Italian Antipasti and a giveaway

Antipasti can be life savers.

Whether you have friends coming around or you are simply too tired to put dinner together the humble salami will save your life.

There is something about slicing salami which takes me back to my roots. After all I come from Friuli where salame, prosciutto and fresh cheese are typical produce of the area and people eat them on a daily basis.

If you get invited there by someone do not be surprised if the first thing they do is to head to their cantina or cellar, come back with a chunky long salame and start slicing like there is no tomorrow. Then just as they give you about 10 slices of thick fresh salame, red wine will start to pour to the brim. Do not ever say you are on a diet or anything like that as they will look at you wondering if you are unwell.

My dad is wise, he said to me some time ago:” If you diet too hard or get obsessed about whatever you put in your mouth then you’ll go crazy in your head”.

He is a typical guy from the area, certainly not subtle, whatever he has to say he will say. I got his point though.

Let’s celebrate food then! Take a look at my meat antipasti I did a little while back. That was a real feast that was! We had too many a few glasses of Merlot with it! Red wine goes well with meat antipasti.

Italian meat antipasti

In order to feed my obsession with antipasti today something fab arrived at my door just in time for lunch: my own personalised serving board  courtesy of Getting Personal.
Fewer than a couple of hours later I had unwrapped the packaging and the board was covered with a blanket of salami, San Daniele ham, mozzarella and olives. I had some rustic bread which I toasted a little and..(I could see hubby getting really excited!), let’s go baby lunch is served!
Italian Antipasti on a serving board

Getting Personal specialises in personalised gifts from glasswear, to calendars and sweets – perfect for birthdays, anniversaries and weddings.

Today they are offering a personalized serving board to one lucky My Little Italian Kitchen reader . This board is made of good quality wood, it is light weight and really elegant. It will make a beautiful present for someone.


Italian meat antipasti















Would you like to win a personalized serving board?

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  2. Please comment on this blogpost before proceeding with other entry options (this is mandatory).
  3. One winner will be randomly selected, announced in the Gleam giveaway box and contacted via their provided e-mail address. Please claim your prize within 4 days of being notified.
  4. Giveaway open to UK residents over the age of 18 only.
  5. This giveaway closes on 21st October 2015

I received a personalized serving board from Getting Personal to review. No payment was received. All opinions are my own.

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311 Responses to Italian Antipasti and a giveaway

  1. Tracy k Nixon

    My favourite pasta is Strozzapreti!

  2. Tracey Peach

    I love all pasta & don’t have a favourite 🙂

  3. Chris Andrews

    What is your favourite type of pasta? . . . . . . lasagne

  4. Harry Sutton


  5. bev

    i do love spaghetti

  6. pete c

    Lasagne is my favourite

  7. Amy Dickson

    There’s too many too choose from but a favourite is Penne Arrabiata

  8. charlie brunton

    My favourite type of pasta is fusilli!

  9. iain maciver


  10. Emma Fox

    whole wheat fusilli

  11. Debbie Skerten

    We love pasta in this house, but my favourite is Farfalle.

  12. Maya Russell

    I like all types of pasta but particularly like spaghetti.

  13. Paul Scotland

    My favourite pasta is spaghetti

  14. Linda

    This looks so good. We were just talking about Antipasti last night. One of our friends is Italian from NY. and he said his family made Antipasti with meat, cheese, peppers. Such an awesome dish.

    • Alida

      Thanks Linda, antipasti always go down well!

  15. cheryl hadfield


  16. Dottie Sauchelli Balin

    Hi Alida,
    I know that this is for UK only, but I just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed reading your words. Your dad sounds like he get it and I also remember my family putting out the antipasti every time we had guest or family over. My dad was the one who put all of the goodies in a platter or in dishes. It was his thing and still is even though he is 88. Never a day went by without some sort of salami with cheese or bread before our dinner. Thanks for sharing it brought back many happy memories…Have a great Sunday!
    Hugs x Dottie 🙂

    • Alida

      We Italians just love antipasti, don’t we? It is always a feast taking out all those gorgeous salami, cheese and olives..!

