Homemade meals directly from Italy – Review & Giveaway – Closed

Just like many of you I love receiving food boxes comfortably delivered to my doorstep. I get a feeling of excitement holding the box and this urge to rip it open just like a child would do on his birthday.. I cannot wait to see what’s the surprise inside!

My latest subscription food-box review has been interesting. These “fine food boxes” brought to you by “FineItaly are being promoted as “homemade food produced by craftmen who follow the traditional Italian recipe” with every menu tied to a specific place in Italy.

They can provide several types of Italian meals: ” The Langhe, Roma, Portofino, Dolomiti, Venezia and the Tuscan meal”. I chose the “Roma meal” which arrived safely packed in a wooden box and contained the following:

  • a packet of bucatini pasta
  • Amatriciana pasta sauce
  • a jar of pork stew
  • a jar of artichoke and pepper pate
  • a packet of bruschetta toasted bread
  • a bottle of white wine
  • almond cantuccini biscuits
  • a jar with a selection of wild berries in wine


Fineitaly food box

The meal was perfect of us, a family of four. Instructions will tell you how to prepare the meal although the preparation time is minimal; there is a product information sheet with all the ingredients listed with the nutrition facts.

Product information sheet

In true Italian style I started with the starter. I spread the pate on the bruschetta toasted bread which we enjoyed with the white wine. The wine was of good quality and went very well with the meal. With this meal you usually get a bottle of Frascati wine.

Bruschetta with artichokes and peppers pate'

Italian white wine

The pate tasted very much like homemade and I was pleased to read on the label that the only ingredients were artichokes, peppers, sunflower oil, olive oil, vinegar and salt.

Bucatini with Amatriciana sauce soon followed. This dish is very popular especially in central Italy. This tomato-enriched sauce with guanciale or cured pork cheek is one of those classic Italian dishes much loved by Italians. Bucatini are thick spaghetti-like pasta with a hole in the center.

A hearty, flavourful traditional dish. The sauce was very tasty.

Amatriciana bucatini pasta

The pork and white cannellini beans stew reminded me so much of my mum’s cooking.  The meat combined with the beans and the tomato sauce made it very nutritious and very moreish.

Pork stew with beans

Our dessert were cantuccini cookies which we dipped into a sauce made with assorted wild berries in “Langhe” Freisa wine. The blueberries were little ones, a wild variety which is more interesting and has more flavour than the larger ones you find in supermarkets.
Cantuccini are dry and hard biscuits suitable for dipping into wine or sauces.

Cantuccini cookies

So what’s the verdict?

The meal requires minimum prep: All I had to do was cook the pasta, reheat the main course and the appetizer and dessert were ready to eat.

The food does taste of homemade cooking.

I was really pleased to find that all the food was made with fresh ingredients, without preservatives or additives.

This isn’t posh cooking but simple Italian good quality homecooking which you can enjoy on any day of the week.

An unexpected positive was that the food came packed carefully in a very well crafted wooden box with sliding top lid – ideal to keep for storage use later (less rubbish in the bins!).

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Sooo.. would you like to treat yourself and win a fine food box delivered to your own home?

Italian food box giveaway

Enter the gleam form below for your chance to win a box like this one delivered to your door!

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  5. This giveaway closes on February 19th 2017


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410 Responses to Homemade meals directly from Italy – Review & Giveaway – Closed

  1. Tracy Nixon



    love pasta dishes and especially with roasted vegs

  3. Susan Lloyd

    I love pappardelle with mushrooms

  4. Tony Metcalfe

    Linguine with Squash, Bacon and Goats’s Cheese

  5. Martina Pichova

    vegetarian lasagne with aubergine

  6. Lindsay Davies

    I love spaghetti carbonara

  7. Harline Parkin

    Lasagne and lots of garlic bread

  8. Fiona K

    Sea bass with sweet potato wedges & vegetables

  9. Giuliana Britti

    Spinach and ricotta cannelloni

  10. C Noakes

    Spaghetti Carbonara

  11. hayley williams

    love lasagne

  12. Peter Watson

    Spaghetti Bolognese

  13. Sarah R

    Homemade spaghetti bolognaise 🙂



  15. kim jackson

    Spaghetti 😀

    Awesome blog post, the food items look yummy!

