Black ink spaghetti with crab – “The long and the short of pasta”

Black ink spaghetti with crab – “The long and the short of pasta”

By 02/05/2018

"Pasta is a feeling as well as fuel"

Most people love pasta and I certainly do so, that's why I was pleased to review "The Long and Short of Pasta", a book which has a collection of over 70 Italian pasta dishes. The authors, Katie and Giancarlo Caldesi cover the basics of fresh pasta and the perfect sauces to pair them with.

The long and short of pasta_

I have enjoyed this book with traditional recipes and found many I would love to try, like the large ravioli with an egg in the middle, the Sicilian ragu' and the pasta with sardines and wild fennel sauce. Mmm.. I just love my pasta!

Large ravioli with spinach and egg - The long and short of pasta

I tried the "spaghetti al nero di seppia con granchio" or black ink spaghetti with crab. The recipe was actually with linguine but I used spaghetti as I had them already in the house. These days it is quite easy to find black ink pasta (I found mine at "Carluccios"). If you cannot find it in the shops you can look online or you can even make it yourself otherwise just use normal durum wheat pasta.

I bought fresh crab at my local farmer's market which was so fresh.. so this pasta was truly delicious: you could taste the sea with every mouthful!

  • Prep Time : 20 minutes
  • Cook Time : 20 minutes
  • Yield : 4



Bring a large saucepan of salted water to the boil. Heat the oil in a large frying pan and fry the shallots and garlic over a low heat until softened. Add the chilly and the brown crabmeat and stir through. Turn up the heat and pour in the wine, allow it to evaporate until the strong smell of alcohol has gone. Taste and season the sauce.

Remove from the heat and set aside. Cook the pasta until just al dente. Take a few tablespoons of water from the pasta saucepan and add it to the frying pan. Drain the pasta and put this in too. Add the white crabmeat and parsley and toss or stir through briefly. Taste once more and season further if necessary. Drizzle with olive oil and serve.

Black ink spaghetti with crab and chilly

Black ink pasta with fresh crab and chilly

The Long and Short of Pasta is published by Hardie Grant Books on 31st May 2018

I was sent the book to review. All opinions are my own

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10 Responses to Black ink spaghetti with crab – “The long and the short of pasta”

  1. Angie@Angie's Recipes

    I always love the dramatic colour of ink pasta…yours with crab looks right up my alley, Alida.

    • Alida

      It is indeed drammatic. I do it for dinner parties from time to time.

  2. gloria

    I never made black spaguetties but looks and sounds wonderful, beauty recipe cara!

    • Alida

      Many thanks Gloria!

  3. speedy70

    Un piatto molto raffinato, complimenti!!!!

  4. La cucina di Molly

    Adoro gli spaghetti al nero di seppia, un piatto molto invitante,brava!

  5. Alma Vorrei

    This definitely looks like it could have been cooked at a gourmet restaurant. You nailed it!

    • Alida

      I can certainly say it tastes of the sea!

  6. elisabetta

    It’s nice to see that the Caldesi’s have brought out this book – I used to follow their cookery programmes on television. This recipe looks so delicious and it’s a different way to have delicious crab with pasta.

    • Alida

      They have written several good books. Interesting that you followed their TV programs.

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