I love “pasticcini”! Italian addictive mini pastries

A recent break to Italy certainly hasn’t helped my waist line! It is always the same story: as soon as the plane touches Venetian soil I feel like some sort of addict in abstinence. A good espresso is what I am after and the airport’s bar is a must-stop.

The black stuff goes down like a shot, all in one go, then I feel my blood running faster through my veins, my eyesight gets clearer and the whole world looks just like a better place.. am I addicted? Possibly. I love my addiction though.

And the next trip is always to my favourite patisserie where they make those gorgeous mini pastries which are a feast to the eye and a joy to the palate. “I pasticcini” are little pastries which also taste great and they come all in different flavours. You can eat them in one single bite, and that’s the beauty of it. One bite and you can move on to the next one.. then the next one.. just like you would do for chocolates. You want to try them all. I certainly do.

Italian pastries

So how about making these miniature mini heavens? They are next on my list. I will be making them in the next few weeks and in the meantime you can try these strawberry mini tarts I made some time ago. They are great for entertaining too.

And by the way, always use good quality ingredients, it will show in their taste!

Italian pastries

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2 Responses to I love “pasticcini”! Italian addictive mini pastries

  1. la cucina di Molly

    Che meraviglia la piccola pasticceria! Immagina che i miei consuoceri hanno una pasticceria e puoi immaginare quanti deliziosi assaggi posso fare! Un abbraccio!

    • Alida

      Beata tu! Io sarei spesso a trovarli! Pasticcini e caffe’ sono la cosa piu’ buona del mondo!

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