  16. Philippa Bradbury

    Spaghetti Bolognese is a firm favourite!

  17. aj


  18. Jane Willis

    Oh goodness, how can I choose a favourite? I love practically all food! A great mushroom risotto takes a lot of beating.

  19. Hugh Jones


  20. brenda melaniphy

    I absolutely love a good carbonara – my favourite every time!

  21. Elizabeth Hinds

    I love a homemade pasta bake with either meatballs or sausages 🙂 And packed full of onions, garlic, peppers and olives! It’s my daughters’ favourite too so win win!

  22. Rachael Simmons

    Pappardelle Gorgonzola!!

  23. Lisa Pope

    At the moment, because it’s so cold outside, the whole family is really enjoying Spezzatino di manzo

  24. richard williams


  25. Steven Appleton

    I love a proper Ravioli

  26. Louis Perera

    Homemade spag bol

  27. emma walters

    filled pasta with a mascarpone & tomato sauce

  28. Alison Joyce

    Spinach and Ricotta Crespolina

  29. rebecca green

    carbonara is great

  30. Emily Knight

    Italian-wise, it would have to be veal saltimbocca!

  31. All That I'm Eating

    This sounds great Alida, everything you need for a relaxing meal in. My favourite meal has to be a proper risotto.

  32. Phil Darling

    Risotto does it for me big time

  33. rosalind

    spagetti bolognese

  34. Sharon Lou Johnson

    Lasagne is yummy

  35. Rachael G

    Quattro formaggi pizza

  36. Stephanie Coals

    Has to be lasagne 🙂

  37. Judy

    I love Lemon Linguine.

  38. Steven S

    Homemade meatballs & spaghetti.

  39. iain maciver


  40. Kathleen Sarah Bell

    Spaghetti Carbonara!

  41. Rachel Craig

    I do love Seafood Risotto, and used to have a local restaurant which served a delicious version of this meal. Unfortunately it closed some years ago, I believe the owner was ageing and possibly encountering some health problems. He retired, the restaurant was sold on. Though still a restaurant genre and menu, owner, staff etc all changed.

    I do also enjoy lasagne with salad.

  42. Katie Skeoch

    Pasta puttanesca! With extra olives

  43. Barbara Daniels

    lasagne with lots of salad and jacket potatoe

  44. Alison Johnson

    Homemade vegetarian lasagne.

  45. Sheila Evans

    Any pasta but prefer bolognese sauce with parmisan grated on top!

  46. Liam Bishop

    Meatballs, I love them! Especially with spaghetti and sauce.

  47. Joanne Beale

    Love courgettes in a parmesan and cream sauce with spaghetti served with garlic bread

  48. Ray Becker

    Beef wellington & trimmings

  49. Margaret Clarkson

    Favourite Italian meal is meat stuffed tortellini with salad and focaccia

  50. christine shelley

    Beef risotto

  51. Nigel Gwilliams

    tagliatelle with chicken and roasted peppers

  52. cheri

    Hi Alida, great giveaway, the food sounds wonderful.

  53. Tracey Gwynne

    Crab and Lobster Ravioli with a brown butter sauce…heaven

  54. Jen Rogers

    I love Greek Pizza

  55. Laura Jeffs

    I can’t resist homemade pumpkin ravioli!

  56. Angela Treadway

    shepards pie x

  57. Alison Macdonald

    Love anything that involves sea bass or king prawns x

  58. Hali Kinson


  59. michelle o'neill

    spagetti bolognaise x

  60. Sarah Mackay

    I love a vegetable lasagna

  61. lindsay chadburn

    bruschetta yum

  62. Char Keddy

    Penne with fresh homemade pesto!

