Limoncello Dessert with strawberries

Limoncello Dessert with strawberries

By 08/07/2012

We have been having a funny summer so far here in England: rain rain and more rain. They say that more rain is to be expected for the whole month of July. What to do??!  The ground is soaked and it looks like it cannot take it anymore and many parts of the country are flooded.

British weather can be hard to get used to if you come from a country where you have always taken for granted that in the summer you should see the sun every day with the exception of the odd rainy day.

I get frustrated when summer never seems to show its face, but on the positive side I found that it encourage me to blog even more and I get lots of ideas and I can even find inspiration to meditate.
So as my blog is getting some benefit out of this misery and I deeply love blogging, I found a way of looking at it on a bright side.
Also another way to look at it positively is that in a few weeks time I will be in Italy again!!

Today I made this dessert which is fresh and yummy using fresh strawberries; choose organic ones as they taste so much better but of course if you are lucky enough to have homegrown ones that's best.
I have soaked some Italian Savoiardi biscuits in orange juice and added a dash of limoncello ( an Italian lemon liquor) which gives it a bit of a lift and with eggs, mascarpone cheese and cream made a Tiramisu' like mixture.

This is a summery version of Tiramisu' without coffee and if you don't add limoncello, children can enjoy it too.

  • Prep Time : 20 minutes


Beat the cream with an electric mixer.

Beat the eggs with the sugar into a creamy consistency. Add the mascarpone and half of the whipped cream and stir it well in.
Clean and wash the strawberries. Whiz half of them and turn them into a puree.
Chop the remaining ones into pieces.

Mix the limoncello with a couple of glasses of orange juice.

Now you can start assembling the dessert by putting some chopped strawberries on the bottom of the glasses.
Chop the biscuits into halves and dip them into the mixture of juice and limoncello. Lay them on top of the strawberries and  pour some of the eggs and mascarpone mixture on them. Then make another layer with strawberries, biscuits and mascarpone mixture.

Finish with some whipped cream (you can use a syringe to make a nice decoration), decorate with some strawberries and pour all over the strawberry puree.

limoncello dessert

 limoncello and strawberries dessert

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29 Responses to Limoncello Dessert with strawberries

  1. Alexandra

    I'm glad to hear you're keeping positive despite the awful weather. Great recipe!

  2. Suzanne Bean

    Sounds and looks delicious!!! I love your presentation 🙂

  3. Gloria

    Oh dear hope the weather will be better; i love rain but in summer I love sun too:)This look delicious!

  4. The View From The Table

    This is beautiful Alida. I love the idea of the mascarpone with limoncello, I must try that.

  5. The View From The Table

    By the way, so impressed that you got to take a photograph outside! It has rained solidly all day here, my poor sunflowers have their heads bent to the ground

  6. Marina@Picnic at Marina

    Alida, I am speechless! Beautiful and delicious! Very impressive presentation! 🙂

  7. Balvinder Ubi

    Coincidentally I was looking at my old recipes and was thinking to make tiramisu but dropped the idea because it has raw eggs in it. I eat tiramisu in restaurants but can't use raw eggs myself. What should I replace that with?Alida, this looks delicious and you were able to take such bright shot with rainy weather.

  8. Recetario Spanglish para mis hijos

    Alida, my husband has been living in England one month and he´s telling me ¨on day more beautiful than the other¨, he´s been lucky of course, it was in the ´70sI love your dessert 🙂

  9. simple baking

    Love the flavour and textural combo going on here. Strawberries, mascarpone and limoncello sounds great!Have a nice day!xoxoAnuja

  10. Carmine Volpe

    is a wonderful dessertcon truvia i peccato di gola è meno peccato

  11. Shobha

    So colourful..and healthy too.

  12. Alida

    Every year is different! You never know what to expect with British weather!

  13. Alida

    I know in restaurants they use pasteurized eggs and in some bakeries they use powder eggs. I would just not use eggs at all and maybe add some rum or vanilla extract to the mascarpone and cream.

  14. Padhu

    It looks so inviting!

  15. Kavi

    Love your blog so much!!! Such simple & amazing recipes! 🙂

  16. La cucina di Molly

    Al contrario delle tue giornate piovose qui in Italia il sole è tanto cocente da non poter resistere! Il tuo dessert è meraviglioso e tanto goloso, complimenti!Ciao

  17. Petro Neagu

    Absolutely delicious recipe. Alida! I am so drooling over it, especially that I've decided it's about time to lose some weight and I'm on a strict diet :)But drooling cannot hurt to anyone, right?Hugs and kisses from Copenhagen

  18. simran

    yum dessert!!!!!!!!!lovely colours………and summery flavours…..i would probably try this with sugar….yum.

  19. Hema

    Looks so awesome and tempting..

  20. Ozlem's Turkish Table

    So delicious Alida, must have a go with all that straberries in the house – and I look forward to our summer too, hope it comes soon!!:)

  21. Una Semplice Passione

    Hi Alida, I grew up in The Netherlands so I know how it is in the summer. Whimsical, rainy, grey a bit depressing at times. It's good that you can find inspiration in that for your blog. You almost don't need the sun with a dessert like that. Beautiful dessert.

  22. Catherine

    Dear Alida, What a beautiful and refreshing dessert. Blessings dear. Catherine xo

  23. Jon

    Your recipes are fantastic! I've already tried several of them and the limoncello strawberry dessert is next on my list! (yes, some men actually do cook…..)

  24. Zoe

    Very envy of your summery weather and beautiful dessert. It is now cold and depressing in Melbourne…

  25. Dolcemeringa Ombretta

    Qui c'e ' sole e caldo e andrebbe benissimo la tua coppetta così golosa e fresca:) bacioni cara

  26. Choclette

    Now this looks like a version of Tiramisu I can fully enjoy. Not liking coffee, I've never been a fan. But this sounds delicious. We use the Stevia leaf in some of our cooking and it doesn't have such a powerful aftertaste as Truvia.This summer is exceptionally awful. Take heart, I've never known quite such a bad one as this.

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