Chocolate Hazelnut Crackled Cookies

Chocolate Hazelnut Crackled Cookies

By 02/12/2015

These cookies not only are they pretty but they really are a melt in your mouth experience. So chocolatey, so moreish...and so rich with the addition of hazelnuts. Chocolate and hazelnuts are a combination seemingly with infinite goodness.

The secret of getting those cracks on the outside is to roll the pastry in powdered sugar until the pastry is all covered in white. Then as they cook the pastry will split and those cool cracks will magically appear.

  • Prep Time : 25 minutes
  • Cook Time : 15 minutes
  • Yield : 32



This recipe makes 32 cookies.

Put the chocolate and the butter in a ceramic bowl and melt it over a saucepan of simmering water. Let it cool down.

melted chocolate

Whip the eggs with the sugar until pale and creamy, add the melted chocolate, the hazelnuts, the sifted flour and baking powder and the vanilla essence. Mix well.

Now you need to put it in the fridge for a couple of hours until firm.

chocolate mixture

Make small balls the size of a walnut.

chocolate balls

Put some granulated sugar on a plate and some powdered sugar on another plate. Roll the balls in the granulated sugar then in the powdered sugar afterwards.

rolling into sugar

Place the cookies on a greased baking tray 2 inch apart. Bake for 12 -15 minutes at 180 C or 350F until they have flattened and the sugar splits. Make sure you don't overbake them.

Chocolate hazelnut crinkles cookies

Store in an airtight container.

Chocolate hazelnut crinkles cookies

Chocolate hazelnut crinkles cookies

Have a look at my lemon crackled biscuits too as they are quite similar.

I was sent a Stellar baking tray to review. All opinions are my own.

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21 Responses to Chocolate Hazelnut Crackled Cookies

  1. gloria

    These cookies look delicious Alida!!

  2. Stefanie

    These are addicting! I was SO surprised how simple they were to make. I’m not sure why I thought they would be hard, lol.

    • Alida

      Yes they are indeed really easy to make, love them and I want to make them again soon.

  3. Dottie Sauchelli Balin

    Dear Alida,
    Very interesting cookies…I have seen these before but never made them…Now i will try them as I love the hazelnuts flavor and these are easy peasy to prepare. Love the way it looks when they are done and they must be heavenly. I checked out your Lemon ones and love that too. So I have printed out the recipes of both yummy cookies. The pan is a wonderful addition for your baking. Sometimes I get those cookie pans, that bend up the ends in the oven and then they are crooked. I have to try to get a really good pan for cookies. Thanks for sharing your recipe and the pan info. Have a wonderful rest of the week!
    Ciao! Dottie 🙂

    • Alida

      Thanks Dottie, yes I am pleased to finally throw away my old baking tray. I use kitchen equipment every day so it really feels good to have something new from time to time.

  4. Meghan | Fox and Briar

    These cookies look delicious. I love chocolate, and the fudgy rich variety is my favorite. I love the extra addition of hazelnuts!

    • Alida

      Thank you Meghan.

  5. Elisabetta

    Ooh, these little dark beauties remind me of my favourite chocolates, Baci. They’re so simple to make too. Actually a selection of these chocolate and hazelnut biscuits and your lemon biscuits would be perfect for any afternoon tea.

  6. Kate - Gluten Free Alchemist

    Now don’t these look tempting? I would be overjoyed if someone gave me a bag as a christmas present. The crackle s just lovely! Now…… I wonder if I could make them gluten free?!

    • Alida

      Yes please it would be great to find a gluten free version, perhaps with corn flour?

  7. la cucina di Molly

    Che meraviglia questi dolcetti, mi piacciono molto così cioccolatosi, bravissima! Un abbraccio!

    • Alida

      Thank you!

  8. Anna

    They look very easy to make just wonering if you can substitute with different nuts like walnut? Thank you

    • Alida

      Yes of course you can. Most nuts would be good.

  9. Rose

    Can you replace the chocolate with Nutella spread?

    • Alida

      Yes you can.

  10. Susan Fell

    Greetings from sunny Australia. Thank you so much for your recipes, I can’t tell you how many I have made and enjoyed. Today however I am about to make one of my firm favourites, Chocolate Hazelnut Crackled Cookies, so easy to make, and absolutely everyone loves them. This time I am making several batches to go in Christmas Hampers for my grandchildren’s teachers; and I thought it was time to to thank you for your recipes.
    Wishing you and your’s all the very best for the coming holiday season. Susan Fell

    • Alida

      Dear Susan,
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I am very pleased you enjoy my recipes. What a lovely idea to make cookies for your Christmas baskets. Handmade cookies are always very appreciated in gifts. My sister did so for her wedding: every guest received a little box with homemade biscuits and everyone absolutely loved the idea!
      All the best and have a beautiful Christmas time.

  11. Susanne Seah

    I made these cookies with whole meal spelt flour and hazelnuts and they were very good. I baked the second batch a 10 mins longer as the first batch was slightly ‘cakey’ in the center. I also added a sprinkle of cinnamon and 2 full teaspoons of instant coffee granules for a 1.4 times quantity of recipe.
    I didn’t achieve as many crackle but they are really delicious!

    • Alida

      That’s wonderful, thank you for trying the recipe!

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