Mozzarella & prosciutto nibbles on sticks

Mozzarella & prosciutto nibbles on sticks

By 03/08/2018

Fresh, fuss free and delicious... in other words summer food!

All over Europe we have been having an incredible summer this year, even the UK is basking in the heat. This translates into more aperitivi with olives and nibbles and fresh and healthy foods.

I never bought as much watermelon as this year. I have just come back from Italy and with temperatures of 38C over there it was perhaps a little too hot for me but hey, I am not complaining, I love summer, everything is fresh and vibrant and the mood is great.

I had many ice creams.. quite a few "coppe di gelato": a few scoops of ice cream in a glass with whipped cream and a nice topping.. this is just so Italian and so so good. Have you ever had one?

Here you have these nibbles you can prepare very quickly: just get a few little mozzarella balls (bocconcini), tomatoes, prosciutto and melon if you like. You could also use olives and mushrooms preserved in oil too. I used the white-green melon variety but I suggest you could use the classic orange one as it looks prettier and it makes a better presentation.

Happy summertime everyone! Cheers!

Aperitivo time

  • Prep Time : 10 minutes
  • Yield : 6


Slice the mozzarella balls in half. Slice the tomatoes and the melon (if using).

Pierce one half of the mozzarella, the tomatoes, the melon, the prosciutto and the basil into the skewers alternating the colours and finish off with the second half of the mozzarella.

Enjoy with a nice glass of wine!

Mozzarella, prosciutto nibbles on sticks_


Mozzarella, prosciutto, tomato nibbles on sticks

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11 Responses to Mozzarella & prosciutto nibbles on sticks

  1. Ron

    It’s been warm up this way too, but not as hot as Italy. But plenty hot for us in Scandinavia. I’ve made similar nibblies, but never with watermelon. What a great idea.

    • Alida

      The whole of Europe is hotter than usual. Let’s make the most of it!

  2. Gerlinde @ Sunnycvechef

    Europe is having an epic hot summer. I love your little appetizers, especially the added melon .

    • Alida

      I am trying to cook hot meals as little as possible.. it is just too hot for that.

  3. gloria

    love these sticks ! look absolutely delicious!!

    • Alida

      Grazie cara, I hope all is well with you x

  4. Angie@Angie's Recipes

    I can totally make these nibbles as the main…just have to double the portion 🙂 They look seriously yummy and easy to make too.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Alida!

    • Alida

      With all the aperitivi we have been having I need more ideas for nibbles. I wouldn’t even bother with dinner at summertime, just lots of nibbles instead!

  5. 2pots2cook

    Oh yes, hot everywhere; ice cream, whipped cream and topping …. some waffles maybe…. I’m in !
    Love your delicate appetizer : simple and tasteful ! Thank you !

    • Alida

      Thanks my friend, enjoy summer!

  6. elisabetta

    Where would we be without a lovely plate of antipasti – this is an unusual and fun way of presenting these ingredients. So glad you’ve also travelled to il bel paese – who cares if it’s hot when there’s so much to enjoy!! 🙂

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