Freshly made pasta from Emilia Romagna and the gnocco fritto

Many well known top quality Italian foods come from Emilia Romagna in Northern Italy; to name just a few think of prosciutto di Parma, mortadella, balsamic vinegar from Modena and Parmigiano Reggiano.

This is also the place where you can find an incredible variety of fresh delicious pasta. Think of tortellini, cappellacci, lasagne or tagliatelle and also of the classic “Ragu’ alla Bolognese” or “Bolognese sauce” as it is known in the UK.

Although I have visited parts of Emilia I have not yet had a proper culinary tour of the region; This is something I have been longing to do for a long time.

Until that happens I have visited a newly opened restaurant in Shoredich, London named “Via Emilia”, an ancient Roman road which still crosses the region connecting the main cities.

This restaurant specializes in fresh pasta and every single product including beer and wines come from the region of Emilia Romagna.

Fresh tagliatelle homemade_

It was a pleasure to see Jessica, the chef making fresh pasta with so much passion and expertise.

She made tagliatelle, tagliolini, spaghetti, ravioli, tortellacci and tortellini. A delicious distintive smell was spreading throughout the kitchen and when I turned around I saw just what I was expecting: a large pot of brodo (broth) bubbling away, it reminded me of my mamma’s cooking. Jessica was making brodo for her tortellini.

Ravioli ricotta and spinach

I was really surprised that she made all her pasta by hand. In England you don’t see it in restaurants so much these days and of course it is a sign that these people take their food seriously and care about taste and quality.

This is just like a proper Italian trattoria where you can pop in at lunch and have a bowl of pasta. Prices are reasonable: their starters and nibbles cost from £2.50 to £11 and their bowl of pastas from £ 5.50 to £ 11.

Fresh reginette pasta

Jessica and her tagliatelle_

At Via Emilia you can also try the famous “Gnocco Fritto”: little rectangles of dough made with flour and lard and then fried making it dangerously addictive and ideal to be served with the finest Italian cold cuts and cheeses.

In fact I was served gnocco fritto with a selection of cured meats from Emilia Romagna of course, precisely Parma ham, coppa and salame felino all washed down with Lambrusco wine. God it was good, so good.

gnocco fritto with prosciutto, coppa and salami_

This was followed by a selection of fresh pasta: pisarei (little gnocchi with beans typical of the region), ravioli with ricotta and spinach, butternut squash capellacci and tortellini in brodo with a filling of pork and parmesan.

Tortellini, ravioli and pisarei

To finish off a light version of tiramisu’ made without egg yolks was the perfect finishing touch.

Light tiramisu'

If I am in London again and feeling hungry I would definitely come back here for a spot of lunch.

Many thanks to all the team at Via Emilia restaurant.

Via Emilia restaurant in Hoxton Square London

Via Emilia by FOOD ROOTS

37A Hoxton Square, London N1 6NN


I was invited to Via Emilia to review their restaurant.

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12 Responses to Freshly made pasta from Emilia Romagna and the gnocco fritto

    • Alida

      Nothing beats fresh pasta. Definitely worth the effort!

  1. Lorelle

    Fresh pasta is definitely worth the effort. Looks delicious Alida. X

    • Alida

      It certainly is.

  2. carla

    It looks delicious, all of the pastas. Maybe one day you share with us the recipe of the fried gnocco? That would be lovely to try at home. Thank you for sharing your recipes and experiences!

    • Alida

      It definitely would be nice the home made version. I have never attempted this yet but it is on my to-do list.

  3. Balvinder

    Yes, we get it here too. That is amazing watching them it fresh.

    • Alida

      I could sit there and watch for hours. Making pasta is an art!

  4. La cucina di Molly

    La pasta fresca artigianale è di una bontà unica, non c’è paragone con quella industriale! Ottima recensione, baci!

    • Alida

      Assolutamente, e’ di una bonta’ unica!

  5. elisabetta

    This restaurant sounds like a little piece of Italian paradise in London. A must when visiting this city.

    • Alida

      London has become a place for foodies now and this restaurant is another one where you can find authentic Italian food.

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