Cooks Thermometer Thermapen giveaway

Have you ever heard of Thermapen? This is a really clever and super fast thermometer for cooks which ensures that your roasts, steaks and chops come out that perfect medium-rare every time.

Thermapen is the UK’s number one selling food thermometer which measures temperature over the range of -49.9 to 299.9 °C. It offers a combination of speed, accuracy and convenience of use.

  • patented, automatic 360° rotational display
  • reaches temperature in just 3 seconds
  • auto intelligent backlight
  • motion-sensing sleep mode which automatically turns itself on and off when you pick it up
  • waterproof
  • FREE traceable calibration certificate

234-427 Thermapen4

Thermapen 4 is really cool as it knows when it’s dark and it turns the backlight on for you, so you can easily read in poorly lit kitchen areas.

It is powered by a single AAA battery with a life expectancy of 3000 hours in normal use. Thermapen is priced at £60 and available in ten vibrant colours on the Thermapen website.

Thermapen is offering the chance to one lucky My Little Italian Kitchen reader to win one.

Enter the gleam form below. This is a raffle. The more entries the more chances of winning.

Terms and conditions:

  1. You can enter with the Gleam widget below via blog comment, twitter, instagram or pinterest.
  2. Please comment on this blogpost before proceeding with other entry options (this is mandatory).
  3. One winner will be randomly selected, announced in this blog post and contacted via their provided e-mail address. Please claim your prize within 4 days of being notified.
  4. Giveaway open to UK residents over the age of 18 only.
  5. This giveaway closes on February 18th 2016


Cooks Thermometer Thermapen



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463 Responses to Cooks Thermometer Thermapen giveaway

  1. Christopher Williamson

    This will certainly take the guesswork out of cooking meats – no more “let’s leave it in for another hour to make sure”…!!!

  2. Donald McLeman

    This would be great for my favourite roast – turkey 🙂

  3. Tracy Newton

    I love roast chicken dinner with all the trimmings. This thermometer woukd be great to ensure that the chicken is fully cooked

  4. James

    Roast port with crackling and all the trimmings!

  5. Bev

    Roast beef and the trimmings!

  6. Phil Morris

    My favourite roast is …. Chicken.

  7. Heather T

    Roast pork & stuffing

  8. Catherine Whetton

    Pork with crackling!

  9. Gavin

    Beef’s my fav for roasting. I like it rare so a temp guide would be a lot more useful than guessing the timing.

  10. Pam Richardson

    Roast beef with yorksire puddingd

  11. ChayB

    I’ve been after one of these for ages!

  12. David Paterson

    Roast beef

  13. Lisa Everaert

    We all love a Slow roasted Lamb sunday roast.

  14. Rachael

    Lamb has to be my favourite for a roast

  15. Simon M

    Roast beef and yorkshire pudding

  16. Alison Murphy

    This will be perfect for getting the temperature of my favourite roast chicken dinners right!

  17. Rena Plumridge

    Roast beef

  18. Paul T

    My favourite is Roast Beef!

  19. Kim Neville

    Roast chicken is a favourite in our house

  20. Lisa Williams

    I love a nice roast duck breast 🙂

  21. Angela Fitzjohn

    Roast Lamb, no other roasts come close.

  22. Charlie

    Roast Chicken but we are allowed Yorkshire Puddings too 🙂

  23. Angela McDonald

    Silverside beef with crispy roast potatoes, garlic mash, roasted carrots & parsnips and lots of mint sauce & meat juice gravy!

  24. William Critchlow

    Roast lamb

  25. Tania Atfield

    Always wanted one of these!

  26. Tania Atfield

    Fave roast is lamb

  27. Carolynn Woodland

    Roast Beef with absolutely all the trimmings – and not just on Sundays!

  28. Sara Macey

    Love a beef roast dinner with Yorkshire puddings

  29. Tracy K Nixon

    I love a roast beef dinner!

  30. Peter Hall

    roast lamb with rosemary roasted potatoes

  31. Nicki Evans

    I like gammon.

  32. lorraine dunne

    Roast beef, roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, baby carrots, mash and gravy.

  33. Hugh Jones

    Rack of Lamb

  34. Edward Guerreiro

    My favourite roast dinner is lamb, followed closely by beef.