  17. ashleigh allan


  18. Beth Bowdler


  19. Julie Booth


  20. Sarah Linda Lees

    Macaroni. I’m easy 🙂

  21. Samantha Loughlin

    Prawn and chorizo linguine

  22. kayleigh Bates

    Spaghetti, Im a simple girl lol x

  23. Mary Chez


  24. Michaela Hannah

    I’m pretty boring because i love spaghetti

  25. laura banks

    i like gnocchi

  26. Jennifer Haden

    I’m gluten free and paleo, so I don’t eat noodles so much anymore, but I have been loving courgette noodles, lovely in a soup x

  27. Rebecca England

    I love angel hair pasta. Recently I’ve discovered orzo pasta and am loving it!

  28. Liam Bishop

    Fusilli 🙂

  29. Laura Pritchard

    Fusilli, with pesto coating it!

  30. Karen Walder

    I love lasagne!

  31. gemma brown

    vegetable lasgane

  32. Jon Sellers

    Lasagne is my favourite

  33. Louise Smith


  34. Vivien Taylor


  35. clair downham

    fusilli thankyou

  36. La cucina di Molly

    Che antipasto invitante Alida, fa venire l’acquolina in bocca! In bocca al lupo a tutti i partecipanti al giveaway! Un abbraccio!

  37. Julie Tift

    Lasagne is my favourite pasta

  38. Amandeep Sibia


  39. James Harris

    Homemade lasgane is my favourite way to eat pasta.

  40. Claire D

    I love spaghetti bolognaise

  41. KATHY D


  42. Rachel Craig


  43. laura stewart

    homemade macaroni xx lots of cheese onto and garlic bread x

  44. Rhonda

    Definitely Lasagne.

  45. Lisa Pond

    Spaghetti, so much slurping! 🙂

  46. Sean Downer

    Prawn and chorizo with any pasta works grest

  47. Joanne Hutchings


  48. Natalie Charman


  49. Geoff Dagger


  50. kimberley ryan

    I just love pasta, but my favourite has to be Tagliatelle

  51. Sharon

    All pasta

  52. carole n

    All pasta but especially fusilli

  53. Deb Alexander

    Pesto and Tuna pasta salad (any pasta shape is fine with us!!)

  54. Caroline Hooper

    I love spaghetti 🙂

  55. Helen Metcalfe

    Love my homemade Mac & cheese but love all types of pasta

  56. Abbie Smith

    I love tortellini such a simple and tasty meal

  57. sandra bald


  58. Max Power

    Anything with lots of spice and garlic.

  59. Iris

    Lasagna but I like them all really

  60. Corinne Peat

    Love tagliatelle!

  61. lisa tebbutt

    i love all pasta

  62. guy

    Lasagne mmmmmmm

  63. aaron broad

    Spaghetti is my favourite

  64. Lynn Heath

    I love tortellini!

  65. Rey Chunara

    Has to be spaghetti

  66. Tracey Parker

    I like fusilli with mozzarella and aubergine

  67. Mark Richmond


  68. Heather Haigh


  69. Agnieszka Sady

    Has to be lasagne!

  70. Bonnie King

    Spaghetti mainly because we use it the most.

  71. irene gilmour


  72. Ruth Harwood


  73. Adeline

    Anything pasta really, I love pasta! But I thing it would have to be lasagne!

  74. claire woods


  75. Lyla Horley


  76. Donna W

    I love spaghetti with king prawns, chilli, cherry tomatoes and rocket. Delicious!

  77. Rebecca Howe

    All pasta is delicious, but a carbonara or a nice spag bol would be my favourite!

  78. Alica

    Anything with cheese!!! 🙂

  79. Jlath


  80. amy bondoc

    love Linguine

  81. Jo Bryan

    I adore spaghetti especially carbonara, or with pesto and Parmesan.

