Giovanni Rana new Pesto and creamy Parmesan sauces

Supermarkets stock lots of different pasta sauces but so many of them are far too industrial and have hardly any taste. I have tried a few but they leave you with a somewhat metallic taste in your mouth.

I usually make my own sauces but there are days when I have no time on my hands. If I have to buy a sauce then I would go for a freshly made one which is often much better quality.

So here it comes my favourite pasta brand: Giovanni Rana (who taught me to make pasta too!).

I have always loved Giovanni Rana’s fresh pasta so when I was asked to review two of his new sauces I was definitely keen:

  • A basil pesto with pinenuts and garlic
  • A creamy Parmigiano Reggiano sauce

Basil pesto and parmigiano reggiano sauce from Giovanni Rana

Pesto is one of my favourite sauces, I have it almost weekly, often with brown or spelt pasta but also with white ones too. You can use pesto also to lift many dishes but I have always thought that the best way to enjoy it is to use it for what it was intended for: to dress your pasta!

Giovanni Rana fresh basil pesto

I cooked some penne and when I drained them I left a little bit of pasta water and mixed some pesto with it. Normally you don’t need to add lots of it: A jar like this will make a few pasta meals.

I found that many people in the UK add too much sauce to their pasta and then the dish becomes overpowering. The sauce should only add flavour not become the main ingredient. Some people cook pasta al ragu’ or “Bolognaise” as it is known in the UK and there is more sauce than pasta!

With pesto a generous sprinkle of Parmesan cheese will finish off this dish perfectly.

I found this pesto delicate and pleasant to the palate, definitely a good one to buy if you are looking for a light and healthy pasta sauce.

Pasta al pesto

The Parmigiano Reggiano sauce is very creamy, velvety and of a distinctive cheesy taste.

Giovanni Rana fresh parmigiano sauce

In our family we grate a little Parmigiano every day on our pasta so I found myself very familiar to the taste of this sauce. For extra indulgence I sprinkle some Parmigiano on top of the pasta too, my children are addicted to it!

Both sauces are stocked in Asda supermarket.

Pasta with creamy parmesan sauce

I was sent the sauces for review and I was compensated for my time. All opinions are my own.

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6 Responses to Giovanni Rana new Pesto and creamy Parmesan sauces

    • Alida

      Yes I love getting treats.. of course!

  1. Louise

    Hi Alida:)
    I just had to drop by to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas! I’m not blogging anymore but I did do an update to my blog tonight.

    It’s been wonderful getting to know you these past years Alida. Stay well my friend. Wishing You and Yours a Healthy, Safe and Happy New Year, Louise:) Hopefully I will see you on Facebook or Instagram. I would LOVE it if you would follow me:)

    • Alida

      So pleased to hear from you! I wish you a fab Christmas and a wonderful new year dear Louise and of course I will follow you x

  2. La cucina di Molly

    Adoro il pesto, anche perchè è un’ottima soluzione per pranzi veloci, è molto gustoso! Vedo che hai preparato dei deliziosi piatti con queste salse, ottima marca Giovanni Rana! Un bacione!

    • Alida

      Si e’ veramente una delle marche che mi piacciono e il pesto lo uso cosi spesso.

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