  35. Michaela Smith

    I love a quorn roast as I am a vegetarian 🙂


    Roast beef, yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes,gravy and carrots

  37. Claire Bodin

    Beef roast

  38. Liza Park

    My favourite roast dinner is Lamb with roast spuds, yorkie pud, asparagus and a good blob of mint sauce 🙂

  39. amanda dunn

    Has to be roast lamb and mince sauce 🙂

  40. Mary Heald

    I love roast chicken

  41. Kat Glynn

    My favourite is a roast lamb dinner 🙂

  42. Karen Laing

    I love roast pork with crackling served with mashed and roast potatoes,yorkshire puddings and red cabbage x

  43. clair downham

    lamb and beef thankyou

  44. Jo Jones

    It has to be roast turkey Christmas dinner with all the trimmings

  45. Vincent Porter

    Roast lamb… yum

  46. Zoe G

    Mine is roast beef with all the trimmings, especially parsnips

  47. Louise A

    Roast chicken with all the trimmings 🙂

  48. pete c

    Roast Lamb with Yorkshire Puddings, all the veg with mint sauce and a nice gravy

  49. laura stewart

    chicken roast dinner x

  50. Lucy Igoe

    Chicken Roast but still like to have Yorkshire Pudding and Stuffing

  51. Tracey Parker

    Beef or lamb for a real treat.

  52. Lea Mavin

    Beef has to be my favourite roast dinner

  53. milli

    Roast beef with crispy roast potatoes.

  54. Claire D

    Its got to be a lamb roast dinner

  55. Paula Readings

    I like roast beef, that’s my favourite.

  56. ashleigh allan

    I like roast beef!

  57. Denise Seddon

    Roast Turkey with all the trimmings, broccoli, carrots, mash and roast potatoes.

  58. Helen Bennett

    Love Roast Pork, apple sauce and crackling. beautiful

  59. hannonle

    Turkey is my favourite roast dinner

  60. Leanne Hansell

    Lamb roast dinner

  61. Dadmac

    Quorn roast, homemade roast potatoes, sweet roast carrots, stuffing and veggie gravy.

  62. Iona Cornish

    Roast Beef

  63. Lorraine Mabbitt

    Fav roast is beef

  64. Clare Martin

    Roast beef is my favourite!

  65. Kevin Honey

    Roast Turkey!

  66. fozia Akhtar

    Roast beef

  67. John Massie

    Roast beef and all the trimmings

  68. Chris Andrews

    my favourite is . . . . . . roast beef

  69. stephanie Llewellyn

    roast beef is my favourite

  70. Jayne Kelsall

    Got to be Lamb with raost potatoes, sprouts, cauliflower, brocoli yorkshire puds and of course mint sauce 🙂

  71. Lisa Pond

    I love a lamb dinner with mint sauce, yum yum

  72. lisa tebbutt


  73. Snowy79

    Roast beef is my favourite too

  74. Vanessa F

    I love roast chicken with all the trimmings.

  75. laura banks

    roast beef and yorkshire pudding

  76. Becky Duffy

    Roast beef dinner for me, with plenty of horseradish sauce! 🙂


    I love a chicken roast dinner

  78. Amy Jane Beckett

    Roast Lamb

  79. Sarah Benn

    Roast chicken

  80. nicola clarkson

    I love Roast pork with crackling

  81. gemma nisbet

    I love a juicy roast beef dinner. With massive Yorkshire puddings and stuffing.

  82. Bob Clark

    roast beef every time – and man’s meat

  83. aj


  84. Stacey Carnell

    Roast beef <3

  85. Heather Wilson

    Beef dinner

  86. iain maciver

    roast chicken

  87. Heather Haigh

    Roast beef with Yorkshire puddings

  88. Kristy Brown

    I love Roast Lamb

  89. Suzanne O'Neill

    Has to be roast beef with yorkshire pudding and gravy!

  90. kate kathurima

    roast pork, but to be fair I would eat any roast dinner

  91. Ellen Sheppard

    Roast lamb is our family fave 🙂

  92. naz


  93. Joanne Blunt


  94. lyn Burgess

    Roast beef with all the trmmings (and mom’s Yorkshires)

  95. georgina prince (was Davies)

    chicken is by far my favourite x

  96. Steven Hunter

    Roast beef

  97. S Bufton

    Roast Lamb

  98. Melanie Gardiner

    Roast Lamb studded with rosemary and garlic and strips of anchovy….Lush

  99. Lisa Buckley

    a full roast beef dinner, with roast spuds, parsnips, Yorkshire puddings and extra veg!

