Baked Trout with Orange, low in calories

Baked Trout with Orange, low in calories

By 18/02/2015

This great recipe was given to my mum by a friend. It is super quick as it takes only minutes to put together so it is ideal when you are tired after work or if you just don't want to spend too much time in the kitchen.

Buy trout fillets to make life easier instead of whole trout. All you do is squeezing an orange over the fillets then sprinkling over parmesan, breadcrumbs and a dash olive oil.Β  You won't know parmesan is there as it just adds lightly to the flavour.

Trout and orange are a fabulous combination just make sure you don't overcook the fillets and be generous with orange juice as it gives a fantastic flavour to the fish!

Serve with salad, rustic bread or cus-cus, steamed rice, potatoes or quinoa.

I have made this so many times. If you make it please let me know what you think!

  • Prep Time : 10 minutes
  • Cook Time : 15 minutes



Line your fillets on your baking tray over a sheet of baking paper, season with salt and pepper and squeeze the juice of one orange over them.

Baked Trout with Orange Recipe

Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and then with the breadcrumbs; finish off with a drizzle of olive oil.

Baked Trout with Orange Recipe

Slice the other orange and put some slices on the fillets (optional).

Put it in the oven at 190C - 370F and bake for 15 minutes until lightly golden on top.

Baked Trout with Orange Recipe

Your fillets will be tender, juicy and of an exceptional delicate flavour!

Buon Appetito!

Baked Trout with Orange Recipe

This is a cheap recipe made with a few ingredients I had in my fridge so I am entering it to "No Waste Food Challenge" hosted by Elizabeth.

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14 Responses to Baked Trout with Orange, low in calories

  1. Dottie Sauchelli Balin

    Dear Alida,
    They say “simplicity” is the best. I think that is so true and your recipe proves that. Fabulous fish, looks beautiful. Especially now that Lent is upon us this fish dish is perfect for a Friday night or any night’s dinner. Love the fresh orange juice on top with the cheese and breadcrumbs. The flavor must be very refreshing…thank you for sharing this one dear friend…a must make on my list. Have a great rest of the day.
    Dottie πŸ™‚

  2. Kate - Gluten Free Alchemist

    I love oily fish with orange. This has reminded me of a lovely recipe that I haven’t made for ages. Must dig it out! Thanks for the inspiration….

  3. Catherine

    Dear Alida, It looks delicious and healthy too. xoxo Catherine

  4. Elisabetta

    Made this today. So fast to prepare and absolutely delicious. I’ll definitely make this over and over again. Grazie.

    • Alida

      Oh I am so pleased you tried it! I wanted to post it on the blog ages ago but never did. I need to get more of my mums recipes as they are always the ones that work best. Ciao!

      • Christine Turner

        A lovely easy recipe that looks like I have taken a lot of trouble to prepare, but no, simplicity itself. Delicious.

      • Alida

        Every time I buy trout fillets I make this one. I am very pleased you like it, it really is one of the easiest recipes I know!

  5. Elizabeth

    I love trout, and I love your simple recipe to cook it! Fantastic! Thank you for sharing with the no waste food challenge, and apologies for taking so long to comment!

    • Alida

      Thank you Elisabeth for hosting x

  6. Gina

    Hi Alida
    Could I use salmon fillets instead

    • Alida

      Hi Gina,
      Sure they will work just as well.

  7. Beverly Burt

    This has become one of those recipes that we repeat time and again. Very easy and delicious!

    • Alida

      I am very pleased, I use this one quite often too!

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