Crepes with grated zucchini, great for picnics!

Crepes with grated zucchini, great for picnics!

By 11/07/2016

During the weekend when all the family is at home I usually make more of an effort at making good lunch and dinners. On Saturday I quickly rustled up these crepes in 20 minutes by grating a couple of zucchini I had in the fridge and mixing them with flour and egg yolks. I whipped the egg whites to give my crepes a softer consistency.

And you know what? They were delicious filled with vegetables and soft cheese!

Be creative and fill them up with whatever you like: from ham, to salami, olives, tomatoes and cheese.
What I like about them is the grated zucchini which makes them different to the usual pancakes and more interesting.

This recipe makes 4 crepes.

  • Prep Time : 20 minutes
  • Cook Time : 5 minutes



Wash and trim the zucchini then using a grater cut them into small pieces. Sprinkle them with salt and let them rest for 30 minutes so they will release the excess water. Mop up the water with a tea towel.

grated zucchini

In a bowl whip the egg yolks with the flour and the milk.

whipping egg yolks

In another bowl whip the egg whites and gently add them to the mixture.

whipping egg whites

Add the zucchini, salt and pepper and mix gently incorporating all the ingredients.

adding zucchini

On a non-stick pan heat up a little butter over a medium-high heat and when it is sizzling hot pour a small ladleful of batter. With a spatula spread the batter on your pan. Cook the pancakes for about one minute each side over a low heat; shake the pan from time to time to prevent the dough from sticking to the bottom. Cook them until they will look slightly golden then transfer them on to a plate by sliding them from the pan.

zucchini crepe

zucchini crepes

Zucchini Pancake Recipe

You can fill them up with whatever you fancy. I spread some soft cheese on each crepe, chopped some tomatoes, cut some olives into small pieces and added some spinach leaves. Roll up, slice and serve!

vegetables and soft cheese filling


Zucchini Pancake Recipe

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20 Responses to Crepes with grated zucchini, great for picnics!

  1. Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy

    We often make courgette fritters, that are basically a smaller version of this, but I like the idea of making them in to crepes.

  2. Chiara

    una ricetta versatile e da gustare in tanti modi, complimenti !

    • Alida

      Grazie cara

  3. Dottie Sauchelli Balin

    Dear Alida,
    What a great way to incorporate veggies into a fun crepe. I love this, almost like a wrap, but better for you and I am sure it is very tasty. I would never have thought of this…great picnic food and you can really fill them with many ingredients. Beautiful photos..thanks for sharing.. Have a good week.

    PS. My brother is going to London again in a few days and he asked me if I wanted him to bring home something for me. I love tea so I said some English Breakfast tea, either tea bags or loose tea. Can you recommend a brand of tea that he could bring back for me? I know that you drink coffee more, but I know that you have mentioned your husband loves tea. Thanks

    Hugs Dottie πŸ™‚

    • Alida

      Hello Dottie!
      I do drink tea and coffee. Most of the tea you find in England is good. What I usually buy is PG Tips but I would also recommend Yorkshire tea and Typhoo tea.
      I usually drink it with lemon (like the Italians) but over here people like it with milk.
      One day you must come to the UK too!

      • Dottie Sauchelli Balin

        Ciao dear friend,
        Thank you so much for suggesting these types of teas. I would think you drink tea as well, but I do remember that you mentioned that your husband loves his tea a certain way. I would think so as he is from England. My brother will be in London about 4 days as he goes back and forth for business. I would love to come to the UK but it is hard to travel these days..with my parents not well. Have to be here on call for them. But someday I hope to come and visit. Thank you again, I will tell him the brands that you recommend…You are the best..I will let you know what he brings back and how I liked them.
        Hugs Dottie πŸ™‚

      • Alida

        I can only imagine how busy you must be looking after your aging parents. You are doing a wonderful job dear Dottie. Hope your brother has a great time in London. Ciao!

  4. Angie@Angie's Recipes

    Can I invite myself to join you for the lunch? These zucchini crepes look so summery and delicious.

  5. uno spicchio di melone

    Ma bravaaaa..che bella idea di mettere le zucchine nell’impasto! Sei un genio! πŸ™‚
    un bacione!

    • Alida

      Ma grazie tesoro πŸ™‚

  6. All That I'm Eating

    Such a good idea for two reasons; one for using up courgettes and two for filling and wrapping. Love this idea Alida!

    • Alida

      I like courgettes especially now that they are in season.

  7. speedy70

    Un’idea ghiottissima, grazie!!!!

  8. elisabetta

    What a fab idea, including zucchini in crepe batter. Add a mixture of colourful and healthy ingredients for a filling and you have a complete summer lunch or dinner bursting with goodness. By the way Alida, PG Tips are my daily cuppa too, some milk but no sugar thank you! πŸ˜‰

    • Alida

      Oh you like PG Tips too! It has been my favourite for the last 10 years!

  9. Ivana

    Gnam gnam!!! Sembrano buonissime!! stavo proprio cercando delle idee per usare le zucchine dell’orto di Zvone! Grazie! ;-D

    • Alida

      A presto sorella!

  10. Sonia

    I pick zucchini every single day. I’ve made everything with them, but I’ve never tried crepes. Thanks for the recipe!

    P.S. I read on your blogger profile that you live in Tunbridge Wells. I lived there for almost a month four years ago, what a lovely town!

    • Alida

      Oh what a shame we didn’t meet up in Tunbridge Wells. I agree it is a lovely town to live in. Ciao!

  11. Karen Burns-Booth

    JUST in time Alida, I have lots of courgettes growing in the garden and this will be added to my “to make” list as I am looking for new recipes! Karen

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