  82. barbara daniels

    I adore lasagne delish!!!!!!

  83. Jackie ONeill


  84. Kim Neville

    Lasagne is our favourite

  85. Rebecca Williams

    Tagliatelli is my favourite pasta 🙂

  86. claire blaney

    tagliatelle is my fave x

  87. Frances Heaton

    I love Lasagne and the flat sheets of pasta are my favourites.

  88. Zenath

    My favourite type of pasta is penne

  89. Kat Lucas

    Bow Tie Pasta

  90. claire nutman

    Spagetti x

  91. Penny H

    Spaghetti is my favourite! The board looks fantastic and wow, how appetising does your platter look?

    • Alida

      Thank you!

  92. Lisa Buckley


  93. Anne-Marie Wigley

    gluten free carbonara

  94. Sarah-Jane

    Spaghetti Prima Vera

  95. Lorraine Tinsley

    Tortellini is my favourite with spinach and ricotta

  96. Christine Dodd

    Can’t beat spaghetti

  97. laura miller


  98. Nicki Simpson

    Fusili mmmm

  99. kate philpott

    spaghetti is a family fav

  100. Lynne Durkin

    Fusilli as it can be used with so many things x

  101. Lisa Parker

    I love Spaghetti! x

  102. S Bufton


  103. julie kenny

    Lasagne is my favourite

  104. Val Swift


  105. Ray Becker


  106. Allan Smith

    Fusilli all the way 😀

  107. Pam Francis Gregory


  108. darren hay

    I love pasta, and my favourite is Farfalle.

  109. Sue Harrison

    I love the different filled pasta ravioli you can buy now

  110. Natasha M


  111. Lucy Igoe


  112. Tracy Gladman

    I love spaghetti

  113. sallyh


  114. Charlotte Moore


  115. Helen Adams


  116. Fay Smith

    I absolutely love Lasagne <3

  117. Roger Bufton


  118. Jill Webb

    love lasagne

  119. Shivon Davis

    Pasta Shells i love them x

  120. Amanda Hart

    I love all pastas but favourite has to be spaghetti

  121. Sarah Mackay

    Love pasta Farfali is probably my favourite

  122. Martina Evans

    I love all types of pasta. But I love Linguine more!

  123. Nat thomason


  124. caroline walliss


  125. Stephanie Whitehouse

    Green spinach tagliatelle

  126. helen tovell


  127. Samantha Mann

    Wholewheat Fuscilli

  128. Louise Fairweather

    I like carbonara

  129. Ella L

    i love Linguine

  130. Patricia Edwards

    My favourite is Carbonara

  131. Jo Carroll


  132. Sam Goodwin


  133. Gill


  134. Jayne T

    Mine is spaghetti.

  135. Sarah


  136. Steve Dickinson

    I don’t like pasta!

  137. Vicky Osborne

    Something creamy

  138. rebecca nisbet


  139. betony Bennett

    I love baked pasta like lasagna and canneloni

  140. Sharon L Johnson

    sweet chilli pasta yummy

  141. Jennifer Toal


  142. Victoria Wise

    I love tagliatelle in a creamy blue cheese sauce!

  143. Jo m Welsh

    I like lasagna

  144. Karen Laing

    it would be a spaghetti carbonara x

  145. Rebecca Smith




  147. Nichola Mackay

    I love tagliatelle, mix in some soft cheese, peas and smoked salmon, chives and salt and pepper yum

  148. sharon martin


  149. Ann Skamarauskas

    Farfalle, particularly with pesto

  150. jen jackson


  151. Richard R




  153. Cupcake R

    Macaroni is my favourite

  154. Allan Wilson

    Semolina gnocchi served in a blue cheese cream sauce

  155. Katie Skeoch

    Seafood linguine

  156. Lauren Old


  157. Megan Kinsey

    fusili 🙂

  158. Jamie Walker

    Tagletelli 🙂

  159. Eileen Tingle

    I like lasagne

  160. Liz


  161. Kat Allinson

    Tagliatelle 🙂

  162. Esme MCCRUBB


  163. Helen CLAYTON

    I love the wide strips of papardelle with a meaty slow cooked ragu!

