Chocolate Spider Web Tart for Halloween

Chocolate Spider Web Tart for Halloween

By 28/10/2013

I am a child of the 80's. A time, before the "organic-health movement", when there was lots of "merendine" around: those industrial mini packaged cakes so popular in Italy at the time. They were everywhere, children would take them to school as a morning snack and parents would happily hand them out at any time of the day thinking they were giving their children something healthy. To be fair there was also less choice in those days and people were not aware of the preservatives, additives and trans fats in food.

All of this to say how much I used to remember those mini chocolate tarts made by  "Mulino Bianco" a big make at the time. The treats you had as a child will always be impressed on your taste buds!

mulino bianco

Tartletts made by Mulino Bianco

Having been living in the UK for some time now I could not resist the temptation of buying a packet in an Italian deli a few days ago. To my disappointment I realised I did not like them as much as I used too. Your tastebuds change as an adult.

That's why I decided to make one myself. Nothing could beat homemade pastry which combined with chocolate makes this tart really addictive. The spider web is inspired by Halloween.

  • Prep Time : 45 minutes
  • Cook Time : 50 minutes



Make the shortcrust pastry by combining the flour, egg, vanilla essence, sugar and cold diced butter.

ingredients on working top

Work quickly with your hands to make a smooth dough

making a smooth dough

Grease a round baking tray with some oil. Flatten the pastry with a rolling pin and lay 3/4 of the pastry over the mould. You can just use your hands if you find it difficult with the rolling pin. Pierce the pastry with the fork all over the bottom

pastry in baking tray

Put the chocolate in a heat resistant bowl and place over a sauce pan with simmering water. Stir from time to time until the chocolate has completely melted

In a bowl stir the ricotta, egg, sugar and add the melted chocolate too. Stir well and pour it over the pastry in the mould leveling it well

spreading the chocolate

With the remaining pastry make 4 small cylinders and lay them crosswise over the tart

rolling the pastry

making a web

Now make some more smaller cylinders and lay them over the tart to look like a web

making a web

Make two balls, one bigger than the other to make up a spider which you will put at the centre of the web. You can make the legs with some blanched almonds.

Cover the tart with some baking foil for the first 25 minutes of cooking to avoid the pastry burning on top. Then take the foil off and to finish cooking it.

Bake at 180C for about 40 minutes.

halloween chocolate spider web tart

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5 Responses to Chocolate Spider Web Tart for Halloween

  1. Javelin Warrior

    What an awesome, tart, Alida! I love the beautiful spider-webbing with the pastry over top. Very creative and perfect for Halloween…

  2. la cucina di Molly

    Condivido pienamente, preferisco anch’io i dolci e crostate caserecce a quelle industriali, hanno un’altro sapore oltre ad essere più genuine! Che golosa la tua crostata e anche bella in tema di Halloween! Un bacione!

  3. .gloria

    this tart look wonderful!

  4. unikorna

    Lovely idea for Halloween Alida. Congrats from another child of the eighties :). You are amazinggggg.

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