  63. Vanessa Cox

    My home-made ravioli filled with spinach and ricotta with lemon

  64. Bob Clark

    pasta carbonara

  65. Katie

    Seafood linguine

  66. Jackie ONeill

    Amatriciana bucatini

  67. Mary N


  68. Dawn Adams

    I always hanker for Spaghetti Bolognese

  69. clair downham

    spaghetti carbonara

  70. Barbara Knight

    Home-made pizza with roasted veggies on top.

  71. Elaine Savage

    vegetarian lasagne

  72. simon tutthill

    has to be a lovely lasagne

  73. claire woods


  74. Lynn Heath

    A full roast dinner goes down well in our house!

  75. Rosalind Sargent

    Lasagne is my absolute favourite meal over anything

  76. mary chez


  77. Andrea Upton

    Lasagne with a green salad

  78. Lidia V.

    Carbonara, always <3

  79. Natasha M

    i LOVE risotto 🙂

  80. Annette Oliver

    Lasagne and garlic bread

  81. Laura Pritchard

    Roast Chicken & potatoes

  82. Michaela Hannah

    Chicken and chorizo risotto

  83. Claire blaney

    my favorite meal is ham & mushroom tagliatelle.

  84. Suzanne


  85. Jane

    Italian fish stew with lots and lots of crusty bread

  86. Gillian McClelland


  87. Kristy Brown

    Spaghetti carbonara

  88. Mel K

    Lasagne and chips – double carbs. Sometimes I add garlic bread.. delish!

  89. Sam McKean

    A lovely big steak with chips and pepper sauce

  90. Melanie Greatorex

    pork and beef mince lasagne

  91. Lorraine Tinsley

    Spaghetti marinara for me and carbonara for the hubby

  92. sam fut

    pasta with veggie pesto

  93. Rebecca

    Spinach cannelloni

  94. Brad Start


  95. Carole E


  96. Melanie stanbridge

    Homemade pizza, we each have are own base so can choose toppings we like.

  97. Corinne Henson

    Mediterranean Vegetable Lasagna

  98. Charlie Cheung

    Mushoom risotto for me

  99. pete c

    Lasagna (with coleslaw!)

  100. Lorraine Langham

    Spaghetti carbonara!

  101. ruth robinson

    i like a lasagne with extra veg thrown in and really cheesey

  102. Claire Elizabeth Noke

    chicken lasagne 🙂

  103. Cherry Edwards

    Spaghetti dello chef

  104. Rich Tyler

    Lasagne 🙂

  105. Helen Moulden

    I like a mushroom risotto!

  106. Sarah Lee


  107. Hassni

    A vegetarian lasagne.

  108. joanne casey

    Spaghetti bolognaise

  109. Helen Tovell

    Roast chicken

  110. La cucina di Molly

    Che delizioso menù, ottima proposta! Un bacione e buona giornata!

  111. Deborah Clarke

    Thats a tough question lol. Yet id have to go for spinach and ricotta cannolini. Yum . Fabulous giveaway. Fingers crossed x

  112. Sally Poole

    A nice Sunday Roast…..

  113. Alison

    Cheese and spinach ravioli

  114. Evelyn

    My mother comes from Genoa, birth-place of pesto, so it would have to be a delicious pasta dish with fresh pesto and any green veg (broccoli or courgettes work really well).

  115. Sharon Worsley

    A good curry or homemade lasagne

  116. Sheila Reeves

    Difficult question as it depends on my mood! Love tagliatell broccolo, so simple but very tasty and can be made in a flash

  117. Lesley

    Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli 🙂

  118. Karen Barrett


  119. Katie Richards

    My favourite meal has to be spaghetti bolognese with loads of cheese on top!

