Aroma Humidifier Giveaway – closed

Do you like aromatherapy?

I have a lovely giveaway today open to all my readers in the UK ,USA, Italy, Germany, Spain and France!

A really stylish aroma humidifier courtesy of Soundpeats is a fab gadget to have in your home.

Soundpeats produces gadgets for the home but are mainly engaged in acoustic products, such as music earphones, wireless earphones, water speakers, sound boxes, bluetooths and so on.
This aroma diffuser produces a cool and dry mist by the ultrasonic waves which instantly vaporise water and essential oils in the tank. It is whisper quiet with advanced ultrasonic technology and it has a handy auto shut-off system when waterless. It is also lightweight and portable, suitable to use in most rooms including your bedroom.

aroma humidifier


For a chance to win it enter the gleam form below. This is a raffle. The more entries the more chances of winning.

Terms and conditions:

  1. You can enter with the Gleam widget below via blog comment, twitter, facebook, instagram or pinterest.
  2. Please comment on this blogpost before proceeding with other entry options (this is mandatory).
  3. One winner will be randomly selected, announced in this blog post and contacted via their provided e-mail address. Please claim your prize within 4 days of being notified.
  4. Giveaway open to US, UK residents, Germany, Spain, Italy and France.
  5. This giveaway closes on June 14th 2016

Win an Aroma Humidifier

WINNER: Sharon M.

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349 Responses to Aroma Humidifier Giveaway – closed

  1. Glyn Davies

    I fancy fish finger sandwiches for dinner tonight

  2. Sue Wickins

    I fancy lemon chicken

  3. Tracy K Nixon


  4. Nicki Evans

    My mum is coming to stay so we’re going to treat her to a thai takeaway.

  5. Sobia

    Roasted vegetable lasagne♡♡

  6. Kim Neville

    L’artista chicken in creamy mushroom sauce with saute potatoes and garlic broccoli 🙂

  7. Kelly Glen

    Pizza for tea tonight I think.

  8. Tracey Belcher

    I actually fancy a Eggplant Lasagne

  9. kate CARRINGTON

    well i like a day off from cooking after working all week so it will be a takeaway tonight

  10. Ray Dodds

    A nice piece of white fish with new potatoes and mixed veg

  11. Claire Grigg

    We are having some kind of chicken dish

  12. Jennifer Haden

    I think a lovely baked salmon would be nice 🙂

  13. Laura Jeffs

    A nice and healthy veggie stir fry 🙂

  14. Andrea Storey

    Id love some sushi <3

  15. Sharon Heath

    Beef Roast Dinner

  16. Fiona K

    Sea bass, new potatoes & peas

  17. ElizM

    I’m out for lunch today so dinner is likely to be very simple – maybe some cheese and fruit

  18. James Holyland

    Quiche and fish cakes

  19. laura stewart

    fish and chips 🙂

  20. aaron broad

    Whatever my parents make, probably Pasty

  21. BERNIE


  22. Lisa Everaert

    I`ve been craving Tuna salad so its likely that i`ll be having later today.

  23. Leah Wheatley

    Spaghetti Bolognaise with Garlic bread

  24. Karen R

    I quite like the idea of a salmon fillet and a side salad tonight

  25. Barbara Handley

    Fish and chips.

  26. R England

    I’m making a Risotto with Pancetta for dinner

  27. Zoe C

    Lasagne and garlic bread

  28. Chris S

    It’s Saturday today and that is always a lazy supper because I am always so busy with housework or gardening depending on the weather. Tonight I think I will make a pizza and have it with some salad.

  29. Angela Treadway

    Sausage, bean and sweet potato casserole x

  30. iain maciver

    a chicken curry

  31. amy bondoc

    four cheese pasta 🙂 yummy my favourite

  32. angela sandhu

    Fancy a Roast chicken dinner

  33. Annabel Greaves

    We are having pizza tonight xx

  34. Claire D

    Steak, chips and mushy peas

  35. Martina Pichova

    Sandwiches for dinner… as we are having a cooked lunch today.

  36. Joanne Tinkler

    Tonight we’re having Mexican chicken with sour cream and wedges…..Mmmmmm!

  37. janet humphrey

    butter chicken curry (hopefully i am not making it, as am revising for exam…)

  38. Isabel O

    I think I’m going to have a veggie burger and chips, not very healthy but I really fancy it.

  39. clair downham

    steak and chips

  40. Kate Knight

    pea and ham risotto

  41. Lisa Parker

    I really fancy a take away from my local Chinese shop tonight.

