Win a Judge Soup & Smoothie Maker

Following my Judge Soupmaker review I am now pleased to be giving away one Judge Soupmaker to a lucky My Little Italian Kitchen reader courtesy of Judge Cookware.


Judge soup and smoothie makerJudge soup and smoothie maker

The Judge Soup maker makes a delicious bowl of soup (enough for 4 people) quickly and conveniently without the need of a blender.

It can also create smoothies, bread & biscuit crumbs, making hot chocolate and boiling eggs. It has a powerful 300w blender, 8000W element.

It offers 6 options: chunky soup, smooth soup, pulse, juice, steam/ boil and reheat.

Stainless steel blade for longevity. Jug capacity is 1.2L for hot liquids and soup, 1.7L for cold liquids and has a light weight durable plastic Jug.

All you need to do is add your ingredients, including stock, select your desidered soup setting and leave it to cook, chop, blend and bubble away until ready. It’s quick and convenient.

At the end of the program you can use the “pulse” program to combine any extra ingredients you might want to add, like olive oil, cream or cheese.

Would you like the chance to win it? Enter the gleam form below! This is a raffle. The more entries the more chances to win the soupmaker.

Terms and conditions:

  1. You can enter with the Gleam widget below via blog comment, twitter, facebook, instagram or pinterest.
  2. Please comment on this blogpost before proceeding with other entry options (this is mandatory).
  3. One winner will be randomly selected, announced in the Gleam giveaway box and contacted via their provided e-mail address. Please claim your prize within 4 days of being notified.
  4. Giveaway open to UK residents over the age of 18 only.
  5. This giveaway closes on 04th January 2016

Win a Judge Soup & Smoothie Maker RRP £160



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466 Responses to Win a Judge Soup & Smoothie Maker

  1. Andy Caldwell

    Spicy Carrot and Lentil

  2. phil

    Leek & potato


    Parsnip & Apple ☺

  4. Tracey Peach

    Vegetable Soup 🙂

  5. tracy sinclair

    Chicken is my favorite x

  6. laura banks

    mushroom soup

  7. Elaine Savage

    Carrot and ginger soup

  8. Tracy K Nixon

    Lentil and bacon!

  9. Elaine

    My favourite soup is broccoli & Stilton.

  10. clair downham


  11. Paul Scotland

    Chicken soup it’s like nectar both comforting and timeless

  12. clair brown

    Vegetable Soup

  13. Bev

    I love tomato

  14. Rose Williamson

    Butternut squash and sage! Very autumnal.

  15. julie eley

    I love Mushroom soup 🙂

  16. Ruth Harwood

    Love Tomato Soup xx

  17. ashleigh allan

    Potato and leek!

  18. Michael Robbins

    Spicy Butternut Squash and Carrot

  19. Laura Pritchard

    Tomato soup

  20. Rosie Holloway

    Carrot and Coriander

  21. Heather Haigh

    Celery soup

  22. Jo Hutchinson

    Leek and potato soup.

  23. Susan Smith

    Pea and Ham, love it

  24. gemma nisbet

    Broccoli and Stilton is my favourite soup!

  25. joanna butler-savage

    cream of tomato – divine

  26. Kathleen Winters

    Red Lentil is my favourite soup,,,

  27. John Tunnicliffe

    Lentil soup

  28. kimberley ryan

    I love pea and ham

  29. Abigail Lyes

    carrot and coriander soup ★★★

  30. Janice O'Connor

    Spicy roasted parsnip, even better with home made bread.

  31. laura stewart

    potato and leek 🙂

  32. Michaela Smith

    French Onion.

  33. Rhonda

    Honeyed carrot.


    Cream of Chicken x

  35. Corinne Peat

    I love mushroom soup

  36. Joanne Hutchings

    Chicken and mushroom

  37. Catherine McAlinden

    Carrot and lentil!

  38. iain maciver

    butternut squash

  39. Gwyn Sharps

    Carrot and coriander

  40. Simon C

    My favourite is chicken soup. Yum.

