Artichokes Roman style, carciofi alla romana

Artichokes Roman style, carciofi alla romana

By 15/04/2013

When in Rome do as the Romans do... and when it is artichokes let's have them the Roman way too!

Artichokes are at their best now in Italy. It is a really interesting vegetable: full of nutrients, healthy and of a very deep and unique flavour. I always look forward of them coming into season!

You can cook them in so many ways: fried, in the oven, boiled, steamed, in pastas, risottos...but my favourite is always "alla romana", a classic in the Italian cuisine.

  • Prep Time : 30 minutes
  • Cook Time : 30 minutes



Clean the artichokes by removing the tough outer leaves; using a sharp knife and performing a rotating movement to spiral from the bottom up. Cut the stems off.

Artichokes Roman Style

Clean the stems by peeling them with knife

Artichokes Roman Style

Immerse the artichokes in water and lemon to prevent blackening. With the help of your fingers enlarge and open the leaves well

Artichokes Roman Style

Make the filling with the chopped parsley, chopped garlic cloves and chopped mint leaves. Add the breadcrumbs and olive oil and mix all the ingredients up. With the help of a spoon, fill the artichokes with the mixture, sprinkle some salt over them and a little more olive oil

Artichokes Roman Style

Put the artichokes and the stems in a large pan, add water up to cover half of the head of the artichokes. Close the pan with a lid and cook over a moderate heat for about 30 minutes. Prickle them with a fork to check if they are cooked.

Artichokes Roman Style

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8 Responses to Artichokes Roman style, carciofi alla romana

  1. la cucina di Molly

    Adoro i carciofi preparati in qualsiasi modo, ottima la tua versione alla romana! Ciao

  2. Jasna

    I never tried to prepare them; always thought it’s too complicated . They look beautiful in your arrangement.
    (Your maths questions becoming harder and harder )

  3. kay

    I’ve eaten this many times in Italy but not made it – artichokes are not easily available in London, you can get them but have to search a bit – and great to see this recipe. I’ll be in Venice next week so while not Rome for romana, I’m sure I’ll have some artichokes!!

  4. Tina Evans

    This was one of my favourite meals growing up! I haven’t had it in forever. Thanks for the great reminder 🙂

  5. gloria

    love artichokes and these look delicious Alida!

  6. Nora

    Mmmm, these artichokes look delicious! Pity they are so hard to find in our shores…

    • Alida

      I agree, I would have them much more often if they were cheaper. I adore artichokes!

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