  42. winnie

    fish and chips

  43. Henry Little

    had fish and chips for lunch so a round of sandwiches tonight!

  44. Stephanie Tsang

    I fancy fish and chips.

  45. Sue Price

    Yummy meatballs and spaghetti ☺️

  46. Susan Lloyd

    Vegetable lasagne x

  47. Sarah Wyatt

    I’m making a slow cooked pork dinner – so yummy!

  48. Abigail Cullen

    Jacket potato with a chicken masala filling.

  49. Michaela Smith

    Tuna Salad.

  50. Nora K

    I fancy Chicken katsu curry for dinner tonight

  51. bella smyth

    I fancy a home made king prawn curry with mixed rice and home made nan breads.

  52. John Tingay

    Not very original, but I fancy Lobster Thermidor aux crevettes with a Mornay sauce, garnished with truffle pâté, brandy and Spam on top.

  53. Graham Ross

    A chicken vindaloo

  54. Farhana

    I fancy some steak tonight

  55. Catherine

    Salmon, salad and chips. Although what I really want is a takeaway.

  56. Rachael Mccadden

    i fancy chicken kiev, chips and sweetcorn. but saving for a wedding means a packet of savory rice

  57. Alison

    I fancy seafood risotto tonight for dinnner and a cheesecake for dessert

  58. laura banks

    fish chips and mushy peas

  59. Frances H

    Just eaten some homemade minestrone soup, yet still hungry hmmm

  60. Suzanne Drummond

    steak diana chunky chips and salad

  61. Pauline Hill


  62. Alica

    A Chinese take away!

  63. Sarah Mackay

    A cheese toastie

  64. Joanne Hutchings

    I quite fancy a barbecue but the weather isn’t really on my side!

  65. fozia Akhtar

    Chicken Lasagne

  66. Libby Ray

    Vegetable stir fry with a sprinkling of cheese and a slice of bread and butter

  67. Marycarol


  68. Gwyn Sharps


  69. Rachael G

    Really fancy pizza!

  70. Tracy Hanley

    Chicken masala

  71. Lisa Buckley

    Steak and ale pie

  72. Lesley

    Shepherd’s pie but only if I don’t have to make it.

  73. Kamara Harding

    Squid ink pasta! Yum.

  74. Robyn S

    Anything that someone else cooks for me!

  75. Jayne Townson

    I’ve just had pizza and salad. Thanks for the lovely giveaway, I would love one of these.

  76. Kim M

    Homemade roasted vegetable lasagne x

  77. Erin Ellis

    Fish Fingers Sandwiches do really sound good! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  78. Anthony Harrington

    vegetable madras curry

  79. Amanda Hart

    Steak, chips, peas and mushrooms

  80. Samantha loughlin

    Hungarian goulash

  81. claire griffiths

    sausage and mash and vegetables

  82. Amanda

    Chicken Caesar Salad

  83. Ruth Harwood

    I fancy hot dogs !!

  84. amanda walsh

    Its Sunday so we are having a roast beef dinner

  85. Rhia P

    Sunday roast- chicken with all the trimmings!

  86. Adrian Crook

    Steak and chips

  87. Roger Bufton

    A meat bun.

  88. Renate Kriegler Edwards

    That Asparagus Lasagna has me salivating!

  89. Hannah Scudder

    Its Sunday so it has to be a traditional roast dinner

  90. Serena La Pietra

    Tacos in front of the tv.

  91. Helen Tovell

    roast chicken with all the trimmings

  92. Jan Johnson

    fishfingers and chips

  93. pete c

    a pizza!

  94. tara

    Sweet and sour prawns, @tara1966

  95. Jayne Townson

    I’ve had a roast dinner.

  96. Sophie Dolan

    Breaded Cod and salad for me.

  97. rebecca nisbet

    a chinese takeaway but thats a no no silly slimming world 🙁

  98. Fay Smith

    Steak and chips with homemade peppercorn sauce 🙂

  99. Angie McDonald

    I fancy an Omelette!

  100. Solange

    Roast leg of lamb with garlic and rosemary and all the trimmings.

  101. Anna K

    I would love to have macaroni cheese with nice crispy cheese and pancetta on top.

  102. Claire Reavy

    Goats cheese tart with new potatoes and salad

  103. bubble1010

    Oooh I really fancy a good old Indian Takeaway as my colleague has just bought in curry for lunch and it smells amazing!!!

