Alpine Spring Water straight to your back garden

This was grandparent’s spring fountain.

spring fountain

In this area, situated in the north east of Italy, you can bore a pipe into the ground and you will find Alpine spring water perfectly drinkable. I grew up thinking this was normal and that drinking water was everywhere to be found!

This phenomenon though, covers a relatively small area between the mountains and the sea.

What happens here is called “Risorgive” or resurgence waters: usually in mountainous areas the rain water disappears into the ground and then returns to the surface in the plains.

Le Risorgive at Codroipo


All of this depends on the type of soil the water finds.

If the ground consists of coarse material such as pebbles, gravel and even sand, and is permeable the water will infiltrate into the ground and will resurface when it finds a finer soil like silt or clay which is impermeable. It is fairly simple phenomenon but very interesting.

I like the taste of this water: it’s clean and fresh and this is what I fill my bottles with when I am in Italy: fresh water straight from the mountains. I could not think of any better water to have!

Alpine water spring fountain

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11 Responses to Alpine Spring Water straight to your back garden

  1. Suzanne

    When we could actually get our water for free. I remember a stream by my home that I could drink right from. So good. Your post brought back those lovely memories. Thank you!!! 🙂

  2. Balvinder

    You are fortunate to have endless supply of fresh spring water.

  3. Marina@Picnic at Marina

    That’s why food in Italy tastes so good: they have the best waters to cook with and to water the plants… 🙂

  4. Pamela Haack

    Love this post! Such a simple thing that’s not such a simple thing … Che bello! 🙂

  5. Catherine

    I know what you mean here. We don’t have spring water at home but when we go up to the Dolomites to ski I always fill up our water bottles because the taste and quality of the water are so different. We live quite close to Abano Terme too, so the water is another thing altogether – great for the thermal baths and all your aches and pains!

    • My Little Italian Kitchen

      You are lucky to live there. My relatives used to go there for therapies. It is a beautiful area to live in!

  6. Günther (@Gunther64)

    non è facile spiegare il Nord Est all’estero, bisogna parlare di venezia e dolomiti per rendere il concetto a loro più facile 🙂

  7. Scrambled Megs

    i always feel so silly paying so much for water. this is so awesome !

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