  100. Juliet Wilson

    Ooooo so tough but I think it’s got to be a roast beef with horseradish and don’t forget the Yorkshire puddings! You’ve got me craving one now!

  101. Jamie W

    Roast beef joint, goose fat roasters, honeyed carrots, mushroom and rosemary stuffing, nutmeg and garlic creamed spinach and some proper red wine gravy

  102. Kim Styles

    Roast leg of lamb with mint and rosemary

  103. Kayleigh-Anne Watkins

    Love minted lamb roast, baby new potatoes vegetables and new potato roasties xXx

  104. Sarah N

    My favourite roast is lamb.

  105. Richard Tyler

    Roast Chicken / Turkey 🙂

  106. melanie stirling

    Roast leg of lamb with mint sauce.

  107. Paul RATCLIFFE

    you cant beat a roast beef sunday lunch – with ALL the trimmings

  108. catherine burke

    Roast pork

  109. Sarah Fawcett

    Slow roast lamb for us with Yorkshire Puddings of course

  110. Kasia

    Roast chicken!

  111. Wayne Brant

    A little past Christmas now, but a traditional Roast Turkey is one meal I always look forward to!

  112. aaron broad

    Roast Turkey is my favourite

  113. Diana Maxwell

    Lamb. Cooked very long and slow.

  114. gemma brown

    i just have the vegetables , but my partner and our children love lamb

  115. ElizM

    Christmas lunch – turkey and all the trimmings, but on a normal roastie day I love roast beef and yorkshire pud

  116. lynn heath

    Roast Beef with all the trimmings!

  117. A Graham

    Roast Chicken!!

  118. Diane Radford

    Roast Pork

  119. Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy

    I have seen lots of great things about this and it’s a good way to make sure that you have perfectly cooked meat.

    • Alida

      Yes it is just so easy to overcook meat, love this gadget.

  120. sarah birkett

    lAMB I think , though I would never refuse any sort of roast – its my favourite emal

  121. Sam Goodwin

    Roast chicken is my FAV.

  122. Christine Caple

    Roast turkey is my favourite

  123. Alison Johnson

    I’m a vegetarian so I make my own cottage pies but Hubby & sons love their roast chicken dinner on a Sunday.

  124. Helen Adams

    Roast beef

  125. katie w

    roast chicken is my favourite

  126. Corinne Wright

    Roast Chicken with stuffing.

  127. carolyn joyce

    I love roast pork joint with crackling

  128. angela b

    roast beef

  129. jennifer thorpe

    roast leg of lamb

  130. Hayley Lynch

    Always and forever Roast Beef and Yorkshire puds

  131. Amanda

    Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding 🙂

  132. Pauline Wilson

    Roast beef, roast and mashed potatoes, Yorkshire puds, veg and gravy

  133. Sarah Bacchus

    Roast Beef

  134. Emma Ellams

    Lamb 🙂

  135. claire woods

    Quorn roast

  136. Allan Wilson

    Roasted Duck


    Lamb with roast spuds done in the juices, like cauli and sprouts as well

  138. Mickie Bull


  139. Angela Treadway

    Roast chicken x

  140. rebecca nisbet

    its got to be a lamb roast

  141. Natalie Charman

    Roast lamb is my favourite

  142. Maxine G

    A veggie roast with lots of delicious veggies and a home made pie or nut roast

  143. Ruth Harwood

    We love Lamb xx

  144. ruth robinson


  145. Stephanie Whitehouse

    My husband makes the most wonderful slow roast lamb

  146. judy parslow

    roast lamb


    Traditional Roast Beef

  148. Adeline

    I love roast beef with veggies, potatoes and Yorkshire puddings!

  149. Louise Smith

    Roast Turkey with all the trimmings

  150. Corinne Peat

    Love roast beef

  151. Allan Smith

    Roast Turkey dinner at Christmas 🙂

  152. Sarah Davison

    Roast lamb dinner with mint sauce.

  153. C Kennedy

    I absolutely love a roast lamb dinner!