  104. Jo Carroll

    I’m going to make a family favourite tonight – spaghetti Bolognese with garlic bread. x

  105. Sally Collingwood

    Could eat fish and chips

  106. holly harmsworth

    fajatas! they are my favourite 🙂

  107. Kirsty Hosty

    Tuna Pasta Bake and homemade garlic bread

  108. Anthony Webster

    chips and egg

  109. Lyla

    I just had mine – jacket potato with tuna

  110. carolyn joyce

    lamb curry and chips

  111. christine szlobodnik

    I fancy chinese takeaway ^,^ but i had tuna pasta salad


  112. Hassina Begum

    Vegetable lasagne would be nice.

  113. jennifer thorpe

    I fancy a bolognese I think

  114. judy kennedy

    Home made pizza

  115. Val Swift

    I fancy lasagne

  116. simone lee


  117. Mark Love

    I fancy chicken fajitas 😀

  118. Tasha


  119. Corinne Peat

    I fancy roast chicken

  120. Tammy Tudor

    some yummy pizza!

  121. Rey Chunara

    I have a craving for steak today

  122. Nat thomason

    Curry and rice

  123. esaud


  124. Kenia

    Avocado pesto zoodles!!!

  125. C Kennedy

    I really fancy a nice spaghetti carbonara!

  126. Sarah Brokenshire

    pasta bolognese xx


    Peppered pork, salad and chips x

  128. Zoe Graham

    I had chicken curry which was lovely

  129. Kelly Roberts

    I feel like pizza

  130. Crystal Sell

    I could really go for beef and broccoli and rice tonight with a dark sauce.

  131. ruth robinson


  132. Nicola Dow


  133. Monica Gilbert

    I’d love a light chicken parm.

  134. Alison Johnson


  135. Danielle Mc

    I am really wanting a lovely medium steak with cheddar mash and garlic veg.

  136. ailsa sheldon

    Pizza then salt and vinegar crisps. But it will be the stew I have eaten for the last 3 nights again!

  137. jo liddement

    Quiche and salad tonight



  139. Rachel Craig

    Prawn salad.

  140. Patricia Avery

    Sardines and cottage cheese 🙂

  141. Beky Austerberry

    Burgers & wedges I think

  142. Carole

    Chicken curry

  143. Jodie Harvey

    i fancy a nice hot curry (heavily pregnant and fed up)

  144. Jackie Allum

    Spaghetti Carbonara

  145. Leanne Newsome

    Jacket potato with cheese and tuna and a side salad

  146. Marianne Daniels

    pizza, frankly, but it ain’t gonna happen!

  147. Lisa Dolatowski

    I would love pulled pork tonight!

  148. barbara daniels

    bangers and mash, my fave.x

  149. Kat Lucas

    Would love a nice pizza about now

  150. Kathleen Lynch

    a big salad.


    Sweet chilli chicken and noodles

  152. Emma Hainsworth

    a chicken burger with salad! 🙂

  153. Tracy Newton

    A chicken Ceasar salad

  154. Rachel Butterworth

    Chicken Cacciatore.

  155. tracy james


  156. Stevie

    I think I’d like a nice chicken stew with some rice and a lager.

  157. Susan Smith

    Sausage egg and chips

  158. Edward Guerreiro

    I’m really hungry right now, and if I could have anything, it would be some king prawns.

  159. Mary Chez

    Chicken curry and pillau rice

  160. claire woods

    Veggie burger with chips and salad.

  161. Susan Trubey

    corn flakes

  162. Helen Metcalfe

    Anything as long as someone else cooks!! I’m fed up of having to think about family meals everyday and then cook.

  163. Jennifer Bailey

    Something from the local pub, the sun is shining out there!

  164. Emma Walton

    Left over barbecue 🙂

  165. Victoria Thurgood

    chicken pie with roast potatoes

  166. maria blythin

    fish chips mushy peas and bread and butter x

  167. isobelle forde

    A korean noodle dish, something spicy and sweet!

  168. joanne casey

    chilli-con-carni, really looking forward to it, its one of my favourite meals

  169. Graeme Macmillan


  170. Angie Hoggett

    I quite fancy risotto but it will depend on if I have time!

  171. Jacob Barnard

    I fancy pizza for dinner tonight 🙂

  172. Denfor Hopkins

    I fancy Spaghetti Bolognese

  173. jessica catherine

    chicken curry

  174. Sarah Archibald

    Tonight we’re having a little chippy tea as a treat. Apparently its national fish and chips day and I joined the gym last week, I’ve worked my bum off so I’m treating myself 🙂

  175. Katie Skeoch

    Tonight were having the Friday favourite, a fish supper

  176. ema j lowe

    we have had our tea tonight, we had pizza, garlic bread and chips, followed by fresh strawberries.