  120. Clare Hubbard

    Lasagne, always tasty and a fantastic family meal

  121. Debbie Henderson

    carbonarra x

  122. Sarah Brokenshire

    Spicy Arriabata pasta with meatballs x

  123. Kim M

    Love spinach and ricotta cannelloni x

  124. Caroline Hunter

    Spaghetti Bolognese-Mmmmm!

  125. Catherine L

    vegetable lasagne

  126. Victoria N


  127. Em S

    I love risotto especially whild mushroom flavour

  128. Lisa Wilkinson

    Shepherd’s Pie

  129. kat lucas

    Fried chicken

  130. melanie stirling

    Lasagne and salad.

  131. Nat thomason


  132. Stacey Carnell

    Spaghetti bolognese 🙂

  133. Ruth Harwood

    Spaghetti Carbonara

  134. gemma brown

    vegetable pasta bake

  135. Sally Collingwood

    Roast turkey dinner

  136. Kim Neville


  137. Gail Crone


  138. Virginia C.

    Pasta With Sardines, Bread Crumbs and Capers

  139. Linda Curtis

    Pizza and garlic bread

  140. Rebecca roberts

    I love a good pizza x

  141. Denise Griffiths


  142. Maralyn Smith

    Start with wild boar pate on crispy bread, then Spaghetti with roasted tomato sauce and crispy bacon bits, followed by Tiramisu.

  143. Ella L

    Well I adore Carbonara mage the proper way!!!!

  144. Lydia A

    An asparagus and pea risotto is my favourite meal.

  145. maria blythin

    lasagne x

  146. Monica Gilbert

    Pasta with chicken, pesto, avocado, and vegetables.

  147. katrina walsh


  148. Kate Davies

    Spaghetti bolognese, always goes down a treat even if I do usually end up with an orange child 🙂

  149. Hannah Carroll

    I love Spaghetti Bolognaise, yum!

  150. Katie McGinley

    Spaghetti Carbonara

  151. Judith Allen

    Something really simple like pasta and pesto with a watercress salad, or macaroni cheese. I’m easily pleased.

  152. Solange

    Lamb, roast potatoes and Yorkshire puddings.

  153. jen morgan

    Spinach and ricotta ravioli

  154. Cupcake R

    Spinach and ricotta canneloni with pine nuts!

  155. Henry Little

    Lasagne for me!

  156. Carolynn Woodland

    Lasagne with salad and garlic bread

  157. Kim Styles

    Wild Mushroom Risotto

  158. KATHY D

    Spag Bol

  159. ElizM

    a really good steak and chips

  160. Chris Andrews

    my favourite . . . . Roast Beef, with lasagna a close second

  161. Kevin000

    Chicken Pizza with chili oil

  162. KK

    Seafood linguini

  163. rebecca beesley

    my all time fave meal is lasagne

  164. Lyla

    Spaghetti Bolognaise

  165. Michelle Smith


  166. Allan Wilson


  167. Sheena Batey

    Seafood lasagna

  168. Caz blackburn


  169. Andrea A


  170. Lynne Oconnor

    steak and chips with pepper sauce

  171. Catherine Jones

    Linguine with chorizo and prawns

  172. Dianamax

    A really good seafood pasta with a white wine and garlic sauce. Think tomato drowns out flavour of seafood.

  173. Steph at Mental Parentals

    Tuna Steak with chilli flakes, spaghetti in lemon, broccoli and cherry tomatoes – yum! x

  174. Amanda

    I love Lasagne with lots of crusty rustic bread

  175. claire croft

    love proper homemade lasagne

  176. Suzanne Gaulton

    My home made lasagne – we all love it! Served with a side salad and cheesy garlic bread…

  177. Christine Sunter

    Lasagne or Spinach and Ricotta Canneloni

  178. lyn west

    Chicken & butternut squash Risotto

  179. maria hackett

    i love Lasagne and salad

  180. Elinor Fisher

    Lobster thermidor- but only had it twice as is so epensive!