  164. Phyllis May Ellett

    Just love Linguine at the moment.

  165. Leighanne M


  166. Mike Gerrie


  167. Gemma Snell


  168. Gwyn Sharps

    Linguine. Either with seafood or veg.

  169. Lucia Critchley

    tortellini 🙂

  170. Ann Peters

    Lovely Lasagne for me!

  171. Holly edmundson

    Mine has to be Lasagne 😀 xx

  172. Karen R

    I love spaghetti

  173. Brenda Wilkes


  174. Kirsty Fox

    Lasagne is my favourite.

  175. EJ Dunn


  176. Robyn Logan Clarke


  177. Sarah Bates


  178. Angela Morgan


  179. Kerry Kilmister

    I love Tagliatelle

  180. Purmala Shrestha

    Lasagne is my one of favourite pasta. 🙂

  181. Angie Hoggett

    tortellini, especially with some sort of goats cheese filling

  182. Helen Humphries


  183. Anthea Holloway

    My favourite type of pasta is ravioli.

  184. liz ferguson

    olive oil and olives xx

  185. Tim Woolfenden

    Pasta shells with mince covered in hot chilli sauce…love it

  186. Barbara Handley


  187. Helena


  188. Ellen Stafford

    I like lasagne

  189. Jo Glasspool

    I love Tagletelli

  190. Emily Clark

    Angel hair!

  191. zoe g


  192. Laura Asplin


  193. Sheri Darby

    I love spaghetti

  194. Ellie Spider

    Lasagne 🙂

  195. Monica Gilbert

    Angel hair pasta

  196. Jose


  197. Lyndsay Harris


  198. Kelly Hanson

    It’s a toss up between Tortellini and Tagliatelle. Love them both 🙂

  199. Emily Jayne Phipps


  200. Sheila Shepheard

    Rigatoni cooked al dente

  201. Emma Jones

    Pasta with mushrooms in a creamy sauce.. I could eat it every day!

  202. elaine stokes

    I love penne

  203. Susan B

    I like good old fashioned spaghetti the best.

  204. MichelleD

    I love seafood linguine!

  205. Emily Hutchinson

    Spirali, it works well in a pasta salad

  206. Emilia nastaly-howard


  207. S Mayat


  208. Lauren Prater


  209. Jenny Jones

    I love Tagliatelle

  210. Andrew Hindley


  211. Trudi Walsh

    I love Fusilli, I prefer to have this with my bolognaise rather than spaghetti

  212. jodie harvey


  213. Theresa M

    Favourite pasta: Tagliatelle Verde, favourite sauce: Carbonara … bellissimo!



  215. Kristy Brown

    linguine for me

  216. donna l jones

    our favourite is Farfalle.

  217. Diana

    My favourite is fusilli 🙂

  218. Nathan Wilson

    Lasagna , so many little variations to change the flavour

  219. Rebecca Howells

    I love fresh penne pasta with roasted vegetables, feta and pesto – yum! (@PeanutHog)

  220. Dee McNicol

    It’s a toss up (see what I did there) with spaghetti and macaroni!

  221. jemma dwyer


  222. Rennene Hartland

    fusilli for me

  223. Lisa Wilkinson

    Tricolor Fusilli


    Spaghetti especially with home made meat balls

  225. Sarah-Jane Laycock

    I am a spaghetti oholic – loved it from the very first taste in my childhood x

  226. Teresa sheldon

    raviloi love the little parcels with all sorts of different fillings

  227. Kay Foster

    Penne….I know it doesn’t sound exciting, but I love making my own sauce with tom’s I’ve grown.