  177. Lisa Robinson

    I’ve got a vegetable lasagne cooking in the oven 🙂

  178. sally Rae


  179. Ann Skamarauskas

    farfalle and pesto with a bottle of new zealand pinot noir 🙂

  180. Jane Willis


  181. Pam Francis Gregory

    Fajita Pasta Bake

  182. Katie Harmer

    One of my Mum’s roast chicken dinners, she came to stay this weekend and cooked me a roast – delicious!

  183. david cavender

    roast lamb with veg

  184. Clare Bluett

    I have loads of eggs to use as our hens are loving the sun a laying a lot. So I’m thinking Spanish omelette.

  185. Clare Bluett

    Spanish omelette to use up some of the eggs our hens are laying.

  186. juliette

    quorn korma with tomatoes and cauliflower

  187. Vicky Hawkins

    Sweet and sour chicken

  188. Sarah Lee

    We’re going out for dinner tonight – not sure where yet so I don’t know what I want yet

  189. dionne m

    for dinner this evening im having homemade macaroni cheese and chips 🙂 yummy

  190. Teresa Lee

    Seafood paella

  191. kerry day

    pizza and chips, have had far too much salad recently

  192. Gemma Holland

    Pasta with chicken & pesto

  193. Jackie Kelly

    Big mixed salad with honey and mustard dressing, a big blob of houmous and mackerel fillets – yum!

  194. gemma hamilton

    My husband is part Italian and tonight is his night to cook!! Traditional spaghetti carbonara for me!! YUM!

  195. Olivia Nunn

    Steak onions and chips 🙂

  196. Tunde Toth

    We had spinach and ricotta cannelloni for dinner. Fancy a tiramisu.

  197. Lisa Wilkinson

    We’ve just has sausage casserole

  198. Christine Caple

    Chicken curry

  199. Jane H Shaw

    As it’s Friday I alway eat out tonight I fancy having Indian food lamb tikka is calling me. Thanks

  200. cheryl lovell

    I chinese takeaway tonight!


    Fish and chips eaten out of the paper

  202. Chris Andrews

    hmmm l fancy fillet steak, but will end up with fish fingers

  203. Sheri Darby

    I’d love vegetarian Lasagne

  204. Claire Elizabeth Noke

    Tagliatelle 🙂 yummy xx

  205. Rhiannon Hendry

    We had Chinese takeaway cos I’m pregnant and have cravings!!

  206. Jo McPherson

    We are having a BBQ, I fancy salmon can’t wait

  207. CNaomi

    A curry! I live behind an indian and every time I open my window I can smell it which has led to me craving it for days upon days!

  208. Cally Griffiths

    Honey glazed ham with Gratin Dauphinoise & French beans

  209. Sam McKean

    Spaghetti and Meatballs!

  210. Kimberley Ryan

    we are having duck stir fry

  211. gillian moloney

    cheese and cauliflower grills

  212. Kim Styles

    smoked tofu stir fry

  213. Lindsey Jones

    Vegetable stir fry

  214. donna l Jones

    ham salad with jacket potato

  215. Nicki Simpson


  216. Hollie Stride

    Pizza, it has been busy day with my 4 month old son!

  217. June Morrice

    Gammon stakes peas and new potatoes

  218. Christine Dodd

    BBQ with friends as long as the rain keeps off

  219. Mary Baldwin

    Fish pie – been fancying it for ages.

  220. carole n

    a curry possibly chicken

  221. Katherine Coldicott

    It’s Sunday so we have our roast dinner in the evening which I love.

  222. Kim Styles

    I fancy a curry!

  223. Andrea Smith

    I REALLY want a chinese takeaway but I’m on a diet, so we’re having piri piri chicken, rice and broccoli instead.

  224. emma walters

    roast pork with crunchy crackling


    I fancied Moroccan lamb wraps so that is what i had

  226. gemma raines

    I fancy a cheese and pickle toastie

  227. Elspeth MacMillan

    I fancy home made Sweet and sour Chicken

  228. Helen A

    Spinach & ricotta cannelloni

  229. Michelle Sykes

    I fancy Lasagne

  230. Georgina Holden

    spaghetti bolognese…yummy, washed down with a nice glass or red wim

  231. Sadiyya maryam

    I would love to have had my mum’s delicious prawn curry for dinner last night but ended up having cauliflower, broccoli cheese bake with fish fingers!