  181. Emma Ellams

    Lamb tagine

  182. Rai

    Tagliatelli, bacon, mushroom and sweetcorn in a strong, mustardy cheese sauce.

  183. Johanne Currie

    Chorizo pasta

  184. marie miles

    Lasagne & chips with cheesy garlic bread.

  185. christine szlobodnik

    Bolognese or lasagne 🙂

  186. Debbie Burfoot

    Love spaghetti bolonaise

  187. Hassina Begum

    My homemade spaghetti bolognese, which has a bit of chilli

  188. lorraine polley

    we love lasagne with a green salad and garlic bread

  189. kate kathurima

    pulled pork and chips


    I love pasta of any kinds <3

  191. Zoe Trelfa-Porter


  192. Tara Bush

    Spaghetti Bolognese with fresh parmesan and red wine. Yum

  193. Becky Duffy

    Lasagne is our favourite meal

  194. Louise McGetrick

    Spaghetti and meatballs

  195. Ali Thorpe

    A big bowl of veggie meatballs with roasted vegetables and pasta, topped with cheese.

  196. Juli Savage

    Any pasta in a rich tomato sauce

  197. Jess Mary

    Love spaghetti carbonara <3

  198. Jo Carroll

    In all honesty a nice simple, well made pizza is my favourite thing to eat. x

  199. Christina Palmer

    Lasagne Has always been my favourite meal accompanied by some garlic bread

  200. Dawn Andrews

    Spicy quinoa and sweetcorn bites with potato dauphinoise is a favourite at the moment.

  201. Louise Crocker

    My all time favourite meal is baked chicken stuffed with pesto, mozzarella, tomatoes, served with green beans and new potatoes

  202. Chloe H



    toad in the hole

  204. Robert Price


  205. Sarah Cooper

    Chicken tikka masala with chips

  206. Eileen Tingle

    Margherita pizza

  207. Farhana

    My fav is a good lasagna

  208. Kerry Wild

    Chicken and Bacon Pasta bake with garlic bread

  209. angela edmonds

    Lasagne is my favourite x

  210. Kristina Bates

    You can’t go wrong with homemade spag bol!

  211. Maxine G

    Can’t beat a homemade spinach, mushroom and walnut lasagne with lashings of cheese sauce!

  212. Sarahann Tonner

    I love lasagna – it’s so filling and satisfying. Love it with garlic brad and a side salad.

  213. Suzie Wilder


  214. Stephen Jenkins

    I love lasagne

  215. Samantha R

    My favourite is any sort of stuffed pasta with goats cheese or spinach… or both. Yum!

  216. Jo Glasspool



    I love salmon farfalle

  218. Lea Mavin

    Homemade Irish Stew made by my mother

  219. Jodi Hill

    I love my nanas homemade cottage pie! It’s delicious 🙂

  220. Mary H

    I love vegeterian lasagne. Italian is my fave food by a long shot. If I could eat pasta every day, I’d be a happy woman.

  221. Rachael Ashmore

    Lasagne ⛥

  222. Megan Mattravers

    my favourite meal by far is Penne Arabiatta! order it every time i’m out for a meal and make it so often at home I think my mum and boyfriend are sick of it! haha

  223. Dale Dow

    Spaghetti Bolognase

  224. Damien Hudson

    Four cheese pizza!


    I love my chicken and chorizo pasta bake

  226. cheryl hadfield


  227. Elizabeth Smith

    A lovely creamy risotto

  228. Stewart b

    Meatball Rigatoni

  229. carole n

    i always enjoy spaghetti bolognese

  230. Rebecca Browne

    Linguine with prawns,garlic & chilli

  231. Gemma Bain

    Pesto gnocchi

  232. Susan Hoggett

    Wild mushroom risotto with roasted garlic flat bread

  233. Anthea Holloway

    My favourite meal is roast beef with Yorkshire pudding

  234. Beky Austerberry

    I love carbonara

  235. Angela Young

    Seafood Linguine

  236. Kayleigh Robinson

    Spaghetti carbonara! So simple to make and the
    Whole family love it too

  237. Sandra cloud


  238. Brenda Wilkes

    Nothing beats pizza!

