Marano Lagunare, an oasis of peace

There are places you visit that are special, not only are they beautiful but they also have a magical and special air to them. The little fishing village of Marano Lagunare is certainly one of them.

Situated on the upper Adriatic sea, it has the largest lagoon in the region of Friuli. It’s history dates back to the Roman times and then it became a fortified base in the days of the Doge’s Republic of Venice. The town has a precise geometric pattern with little streets, narrow lanes and numerous small squares smaller than the principal or main square. The place belonged to Venice until 1797, the buildings in fact have a distinctive Venetian style.

The peace and quiet and stillness of the village gives this place an almost mystical air. I find it so fascinating. It is only a little fishing village but a unique one.  

Marano Lagunare Italy

Marano Lagunare Italy

The tower situated in the main square was, according to local sources, originally built soon after 1031 as a place of guard dominating the surrounding lagoon.

marano the tower

campanile marano - the tower Marano Lagunare Italy

With very few people walking around town, I felt like whispering. It was like stepping back in time, so still, so quiet. Flowers and plants carefully and neatly arranged outside peoples homes, the smell of home cooked food, you could hear people getting on with their daily lives.

Marano Lagunare Italy

We arrived here by boat from Lignano Sabbiadoro, the local beach where we usually stay. Whilst waiting for our boat back I quickly took a few shots. As it was getting darker the lighting was magic. Such a fantastic atmosphere.

Marano Lagunare village

This place is full of fishing boats and many cats waiting to get fresh fish!

Marano Lagunare - boats on the lagoon

A seagull

I loved this Madonna painting.

Madonna panting in marano

If you like fish then this place is for you with many restaurants specializing in fish. We went there for the fish festival which occurs once a year. We had sweet and sour sardines Venetian style also known as “Sarde in Saor”, prawns, squid, “Canestrelli” smaller types of scallops very sweet. The fish was beautifully prepared.

Italian guys often like to be photographed. These men were working cleaning shellfish.

Italian guys cleaning shellfish

These shells are called “Fasolari” and they are typical of the Adriatic sea.

Fasolari - shellfish typical of the Adriatic sea

They look like large clams, you can eat them cooked or raw just like oysters so they have to be opened just before eating them. You can taste the sea in them, just so delicious.

Fasolari - shellfish typical of the Adriatic sea

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5 Responses to Marano Lagunare, an oasis of peace

  1. speedy70

    Che splendido posta Alida, un luogo meraviglioso!!!!

  2. Dottie Sauchelli Balin

    Ciao Alida,
    I want to go there..It looks lovely and a very magical place. I love quiet little villages and this is so unique. Your description of this place and its culture, to its people is just heart warming. I also love the fact that you had photos in that sherpa or Black/White form. It makes the village and its buildings look more old time. This fishing village must be busy when they get their fish in from the boats. Nothing like fresh fish from the sea. Those clams look so different the shells are a nice color and must be delicious… My parents love sardines and would love what you ate, sweet and sour sardines Venetian style. Thank you for sharing a little bit of heaven on earth….Have a good week..
    Hugs x Dottie <3 🙂

    • Alida

      Thank you Dottie!

  3. Elisabetta

    What a delightful village, then you add delicious fresh fish dishes and you end up with a perfect day out. Luck you!

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