Welcome to San Daniele Del Friuli the city of the ham

Recently, whilst in Italy with my family, I went for a small trip to San Daniele del Friuli which is the place where the worldwide known San Daniele ham is made.

San Daniele is in Friuli Venezia Giulia in the north-east of Italy.

Bell tower at San Daniele del Friuli

In this region the dialect “Friulano” is widely spoken and it is quite different to Italian.
It is a neolatin language which has roots in the Ladin  (a language spoken in Trentino Alto Adige region) but has also been influenced by the Venetian, the German and the Slovenian language which surround the area.

Church at San Daniele del Friuli

I can say that my mother tongue is Friulano rather than Italian as when I think I do it in Friulano and when I am angry that’s the first language that comes out (and let’s not go into detail about that).

This should come as no surprise if you think that Italy was only united 150 years ago.
If you travel through Italy you will find a richness of traditions which makes it all so interesting and special, every region is different.
I took a few pictures of this town, which has a nice feel to it and the architecture is very interesting too.

View at San Daniele del Friuli

Of course we didn’t just come here only to visit the town but really we fancied the idea of having a nice tray of ham with grissini or breadsticks and a glass of red wine: definitely worth the trip!

san daniele ham

prosciutto and breadsticks

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12 Responses to Welcome to San Daniele Del Friuli the city of the ham

  1. ramya

    Amazing pictures Alida….Your country is so beautiful.its my dream to visit Italy some day!!

  2. Helen Gr

    Very nice photos and information! That place seems great!

  3. La cucina di Molly

    Che posti meravigliosi e che delizioso proscutto, roba da far venire l'acquolina in bocca!Ciao

  4. Cuisine de Provence

    Yum! San Daniele or Jamon Iberico – aren't they all just melt in the mouth delicious?

  5. Phil in the Kitchen

    I adore San Daniele ham but now I know that the place it comes from is beautiful too.

  6. Rita

    What a great blog and this post spoke to my soul. Joining you and sending an invitation to Pinterest.Rita

  7. Pegasuslegend

    Very nice to meet you and thank you for the follow. I will surely follow back a girl after my own heart your blog is fabulouso! Bellissimo… looking forward to your posts. Gracie Ciao!

  8. Maggie

    I am very jealous and the ham and crusty bread looks wonderful – how I long for a plate of this.

  9. Nina

    Greetings from California! Lovely and interesting blog! I will follow you!:)

  10. Catherine

    Dear Alida, Thank you for showing the pictures of this beautiful trip. I am of Italian heritage, but have never had the opportunity to visit Italy. My parents used to speak Italian to each other, but as you say the dialect was different. Thank you again for sharing this post. I loved reading and visiting with you. Blessings my dear, Catherine xo

  11. Blondee

    Hi Alida-Thank you for stopping by! I thought I would return the favor. Italy, wow!! What an incredible experience. 🙂

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