  232. Susan B

    I fancy a vegetable and cashew nut stir fry for dinner tonight.

  233. MichelleD

    Thai red curry!

  234. Rebecca Howells (@PeanutHog)

    What I fancy for dinner and what I have in the fridge is another matter! A curry would be good, but think there are some fishcakes in the freezer!

  235. Stacey Leigh

    I’ve been craving pizza lately 🙂

  236. Niki Clifton

    veggie lasagne & garlic bread

  237. Laura Howard

    Thai basil and chilli stir fry (with a glass of wine, obviously!)

  238. Sarah Tonner


  239. Corinna Ball

    Fish and chips

  240. Laura Harrison

    A lovely caesar healthy salad with salmon xx

  241. Laura Whittle

    I’m having beef stroganoff x

  242. Emily Hutchinson

    Something slimming as we had a takeaway last night!

  243. Natalie Jones

    A nice hot Thai carry for me!

  244. Victoria Prince

    I am really fancying wholewheat pasta in a pesto sauce today!

  245. Lucy Robinson

    pizza and salad.

  246. Maddie Jasinska

    chick and chips

  247. michelle o'neill

    cod in butter sauce x

  248. Jayne Kelsall

    Exactly what I’m cookinh at the minute, Roast Lamb, Roastpotatoes, sprouts, cauliflower, brocolli and yorkshire pudding. 🙂

  249. michaela atkins

    curry and rice

  250. Diana

    Sausages and mash 🙂

  251. Lauren Old

    Sausage and mash

  252. Sarah H

    chicken salad for me! 🙂

  253. Sarah Mills


  254. Donna Caldwell

    Lasagna and salad

  255. carol boffey

    Cheese and potato pie

  256. Andrea Lloyd

    Veggie pizza

  257. adrian price


  258. Adrian Bold

    Fish and Chips

  259. Andrew Emery

    I fancy fajitas for tea – great for all the family to sit round the table and everyone makes their own

  260. liz ferguson

    smoked haddock and salad xx

  261. Nicola Hunter

    chicken in a creamy mushroom sauce.

  262. Rebecca Hussey

    We had chicken Kiev and corn on the cob

  263. Ellen Stafford

    I fancy my mum’s roast.

  264. Chrissie Curtis

    A Chicken Roast!

  265. Kat Glynn

    I fancy spicy chicken noodle salad 🙂

  266. Tracey Wall

    Just had it steak and kidney pie all homemade

  267. Katie Smith

    Salmon salad yum

  268. Julie Camm

    Fancied Chilli and baked potato…and that’s what I had…

  269. Samantha R

    I fancy a cheeky pizza!

  270. Natasha R-M

    Tofu, pasta and vegetables in a tomato and basil sauce

  271. Kerry Webber

    Last night I had a craving for chips, then a craving for curry. So I got my partner to drive around town to find me the best chips and curry sauce, and it was absolutely gorgeous. There aren’t many places open at night to buy proper chips. I thought the fact that we live in a seaside, we could get chips 24/7!!!!

    It was so good that I might have the same again tomorrow, but at least I will know where to go next time!

  272. Ruth Wollerton

    I fancy Peking Duck, spring onions, cucumber, pancakes and plum sauce. Yummytastic. Thanks

  273. alice lightning

    bangers and mash

  274. Kelly cooper

    I have just come back from Greece so fancy a mousakka

  275. Emma h

    Going to
    Make buritos

  276. Jill Fairbank

    Thanks for reminding me need to get something out the freezer spicy chicken I think yummy

  277. Tracy Gladman

    A salad

  278. Rebecca Roberts

    We r haveing chicken curry

  279. Donna Lewis

    Chicken & veg risotto

  280. Lucy Chester

    I fancy vegetable paella for dinner tonight

  281. zoe somerfield

    I’m having tacos tonight

  282. Chris Fletcher

    Roast chicken salad for dinner tonight

  283. Debi Gillard

    I’m just about to get Pork Belly Strips out of the freezer – still deciding how to cook them.

  284. Sheila Reeves

    Chicken salad, lots of fresh tomatoes and a nice light dressing

  285. Jacqueline Roberts

    Jacket potato I think

  286. Christine Hobbs

    spaghetti bolognese homemade by my partner x

  287. Jenny Prest

    I’m 20 weeks pregnant and have been craving some chip shop chips and mushy peas for days, so going to send the other half out for some tonight!