  154. Lisa Parker

    Roast lamb is my favourite roast

  155. Mary Chez

    Roast lamb

  156. Beky Austerberry

    roast beef



  158. Anthony G

    Winner winner, chicken dinner! 🙂

  159. Nikki Hunter-Pike

    Roast duck is my absolutel fave!

  160. terri jenner

    got to be roast lamb

  161. John Jones

    Roast lamb for me!

  162. Gwyn Sharps

    Roast Beef with yorkshire puds and all the trimmings

  163. Annette Oliver

    Chicken with all the trimmings

  164. BEC F

    Roast beef

  165. Kim M

    Chicken with all the trimmings

  166. Monica Gilbert

    Roast turkey with all the trimmings (Thanksgiving) or a roast ham dinner (Easter and some Christmases).

  167. natalie moore

    roast lamb with garlic and rosemary, roasted vegetable and home made yorkshire puddings mmm mouths watering!

  168. Susan Sargent

    Roast Beef with Yorkshire Puddings, Roast potatoes and vegetables.

  169. Sue Stevenson

    Roast Lamb with onion pudding

  170. Jo Carroll

    Roast Lamb with mint sauce. x

  171. Deb Alexander

    Our favourite Sunday roast is Roast Beef with Yorkshire puddings – lovely! x

  172. Danielle M

    I love roast beef way more than anyone should!! It tastes soooo good!!

  173. Becky John

    Roast pork with apple sauce

  174. Layla Thomas

    I love Roast lamb with mint jelly.

  175. jamie millard

    traditionally chicken – but i’m really into my roast ham these days

  176. charlotte

    Afraid for me it is nut cutlet! But everyone else pork belly seems to be a favourite

  177. Charlie Brunton

    My all time favourite is roast chicken with all the trimmings x

  178. Sarah Tilley

    Roast beef and yorkshire pudding

  179. Kerry Locke

    Love a Roast Lamb Dinner

  180. drannut

    Roast pork and crackling

  181. michelle o'neill

    roast pork x

  182. Lyla

    Beef and yorkshire puddings

  183. Mark Richmond

    Has to be roast lamb

  184. Curly

    Next to a good steak Belly Pork with crisp crackling would be my favourite.
    As a keen BBQ user a good fast response thermometer for food safety is a must, so a Thermapen would be great

  185. CalvinC

    Roast duck with potato 😀

  186. Richard R

    Roast Turkey

  187. Samantha Donnelly

    Roast Beef is my favourite roast dinner

  188. Margaret Clarkson

    Roast Lamb

  189. Tracy Gladman

    Roast Chicken

  190. Richard Turner

    Roast Chicken

  191. Scott Fallon

    Roast beef

  192. Tamsin Dean

    has to be roast chicken and veg

  193. Angela Williams

    roast chicken

  194. Fiona K

    I’m vegetarian so no roast meats for me, but I do love all kinds of roast vegetables.

  195. Marty

    Has to be roast beef with all the trimmings

  196. sharon mead

    roast beef

  197. Solange

    Roast lamb studded with rosemary & garlic

  198. Charlotte Moore

    Roast potatoes

  199. Helen Humphries

    Roast beef with all the trimmings.

  200. betony Bennett

    Pork with crackling 😀

  201. Sam McKean

    Beef with all the trimmings!

  202. Andy Kadir-Buxton

    Roast turkey, great.

  203. Michelle Sykes

    Roast chicken and stuffing

  204. Anna Lord

    Roast leg of pork

  205. Tracey Peach

    A Lamb Roast Dinner 🙂

  206. Amy Pest

    roast beef with yorkshire puddings

  207. Jayne T

    Roast chicken, thanks for the giveaway, I would love to win one of these.

  208. wjanice121

    Roast lamb and mint sauce for me

  209. Naz M

    I love Roast Lamb. I like the usual Brit sunday roast, but I adore lamb raan (roast lamb Indian style!)

  210. Danielle Cresswell

    Roast beef and yorkies yummy

  211. Rachel Butterworth

    Roast Chicken.

  212. Catriona Hutchinson

    Pork! Ideally with crispy polenta and white wine!

  213. stephen smith

    roast beef with all the trimmings

  214. Phil Darling

    Roast Beef all the way

  215. Laura Nice

    Roast chicken and veg!

