Mini Meringues Recipe

Mini Meringues Recipe

By 19/04/2013

Have you ever made meringues? I love them with strawberries and cream, with ice cream or simply dipped into dark chocolate.. yum! If you make your own they will taste so much better than shop bought ones.

There are many recipes which only require the use of egg-yolks and the egg-whites end up being thrown away. What a waste. Let's make good use of them.

I did try making meringue unsuccessfully in the past and ended up with something chewy and still soft in the middle so I never tried ever again... until yesterday. I had good tips from a friend and this time I did manage to make perfect meringues!

Here are a few tips:

-make sure you don't leave any trace of yolks when you separate the eggs

-the bowl and the beaters need to be clean and dry

-the egg whites should be at room temperature

-A low oven is crucial: you cannot make meringues in a hurry: the whisked egg whites should just dry in the oven and not cook. This means you need to set the oven at a very low temperature, like 60C and leave them in there for at least 4 hours. You can then switch the oven off and leave them in there overnight so they will dry out completely.

For a richer meringue you can can add chocolate chips, chopped almonds etc to the egg whites after you whisked them and incorporate them in well.

  • Prep Time : 20 minutes
  • Cook Time : 4h 00 min



Whisk the whites until firm with half of the sugar

Mini Meringues Recipe

Add the remaining sugar and the lemon juice which will give a glossy look to the meringues and eliminates the "egg smell". Continue whisking until you get a firm and glossy mixture

Mini Meringues Recipe

Pour the mixture into a piping bag and form little meringues over a sheet of baking paper about the size of a small tangerine

Mini Meringues Recipe

Put them in the oven at 60C and leave them in for 3-4 hours or longer until they are dry inside and will lift from the paper easily.

Mini Meringues Recipe

Mini Meringues Recipe

Mini Meringues Recipe

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6 Responses to Mini Meringues Recipe

  1. la cucina di Molly

    Che buone le meringhe, ti sono venute benissimo! Inoltre รจ un bel modo per riciclare gli albumi! Che amore la tua bimba, promette bene! Un bacione e buon fine settimana!

  2. Nora

    They are adorable! I love making meringues, they last quite a while also in an airtight container, which is handy (that is, if they are not all eaten in the next 24 hours!!)

  3. Tina Evans

    These are beautiful. My mother-in-law makes them but I never thought to try. I’m going to now!

  4. Choclette

    Those are such pretty meringues Alida. I hate using piping bags, so I just spread them out with a spoon, but they don’t look nearly as pretty as yours. I haven’t heard of using lemon juice before, so I will try that next time I make them. They are also very nice made with rose sugar – whizz a handful of rose petals with the sugar in a food processor before using.

    • Alida

      Great tips Choclette! I really love the idea of rose petals. We’ll do that next time.

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