  41. Alica

    My home made spicy chicken and lentil soup 🙂

  42. Mari Sutherland

    Pea and ham

  43. Rich Barker

    Broccoli and Stilton

  44. caroline walliss

    Butternut Sqush and winter veg.x

  45. lynn lewer

    Butternut squash

  46. Laura Jeffs

    Italian bean soup 🙂

  47. Henry B

    Tomato Soup is my favourite

  48. jon morris

    chicken soup ids the best

  49. Louise Hutchings

    Pumpkin soup yum xx

  50. Paul Wilson

    Carrot & Corriander.

  51. Kelly Glen

    It has to be Tomato soup

  52. Lorraine Tinsley

    Vegetable is my favourite

  53. Mary Heald


  54. Nicki Simpson

    Lentil and bacon

  55. Lee R

    Hot & Sour soup for me 😀

  56. Damien

    Oxtail soup!

  57. Soph H

    Butternut squash 🙂

  58. Steve

    Scotch Broth.

  59. Jake White

    Pea and Ham 😀

  60. Nicki Ramsay

    Leek and potato

  61. Lynsey Buchanan

    Lentil & bacon Soup.

  62. jackie Dray

    Love all home made soups but my favourite which I always have a second bowl of is gorgonzola, gnocchi and spinnich .Yum oh yum!

  63. Kym Robson

    Any soup that’s hot and spicy like Broccoli with garlic and chilli

  64. karen cowley

    tomato and basil

  65. marie powell

    I love Butternut squash soup

  66. Clair Dukes

    Tomato & Basil soup is my favourite.

  67. S Edwards

    Veggie soup xx

  68. amy bondoc

    chorizo, spinach and chickpea mmmmm

  69. Phil Darling

    You can’t beat broccoli and Stilton

  70. Emma Gibson


  71. Tam B

    Pea and Ham

  72. Tracey Belcher

    Spicy Parsnip

  73. Simon Maisey

    My homemade sweet potato, red pepper and chilli soup.

  74. Claire Grigg

    Lentil soup


    roasted veg 🙂

  76. Edward Guerreiro

    Chicken soup. Especially if my mum makes it.

  77. Farhana

    Chicken and mushroom

  78. leanne weir

    chicken soup

  79. Ewan Bell

    Nice thick home made vegetable soup

  80. Leanne V McKenna

    Potato and leek

  81. helen tovell

    Minestrone is my favourite

  82. Anthony G

    Broccoli & stilton 🙂

  83. Paul T

    Tomato soup

  84. Joanne Phillips

    Carrot and coriander soup

  85. Barbara Handley

    Vegetable soup made with fresh local vegetables.

  86. Max Power

    Hot and Sour

  87. Rey Chunara

    Vegetable soup

  88. Sarah Brokenshire

    Spicy butternut squash 🙂

  89. Amanda

    Broccoli & Stilton

  90. Aidan Clark

    Jerusalem Artichoke

  91. Julia

    Sweet potato with a hint of chilli is my favourite soup or a strawberry and vanilla smoothie

  92. pete c

    tomato and red pepper

  93. Leila Benhamida

    Vegetables soup with potatoes, carrots and leeks.

  94. irene gilmour

    got to be lentil

  95. Sarah Mackay

    Sweet potato and pepper

  96. lyn Burgess

    minestrone soup

  97. Emily Knight

    I love a Moroccan harira – lovely and warming!

  98. Karen Knox

    spicy parsnip 🙂

  99. aaron broad

    Chicken and Mushroom

  100. Suzanne Gaulton


  101. Andrea A

    Potato and leek soup

  102. Liam Bishop

    Tomato, it’s a classic! With some basil chucked in 🙂

  103. jennifer thorpe

    my home made tomato soup is my favourite

  104. Kaci Soderstrom

    Tomato soup

  105. C Kennedy

    Asparagus soup is my fave!

  106. kady newell

    pea and ham 🙂

  107. Melanie Gardiner

    Roasted red pepper with a dash of vodka

  108. nina kennedy

    pasta fagiole, but the one I make is rubbish it just can’t compare to my grans.

