanut butter! Mmmmm

  619. sharon catterall

    chocolate and mint chips

  620. carolyn joyce

    Rum raisin!

  621. sandy ralph

    oh i just adore mint choc chip

  622. Leeanne Clifford

    I love clotted cream ice cream

  623. tammi nutting

    rocky road x

  624. Angela Carey


  625. Natalie Crossan

    mint ice cream 🙂 xx

  626. Karen Harrison

    Mint choc chip

  627. Keith Crooks

    Salted caramel

  628. claire jamie gray

    peanut butter and jelly xxx

  629. Rennene Hartland

    Chocolate with Salted Caramel

  630. Kate Phillips

    Coffee ice cream.

  631. Anne Eames

    Mint choc chip

  632. MichelleD


  633. Anna brown

    Rum and raisin is my favourite ice cream flavour

  634. Debbie Henderson

    clotted cream 🙂

  635. Philip Underwood

    Honeycomb ice cream.

  636. Beryl drake


  637. Diane Halliwell

    Chocolate, the darker the better. x

  638. Helen Hodgson

    Love Salted Caramel ice cream

  639. Sharon Freemantle

    Mint choc chip

  640. Elaine Savage

    Chocolate is my favourite flavour ice cream

  641. Sara Owen

    Both mine and my five year old daughter favourite ice cream is mint chocolate chip, it’s amazing

  642. Helen Metcalfe

    Rum & Raisin

  643. Claire Reavy

    Banana chocolate chip

  644. Spencer Broadley

    Raspberry Ripple is mine

  645. Robert Slipper

    Coconut – when I can find it!

  646. sue mcdermott


  647. John Myers

    Butterscotch flavour is amazing

  648. Kirsten Melville

    Salted caramel

  649. Sandra Cowling

    I love homemade vanilla, Mmmm

  650. Lisa Mauchline

    My favourite is strawberry ice cream

  651. Julie

    Strawberry is my favourite. I think I’ll need to go and buy some after reading this, you’ve put me in the mood for some ice cream 🙂

  652. claire sen

    Call me old fashioned but I LOVE vanilla ice cream!

  653. Karl Borowy


  654. Chirag Patel


  655. Sara Turner

    I love ice cream full stop but my favourite……at the moment…is the limited edition Ben and Jerry’s satisfy my bowl. Scrumptious!

  656. Joanne Hayes

    Peanut butter

  657. Anneka Hulse

    Mint chocolate chip

  658. Karen Dixon


  659. C Chu


  660. Scott Fallon

    Mint choc chip

  661. tina edwards

    mint choc chip

  662. Krysta Mahon

    My favourite ice cream flavour has to be vanilla but real vanilla not with essence or flavouring xx

  663. Joanne Blackmore

    Bubblegum is my favourite flavour of ice cream x

  664. Sarah Gray

    Chocolate chip. chocolate anything really 🙂

  665. Susan Carruthers

    I love clotted cream ice cream

  666. Susan Jane Gray

    I Love Tutti Frutti Flavour.

  667. Matt Brasier


  668. lishy Brown

    Mango and lime

  669. Annmarie

    A bit boring bit it’s strawberry

  670. Kim W

    I had the most amazing Coconut icecream in Great Yarmouth on holiday. It tasted like Bounty, amazing.

  671. Leila Benhamida

    My favourite ice cream is Vanilla.

  672. Hazel Cobb

    My favorite flavor has to be classic vanilla!

  673. rebecca roberts

    defo chocolate yum

  674. Nadia Stanbridge

    Strawberry or butterscotch

  675. Val Pownall

    Lemon curd! Not always easy to find but it’s amazing!

  676. Ruth Wollerton

    Strawberries and cream

  677. laura stewart

    chocolate 🙂

  678. zoe dennett

    I love mint choc chip!

  679. Julie Whittaker

    Maple and Walnut… Yummy!!

  680. Victoria B

    Raspberry Ripple

  681. claire davey


  682. Leonie Owen


  683. Catherine Gregory

    I love Peanut Butter ice cream

  684. Nicole S.

    Dulce de Leche, yum yum!

  685. Pia Stephens

    Always been drawn to mango

  686. Kirsteen Mackay

    chocolate ice cream is my favourite

  687. Keeley Shaw

    Rum and Raisin

  688. JO


  689. Moany Mike

    Strawberry and cream

  690. Tammy Stevenson

    My favourite ice cream is salted caramel.

  691. Hayley West

    Mint choc chip or cookie dough

  692. Helen Garner

    Rum and raisin

  693. Claire Elizabeth Noke

    rum & raisin is my fave ! xx

  694. Prerna Gupta

    chocolate icecream

  695. Pam Francis Gregory

    Rum and raisin

  696. Susan Elvin

    Maple syrup and pecan

  697. Nicki Simpson

    Would love to try and make a kind of cherry bake well flavour mmm

  698. Judith Hamilton

    You can’t beat a good vanilla, but I do like pistachio as well

  699. Amy Jo McLellan

    Pistachio 🙂


    i love salted caramel ice cream yummy and very moreish

  701. Herbert Appleby

    Rum and Raisin

  702. Thomas Perry

    Mint Choc chip is my fave

  703. Marie Oldham

    Vanilla with mango swirls

  704. Jessica Powell

    Vanilla! 🙂

  705. Sam B

    Cookie dough!

  706. Amy Dickson

    Raspberry Ripple

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