  216. Steve Dickinson

    Pork belly with crackling

  217. Laura-Jane Baker

    Roast beef

  218. Sharon L Johnson

    Chicken yummy

  219. Leila Benhamida

    Roast beef is my favourite

  220. Amanda Langley

    I love roasts but my absolute favourite is roast pork.


    Roast lamb and mint sauce x

  222. Helen Swales

    Roast beef, yorkshire puddings, yorkshire salad and all the trimmings is my favourite roast dinner.

  223. ksenia Zywczuk

    salt crusted beef roast

  224. Jemma Bond


  225. Tasha hamilton

    Roast beef

  226. KAREN salisbury

    roast lamb

  227. Barbara Rayner

    Roast Chicken

  228. Hayley Elvin

    Roast Beef 🙂

  229. Laura Asplin

    Roast beef with Yorkshire pudding!

  230. Margaret Abram

    Roast pork with lots of crackling!

  231. Maxine Feehely

    Roast lamb with mint jelly

  232. joanne hover

    Definitely my Christmas roast turkey!

  233. Denise Cross

    roast chicken with all the bits

  234. rachel S

    it has to be chicken 🙂

  235. Paul Reeves

    Roast Lamb

  236. Matt McAndrew

    Roast beef!

  237. Miss Tracy Hanson

    Chicken with Yorkshire puddings and stuffing.

  238. angela atkins

    my fav roast is any meat other than lamb, it makes me ill, but all other meats are gorgeous

  239. Sacha harrup

    I might actually be able to cook a nice roast beef without burning it ☺️

  240. Emma Walton

    Roast pork with crackling and home made roast potatoes.

  241. stephen holman

    has to be roast chicken

  242. Melanie Gardiner

    Roast leg of lamb studded with garlic and rosemary and topped with anchovy

  243. Sarah addey

    Def roast chicken

  244. Tanya Bryant

    I has to be roast beef for me

  245. Angela Muir

    Roast pork is my favourite roast dinner

  246. Priscilla Stubbs

    I love all roast dinners n but my favourite is a roast beef and Yorkshire pudding dinner

  247. Lowri Nicola davies

    Lamb is my fave always

  248. lynn neal

    I like to cook roast chicken for my family

  249. Kat Lucas

    Roast beef is my fave

  250. Gisela Barrington

    Lamb shoulder with rosemary potatoes and caramelised carrots is our favourite roast

  251. Emma Boylan

    Roast beef with yorkshire pud, roast parsnips and loads more veg.

  252. Stevie

    I like tender roast beef. I like mushroom with it too.

  253. Jackie ONeill

    Roast Chicken

  254. Tracy

    Roast lamb with all the trimmings…mmm

  255. Laura

    Turkey with all the trimmings.

  256. Kathleen Bywaters

    I love honey and mustard roasted gammon with yummy crispy crackling!

  257. Emily Clark

    I’m veggie, so some kind of mushroom wellington is my fave.

  258. Sarah Robinson

    Minted Roast lamb is favourite x

  259. Anthea Holloway

    Roast beef and Yorkshire Pudding.

  260. Bethan Phillips

    Roast chicken!

  261. Bryanna

    Roast chicken 🙂

  262. claire jamie gray

    roast lamb mmmmm x

  263. jemma dwyer

    lamb 😛 x

  264. irene gilmour

    got to be roast chicken

  265. Teresa Lee

    Lamb roast

  266. Eileen Sumner

    Love roast chicken

  267. Jo Hutchinson

    I love roast beef

  268. Caroline Cordery

    I love a vegetarian roast dinner with more than half the plate yorkshires

  269. Victoria Collins

    Lamb dinner

  270. cathyj

    roast chicken with lots of different veg

  271. kimberley ryan

    Roast beef, Yorkshire puddings and all the trimmings

  272. Sheila Reeves

    If I have to choose it’s roast beef

  273. Karen R

    I love roast lamb dinner, but it’s no good without mint sauce!

  274. carole nott

    roast chicken with all the trimmings

  275. Julie

    Roast chicken! Yum

  276. Diana

    Roast lamb with crispy roast potatoes 🙂

  277. purplebubble

    Roast chicken with stuffing and bread sauce.

  278. Julia p

    Roast Beef with all the trimmings.

  279. Robert Price

    Beef and Yorkshire puddings

  280. Barbara Handley

    Traditional Sunday roast dinner.