  239. T. Brailey

    I love all pasta dishes but especially Lasagne.

  240. Hannah Smith

    My favourite meal…. that’s a hard one. But I will never walk away from a Carbonara.

    @lifeappears on twitter

  241. Victoria Prince

    My favourite meal is vegetable lasagne 🙂 my mum’s recipe!

  242. Jules Eley

    vegetable pasta bake 🙂

  243. donna l jones

    love lasagne

  244. Sarah Fielding

    Vegetarian burgers and curly fries!

  245. Jessica Mellor

    I love spag bol. Even though I do cheat and make it with some Dolmio sauce sometimes

  246. Amy McCarthy

    Spaghetti alla puttanesca – a quick and easy mid-week meal and so moreish!

  247. Margaret Abram

    Meatballs and linguine

  248. Sheri Darby

    Vegetable Lasagne

  249. Keshia Esgate

    Lasagne is my absolute favourite..with lots of cheese!

  250. Adele Knight

    We love Lasagne

  251. maria dhillon


  252. michelle thompson


  253. Sue Wickins

    Beef lasagne

  254. Maggie Osborn


  255. Sarah H

    One of our family favourites has to be a good ole spag bol!

  256. adrian price

    spag bol


    Good old fish and chips with mushy peas

  258. Donna Clinton

    It has to be Lasagne with a lovely salad on the side

  259. Sarah S

    Classic carbonara

  260. Petra Hora

    I love spaghetti carbonara.

  261. Rebecca Howells (@PeanutHog)

    Pesto pasta

  262. Andrew Hindley

    Spaghetti Bolognase

  263. Emma Price

    I love a classic carbonara or a leak and chorizo risotto (not the most italian with the chorizo but it’s amazon!!)

  264. Julie Edwards


  265. karen watt

    Love so many pasta dishes which are healthy and quick to make

  266. Nick Winfield

    Pasta with pesto rosso

  267. Zoe Spinner

    Spag bol everytime

  268. zoe g


  269. Lauren Old


  270. Tania Atfield


  271. Kyomi Johnson

    Spaghetti bolognese

  272. Gillian Holmes

    Fish and chips

  273. Diana

    Sausage and mash

  274. Joanne Phillips

    Creamy carbonara with lots of black pepper. Yum!

  275. Claire Tovey

    Spaghetti bolognese

  276. Mary Baldwin

    Spaghetti and meatballs with a home-made tomato sauce – yummy!

  277. Emma Louise Elliott

    I would like to try the Roma meal like you did xxx

  278. jo liddement

    I love a home made pizza made with olive oil and a light crust and served with a big leafy salad

  279. Patricia Avery

    Pasta bake 🙂

  280. paula cheadle


  281. gemma hendry

    spaghetti carbonara is my fave meal

  282. Lin martin

    Lasgne always!

  283. Allan Fullarton

    Love Lasagne with Garlic bread & cheese.

  284. Faith Paul

    lasagne and chips

  285. kayleigh furnell


  286. Victoria B

    Love gnocchi

  287. Nina

    Lasagne for sure!

  288. Alison

    I have lots of favs but a spaghetti bolognese is always nice

  289. Karen R

    I love spaghetti carbonara 🙂

  290. Nicola Holland

    Spaghetti Bolognaise

  291. Tricia cowell

    I love lasagne

  292. Joanne Hutchings

    I love seafood lasagne or in fact most things with seafood.

