Does your water taste good? Brita water filter review

Sometime ago I wroteย “Alpine spring water straight to your back garden” describing a phenomenon that covers a relatively small area between the mountains and the sea in the North East of Italy.

In this area you can bore a pipe into the ground and you will find Alpine spring water perfectly drinkable. I grew up thinking this was normal and that drinking water was everywhere to be found!

My grandparents fresh water fountain

My grandparents fresh water fountain

So you can imagine when I moved over to the UK and I switched to tap water.

That was a real shock to the system…I hated the taste and in that particular area the water was hard and filled with limescale too! I always noticed a slight film on top of my coffee and tea and my kettle was fuzzed up with limescale; Still, I refused to switch to bottled water instead I carried on drinking tap water thinking I would get used to it over time. I clearly never did.

When I fell pregnant with my first baby this became an issue as I was suddenly really sensitive to the taste of tap water and I found it undrinkable: it tasted “dirty” and horrible. That’s why I invested in a water filter:ย  I could then tell the difference straight away: filtered water tasted clean, fresh and pleasant. I felt like a water connoisseur at the time!
I have been drinking filtered water ever since even if that does not come necessarily cheap. I felt just as eating good food, drinking water free from residues was equally important.
As I have always used the brand Brita I was keen on reviewingย Brita Marella water filter. The jug is slimmer and takes less room on the table than the classic one (my old jug is now 8 years old) and it can fit right inside my fridge door. It also has a handy little flap which means that you can re-fill with tap water without the need to remove the lid.


ย Brita Marella filter

The cartridges last for about 1 month but in my opinion you can use them for a good 6 weeks before there is any trace of limescale. To find them reasonably priced I buy mine on Amazon but sometimes I take advantage of supermarket offers.

Disclosure: I received a Brita water filter for review. All opinions are my own.

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5 Responses to Does your water taste good? Brita water filter review

  1. Louise

    Hi Alida!
    Living on LOng Island in New York my whole life we had what they call well water. I too had such a problem getting use to the limestone in the water in Pennsylvania. My son bought me a Brita when I first moved here 10 years ago. I haven’t checked into their latest models and probably should. Thanks for the reminder Alida! Have a wonderful day:)

  2. Dottie Sauchelli Balin

    Dear Alida,
    I love your grandparents fresh water fountain. I agree with you totally. When I lived upstate the water was horrible and had sulfur in it. The water smelled like rotten eggs. I used to buy bottled water, but it was very costly. I checked into the Brita line of products and purchased one, the big round ones. Still have it over 10 years now, but it has done the job! I swear by Brita. I also should get an upgraded model. But what I find handy is after I re-fill the Brita, I pour the water in another container, and then refill the Brita again. I have a few big plastic Rubbermaid containers, this way I have extra water on hand. You never know when that hurricane may come through town and you need to have extra water. I also use the Brita water for my tea, coffee, and ice cubes. Thanks for sharing this brand with us, but you have a winner here, no complaints on my Brita. Have a great weekend….
    Dottie ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Alida

      It is so interesting that so many people like Brita. I think it is probably the best brand for filters on the market!

  3. melania

    I moved from NYC to Zรผrich and was shocked by the “hard” (kalk) water. The locals rave about how fresh and healthy their tap water is, but since it’s filled with calcium, it’s very bad for people with low iron levels. Calcium inhibits iron absorbtion. I was always borderline anemic but since moving here my iron levels plummeted. Finally I bought a Brita filter and LOVE it! At work I bring my own EVIAN water, since it has the lowest levels of added Calcium I could find. Great to know you can squeeze out a few more weeks out of the Brita filters.

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