  288. Jossie Marie Solheim

    spag bowl 🙂

  289. Spencer Broadley

    Fish and chips with mushy peas

  290. Leslie Evans

    Rump Steak, Chunky Chips, Mushy Peas.

  291. stephanie whitehurst

    Burgers with lettuce cheese and bacon with chips

  292. Annalise ONeill

    Toad In The Hole with onion gravy :o)

  293. Michelle Wild

    Lobster….but a prawn salad is more likely.

  294. christine visage

    gonna try Sunny Med Chicken Tray Bake tonight to make up the gray day……….!

  295. Lisa Pond

    Spaghetti Bolognese yum yum 🙂

  296. michelle pierce

    chicken salad

  297. tracey baker

    Chicken with new potatoes and veg x

  298. Pauline black

    Chicken curry with rice and salt and chilli chicken wings!

  299. holly edmundson

    home made cottage pie with peas 😀 x

  300. Tishist


  301. Rachel Bonness

    I fancy pesto pasta! Been craving pesto all day

  302. Harneet Farmahan

    Planning to relish on home made pizza, garlic bread and fries

  303. Natalie Crossan

    Roast dinner

  304. Sara Owen

    We are having stew which has been cooking away in slow cooker all day xxx

  305. claire sen

    I fancy chinese food, red braised pork belly is my favourite but I think I’m cooking it too often as the children are getting bored of it! (I never will!)

  306. Carly M

    Chicken and roasted vegetables

  307. Annette Haden

    Salmon, new potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, parsley sauce

  308. sharon martin

    a beef stew and dumplings

  309. Sandra Jo Siddall

    I fancy some Roast chicken and boiled potatoes tonight.

  310. Tim Woolfenden

    Chicken salad and jacket potatoes

  311. Zac Farley

    Shredded smokes chicken , sweet and sour sauce and egg fried rice

  312. Katy Komping

    We are having vegetable curry

  313. Chris Williams

    barbecue chicken with rice

  314. Harley

    A chicken curry

  315. Kim W

    steak, chips, peas and mayo!

  316. Terrie-Ann Wright

    Tonight I fancy steak with baby potatoes, mushrooms and a nice creamy peppercorn sauce.

  317. Miss Tracy Hanson

    I really fancied a “improper pie” and chips. Fray Bentos pies have been “improper” pies for years in our house for some reason. 🙂

  318. Margaret Gallagher

    I’m having tuna pasta bake and salad with strawberries and ice cream

  319. Scarlett

    I fancy Grilled Fish, Chopped Salad & baby potatoes

  320. Mickie Bull

    Salmon fillets and salad

  321. Natalie Gillham

    I am going to try making a chinese recepe I like the look of on the Spark Recipes website called Pong Pong Pork.

  322. Lisa Mcalley

    Ham salad and chips. Nice and light.

  323. Meghan Griffiths

    I had a M&S Mozzarella, Pesto and Tomato Thin Based Pizza.

  324. Steven Beasley

    I really fancy a chinese takeaway

  325. Beryl drake

    Roast chicken and the trimmings , yummy

  326. Nancy Bradford

    I fancy a nice, big steak and potato. I’d also like some gelato for pudding.

  327. Oksana Fitzgerald

    Salmon with new potatoes

  328. Diane Jackson

    Just had chicken tikka masala but didnt enjoy it

  329. AnnMarie Crawford

    Salmon with new potatoes with fresh green veg yummy

  330. andrea mcconachie

    fish sweet potato chips and veg

  331. Nicole S.

    Pizza, yum yum!

  332. Debra Winfield

    Veggie sausages and mash with cabbage and veg gravy!

  333. Sarah Dunne


  334. Chirag Patel

    Vegetable lasagna

  335. ellie spider

    I ate really late last night and have been bloated all day so for dinner tonight I fancied something light so I had poached egg on toast

  336. Jodie W

    Salmon, asparagus and cous cous

  337. Simon tutthill

    It would have to be some gorgeous pasta in a creamy carbonara

  338. jen lloyd

    i had chicken chow mein

  339. Janet Rumley

    Macaroni Cheese and Garlic Bread xxx

  340. Marie Carr

    Fish & Chips 😀

  341. Kelly Martin

    I fancy buttermilk pancakes with blueberries and strawberries, drizzled in double cream. Currently on a eating plan but craving.

  342. George Wright

    I fancy home made Pad Thai

  343. Jo Glasspool

    Steak and chips.

  344. lucy beckett

    New potatoes and peas 🙂

  345. Leanne Bell

    I had spinach and ricotta filled pasta x

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