Roman Style Lamb Recipe – Abbacchio alla Romana

Roman Style Lamb Recipe – Abbacchio alla Romana

By 05/02/2016

What is the best way to cook lamb? I love it roasted in the oven, barbecued, cooked on a griddle pan or.. "alla romana"!

Abbacchio, or suckling lamb, has been enjoyed by the Romans since ancient times particulary at Easter time.

The lamb is cooked with fresh herbs, anchovies (which add a real kick to this dish), white wine and vinegar, a combination that gives this dish a unique, aromatic and almost sweet taste. I find that this represents very well the essence of the Italian cuisine as it is made with few and simple fresh ingredients and the end result is a beautiful super tasty dish.

I have used lamb's shoulder instead of suckling lamb but you can use the leg or any other part you prefer.

  • Prep Time : 20 minutes
  • Cook Time : 50 minutes



Finely chop the rosemary needles and the sage leaves then chop the anchovy fillets into small pieces. Season the meat.

chopped herbs and meat

In a pot stir fry the garlic cloves with two tbsp of olive oil.

stir frying garlic

Remove the garlic, add the meat and brown it on all sides then add the chopped herbs and the anchovies. Stir well.
Add the vinegar and some of the wine and cook for 50 minutes over a low to medium heat. Moisten the meat with the remaining wine during the cooking.

cooking lamb

I served the lamb with polenta which I cooked at the same time as the lamb.

cooking polenta

Serve this dish warm with polenta, potatoes, couscous or anything else you fancy and some cooked vegetables or salad.

Lamb Roman style - Abbacchio alla Romana

Did you notice that cute red pot? When it entered my door and I opened the parcel it was love at first sight! This is an Italian "Sapori" pot made with clay and ceramic materials which is fantastic for cooking stews and meats and hey.. it is stylish too! Italians love style everywhere! I found that it cooked my meat beautifully, it retains the heat very well and it is non stick. I liked it so much that I have left it on the shelf in my kitchen on display!

This has kindly been sent to me by Formahouse which specializes in products for the home. You can find them on twitter, facebook and instagram.

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Thanks to Formahouse for the Sapori casserole, all opinions are my own.


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    Hungarian Goulash if that counts

  382. Alison MacDonald

    Has to be lamb for me I don’t mind what type of stew but lamb is my favourite meat.

  383. Alice OConnor

    Beef and ale 🙂

  384. Michelle Wild

    Beef with dumplings.

  385. Lucy Carter

    Lamb hotpot

  386. matt allison

    Beef stew with stilton dumplings

  387. kirsty szekeres

    Sausage Stew

  388. Andrew Hindley

    Beef Stew and Dumplings

  389. carol boffey

    Chicken stew

  390. Angela

    Good old fashioned Beef Stew lovely

  391. elaine stokes

    it has to be beef

  392. Cheryl

    Lamb stew with minted potatoes

  393. Kathleen Bywaters

    I like a nice traditional beef stew

  394. Simon Keeping

    Has to be neck of lamb stew

  395. Georgia McAllister

    Beef Stew & Dumplings

  396. Claire Barker

    Vegetable stew

  397. Saran Benjamin


  398. Collette Mackey

    Winter vegetable mmmmmmmm

  399. Victoria Middleton

    Winter Chicken and Dumplings

  400. Breanne

    I like beef stew.

  401. michelle olner

    My favourite stew is beef and guinness – yummy!

  402. Emma Whittaker

    Corned Beef Hash 🙂

  403. Katherine Coldicott

    Beef & ale stew.

  404. Jenny Prest

    good old veggie stew!

  405. Samantha Butler

    Beef Stew

  406. Jo McPherson

    Beef Stew with dumplings

  407. MichelleD

    Steak and Guiness

  408. Lyndsey Beckford

    My favourite is beef stew 🙂

  409. Lisa Houston

    guiness casserole

  410. adrian price

    a good chicken stew

  411. Michelle Jenkins

    Definately beef and dumplings.

  412. emma walters

    staffordshire lobby

  413. sarah

    beef stew, love it

  414. claire jacobs

    definitely got to be minted lamb stew for me, the best thing to have in winter!

  415. Pauline Wilson

    I love a beef stew with mashed potatoes, dumplings, and lots of veg

  416. Jane Middleton

    chicken and vegetable stew

  417. Susan Freeman

    venison stew

  418. Vicky Standage

    Beef stew 🙂

  419. Jennifer Rhymer

    Rabbit stew is delicious 🙂

  420. Victoria Prince

    Irish Stew 🙂

  421. Ioana Popescu


  422. Kirsty Woods

    Beef stew

  423. Martina Alban

    beef and hot paprika stew

  424. Lisa Lewis

    Beef x

  425. Donna Caldwell

    Irish stew

  426. Angela Paull

    Venison Stew

  427. Helen Gilbert

    Steak and ale

  428. Ali Thorpe

    Four bean with coriander dumplings.

