Homemade bread with herbs and olive oil

Homemade bread with herbs and olive oil

By 20/02/2013

This is a very pretty and tasty bread. Adding herbs like rosemary and sage makes a very fragrant and aromatic bread.

This is like a kind of garlic bread without being garlic bread. It is more like a focaccia made into a roll but with added garlic too so there is plenty of flavour packed into it. It could be enjoyed through a meal or just on its own as a snack.

If you won't eat it up all on the same day you store it in a tin or in a plastic bag and you will find that it will keep nice and soft for a few days afterwards.


  • Prep Time : 45 minutes
  • Cook Time : 40 minutes



Melt the yeast with some of the warm water (add 1 tsp of sugar if using dry yeast). Then add the flour, 4 tbsp of olive oil, salt and the rest of the water. Work it well with your hands on your working top for 10 minutes until the dough is smooth

making dough

Make the dough into a ball, put it in a bowl and cover it with a cloth. Let it rest for a couple of hours in a warm place until it has doubled in size

dough rising

Work the dough for another 10 minutes then dust your working top with some flour and with a rolling pin flatten the pastry making it into a long rectangle about 40 x 30 cm


Chop the rosemary, the sage and the garlic and mix them up with 2 tbsp of olive oil

chopping herbs

 Spread the herbs mixture over the pastry leaving 1 cm around the edges


Roll the pastry from the longer side of the rectangle and then seal it well



Now join the two ends together and make it into a ring.  Make  incisions about 5 cm distant to each another and 2 cm from the centre


 Fold every slice on top of the next one to make the cuts visible


Lay the ring on a greased baking tray and cover it up with a cloth and let it rest for 45 minutes then cook it at 190C for 30-40 minutes until golden.

herby bread

I am entering my bread into "Herbs on Saturday" monthly challenge hosted this month by Lavender and Lovage


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14 Responses to Homemade bread with herbs and olive oil

  1. Nora

    Hi Alida, this is funny, I just saw a similar bread in a French blog but with a sausage inside the bread and they called it the daisy bread as it looks a bit like a flower. It’s amazing how simple and beautiful this bread looks and I must say, your vesrion with herbs appeals to me more. Will keep this recipe aside to try later. thanks for sharing!

    • Alida

      Thank you Nora!

  2. Karen

    A BEAUTIFUL recipe and such stunning photos too! I LOVE it, thanks so much for entering into Herbs on Saturday and I have bookmarked this recipe! Karen xxx

    • Alida

      Thank you Karen. I am pleased you like it!

  3. gloria

    Love this bread and I love make bread at home!!!

  4. La cucina di Molly

    Che bella forma ha questo pane e che profumo avrà con tutti quegli aromi, brava! Un bacio!

  5. Mich Piece of Cake

    All those herbs in the bread looks amazing! I would love to make this as I enjoy baking bread with herbs.

  6. Javelin Warrior

    This bread is so beautiful and it sounds amazing, Alida! I love how you made the bread beautiful without anything fussy or extra. And the sage, rosemary and garlic sound amazing in this bread… Thanks so much for sharing…

    • Alida

      Thanks Mark. Simple and tasty just how we like it!

    • Alida

      Thank you Angie!

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  8. unikorna

    amazinggg I’ll definitely try doing one myself….with olives and garlic inside 🙂

    • Alida

      Thank you Petronela!

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