A Village Fish Festival in Italy

Since I was little my parents used to take me out for a fish meal every so often. That’s when I learned to enjoy clams, mussels, prawns, langoustines.. and all the shellfish available on the day.
During the summer months my mum would often barbecue fish in the garden to give us a treat for dinner.
This is what I am doing now for my children, so they can learn to enjoy the flavour of real, fresh fish too.
I cook fish twice a week and try different types to avoid getting stuck on the same meals. Children can get bored so easily!

Italian fish festival in marano Friuli

Whilst on holiday in Italy we all went to a local fishing village called Marano Lagunare situated on a lagoon in the Adriatic sea. Here every summer there is a cute little fish festival by the sea.
This town is small and very pretty and has a distinctive Venetian style.

Marano Lagunare fishing village

We started off with a refreshing aperitive with Prosecco, fizzy water for the children and nibbles which are always served in Italy if you are having wine.

Aperitivo time

We then went for a walk in town and then sat down to enjoy our fish meal by the sea: food, drink and music for everyone!

Fried fish at Marano Lagunare

Italian fish festival at marano lagunare in Friuli
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22 Responses to A Village Fish Festival in Italy

  1. Pegasuslegend

    Wow such inspriational photos it just makes me want to be there… love the fizz in the glasses too! Hope your all safe the weather seems a bit unstable out there… have a great weekend! xo

  2. Curts Delectables

    I love the experiences you share with your blog.. someday I want to visit Italy. My brother is trying to go this year. Your photos make me want to live there! JUST BELLA!

  3. Anyol

    Elo pescaito, siempre lo mejor de la costa.

  4. melania

    Do very well because the fish is nutritious but light! You cook it very well, thanks for the nice words ..,. A kiss

  5. Pilar. Cook and Spoon

    I love fish and how much I would enjoy that festival. Looking forward for your next recipe then.

  6. La cucina di Molly

    Cara Alida, tu mi stuzzichi, adoro il pesce, che meraviglia, mi hai fatto venire una voglia… credo proprio che domani lo preparerò per pranzo! Ciao

  7. Girl in purple dress

    I LOVE seafood, sounds absolutely wonderful and reminded me of my trip to Isle of Mull and the gorgeous seafood platter I enjoyed there.

  8. Jasna Varcakovic

    I can imagine all the excitements of festival, good food, smells, mood…

  9. Gloria

    Love it what beautiful pictures!!

  10. All That I'm Eating

    What a wonderful festival. So nice that you involve your children too.

  11. PT

    nice clicks alida 🙂

  12. My Italian Smorgasbord

    thank you for sharing these lovely photo and summer memories with us. I can fly with my mind to that little village now… just love fish but I hardly ever taste as good fish as when I am in Italy and by the sea. it would be worth going there only for the fish for me. so nice you stopped by and let me discover your lovely blog. ciao!!

  13. Suzanne Bean

    Wonderful!!! I love the story and photos. Beautiful!!! It reminds me of when I was young, my grandfather and I would go out a find oysters. The bay was so full of them that we would bring back buckets. Before leaving we would eat a raw oyster for the finish of a hard day of harvesting. Thanks for sharing!!!

  14. simple baking

    Lovely clicks and beautiful post! Nothing beats the taste and flavours of fresh fish!

  15. Lory B.

    Hai ragione, il pesce è un alimento importantissimo da inserire spesso nella nostra dieta ed anche i bambini devono abituarsi!!Bellissime le fotografie!!!!!!Ti mando un bacio grande grande!!!!!!!

  16. Giovanna

    Mi piace molto il pesce, io lo mangio abitualmente, mentre consumo poca carne.Un bacio

  17. Mich - Piece of Cake

    I am a big fan of fish, and wish I was there! Such gorgeous scenery too.

  18. Ozlem's Turkish Table

    Ciao Alida,I love how you celebrate food in Italy, fabulous photos! Can't wait for your shellfish post:)

  19. Phil in the Kitchen

    That's a truly inspiring place to visit. Festivals like this are wonderful and precious things – they show that people still care about their local food traditions.

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