  429. Miss Tracy Hanson

    Beef stew and bumplings lol (dumplings – but have been called “bumplings” since I was small as my sister always called them that. 🙂

  430. Paul Gee

    Beef stew.

  431. Hayley Colburn

    Beef Stew and Dumplings

  432. Beryl drake

    Chicken stew

  433. Victoria N

    Beef with red wine

  434. James Mullen


  435. Nancy Bradford

    Slow cooked beef an potato.

  436. Ian Yates

    Meat-less Potato Pie

  437. Claire Butler


  438. Sue Barton

    Lancashire Hot Pot

  439. Nicole S.

    Beef Stew.

  440. Tina Lighten-Duncan

    Beef Stew and Dumplings

  441. claire little

    beef stew

  442. Andrea Johnson

    beef stew

  443. Charmian Filewood

    Beef and carrot winter stew

  444. Oksana Fitzgerald

    I love lamb stew

  445. Danielle Kennedy

    Vegetable stew

  446. Kerry W

    Slow cooked shoulder of lamb

  447. sherri hough

    Lamb stew and dumplins

  448. James Holyland

    Beef Stew & Dumplings

  449. alice lightning

    chicken casserole and dumplings

  450. Lisa Mauchline

    I love beef stew the best

  451. Anne

    Lamb Stew or Cawl as we call it in Wales

  452. Kim Lam

    Most definitely lamb stew

  453. Mary Baldwin

    Steak & mushroom with stilton cubes.

  454. Jackie ONeill

    Irish Stew with Parsley Dumplings

  455. Joan Hewes

    Beef & Guinness with winter vegetables mmmmm!

  456. David Price

    Osso Bucco is my favourite

  457. zoe g

    I like beef and ale!

  458. Susan Carruthers

    My favourite is beef stew and dumplings

  459. Sarah Archibald

    I’ve never had a stew, ever!

  460. zoe somerfield

    It has to be beef stew with dumplings.

  461. Julie Edwards

    Just beef! 😉

  462. Jean Vaughan

    Rabbit in red wine stew is a family favourite

  463. Jess Berkeley

    I love chicken stew 🙂

  464. denise s

    beef stew and dumplings

  465. Karen Laing

    My husband makes a very tasty “Hunters Stew”,made with pheasant,it really is delicious and very warming.Thanks for the great competition,my husband would be delighted if I won this (he’s a far better cook than me).

  466. tracey baker

    Good old Beef stew with Dumplings is my favourite x

  467. louise reeks

    beef stew

  468. Yvonne Wilkinson

    Lob Scouse. Yummy

  469. Denielle Nicol

    Vegetable Stew

  470. Kirsten Melville

    Mmmm lamb hotpot for me x

  471. kellyjo walters

    hubby would say beef stew and dumpling.. myself butter bean and butternut squash

  472. Jacqueline Roberts

    Italian beef stew

  473. Caroline Mcgovern

    This sounds amazing. We love Beef stew but this could be our new favourite

  474. Georgina Davey

    Venison casserole is the best!

  475. Lorraine Mabbitt

    Beef stew is my fav

  476. kelly morgan


  477. Marsha Richardson

    Beef stew and homemade dumplings for us!

  478. Colin Gault

    Irish Stew

  479. Pauline Burroughs

    I love beef stew

  480. Kim Styles

    lancashire hot pot

  481. A.E. ADKINS

    Kidney stew (has to be lambs kidneys though!)

  482. Nicola

    My mum’s bacon hotpot

  483. jackie beckett

    Vegetable stew with Quorn pieces

  484. karen clapp

    slow cooked beef stew with dumplings

  485. Katharine Phillips

    Chicken and vegetable.

  486. Mary-Ann Smith

    my favorite stew is my sausage, bean and sweet potato concoction

  487. Julie Camm

    I love chicken with tarragon stew..

  488. Lynsie Lynn

    I love a good beef and dumpling stew! Nothing quite beats it on a wintery day 🙂

  489. tess d

    Stifado x

  490. Cheryl Irvine

    I love a chicken stew, it has to be done right, big chunks of chicken, not overcooked and plenty of hearty winter veg

  491. Natalie Crossan

    Chicken and vegetable stew

  492. Chris Fletcher

    Chicken Cacciatore is one of my all time favourites

  493. helen newton

    Beef stew is my favourite 🙂

  494. Kristin Burdsall

    I love making chicken stew with the leftover Sunday lunch carcass. I spent hours as a child following my nan around the kitchen. I make my food in exactly the same why she did.

