Italian Carnival Fritters: “Frittelle”

Italian Carnival Fritters: “Frittelle”

By 20/02/2012

Hurray it's that time of the year again! It's carnival, so it's time to make those addictive deep fried, gorgeous cakes.

Every year for me has become a tradition now. It cannot pass February without making frittelle.

Every region of Italy calls them differently but in the end they are all very similar. I get instantly transported back to when, as a child I used to come back from school and I could smell the cakes being fried in the courtyard.

My mother and my grandmother would make huge batches of them and invite all the relatives to eat and distribute them around the neighbours. What a joy that was. I was filled with happiness at seeing them chain working (wish I had taken a picture back then!). And it is with the same joy that I make them for my own children now and let's face it for myself too!  There are different types of carnival cakes. All of them are deep fried. Frittelle are very straightforward and don't take that long to make.

If you like carnival cakes you must try these fried carnival masks too!

  • Prep Time : 20 minutes
  • Cook Time : 15 minutes



In a bowl mix the sugar and the eggs together. Add all the other ingredients and incorporate them well.

Put the mixture in the fridge and leave it to rest for half an hour.

With your hands make some small balls and fry them in hot oil and turn them on the other side until they are nice and golden on both sides. Fish them out of the oil and let them cool down. Then dust them with powdered sugar.


Carnival masks in Venice

Carnival masks in Venice

Venice carnival

Italian fritters

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21 Responses to Italian Carnival Fritters: “Frittelle”

  1. Helen Gr

    Hi AlidaYour carnival cakes look easy and very tasty.Delicious frittelle! Thank you for sharing. Happy Carnival!

  2. Marina

    Interesting, how many new things I've learned today, frittelle being one of them! Thanks for the post! Happy Carnival!

  3. Pegasuslegend

    I made something similar my grandma made. Yesterday with raisins and cinnamon going to post soon. I love these fritters she referred to as Crispelles, Grandma was from Rome ITaly. Although not familar with this one, rum was in our too. So many Regions so many traditions. I just love them all these look GRAND!

  4. PolaM

    Frittelle here too! Now I feel like I have to make some!

  5. Still Served Warm

    Great, mouthwatering post! And I have never tried frittelle with raisins!Another pretty common Carnival treat in Lombardy is LATTUGHE.

  6. La cucina di Molly

    Che meraviglia questi dolci fritti!Troppo buoni e invitanti!Buon Carnevale!Ciao

  7. Moni

    Your blog is great and the recipes are amazing!! I become with pleasure your follower!

  8. elly

    Sono delle castagnole deliziose! Buone e belle!!! Baci!

  9. LinsFood

    These look fantastic, could probably eat a plate full! Great photos!

  10. Rosita Vargas


  11. Elpiniki

    These look really yummy!I love all the carnival photos!

  12. Angie

    No conocía estas tortas, Alida, pero deben estar riquísimas! Un beso.

  13. seanymph

    I havent made them in yrs. I have a recipe on my page wayyyyyy back near the beginning and its adaptation that we used when I worked at the restaurant. They were so yummy tho.

  14. Rita

    Fabulous; I sure with we had Caranval; these look so so Good.Rita

  15. Helene Dsouza

    Looks fun and defently easier then our carneval snacks. I wish I had that recipe on sunday. in 40 days then!thanks for sharing =)

  16. Lu Canela

    Alida these look great, I love fried treats, their just wonderful, it is in my to do list for this week. I let you know how they turn out. thank you for the recipe.

  17. Catherine

    Dear Alida, These are just delicious and bring back many good memories of making these as a child. Blessings my dear, Catherine xo

  18. Elizabeth

    These look great! I love masquerade masks.

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