  109. Georgina prince

    i love brocoli and stilton most x

  110. CalvinC

    Pumpkin soup 😀

  111. Helen Adams

    Leek & Potato

  112. Claire Scott

    Leek and potato

  113. Julie Newell (Daximama)

    We absolutely love we follow and tweet about all the beautiful recipes. We would love to make gorgeous fresh soups in this. Thanks!! Our favourite is tomato and marscapone! But a really good minestrone too! Daximama+Dog

  114. Kali filsell

    Pumpkin soup is my favourite

  115. Emma-louise Wainwright

    I love minestrone

  116. Claire D

    French Onion

  117. Claire D

    I love French Onion soup

  118. Carol Phile


  119. Emily Clark

    Carrot and lentil. So wholesome and delicious.

  120. Amandeep Sibia

    Chicken noodle

  121. Laura Baker

    Pea and pancetta

  122. Lynn Heath

    My favourite soup is spicy tomato with red lentils!!!

  123. kaye talvilahti

    I chop and change! at the moment it’s tomato with peppers xx

  124. Rachel Butterworth

    Cream of Tomato.

  125. Debbie Bird

    Pea and ham

  126. Elle Warwick


  127. Kathy Cakebread

    tomato soup

  128. Beverley Cousins

    Thick tomato soup.. 🙂

  129. Laura

    Lentil and bacon.

  130. Joanne

    Red Lentil

  131. debbie mckellar

    Tomato band basil

  132. david cavender

    mint & pea

  133. Sue Bowden

    Ham, leek and potatoe

  134. Stevie

    Home made chicken broth.

  135. Kate Phillips

    Pumpkin and sage.

  136. Joanne Heath

    Carrot and coriander

  137. Jess Mary

    Cream of mushroom soup <3

  138. kayleigh Bates


  139. Emma Walton

    I’ve always wanted a soup maker, especially now that I’m watching my weight – I love potato and leek soup, but I would definitely be tempted to make some new flavoured soups and do a lot of experimenting if I were lucky enough to win!

  140. Michelle Cheeseman

    I love potato and leek with some black cracked pepper. : )

  141. Rachel Colclough

    I love leek and potato soup.

  142. kate kathurima

    spicy chicken noodle soup

  143. Jo Carroll

    Chicken soup with black pepper. x

  144. claire woods


  145. Rachael Pilkington

    Butternut squash with chilli

  146. Sandra Bald

    Courgette & Lemon

  147. Kerry Locke

    Snowman Soup ( a mixture of everything left in the fridge after Christmas )

  148. Sue C

    I love butternut squash in soups with anything else at all added to it. I’m also fond of lentil soup. Oh and mushroom!!

  149. julie Naylor

    Tomato and basil.

  150. Beky Austerberry


  151. Katie Skeoch


  152. Stephanie Tsang

    Leek and Potato Soup.

  153. Karen Richards

    Butternut Squash

  154. debbie smith

    i love mexican spicy bean soup xx

  155. Emma Jones

    Chicken and thyme. Simple but yummy.

  156. Monica Gilbert

    I don’t have it very often, but I love New England clam chowder. For more frequent eating, I go with broccoli Stilton soup.

  157. Amy Martin


  158. Theresa Parker


  159. Danika Grace Lloyd

    Pumpkin <3

  160. Christina Brown

    Chicken soup

  161. nicky b

    thai corriander and carrot

  162. michelle o'neill

    chicken noodle soup

  163. Nizat Parveen

    Has to be tomato soup

  164. Jane Brown

    carrot and coriander

  165. Sophie Lester

    Butternut squash

  166. Solange

    Chicken soup

  167. Linda Thorn

    stilton soup is a dream,
    with celery added and then the cream

  168. Rebecca Smith

    Carrot and Coriander

  169. sharon mead


  170. Joy Connor

    Love homemade squash & sweet potato

  171. Ann Skamarauskas


  172. Angie Hoggett

    It’s got to be a rich tomato and basil

  173. carole n

    chicken with vegetables

  174. Kim Styles

    Smoked hock and lentil

  175. Katy Stevens

    Has to be parsnip soup for me – delicious!

