Autumn sowing vegetables, a day in the field

We are heading towards winter but so far we had very mild days and the weather has been fantastic over in Northern Italy. Autumn is a good time to plant veggies like peas, garlic, cauliflower, chicory, lettuce, onion and cabbage.

A day in the field

We spent a day helping my dad sowing vegetables. Italians have a love affair with garlic including myself. I always add at least a couple of cloves to my bowl of radicchio or to cooked greenies like green beans. Garlic has the power to lift and bring to life any dish.

We started off by digging the soil. This is hard work.

digging the soil

Then we prepared the soil with a little fertilizer. This helps in giving back to the soil essential nutrients needed for the growth of plants.

preparing the soil

We cover up with soil and then we prepare the garlic for sowing by separating the cloves

separating garlic cloves

And we bury them into the soil. We have used a long yarn to make sure we plant the garlic in a straight line.

planting garlic

we cover up and we water well

covering up with soil

Now let’s plant the peas.


After digging and preparing the soil we make a straight line with the help of a stick.

vegetable patch: making a straight line

And we plant the peas. Granddad is showing how.

sowing peas

And now it is our turn..

sowing peas

In the meantime a bright caterpillar is peeping among the fennel leaves

caterpillar peeping among fennel leaves

We put sticks in so when the pea plants grow they can climb on them

sticks for peas

putting sticks up

We picked the last tomatoes of the season. These are green but they will ripen over time. We don’t want to waste precious homegrown vegetables.

greeen tomatoes

We could also find the last borlotti beans of the season! These are fantastic to make minestrone!

picking borlotti beans

Oh.. and whilst we were there we could grab a few persimmons

collecting persimmons


Look at the parsley. This is highly perfumed compared to what you get in a supermarket



There is cabbage




And pumpkin!


And someone has found a new furry friend

carterpillar on leaf

We enjoyed spending time in the countryside. It is hard work and certainly tiring but you do feel good afterwards!

grandad's field1

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13 Responses to Autumn sowing vegetables, a day in the field

  1. La cucina di Molly

    Che bel post, che bello vedere la tua famiglia nel preparare il terreno e seminare verdure! Adoro anch’io fare tutto questo, quando vado nella mia campagna non ritorno mai a mani vuote, c’è sempre qualcosa da raccogliere! Un abbraccio!

  2. Dottie Sauchelli Balin

    Dear Alida,
    Oh my, what a wonderful post and the photos are outstanding. Your dad is surely a good farmer..he has that green thumb and it looks like your children will have it too. You can see how they love to help and are learning so well. All the veggies are beautiful and I did not know about the yarn with the garlic and the sticks growing the peas…(being I do not have that green thumb) Always learn something new from your blog posts. I love this. The radicchio and the cabbage are gorgeous looking…better than at the store…Thanks you for sharing this interesting and fun post…Have a great rest of the week…
    Dottie 🙂

  3. Julie is Hostess At Heart

    Your produce looks wonderful! I planted garlic for the first time this fall and am hopeful it comes up in the spring.

    • Alida

      Great! Let me know how it goes, it was the first time for me too.

  4. Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy

    This looks like such a fun day. I think it’s so important to get kids involved with gardening, so they learn where their food comes from.

    • Alida

      Absolutely! I agree. So they can appreciate proper food better.

  5. All That I'm Eating

    What a lovely thing to do, so many things to shout about in the garden too!

  6. Laura Corrall

    All this looks amazing. My girls love getting in the outdoors and doing farming. My youngest loves tractors and machines. Whilst my oldest would love to see all those caterpillars you found.

    • Alida

      Children enjoy so much the outdoor life and really love being in touch with nature. It is almost a need for them and I must say I love it too!

  7. Choclette

    Ooh goodness, we still haven’t planted our garlic. We normally do it the last week of October or 1st week of November, but we seem to be running eternally behind this year. I would be lost without our garlic, we grow masses. Great to get the kids involved.

    • Alida

      The place where you live must be so beautiful, so nice you can grow your own veggies!

  8. Elisabetta

    What a delightful post Alida. These photos of your dad and children taking care of those precious vegetable crops bring a great big smile to my face. You are a very lucky family.

    • Alida

      Thanks Elisabetta.

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