  281. Lisa Wilkinson

    Roast pork

  282. Victoria B

    Roast Beef always my favourite. My gran would do nothing else.

  283. Steve Patterson

    Pork and crackling!!!

  284. donna l jones

    lamb is our favourite

  285. Keshia Esgate

    Roast lamb is my absolute favourite!

  286. Sarah H

    Roast chicken and all the trimmings in our family favourite!

  287. Ann Williams

    Roast lamb flavoured with rosemary is my favourite roast dinner

  288. Simon Wade

    I’m a fan of most roasts, but think favourite is beef!

  289. Leanne Newsome

    Roast beef

  290. Cyra Bellamy

    Roast chicken with stuffing

  291. Tracyann Higgs

    Roast turkey is my favourite………all year round, with cranberry sauce

  292. Sarah S

    Roast pork with proper crispy crackling

  293. Angie Hoggett

    pork and apple

  294. Patricia Avery

    Roast beef and Yorkshire Pudding 🙂

  295. Caroline Blaza

    Roast chicken x

  296. Kerry Kilmister

    I love a roast chicken dinner – to be honest, I could eat them every day of the week!

  297. Susan B

    My favourite roast is lentil and nut.

  298. Simon Harrington

    Roast Turkey

  299. Andrea Miles

    not a huge fan of roasts apart from duck

  300. gareth drake


  301. Kate Knight

    roast chicken

  302. Jason Smith

    Roast beef with all the trimmings!

  303. Sara Turner

    It has to be beef with all the trimmings!

  304. EJ Dunn

    I love roast lamb!

  305. Rebecca Howells (@PeanutHog)

    Nut roast, roast potatoes and lots of different veg.

  306. Keri Jones

    If I’m cooking it, it would have to be roast chicken. If a professional is cooking them roast beef. My beef always turns out tough no matter what cut I buy or how long I cook it for 🙁

  307. Emma Perry

    Lamb roast is my favourite with loads of mint sauce 🙂

  308. Lauren Old

    Roast beef

  309. Sally Kilner

    Roast beef..slightly pink in the middle, home made yorkshires, a rainbow of veg, creamy horseradish and a big jug of gravy.

  310. Donna Browne

    Roast Chicken yummy

  311. Zoe g

    Chicken but anything with gravy is fine

  312. MichelleD

    A roast lamb dinner!

  313. emma walters

    roast turkey and all the christmas trimmings x

  314. Heather Brannan

    It has to be chicken!

  315. Paula Nixon

    Has to be roast beef

  316. Andrea A

    Nut roast

  317. Rebecca Williams

    Roast chicken.

  318. Lisa Mauchline

    Roast beef with all the trimmings! Oh I’m hungry now lol

  319. Ruby Spiteri

    Roast Beef x

  320. Shirley Evans


  321. tracy sinclair

    Roast Chicken is my favourite x

  322. Samantha Atherton

    Roast Gammon is my favorite

  323. Debbie Preston

    Roast chicken for us

  324. Teresa Sheldon

    Love roast lamb done with rosemary and garlic yummy

  325. Christopher Read

    Roast chicken

  326. Steve

    A roast lamb dinner ,not forgetting the mint sauce of course.

  327. A. J-M

    Roast beef~

  328. Laura Farnworth

    Roast chicken dinner with mash and gravy.

  329. Jenny Jones

    Roast Beef & Yorkshire Puddings in this house 🙂

  330. carol boffey

    Roast chicken

  331. Louise Payne

    Pork with apple sauce

  332. Helen Spillett

    I’m a veggie but I do make the roast dinner for the rest of the family… they love roast chicken!

  333. Alison Barker

    I like roast beef.

  334. emma kinsey

    minted lamb

  335. Lola Balntas

    Roast chicken with home made chicken gravy mopped up with perfect super fluffy crunchy roast potatoes and honey glazed carrots & parsnips. Yum.

  336. Emily Hutchinson

    Roast beef, don’t forget the Yorkshire puddings

  337. claire little

    roast beef

  338. Claire Melvin

    Roast chicken 🙂

  339. Katherine McDonald


  340. Michelle Wild

    Beef must have Yorkshire puddings and all the trimmings too.

