Filming with Jamie Oliver for Friday Night Feast

I was shocked when I received an email: “Would you like to take part in filming with top chef Jamie Oliver“?

What?? Did I read that right?!

I had to get closer to the screen to make sure that this was real.

For his upcoming series of Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast with Jimmy Doherty (Jimmy’s Farm) due to be broadcast on Channel 4 at the beginning of next year, Jamie invited some food bloggers and vloggers to take part in the show and to spread the word about it.

Jamie is currently campaining to get more British people into eating langoustines. Shellfish and particularly langoustines are top food in my household. I grew up eating them and I love to cook them in many different ways.

Fresh langoustines

I was shocked to find out that 95% of Scottish langoustines (which are plentiful in the clear Scottish waters) go abroad leaving only 5% for the domestic market!
The wider picture is that just over 70% of langoustine fished off the British Isles is sent abroad leaving 30% for the domestic market. However, around 91% of that goes into making scampi bites, leaving just 9% to be eaten in a more natural state.

In Italy langoustines are very popular and considered a delicacy. You can barbecue them, poach them, have them in pasta, risotto and even eat them raw. I buy them regularly also because they are cheap in the UK.


During filming we were served raw langoustines in a way I have never eaten before. This carpaccio with granny smith apples and lovage was incredibly delicious.

raw langoustines dish

This was followed by a dish of langoustines served with lemon wedges and fresh mayonnaise.

langoustines with lemon wedges and mayonnaise

It was interesting to see how filming took place.

filming with jamie oliver

After years of watching Jamie Oliver on television I couldn’t quite believe I could see him in real life. It was kind of surreal.

Jamie, Jimmy and Gennaro

Cooking with Jamie was celebrity chef Gennaro Contaldo and head chef  Robbin Holmgren.

Gennaro Contaldo cooking

Jamie Oliver cooking

A fantastic fresh pasta dish with langoustines, rocket (arugola) and cherry tomatoes was served, boy I enjoyed that!

pasta with fresh langoustines


Jamie is just like you see him on television: fun to be with and very friendly. Just a happy go lucky personality.

 Jamie and Gennaro


It was nice to catch up with blogging friends Nova of “Cherished by Me” and Mel of “Le Coin de Mel”.

blogging friends

Fresh langoustines anyone? 🙂

langoustines are delicious!

And YES! I did manage a selfie with the best chef in the world!

What a day!

Jamie Oliver and I

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15 Responses to Filming with Jamie Oliver for Friday Night Feast

  1. Linda

    Wow, congrats Alida. That sounds awesome! The food looks amazing…

  2. Dottie Sauchelli Balin

    Dear Alida,
    Oh My Goodness, I knew you looked so professional…filming with Jamie Oliver..what an honor and an experience for you! You have to let us know when it will be shown, I can see it on his web site…The pasta dish looks outstanding! I have never seen these langoustines before, you might have made something with them in the past. They looked like shrimp/prawns, but I looked it up on Wikipedia and it said that they are like a small lobster or Norway Lobster. See the things I learned when on your blog page! I love the selfie with Jamie and the photo of the other two blogger friends…I used to watch him when he had a show on the foodnetwork years ago. I like the way he shows you a dish or a recipe, very down to earth and funny. I am so thrilled for you!!! You are a celebrity now…Have a great week….
    Dottie 🙂

    • Alida

      Grazie cara Dottie. Have a nice weekend xx

  3. Elisabetta

    I knew it, one day you’d be on tv! I’m so happy for you, it must have been an amazing experience. I’ve seen all of Jamie’s programmes and thoroughly enjoy them, especially when he’s filmed in Italy. And then there’s my Italian tv chef hero, Gennaro, he is absolutely hilarious and he would be my dream dinner guest. Well done Alida, I’m sure you’ll get more tv invites 🙂 If possible would you please advise date and time of programme in due course? x

    • Alida

      Grazie cara! CIAO!

  4. Julie is Hostess At Heart

    Oh heavens, what an amazing opportunity! Definitely a “Pinch me” moment. I love Langoustines, especially in a creamy pasta sauce!

    • Alida

      Thanks Julie!

  5. carla

    what a fantastic experience! I wouldn’t mind being invited myself! Great! The photographs are nice, the pictures of the food are wonderful. Mybe you might give us a recipe of the diches you eat and, most important of all, how to use these langoustines. alhough they look deicious, I never buy them because they seem so complicated ….
    Warm greetings from Carla, Abruzzo, Italia

    • Alida

      One of the langoustine dishes I love is “Scampi alla busara”, I am hoping to make it soon. Not difficult at all and super delicious. Grazie Carla un abbraccio!

  6. La cucina di Molly

    Complimenti Alida, che bell’esperienza parteciparvi! Le foto sono bellissime e che deliziosi piatti! Un abbraccio e buona festa di Ognissanti!

  7. Mel

    I can’t believe I missed that post! I’ve just seen us on TV, lady!

    • Alida

      Yes really pleased with how we have been featured. Such a fab experience!

  8. Terje Dørumsgaard

    Why do you use the french name langoustines on (Nephrops Norvegicus) in a post about Italian food? The Italian (and also English) name is scampi.

    • Alida

      Good point! You are correct, in Italy we call them scampi but in the UK there are better known by the French name “Langoustines” that’s why I chose it.

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