Mulled Wine Recipe, great to warm up!

Mulled Wine Recipe, great to warm up!

By 20/12/2012

Mulled wine, or "vin Brule'" as it is called in Italy, literally means burned wine and it has been known since the Middle ages.

It has an antiseptic and warming effect to the body and it works very well in soothing colds. It is very popular in mountain regions where winters are particularly cold.

Because of the cinnamon, oranges and the spices which are added it goes well in tune with Christmas.

To me it will always be a memory of my staying in Germany years ago: the Christmas markets filled with multicolour Christmas lights, the wooden Christmas decorations and the smell of mulled wine literally everywhere.

It all felt like a dream. I suppose the wine helped too 🙂

  • Prep Time : 20 minutes
  • Cook Time : 5 minutes



In a saucepan put the sugar, the spices and the zest of the oranges and of the lemon (make sure you don't peel the white of the fruit as it tastes bitter).

 Mulled Wine Recipe

Add the wine

Mulled Wine Recipe

Heat gently stirring until the sugar has dissolved then bring to the boil for a couple of minutes

Mulled Wine Recipe

Filter the wine and serve piping hot

Mulled Wine Recipe


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7 Responses to Mulled Wine Recipe, great to warm up!

  1. gloria

    Sounds delicious and you look so cute with Santa hat!!
    Have a wonderful Christmas ALida!!

  2. Mich Piece of Cake

    These wine is so warming and looks perfect for the season. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and have a lovely time with your family.

  3. Suzanne

    I love the picture of you. Beautiful!!! All your Christmas posts are wonderful!!! I want to wish you the best holiday season!!


  4. unikorna

    What an astonishing idea…but even more astonishing than this idea…is the way you look. You are amazingly lovely, Alida :). Happy Holidays :).

    • Alida

      you are very sweet dear Petronela. I wish you a very happy Christmas!

  5. Balvinder

    You look pretty in that Santa hat.

    • Alida

      thank you Balvinder 🙂

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