Venice, a magic very special city!

We all take a look at our family photos from time to time. When you look at an old photo you can instantly be taken back to the moment when the photo was taken.

I am saying this as I am holding a photograph of myself in Venice as a 5 year old feeding pigeons in St. Mark  Square. As a child I used to love visiting Venice regularly. We lived less than two hours away from it and it was easy to go there for a day trip and especially during carnival time when it was all very loud and colourful with those beautiful and often scary masks.

Venice is and always will be a very fascinating city to visit at any time of the year. A city surrounded by the sea where the only means of transport is by boat, it is so unique and original.

As a child I used to believe there were spirits hiding behind those narrow alleyways. It was quite frightening and exciting at the same time visiting this haunted place. It certainly has a mysterious side and that’s why when you visit Venice once you want to go back again and again. At least that’s how I feel.

Masks in Venice

Must visit spots are the Rialto Bridge, the piazza and Basilica of  San Marco, an example of Western and Eastern Europe blend together, the Doge’s Palace, the Campanile with the view of the lagoon.
As Venice is a crowded place all around the year, it would be best to visit the Basilica of San Marco in the early morning to avoid long queues at the entrance, that form especially around lunchtime.
If you visit the Doge’s Palace, you can get an idea of ​​the private apartments of the Doge and by crossing the famous Bridge of Sighs you will reach the prison from which Casanova escaped.

I love the Museo Marciano, where you can see the famous bronze horses and enjoy from the balcony, the view of Piazza San Marco. A must visit are also the Accademia Gallery, the San Zaccaria Church, The Fenice Theatre, located nearby from Piazza San Marco.

The islands around Venice are also worth paying a visit in particular Murano where you can see how the famous Murano glass is made.

So if you have never been to Venice make this trip of a lifetime!

I am thanking Mr Steven J. Lewis for these beautiful photos.

Venice Gondola



venice canale

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  1. la cucina di Molly

    Hai ragione, Venezia è incantevole, ci sono stata diverse volte! A Murano ho comprato diversi oggetti in vetro, molto belli! Non mi stancherei mai di visitarla! Complimenti per le foto! Un abbraccio!

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