Italian chocolate Easter eggs: BIG, hollow and…

Eggs play a big part at Easter in Italy.

Having eggs at Easter time is a very old tradition which was popular long before Christianity. The ancient Romans used to bury an egg painted in red in the soil in the hope to get a better crop. Eggs have always signified a new life, rebirth after the long cold winter months.

Many Italian families would have hard boiled eggs at Easter time but what will really catch your eye in Italy are shop windows and coffee bars filled with all those big colourful chocolate eggs, a feast for the eyes that is.

Italian chocolate eggs are large, hollow, wrapped in colourful foil paper and have a nice surprise tucked inside and some eggs can be massive…gigantic.

Italian Easter eggs

Children just cannot wait for Easter to find out what’s inside. As a child I remember shaking my Easter eggs so much trying to find out what was inside that the chocolate would be in pieces by the time Easter came.

In our family we usually open them after our big Easter meal.

chocolate egg

Even as an adult it can be quite exciting. My friend found her engagement ring inside an Easter egg. This is how her fiancee proposed to her! These days bakeries will make personalized Easter eggs where you can choose your own surprise. I love that. Perhaps hubby will surprise me this year with a nice gift??

easter egg surprise

In the last fifteen years or so eggs made by the brand “Kinder” have been very popular for children, not so much for their chocolate (which is very sugary and frankly not that interesting) but for their surprise which is usually a toy of some description.

I think this year we might go for dark chocolate eggs as my children seem to prefer it. This means we can all enjoy a decent piece of chocolate after our meal.

Every year is the same though, we always seem to end up we so much leftover chocolate. I often make homemade Italian thick hot chocolate and cakes with it. Last year I made a Chocolate chip cake  also known as “Stracciatella cake”, (like the ice cream) which was very popular.

Chocolate Stracciatella cake

I am off to Italy for Easter…cannot wait! I will be in charge of our Easter lunch which will be a traditional roast lamb and I am hoping to make a colomba, the classic Italian Easter cake like I do every year. I prefer to make it rather than buy it.

And you, what you are doing for Easter?

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16 Responses to Italian chocolate Easter eggs: BIG, hollow and…

    • Alida

      Oh yes.. the best match ever!

  1. All That I'm Eating

    What a lovely idea, I’ve not seen those giant Kinder eggs before. Hope you enjoy your Easter lunch.

    • Alida

      They seem to be selling them in Italian delies in the UK too now.

  2. Alison

    How nice you get personalised eggs. When we were little the chocolates always came inside the eggs but now they are outside in the box. It is just not the same. Have a fab time

    • Alida

      Yes things change all the time. The Italian Easter eggs seem to be still the same though.

  3. la cucina di Molly

    Le uova di Pasqua fanno la felicità dei bambini, ho comprato già due uova Kinder per i miei nipotini, preferiscono quella marca per la loro grande sorpresa!
    Per il menù di Pasqua non ho ancora deciso, ma non può mancare sulla tavola l’agnello con i piselli e uova che non in Puglia chiamiamo ” Verdetto”! Buona giornata, baci!

    • Alida

      Anche io faro’ agnello e’ cosi buono. Ti auguro una buona pasqua in famiglia!

  4. gloria

    Che buono ! Look amazing Alida!!

    • Alida

      Grazie cara x

  5. Chiara

    quella tua torta mi ha ingolosito tanto, posso prendere una fetta ? Felice Pasqua Alida, un bacione

  6. Anonymous

    What would Easter Sunday be without a chocolate egg? Can’t wait to devour mine after the lamb roast! Have a lovely holiday in Italy (lucky girl!) and happy Easter xx

    • Alida


  7. Choclette

    Ooh Easter eggs. I still go a little weak at the knees when I see them. Love the idea of having something meaningful hidden inside too. Hope you all have a lovely Easter Alida. Escaping English rain for Italian sun sounds like a fine idea.

    • Alida

      Thank Choclette, I hope you have a nice Easter too with lots of good quality chocolate. And you are the expert 🙂

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