Bruno Vespa wine presentation at the Baglioni Hotel

Recently I was invited to an exclusive event presented by Italian stylist Angelo Galasso and Dylan Jones editor of GQ Magazine, with celebrity chef Giorgio Locatelli.

The event held at the luxury Italian hotel Baglioni in London, was a wine presentation by Mr Bruno Vespa who is an esteemed, well known Italian television Journalist. I grew up watching him on “Rai Uno” the main Italian TV channel so I was really excited to meet him.

Mr Vespa produces his wines in Manduria Puglia where he owns a history Colonial in the best area of Primitivo. His passion for wine led him to become a winegrower with his two sons Alessandro and Federico. I tried the “Primitivo di Manduria” reserve “Raccontami” which won several important prizes and the Primitivo di Salento “Il Rosso dei Vespa” with “Il Rosso di Puglia. All of them really excellent.

Baglioni hotel London

Wine glasses

There was a nice atmosphere in the hotel, very elegant with the ladies wearing beautiful dresses. Most of the guests were Italian so I just felt at ease speaking my mother tongue.

wine presentation

Several celebrities were present including Nancy dell’Olio who you can see in the photo on the left next to Italian stylist Angelo Galasso.

Nancy dell'Olio

The focus were Mr Vespa’s wines which were beautifully arranged in a stylish pyramid.

wine pyramid

The was a piano playing in the background too. Very sophisticated!

playing piano

During the evening, to accompany the wine, nibbles were served; these were prepared by Giorgio Locatelli. I particularly loved the mussels stuffed with rice and topped with a thin layer of crunchy potatoes. These were amazing! I would like to try making them at home.

Then we had “capesante” or scallops, big and juicy, a risotto with hare and liquorice, lamb with polenta and peppers and a chocolate mousse with red wine jelly. Not bad at all!


The wine perfectly matched every course. As you might know, we Italians love to pair wine with food. I had a really good chat with some wine experts who were present at the evening and I learned that the difference between a cheap wine and a more expensive one is not just about taste. More expensive wines need less chemicals in order to last well. That is why when you drink cheap wine it gets to your head much quicker than a more expensive one as there are more chemicals added to it. I am not a big drinker so I am even more sensitive to the chemicals. To me a good quality wine makes a big difference.

drinks at Baglioni hotel London

Then Mr Bruno Vespa held his presentation. To me when I meet someone I have been watching on television for years I cannot help but feeling really excited. He is so popular in Italy!

Mr Bruno Vespa's presentation

Then finally a huge cake arrived. It was a fantastic combination of sponge, with puff pastry, custard and topped with lots and lots of fresh fruit. Sounds like heaven doesn’t it? This is what we would call in Italy “torta diplomatica” which is my absolute favourite. I had two pieces of it! Sooo incredibly good!

Vespa fruit cake

There were cheers and excitement among the guests when the cake was cut.

Vespa cake

Italian celebrity chef Giorgio Locatelli helped Mr Vespa cutting the cake. Giorgio owns the Italian restaurant”Casa Locatelli” in London.

Bruno Vespa and Giorgio Locatelli cutting the cake

And I did managed a photo with a man I really admire, Mr Bruno Vespa!

Bruno Vespa and I

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7 Responses to Bruno Vespa wine presentation at the Baglioni Hotel

  1. Dottie Sauchelli Balin

    Dear Alida,
    How beautiful! What an honor to be invited to this event. You look gorgeous and a photo with the man himself. Wow! That cake looks awesome, I would have two pieces as well…What a beautiful hotel this event took place…the food looks spectacular and love the live piano music in the background. I never could understand the pairing between wines and what is a good one or not, maybe because I don’t drink much. So I am sure you learned a lot about the wines, which was good I am sure. Also love the decorations at the hotel, with the Christmas tree…What a lovely time you must have had, and thank you for sharing it with us. Have a lovely weekend, Ciao!
    Dottie 🙂

  2. la cucina di Molly

    Complimenti per il post e per aver condiviso con noi questa bella esperienza, conoscere il sig. Bruno Vespa, un volto noto della televisione italiana! Ottimi i suoi vini! Buona domenica, ciao!

  3. speedy70

    Splendido evento, bellissime foto!!!!

  4. Diana

    What a super cool event!!!! You are in the know with ALL hip people!!! Love that last pic!

  5. Elisabetta

    Wow, how lucky can a girl be, a lavish event and the crème de la crème guests. I also have great admiration for Bruno Vespa and I often watch his daily Porta a Porta. Giorgio Locatelli is one of my favourite tv chefs – he’s so crazy and funny too, love him. I am so happy you were able to enjoy this very special event Alida and to have your photo taken with Mr Vespa, brava! x

    • Alida

      I have been watching Porta a Porta for years, love that program, he is such a great presenter!

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