  176. Gaby L

    sweet potato and lentil

  177. Gill Mitchell

    I love wild mushroom. Would love to have a go at making it myself.

  178. Val Swift


  179. Phyllis May Ellett

    Oxtail has always been my favourite.

  180. Tracy Gladman

    Red Lentil, chickpea and chilli.

  181. Emma Nixon

    Leek and potato

  182. Kate Knight

    leek and potato

  183. Riri

    Corn chowder 🙂

  184. Gemma Massey


  185. kim neville

    Won Ton soup

  186. Allan Wilson

    Scotch Broth

  187. Louise Asekokhai

    Leek and potato

  188. Michelle Ferguson

    I love beef soup

  189. Jade Evans

    Chicken and Vegetable

  190. Lyla

    Cream of Tomato


    Cream of tomato

  192. Hayley Mulgrove

    carrot & coriander soup

  193. Claire York

    Tomato, a classic but a goodie!

  194. Laura Kevlin

    I love Watercress soup but rarely see it nowadays, Asparagus comes a close second 🙂

  195. rebecca nisbet

    i love butternut squash flavoured soup

  196. Dawn Hull

    Spicy butternut squash soup

  197. Samantha Mann

    Leak and Potato

  198. donna l jones

    carrot and corriander

  199. Caroline Blaza

    Mushroom x

  200. Christine Caple

    Chicken and vegetable

  201. Lynne Durkin

    Tomato soup

  202. Chris Bell

    Its simple but I love Carrot and coriander or any variations of carrot soups!

  203. Lynn ryan

    Tomato or broccoli and philadelphia

  204. Kelly Roberts

    mushroom soup

  205. Gina mills

    My favourite soup is something with chicken as it always makes you feel better if you are unwell 🙂 this machine looks fantastic, I have a smoothly maker so this would the next step for me 🙂

  206. betony Bennett

    Roast parsnip 🙂

  207. Kiran Parry

    Tomato soup

  208. wendy stanger

    Good old veggie

  209. Sarah S

    I love a chicken noodle soup with a buttery roll.

  210. Victoria Savill

    Bacon and Lentil soup

  211. sarah

    carrot and corriander

  212. Justine Meyer

    I love tomato soup x

  213. Joanna Sawka

    pumpkin soup

  214. Jane Middleton

    Potato and leek

  215. Katherine Coldicott

    Chicken & sweetcorn.

  216. Karen R

    I love butternut squash soup 🙂

  217. Fiona Mallard

    Carrot and Coriander soup

  218. Jamie Walker

    Mushroom 🙂

  219. Karen Gray

    Chicken and rice soup. I always have it when I’m feeling under the weather and it always makes me feel better.

  220. Becky John

    Cream of cauliflower

  221. Pam Francis Gregory


  222. Annette Oliver

    Butternut squash

  223. Helen Gossage

    Carrot and squash

  224. Hannah Walker

    Good old leek and potato soup for me… yum x

  225. Paula Phillips

    Chicken soup.

  226. Caroline Scott

    beetroot and apple

  227. Val Pownall

    At the moment it’s turkey!

  228. Laura Nice

    Chicken for me!

  229. nicola james


  230. leanne perrett

    my nana pea soup was my fave shame i cant recreate it but i enjoy trying

  231. Jamie Millard

    my favourite soup is carrot and potato.

  232. Kerry W

    Leek and Potato


    butternut squash

  234. Susan B

    My favourite soup is courgette and hoummus and I absolutely love it.

  235. Dawn Henson

    Broccoli and Stilton.

  236. Andrea Miles

    roast red pepper & tomato

  237. Cupcake R

    Broccoli and stilton is my favourite!

  238. Lucy Chester

    Vegetable soup always

  239. Lauren Old

    Leek and potato

  240. Karen Laing

    I love lentil soup but I need it to be liquidised and it’s yummy served with a wedge of chunky bread x

  241. Kallie Maile

    French onion soup, I love it!