  228. Eleanor P


  229. Lynda S

    Penne with tomato and basil sauce:)

  230. Gillian Hale

    Spaghetti with a nice carbonara sauce – yummy

  231. tracey ryder


  232. angela sandhu


  233. Cerys John


  234. Megan Davies

    my favourite pasta is free pasta 🙂

  235. Anneka Hulse

    penne is my favorite

  236. Deborah Hambleton

    I love spaghetti but it’s so messy! Or is it just me that’s messy!

  237. Krzysia

    Spaghetti (Marinara)

  238. Elisha

    i like it all

  239. Emma


  240. Caroline Signey


  241. emma brown


  242. Kim Lam

    A real meaty lasagna

  243. Joanne O'Neill

    No doubt carbonara!

  244. Nancy Bradford

    I love the way rigatoni holds loads of sauce and is much easier to eat than spaghetti, etc.


    Orzo or lasagna

  246. Victoria Prince

    Tricolour Tagliatelle 🙂

  247. Samantha Fernley

    I like Farfalle, with an Arrabiata sauce.

  248. sharon dickson

    Amazing recipes and lovely board. I love spaghetti.

  249. Gillian Hutchison


  250. Debbie Preston


  251. denise s


  252. Ashley Phillips

    I love having fusilli cold in a salad as it mixes well with salad dressings, but I love to cook with farfalle

  253. Judith Luscombe

    Spagetti is my favourite, somehow it tastes better than other pasta



  255. Rachelle Hands

    My favourite pasta is rigatoni

  256. Richard Green

    Fresh home made pasta is just the best

  257. Sarah Buckley

    It might seem boring but I can’t help it – I just love spaghetti!

  258. zoe somerfield

    All pasta is lovely but my fave has to be tagliatelle

  259. Lyndsay-Rose


  260. Kate Leather


  261. David Price

    Ravioli is my favourite

  262. Helen


  263. Lizzy Cooper

    Spelt pasta

  264. Hayley Todd

    My favourite pasta recipe is tagliatelle with lemon, creme fraiche + rocket 🙂

  265. lynn neal

    Whole wheat spaghetti!

  266. Sarah Mills


  267. Cristin

    conchiglie, brings back memories of when I was younger my mum always used this pasta

  268. sarah clegg

    fusilli 🙂

  269. Helen

    I love all pasta!

  270. lindsay chadburn

    i love spaghetti carbonara!!!

  271. Caroline James

    I love fusilli.

  272. ChrisM Baker


  273. dawn f


  274. Claire Nelson

    I love it all but particularly penne.

  275. Caroline Wood

    I love all types ( apart from maccaroni ) I use pasta to make sooo many meals and have set most my familyoff liking pasta too 😛

  276. natalie

    Spaghetti !!

  277. Chris Hall

    Tagliatelle is my favourite

  278. julie stephens

    penne with my famiy

  279. Rebecca Phillips


  280. Anne Jenkins

    Lasagne I LOVE

  281. Rachel Butterworth


  282. Kim Styles


  283. chirag P


  284. Trevor Linvell

    I like tagliatelle the most

  285. Sam B


  286. michelle banks


  287. Claire Ward


  288. Pauline Black

    Fusilli but I also love spaghetti!

  289. lora

    Gnocchi if it counts – pure comfort food 🙂

  290. kelly holden


  291. Herbert Appleby

    Tricolor Tagliatelle

  292. Dawn Barnes


  293. Karen Richards


  294. chris miller

    I love pasta 🙂

  295. Matt Brasier


  296. frances hopkins


  297. Kathryn Casbolt


  298. Natalie Crossan

    whole wheat fusilli

  299. Lydia Graham

    I couldn’t pick one as I like all pasta

  300. Lyndsey Jones

    I like linguine – I do a dish with prawns, lots of garlic and tomatoes and finished with some tarragon. Its pretty good even if I do say so myself!

  301. Lauren Chaplin

    i love Lasagne and spaghetti


    I Love Tortelloni and any filled pasta

  303. Janet Rumley

    Ravioli xxx

  304. Tamara Foster


  305. Neha Parmar

    Lasagne yum yum

  306. Natalie Gillham

    Pata tubes 🙂

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