  341. Leigh Larkin

    Lamb or beef

  342. Susan Race

    Roast beef and yorkshire pudding! 🙂

  343. gracieg

    chicken and trimmings everytime

  344. Diane Carey

    Roast Lamb, Roast Potatoes, Veg, Yorkshire Puddings, Mint Sauce and Gravy

  345. Angela Elliott

    Roast pork, with lovely crunchy crackling and home-made roast potatoes….failing that All You Can Eat Chinese Buffett.

  346. Bridgette West

    Well as a veggie I would have to say I make a mean goat cheese and caramalised onion strudel which blows all the meat out the water 😛

  347. Lisa Houston


  348. Katie Chamberlain

    Roast chicken

  349. Mark Palmer

    Roast lamb

  350. Serena La Pietra

    I love roast beef.

  351. Ian Campbell

    Roast Beef and all the trimmings. A meal long enshrined in the pantheon of dinnertime greats 🙂

  352. louise reeks

    Roast beef

  353. Jane Middleton

    Roast chicken

  354. Andrew Hindley

    Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding

  355. Roseanna Scott

    roast lamb yorkshire puds and mint sauce

  356. Sheri Darby

    Roast beef

  357. Jen

    Roast turkey.

  358. Adrian Bold

    Roast Beef and huge Yorkshire Puddings!

  359. Victoria Prince

    Roast chicken for me 🙂

  360. Amanda Norwood

    Roast beef is my favourite

  361. Farhana

    Roast Chicken. Yum

  362. Jamie Walker

    Pork! 🙂

  363. Cassandra Mayers

    Roast Beef 😀 Yum Haven’t had it for ages either.

  364. Elspeth MacMillan

    Chicken and all the trimmings

  365. Victoria N

    Roast beef of course!

  366. Liz Duncan

    Full Christmas turkey roast dinner has to be my favourite!

  367. Angela Paull

    Lamb – with oodles of mint sauce 🙂

  368. Kathryn Casbolt

    Roast Beef with all the trimmings 🙂

  369. sunita verma

    roast chicken with every single trimming i can think of, this was the first meal my mum taught me how to make when i was younger

  370. sarah


  371. simon hardy

    Gammon is my favourite!

  372. Rebecca Roberts

    Roast chicken with everything yym!

  373. Susan Carruthers

    This would be perfect for ensuring my favourite roast chicken is cooked to perfection!

  374. Hazel Rea

    Roast chicken with all the trimmings is my favourite.

  375. Nancy Bradford

    Roast beef, but I love it pot roasted over low heat so it falls apart (it is so tender).

  376. alison clark

    Roast beef is my main favourite but at christmas we had cockeral and it was amazing – I love my sunday roasts!

  377. Anthony Harrington

    roasted stuffed red peppers, roast potato, sprouts and carrots

  378. Linda Curtis

    roast lamb with all the rimming and mint sacue

  379. Hester McQueen

    Roast beef – rare, yorkshire pudding, lashings of gravy, dauphinois potatoes, peas, broccoli and carrots – horseradish sauce


    Has to be roast beef for me with yorkshire puddings and all the trimmings and a juicy thick gravy

  381. Ali Thorpe

    I would have to say chicken.

  382. Jenny Rogers

    Roast pork with crispy crackling.

  383. Wendy Tolhurst

    Roast beef, cooked med-rare and served with horseradish

  384. Jayne K

    Roast chicken

  385. helen newton

    I Love a Roast Lamb dinner with all the trimmings 🙂

  386. Carole Hiscock


  387. Joanna Sawka

    Roast nuts

  388. ellie spider

    slow cooked lamb with veggies and roasties

  389. nicola james

    lamb is my fav although i try not to eat it too often as i feel so guilty when i see the cute little things on the farm

  390. Lynne Durkin

    Roast turkey with plenty of roast potatoes x

  391. Robyn Clarke

    Rare roast beef

  392. Karl Borowy


  393. Lyndsey Beckford

    My favourite is roast chicken

  394. karen watt

    roast beef and lamb all the trimmings and sauces

  395. Beryl drake

    Chicken with roast potatoes and roast parsnips

  396. Kimberly goldsmith

    Roast pork

  397. Geoff Hibbert

    Traditional roast beef dinner

  398. Tim Woolfenden

    Locally sourced roast beef…all the it so much we have it on a Saturday evening instead of waiting for a sunday

  399. Chris Wise


  400. amanda greensmith

    roast beef and yorkshire pud

  401. jackie curran

    I love roast beef , yorkshire puddings and roast potatoes

  402. Pat Healy

    Roast lamb

  403. Claire Nelson

    Roast salmon for me, chicken for the rest of the family!