  242. Sheila Sloan

    carrot and coriander

  243. Tim Woolfenden

    Mushroom soup for me!!!

  244. lindsay chadburn


  245. Lisa Everaert

    I love a good hearty vegetable soup.

  246. don erwood

    celery soup for me

  247. Hannah Igoe

    apple and parsnip

  248. Anthea Holloway

    I love mushroom soup

  249. Debbie Burfoot

    butternut squash:)

  250. Louise A

    smoked haddock chowder

  251. stephen holman

    tomato soup

  252. Sarah Casey

    Spicy carrot and lentil

  253. Claire Nelson

    Blue cheese and potato

  254. Paul Duncan


  255. Krzysia

    Butternut squash

  256. helen warrener

    Lentil and bacon (it keeps me going) 🙂

  257. Melissa Manning

    Good ol’ mushroom!

  258. Charlotte Moore

    Chicken soup

  259. Anne Johnston

    I loved spiced red lentil soup

  260. Sarah Bates

    Chicken and potato!

  261. Kay Adeola

    Has to be chicken and mushroom, Great competition thank you for the chance.

  262. Angy pangy

    Good old lentil soup

  263. Julie Jones

    My favourite soup is slimming world’s carrot & coriander with lentils.

  264. Victoria B

    Leek and Potato

  265. R Moon

    Hmm either Chicken Noodle or Minestrone

  266. Emma Davok

    Tomato – You just can’t go wrong with Tomato soup! 🙂

  267. Sarah Jane Slat

    My nan used to make pea and ham soup when I was a child and it’s still one of my favourite things to eat now 🙂 xx

  268. Amy Dickson

    I’m abolsutely loving Pea and ham at the moment!

  269. Kathryn Waites

    Mushroom soup.

  270. Anneka Hulse

    carrot and coriander


    sweet potato and pumpkin – yummy

  272. stacey kavanah

    vegetable soup every time

  273. Sarah N

    Chicken and vegetable

  274. Nicola Phipps

    Carrot and Coriander 🙂 xx

  275. Brenda Wilkes

    French Onion is my favourite

  276. Jane Willis

    Curried lentil soup

  277. Sue Wickins

    tomato and basil

  278. Claire Ward

    Homemade veg soup

  279. Angela

    My favourite soup is carrot and coriander

  280. Sara Goodman

    I love onion soup, but I shed a lot of tears making it! This would be the answer to my prayers 🙂
    Thanks for a super giveaway! xx

  281. Hazel Rea

    Apple and Parsnip

  282. Paula Barker

    tomato and basil

  283. Julie Booth

    tomato soup

  284. Helen Gilbert

    French Onion

  285. James Mullen

    Chicken and mushroom soup.

  286. Florence Cross

    Lentil & smoked bacon

  287. S Mayat


  288. Catherine Bell

    Vegetable soup

  289. kayleigh white

    Sweet potato and red pepper!

  290. yvonne clark

    Lentil and Bacon

  291. sharon martin

    Chicken Noodle Soup

  292. Ian Campbell

    Cock-a-leekie 🙂

  293. Caroline Signey

    Spicy Parsnip

  294. Pauline Dring

    Watercress soup is my favourite

  295. Donna Clinton

    Roasted Red Pepper and Butternut Squash

  296. Dawn Andrews

    Homemade leek and potato.

  297. Jill fairbank


  298. Michelle Kinsey

    Yellow split pea and ham

  299. Tim Bain

    Home grown tomato soup. HArd to beat.

  300. Sue Harrison

    Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato soup

  301. Fiona R

    I love yellow pea soup 🙂

  302. Penny Crumpton

    Butternut squash and coconut

  303. Jemma Webster

    Curried carrot and butternut!