  293. Jill Fairbanks

    Chilli prawn linguini

  294. Julie Barrett

    Vegetable lasagne

  295. Denise Walker

    I love spaghetti with prawns and chilli

  296. Donna Caldwell

    Tortellini with spinach and ricotta

  297. Eileen Sumner

    Lasagne (with garlic bread)

  298. Jenny Jones

    Lasagne mmmm

  299. Deborah Mackenzie

    Veal Milanese……. yum

  300. Ruth Wollerton

    Spaghetti Bolognaise – yummytastic xxx

  301. Jo McPherson


  302. Lynette Heagin

    Probably…. Twice cooked pork.

  303. Tasha

    Classic spaghetti bolognaise

  304. paul jackson


  305. dawn bell-pope

    mashed potato and beans

  306. Chirag Patel

    Vegetarian Lasagna

  307. Emily Slough

    Spaghetti Bolognaise!

  308. Heli Lukkarinen

    Spaghetti with pork sausage meatballs

  309. Diane Duggan

    Pasta Puttanesca

  310. Cat williams

    I love seafood linguine

  311. Claire Butler

    lasagne and garlic ciabatta

  312. John Jewett

    Meat balls

  313. christine Hobbs

    spaghetti bolognese

  314. Lynsey Buchanan

    spaghetti carbonara

  315. Lucy Chester

    I love penne pasta with mushrooms feta cheese and tomatoes

  316. ian Cheyne

    Spaghrtti Bolognaise

  317. Pauline Black

    Spaghetti Carbonara with chicken yummmm!

  318. Sheila Sloan

    Vegetarian lasagne

  319. zoe somerfield

    Can’t pinpoint one but love spag bol, teriyaki chicken, bacon,ham & mushroom carbonara

  320. Charlotte Hoskins

    Pasta with dolcelatte and leeks

  321. Karen Scott

    Lasagne love it…more cheese the better lol

  322. Holly

    Lasagne has always been my favourite

  323. Dave Wills

    Lasagne al forno

  324. Leslie Evans

    Sunday Roast

  325. Jacqueline Mclean

    A good lasagne

  326. karen clapp

    Love all pasta dishes but Lasagne is my favourite 🙂

  327. Iris W

    I love Lasagna or Piccata Milanese but I don’t think there is an Italian dish that I don’t like

  328. Annalise ONeill

    You can’t beat proper home made Lasagne 🙂

  329. Hayley Todd

    My favourite Italian meal is Chicken Milanese with Spaghetti! It’s so scrumptious!

  330. SandraB

    Spaghetti Bolognese

  331. Theresa Alison

    Me and my daughter love pasta and chicken with a sun dried tomato pesto x

  332. Andrew Curtis

    I love a homemade ravioli

  333. Joanne Atkinson

    I love a simple pasta with freshly made pesto stirred through, heaven.

  334. kelly morgan


  335. Jayne Kelsall

    I love Carbonara, especially with garlic bread .x

  336. Jason Tolliss

    Solidea’s Parmigiana

  337. Rebecca Phillips

    Irish stew!

  338. Lyn Pringle

    Penne with aubergines and arrabiata sauce – fantastico!!

  339. Sarah Lambert

    I love spaghetti bolognaise yum yum 🙂

  340. janet dring


  341. Oksana Fitzgerald

    My favourite dish is lasagne

  342. lucinda duxbury

    lasagne 🙂 i love it

  343. Miss Tracy Hanson

    OOH that’s a hard decision, but lasagne or cannelloni 🙂

  344. samantha buntain

    Pasta bake is our favourite meal as a family x

  345. Jordan Neilly

    Spaghetti Carbonara

  346. Tess D

    Spaghetti Puttanesca

  347. Spencer Wright

    Carbonara, it reminds me of a pavement cafe opposite our hotel in Rome. We are there every night as the sun set. Happy days!

