Baked Cod in Tomato Sauce and Oregano

Baked Cod in Tomato Sauce and Oregano

By 14/06/2012

Would you like a light, straightforward and tasty dish to prepare in advance?

Yesterday I was going out for the afternoon and needed to make something ready for dinner.

My favourite meals are the ones you can make in advance so when you get home all is done and you can just relax and eat!

I had some cod and potatoes so I made this bake adding passata (tomato sauce), oregano and Parmesan which gives it that typical "pizza" flavour and makes it quite interesting.
All the family enjoyed it!


  • Prep Time : 45 minutes
  • Cook Time : 50 minutes



Peel and slice the potatoes about 1 cm thick, put them in a sauce spoon, cover them with cold water, add  half a teaspoon of salt and cook them for 20 minutes then drain them.

Grease a large baking tray with some olive oil and lay the cod on it. Sprinkle some salt and oregano on the fish, spread the passata over it then lay the potatoes on top.

Sprinkle the Parmesan and the breadcrumbs over the potatoes and some olive oil.

Cook at 180 C for 30 minutes until the top is nice and golden.

cod bake pizza flavour

cod bake

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17 Responses to Baked Cod in Tomato Sauce and Oregano

  1. The View From The Table

    I love the breadcrumbs and Parmesan on the fluffy potatoes. Could be nice with new potatoes too I think.

  2. Betsy Brock

    I love easy and I love make ahead! I can almost smell it! Mmmmm!

  3. Pegasuslegend

    I never thought to put the cod and potatoes in one pan… what a great idea… I think this is brillant girl.. will try this one next time as I am sure me and hubby will love it!

  4. Dolcemeringa Ombretta

    Questa pirofila e' molto saporita e le ricette con il pesce mi piacciono molto:-) baci

  5. simple baking

    Alida I absolutely love your simple yet delightful recipes. This one's a keeper.

  6. Marina@Picnic at Marina

    Alida! I love your dinner, can I come in, please? It is too hot here to turn oven on… 🙂

  7. ramya

    Missed you too Alida… good to be back!And as always you are so innovative especially with fish!What an interesting flavor..almost like a fish pizza…I love it!

  8. Shobha

    This is a simple and healthy dish.. My hubby will love it ..I am bookmarking it ..will make it as soon as I buy fish.

  9. Petro Neagu

    Dear Alida, first I'd like to answer your question. Yes, I love easy, pre made meals and I also enjoy finding everything ready at dinner time, that makes it so much relaxing.And I'd also like to thank you so much for mentioning the award and my name, I appreciate your kindness and friendship :)Hug and a lovely weekend!

  10. La cucina di Molly

    Ottimo il merluzzo con le patate in tortiera,io uso il baccalà ma credo che sia lo stesso! Buonissima ricetta gustosa, brava! Ciao

  11. simran

    fantastic recipe!!!!!!!!!i can imagine the amazingly flavourful dish.delicious!

  12. Angie's Recipes

    What a satisfying and delectable baked cod! I like it combined with potatoes.

  13. Petro Neagu

    Hi, dear Alida,Thank you so much for your interest in the Blog Hops on my blog.If you'd like you could link up your blog on the first 2 linky as I did, because I didn't have a giveaway on my blog. And if you have one you can submit to all 3. It's just a way to expose your blog and get in touch with other's.Hugs

  14. Linda

    Sounds so yummy. I found you through Blog-Train. I am your newest follower. I hope you come and visit and follow along.

  15. Sue Olivant

    Hiya, made thiis last night using all my lovely fresh garden herbs and it was delishious using such simple and inexpensive ingredients. I used coley instead of cod. I’ll certainly be making this again. Thanks for the recipe. Xxx

    • Alida

      You are very welcome. I love coley too. Tasty meals don’t need to be expensive.

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