  304. Patricia Avery

    Vegetable…….made with all our homegrown veggies and served with homemade granary bread 🙂

  305. Debbie Preston

    Leek and potato

  306. Kim Lam

    Vegetable soup

  307. Ruth Hunter

    lentil soup

  308. Jenny Jones

    carrot & parsnip

  309. Michelle Murray

    lentil soup is my fave

  310. Dale Dow

    Carrot & lentil

  311. Natalie Catterall

    My favourite is Tomato Soup.

  312. russ


  313. Meena Hindmarch

    Tomato soup!

  314. Stevey H

    Homemade potato and leek (with parsnip and a little cream!) :p

  315. Emma Fox

    Broccoli and stilton soup

  316. Filip Tiszbierek

    Minestrone soup!


    Lentil and Bacon is my favourite!!

  318. Sheri Darby

    Lentil soup

  319. Ruth Hedges

    Butternut squash and sweet potato soup

  320. jessica cook

    I love carrot and coriander

  321. Danielle Graves

    Butternut squash and chilli soup

  322. Sue Dorking

    Pea and mint

  323. Lucy Carter

    Carrot and coriander

  324. Teresa Lee

    Spicy beef & mixed bean

  325. Teresa Sheldon

    Butternut squash and bacon

  326. Gilla01

    Chicken and vegetable, so long as it’s home made.

  327. Diana

    Tomato soup 🙂

  328. Tracy

    Curried butternut squash and sweet potato

  329. Nicola Dow

    Chunky lentil & bacon

  330. caroline kelly

    Pumpkin soup

  331. Nancy Bradford

    Spicy tomato and coriander

  332. Caroline S

    Red pepper and lentil

  333. madeline connolly

    vegetable soup

  334. Emma

    Tomato and red pepper

  335. Nazrana Haque

    chicken soup xx

  336. Simon Collinge

    Carrot & coriander 🙂

  337. Joanne Blunt

    Leek and potato

  338. Claire Long

    Chunky Minestrone

  339. ellie spider

    I love potato and leek soup it is probably my favourite closely followed by spicy mexican bean soup

  340. Carol Bradnock

    tomato and basil

  341. Tina L-D

    Chilli Bean Soup

  342. Lynne OConnor


  343. Kim M

    Homemade minestrone

  344. shelley stevenson

    has to be hmemade cream of mushroom… its divine <3

  345. Samantha Jane

    For me it has to be a vegetable soup, perfect for the chilly nights! This would be perfect , happy new year

  346. David Crabb

    Hi my favourite soup is homemade vegetable with gungo peas and dumplings.

  347. Anita hargreaves

    Spicy parsnip soup delicious as parsnips peppery and sweet

  348. alice lightning

    lentil and ham or pea and ham lovely thick and tasty

  349. Lisa Mauchline

    I love mushroom soup

  350. Melanie Burton

    Lentil soup!

  351. Claire Butler

    chicken noodle

  352. claire little


  353. Michelle Wild


  354. John Mcgovern

    Homemade Carrot Soup’

  355. Mel Bradley

    Vine tomato with a little garlic

  356. Tracy Gibson

    Leek & Potato

  357. zoe somerfield

    Chunky mushroom

  358. Maria Jane Knight

    Butternut Squash & Red Pepper soup with a dash of chilli.

  359. Kate Leather

    Leek and potato

  360. Gemma Cook

    Leek and Potato Soup x

  361. Karen Foster

    Pea and ham soup is my favourite

  362. Kirsty Woods

    Chicken soup

  363. Ayse erdin

    The best soup I’ve had was a leek and potato soup at my sisters wedding but my favourite is spicy tomato:)

  364. christine reid

    Red pepper and sweet potatoe

  365. Sharon Herbert

    I love Chicken and Mushroom Soup 🙂

  366. Kirsteen Mackay

    Vegetable Broth is my favourite soup.

  367. Hayley Todd

    My absolute favourite soup is spicy tomato with crispy croutons and stilton

  368. Nichola Harwood

    Red pepper & tomato


    Carrot and Butterbean soup

  370. Kristin Burdsall

    Watercress. Love it!

