Halloween Spider Pizza your kids will love

Halloween Spider Pizza your kids will love

By 21/10/2015

Halloween is upon us and I cannot believe we are already heading towards November!

As the winter is drawing in I seem to get busier and busier in the kitchen. People want-need lots of good/comforting food in the winter. Is it really true that with the cold weather we burn more calories? If you work indoors with the central heating on full it is probably not quite so true. I read somewhere that in order to lose weight easily you should turn your thermostat slightly down so your body will burn more calories to keep warm. So you have to work and shiver at the same time! No thank you.

Yesterday I made three meals for a friend's dinner party all in one morning and felt exhausted after it. I needed a quick espresso fix to make sure I was live and kicking again so I could move onto making the dessert: I made a huge tiramisu'. The party went well and people seemed to like the food which gave me great gratification. That's all I need.

Every year I make at least one funny recipe for Halloween and this year it is going to be pizza. If you don't feel like making it from scratch or if you are running out of time you can cheat and buy a pizza margharita or pizza base and just have fun putting the topping on.

Your children will have a good time creating these spiders. All you need is some green and black olives and if you like you can add some pepperoni, salami or anything else you fancy - let your imagination go spooky!

  • Prep Time : 25 minutes
  • Cook Time : 20 minutes
  • Yield : 2


This recipe makes 2 pizzas.

Follow my pizza dough recipe here  using half of the ingredients.

Put the dough on a greased baking tin and let it rest for at least an hour. Spread over the tomato sauce.

passata on dough

Put the mozzarella (cut in pieces) on your pizza base. Sprinkle with the dried oregano.

margherita pizza

Cut the olives in half to make the spider's body and slice other olives thinly to make the legs. Some of my spiders have 6 legs each but, as you know, spiders are supposed to have 8 legs! Up to you really!

making spiders

Arrange your spiders on the pizza and the salami (pepperoni or chorizo would be great too). Put two peppercorn on each salami slice to make the eyes.

Halloween pizza ready for the oven

Cook the pizza for about 20 minutes at 220C or 430 F until golden. If you lift it with a fork, the base underneath should be crunchy. Then you will know your pizza is cooked. Decorate with basil leaves.

Halloween spider pizza

This is going to Credit Crunch Munch – run by Fab Food 4 All and Fuss Free Helen – hosted this month by Camilla.

Credit Crunch Munch



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9 Responses to Halloween Spider Pizza your kids will love

  1. La cucina di Molly

    Ma che bella idea, è carinissima la pizza a tema di halloween e anche buonissima, complimenti! Un abbraccio!

  2. gloria

    this look lovely cara :))

  3. Dottie Sauchelli Balin

    Dear Alida,
    Love the spiders and spooky pepperoni…very cool for a Halloween night. So easy and yet adds that extra touch to make it fun… You must have been really tired after making all the food and dessert for your friends dinner party. That is why this recipe of pizza is a perfect way to end your day..I am sure your children enjoyed helping and eating this genius idea. Thanks for the inspiration…Have a good rest of the week…Ciao!
    Dottie 🙂

    • Alida

      Yes the pizza decorated like that seemed to taste even better for the children! They are looking forward to Halloween now. Ciao!

  4. speedy70

    Questa sì che è un’idea originale e simpaticissima, grazie Alida!!!!

  5. Camilla

    Just love this pizza as it looks so effective with those tasty olive spiders! Thank you for a lovely #CreditCrunchMunch entry:-)

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