Italian food adverts.. the pleasure of the senses

Do you have a date lined up, are you thinking of seducing your other half or do you simply want to put some spice into your relationship?

Did you know that food and sensuality belong to the same dimension of pleasure?

Food can be a true weapon of seduction:”Prendere un uomo per la gola”, “Take a man by his throat” as we say in Italy.

Let’s have a look at some Italian food ads which can explain this very well.

Coffee can be sexy: it is black, it is hot, it gives you an instant kick, it is full of aroma and life. On my heydays of courtship with hubby I used food a lot to seduce him and coffee was on top of the list. My hopes for an “all coffee sensual experience” soon faded away when he told me that as a proper English man he would only drink tea. I thought: “This is it, it’s the end”.

But I did not despair. There is always a solution to everything.

I planned a “re-education” program (and please forgive me my lovely English readers) and I slowly introduced him to coffee, through smell, taste but most effectively and the cruelty of it all,ย  I regularly took him to see my mother who with her “I teach you” bullish way made the conversion happen.

These days he has become a coffee junkie.. poor little hubby I did not mean to do this to you! I never said tea wasn’t nice!

lavazza advert

And here you have two lovers in S Marco square in Venice on a romantic night out elegantly sipping can boost your libido too.

romantica-venezia lavazza

Eating yogurt can be a sensual experience..really?? “Make love with flavour” as this adverts states.

Muller yogurt advert

And again.. yogurt is a “passion to be consumed”. Better to have more of it then.


In this advert “The Black Rooster Temptationโ€ which advertises Chianti wine we see a pair of naked woman’s legs swinging in the air getting tickled by a black rooster feather. Wine is seduction.

pubblicita chianti classico

I can certainly agree with this one: eating pasta can! This worked with me. The action of eating spaghetti whilst looking into your beloved eyes… oh yes do try this one, share your spaghetti from the same plate and get all messy.

eating pasta

Baci Perugina are a classic Valentine gift for lovers: these dark chocolates with a hazelnut in the middle and a love message inside will make sure you will fall in love in no time.

Baci Perugina

Chocolate is sensual isn’t it? Let’s dream for a second of swimming in a bath of warm chocolate.. you can lick it and feel like you belong to it… delicious!

Lindt chocolate

Chocolate biscuits: The pleasure of ALL PLEASURES!

So are you ready to seduce your other half? Off you go into the kitchen and make something nice which does not need to be lobster and champagne. Most foods have their sensual side in them… all you need is passion.


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2 Responses to Italian food adverts.. the pleasure of the senses

  1. Dottie Sauchelli Balin

    Dear Alida,
    Oh My, dear friend this is a fabulous post. I never would have thought of this at all. You have hit the right spot for sure. I love the ads. Chocolate and wine are favorites with my husband. But I love the idea of the pasta…have to try that one for sure. It reminds me of the Disney movie “Lady and the Trap.” I never would have thought of yogurt!! Thanks for sharing and making us think of foods that way. Have a wonderful day…
    Hugs Dottie ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Alida

      Yes the “Lady and the Trap” is a good one! Spaghetti seem to have a romantic side.. good for lovers then!

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