  371. Liz

    Fennel and potato

  372. Rebecca Barnes

    Leek and Potato – yummy!

  373. Samantha Bolter

    Chicken& Butternut Squash

  374. Lynn Hughes

    Leek, Potato and Carrot

  375. emma kinsey


  376. Zoe g

    leek and potato

  377. Rebecca Roberts

    I love chicken soup yum!

  378. lynn neal


  379. Chris Fletcher

    I know it is a bit of a classic but a good french onion soup is my absolute favourite!

  380. Lynda Dickie

    Chicken Rice

  381. charlotte

    Lentil and tomato

  382. Katie Brealey

    Parsnip and potato yum!

  383. Stacey Holmes

    My favourite soup of all time is Broccoli and Stilton. It feels half good for you, and half bad for you. So luxurious and delicious! xx


    I love celery soup x

  385. Diane Ireton

    Tomato 🙂

  386. Saran Benjamin

    Chicken soup

  387. Herbert Appleby

    lobster bisque

  388. kelly cooper

    Pea & Ham

  389. amy clark

    cant beat chicken soup

  390. amanda greensmith

    tomato and basil

  391. Karen Jones

    Leek and Potato

  392. Joan Rowan

    My family love my red lentil and ham soup, it’s tasty, nutricious and cheap to make.

  393. Adam Smith

    Chicken Soup

  394. Pauline Black

    Lentil and bacon

  395. Tracey Harman

    Love the idea of homemade soups made from my homegrown produce Leek and Potato would be my First , then Tomato and pepper with a hint of red chilli

  396. Sarah Rowland

    Bacon and lentils



  398. Victoria Prince

    At the moment it’s home made carrot & onion! Which I am eating far too much of…

  399. tracey baker

    Tomato & Basil

  400. Milly Y

    Classic tomato and basil

  401. christy spencer

    I love tomato and corriander soup, perfect for warming me up on a cold winters day x

  402. Catherine Barton

    Leek, potato and cheese!

  403. Mark Johnson

    tomato soup

  404. Pauline Burroughs


  405. caroline tokes

    cauliflower soup

  406. Pennie page

    Chicken and sweet corn mmmm

  407. Natalie Crossan

    Mushroom soup 🙂

  408. Sharon Freemantle

    Spicy Butternut squash

  409. Susan Race

    Lentil and bacon 🙂

  410. Denise Seddon


  411. Kirsti Peters

    Chinese Crab and Sweetcorn soup, which is very surprisingly easy and so quick to make

  412. Anonymous

    Carrot and coriander.

  413. Maria Hackett

    I love chicken and mushroom soup with rustic bread

  414. tishist


  415. Sheila Howes

    Carrot and corriander

  416. Barbara Daniels


  417. Julie Venner Beard

    Spiced Butternut Squah

  418. jemma dwyer

    won ton soup

  419. Eva Appleby

    Tomato and Bazil

  420. annmarie Crawford

    Tomato and basil yummy

  421. Ioana Popescu

    a la Grec

  422. Jason Smith

    Mushroom Soup

  423. Becky Cornes

    Asparagus, leek and broccoli. #delicious

  424. alison clark

    leek and potato is my favourite so easy to make and so tasty

  425. Katy C Johnston

    Leek & potato!

  426. Rachel B

    leek and potato

  427. Jenny Barker

    Tomato soup with large chunks of cheese

  428. Nicole S


  429. Alison Clifford

    Broccoli and Stilton

  430. Caroline Buckley

    Cauliflower and cider

  431. Lindsay Davies

    Butternut squash and carrots soup

  432. Carole Hiscock


  433. Kimberly goldsmith

    Chicken soup

  434. Tammy Neal

    Tomato soup xx

  435. Kelly Hirst

    My favourite soup is chicken & vegetable

  436. Maggi L

    I love Chicken noodle soup

  437. Michelle Stokes

    Carrot and Coriander

  438. Vicky Robinson

    Cream of Tomato

  439. Jessica K

    leek and potato!

  440. Leanne Bell

    Carrot and coriander is my favourite x

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