  495. sharon martin

    chicken stew with dumplings

  496. esther james

    I love beef stew with dumplings

  497. Allan Fullarton

    Beef with real ale

  498. Pia Stephens

    I love a proper hearty beef stew with dumplings :p

  499. Romana Richards

    This Abbachio Alla Romana, especially as it bears my name!!

  500. Kerry Locke

    As a vegan, I lover making a mixed bean stew

  501. Gillian Turner

    I cook all my parents meals and every week I ask them what they want for
    Sunday lunch and pretty much every week they ask for my Beef Stew. So I’d say that is my fave because the folks enjoy it so much x

  502. Steven Beasley

    Beef & Ale Stew

  503. Karen Harrison


  504. LEE HARDY

    Beef stew & dumplings

  505. carrie wilford

    Beef stew

  506. Karl Borowy


  507. olivia Kirby

    beef stew, yummy.

  508. Juli Savage

    Vegetable stew with dumplings

  509. Chris Fliss

    Minced beef stew with dumplings and pearl barley 🙂

  510. Tishist


  511. Jenny Barker

    We live on a bit of a budget but mine and the kids fav is sausage stew :0)

  512. jackie curran

    beef stew and dumplings

  513. angela edmonds

    beef stew and dumplings xx

  514. becki gates

    Rabbit stew with dumpings

  515. helen jones

    Beef and red wine stew

  516. Lowri Nicola davies

    Lamb stew and dumplings 🙂

  517. Rosie Holloway

    Beef and Ale but I’m definately going to give this recipe a try as it looks delicious

  518. Matt Brasier

    Beef stew and dumplings

  519. Claire Nelson


  520. Simon Collinge

    Chicken Stew with Dumplings

  521. Hester McQueen

    Lamb hotpot.

  522. nicola james

    my fav meat is lamb,altough i do feel a little guilty for eating those poor lambys

  523. Chirag P

    vegetable stew

  524. M Allen

    Red wine and beef stew with dumplings

  525. sandy ralph

    oh it has to be my beef stew with huge homemade dumplings

  526. kelly cooper

    Beef stew & dumplings

  527. Rachel B

    Beef Stew & Dumplings

  528. Pauline Black

    Good old beef stew and dumplings!

  529. Emma Price

    Love a beef goulash!

  530. Jason Smith

    Irish stew

  531. Sue Lempkowski

    beef and red wine

  532. vicki deacon

    Beef Stew

  533. Sam Furniss

    I love oxtail stew, it used to be a cheap but tasty meal but the price of oxtail has risen so much over recent years.

  534. kate m jones

    Mine is Lob Scouse 🙂 stewing beef, carrots, potatoes, parsnips & swede slow cooked for about 4 hrs, best eaten the next day! yum yum!

  535. Yvonne Hannah

    Chicken stew with cheese , garlic and onion cobbler

  536. Amanda Norwood

    Beef goulash

  537. Shirley Evans

    love neck of lamb stew

  538. sue mcdermott

    beef stew with red wine & dumplings

  539. Pam Lawrence

    My Grandmother’s shin of beef stew with dumplings x

  540. Patricia Whittaker

    I love chicken tagine which is a type of stew.

  541. sarah rowland

    i love sausage and bean stew with dumplings

  542. Antonia Richardson

    sausage stew

  543. amanda greensmith

    beef stew and dumplings


    I love Rabbit and Ginger stew

  545. Thomas Perry

    My Moms Irish Stew with suet dumplings is my fave


    Beef and veg 🙂

  547. Laura Walker

    I really like a rabbit stew

  548. Anneka Hulse

    beef and beetroot

  549. Darren Collins

    Good old Beef stew

  550. sarah evans

    Harira which is a Moroccan chickpea stew, some say stew either way it’s delish

  551. Debbie

    Lancaster Hotpot

  552. Elizabeth J Sorsby

    Beef stew – especially my mum’s home-made beef stew with dumplings! 🙂

  553. Fiona JK42

    I like a heart winter vegetable stew

  554. Fiona Hogan

    Beef with Ale

  555. Ruth Wollerton

    Beef, roasted vegetables and parmesan cheese stew – yummytastic

  556. frances hopkins

    Beef stew

  557. michelle renwick

    beef stew

  558. Samantha Atherton

    Chicken & celeriac

  559. Zoey Deacon


  560. louise Evans

    Neck of lamb, with suet dumplings

  561. Joanna Orr

    slow cooked beef – perfect

  562. Jane Gorton

    Beef stew with herby dumplings. Fab prize, thank you x

  563. dina

    beef stew and dumplings is the best x


    Beef stew is so yummy.

  565. Jo Glasspool

    Good old beef stew.

  566. Lisa Pond

    Fish stew 🙂

  567. George Wright

    Beef stew!

  568. elizabeth slamin

    Beef Stew for me with a Soda Scone to dip in

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