  404. Rebecca Mercer

    Has to be roast beef and yorkshire pudding yum

  405. Natalie Crossan

    Roast lamb

  406. Phyllis Ellett

    Easiest favourite is roast chicken, but best favourite is slow roast leg of lamb 🙂

  407. michelle pierce

    love roast beef with yorkshire pudding

  408. Kay Broomfield

    I’m a vegetarian but my hubby loves roast chicken.

  409. Dawn Underwood

    Roast beef

  410. tracey baker

    Roast Beef and Yorkshire Puddings with all the trimmings x

  411. zoe payne

    roast beef with a massive yorkshire pudding

  412. zoe payne

    roast beef

  413. Su Brett


  414. Patricia Whittaker

    I love slow cooked pork. very useful prize.

  415. Sarah Parker


  416. denise s

    roast lamb with all trimmimgs

  417. Sarah Palmer

    Lamb or beef with all the trimmings xxxx

  418. Leslie Evans


  419. Melanie Burton

    It’s got to be roast chicken! Yum!

  420. Helen L

    Has to be roast beef

  421. karen clapp

    roast beef cooked in the slow cooker with mushrooms, red wine and onions

  422. Paul Johnston

    Roast chicken with all the trimmings

  423. Vickie Jackson

    I love a good roast beef 🙂

  424. sue mcdermott

    roast pork

  425. Pauline Burroughs

    Roast Chicken, love it xx

  426. Lana george

    Roast rib off beef with yorkshire puddings – heaven!

  427. Phillip James Davies

    Roast Chicken with Veg.

  428. Fiona Hogan

    Roast Beef and Yorkshire Puddings. This prize would make sure the meat is cooked perfectly and take the guess work out if cooking.

  429. Joanne Higgins

    can’t beat roast Lamb, but have to say beef, gammon, pork, turkey and chicken in no particular order are all very close seconds lol xx

  430. Lorna K

    For me it’s juicy pork with crispy crackling – can’t beat it!

  431. tina edwards

    roast lamb with mint sauce yum

  432. Kizzy Lee

    I absolutely love A Lamb Roast Dinner, mint and red current gravy, and all the veg trimmings with goose fat potatoes. Yum! Xx

  433. Julie Camm

    I absolutely love my Christmas Dinner with turkey, pigs in blankets and all the other trimmings….

  434. tishist

    Roast lamb

  435. Sue Harrison

    Roast beef

  436. chris miller

    Roast chicken with pig in blankets.

  437. cheryl hadfield

    roast beef and the trimmings

  438. Lynsey Buchanan

    Roast Chicken

  439. claire toplis

    My favourite roast dinner has to be chicken which I had jus the other night

  440. Tina Glover

    It has to be roast beef with big roasties (made with goose fat) and yorkshire puds 🙂 xx

  441. Tracey McPartland

    Chicken and Stuffing yum yum

  442. Anneka Hulse

    beef roast

  443. Tracey Brookshaw

    Roast Chicken is my favourite

  444. Aaron Milne

    Roast Lamb

  445. Claire Elizabeth Noke

    minted roast lamb is my fave 🙂

  446. Lynn Woodcock

    Roast beef and yorkshire puddings

  447. Dawn McBride

    Turkey or Chicken for me… Always Turkey first though 😀

  448. Yvonne Hannah

    Roast lamb

  449. Katie Hodges

    Roast chicken!

  450. Katharine Phillips

    Roast chicken.

  451. adrian price

    roast lamb–with lashings of red currant jelly

  452. Lindsay Taylor

    I love roast turkey – not just for christmas!

  453. M Allen

    I love em all but I think pork is probably my favourite

  454. Aidan Williamson

    Lamb with all the trimmings

  455. Lynne OConnor

    Roast turkey with all the trimmings, probably because I only eat it once or twice a year

  456. Chirag P


  457. Karen Richards


  458. Zoey Deacon

    Roast Lamb

  459. Kerry W

    I do love a slow roasted lamb shoulder.

  460. Linda Williams

    Roast pork & apple sauce

  461. Peter Cusack


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