  348. Ian Campbell

    Lasagne, followed up by Tiramisu. Sweet dreams are made of them both 🙂

  349. Lynne Durkin

    Lasagne with plenty of mushrooms in x

  350. Victoria Stockley



    spicy pizza

  352. Karen Richards

    Vegetable lasagne

  353. sharon martin

    homemade spagetti bolognese

  354. LouiseB

    Wholemeal penne with salmon, broccoli and cheese sauce

  355. Cerys John

    Prawn and chilli linguine 🙂

  356. Michelle Wild

    Nicoise chicken, prawn, tuna ANY.

  357. Aaron Milne

    Love Risotto

  358. Christine Edmonds

    Sunday roast, preferably made for me though.

  359. Emma

    Lasagne and garli bread

  360. Chris Fletcher

    I love spaghetti alla vongole!

  361. Michael Castiau

    Veal Milanese – fantastico !!!

  362. Nancy Bradford

    A well made, fresh pizza with a nice bottle of wine.

  363. Shannon Mostert

    Lasagne with garlic bread

  364. Jacqueline Roberts

    Fettucine Alfredo or ravioli

  365. Nicki Simpson

    Anything that involves steak….. pasta and steak, pizza and steak, chips and steak…,. You get the idea

  366. M Allen

    Lasagne, every time

  367. Debbie Preston


  368. Rachael Watkins

    Lovely rich Spag Bol

  369. simon g

    Lasagne with loads of cheese

  370. gemma raines

    I like a nice cheese pizza but also pasta dishes are great love a bit of spaghetti bol yum

  371. Monkey

    Lasagne, pizza, roast lamb and rice in gravy (not all together!).

  372. Susan Williams

    Grilled sea- bass on a bed of crushed potatoes with samphire.

  373. Kathryn Hipkin

    My favourite Italian meal is vegetarian cannelloni with spinach and ricotta cheese – could just eat that now!

  374. Natalie Crossan

    Spaghetti bol 😀

  375. Joanne smith


  376. Neil Pearson

    Gnocchi (nyoki)

  377. alison clark

    Lasagne is my fave tommorow im doing a chicken and mushroom lasagne which im hoping will be as good as my traditional one.

  378. Anneka Hulse

    my favorite is caponata

  379. Carly Belsey

    A nice homemade lasagne, garlic bread and salad, lovely 🙂

  380. Julie Whittaker

    Chicken Arrabiata – yummy!!!

  381. Carol Phile

    A really good Carbonara

  382. Faith Paul

    homemade lasagne with chips


    Lasagna with garlic bread and salad

  384. Averil Lea

    Love Lasagne

  385. Joanna Kasznicki

    Lasagne is a family fave

  386. Tammy Neal

    Spaghetti carbonara x

  387. Eileen McCann


  388. Melissa Red

    I always like Shepards Pie.

  389. Becki Gates

    It has to be homemade meatballs and spaghetti, yummy

  390. Laura Kevlin

    Pesto Penne with Chicken!

  391. Kay Broomfield

    I love Mushroom Parpadelle

  392. Chloe brill

    Fish and chips

  393. Sarah Phillips

    Nice homemade spag Bol

  394. Keeley Shaw


  395. Leanne Perrett

    my fave meal is meatballs and pasta its so quick and easy to make and cost very little so a great family meal

  396. denise s

    polenta and meatballs

  397. jen lloyd

    a lamb roast dinner

  398. Sarah Parker

    lasagne 🙂

  399. paula hayes

    ham and mushroom spaghetti carbonara

  400. Natalie Gillham

    I love home made lasagna with a ceasar salad on the side x

  401. Tee simpson

    Spaghetti bolognase

  402. Lyndsey Bruce

    My favourite meal is steak pie 🙂

  403. Jeremy Andrews

    Spagetti and meatballs

  404. Karen Langridge

    I love pasta and pizza, thanks for the lovely competition x

  405. Lisa Mcalley

    Oh it has to be homemade spag bal, my 3 kids and i love it

  406. Lia Burns


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