Nutella and memories of childhood

There is nothing like childhood memories. Whenever you eat or smell something you had when you were a child you will instantly be transported back to so many memories which can overwhelm you.
For someone who grew up in Italy Nutella will be one the first things to remember. This moiresh chocolate cream to spread on bread was every child’s favourite snack.
Nougat was another yummy thing mostly associated with Christmas but also available all around the year. Still these days you can find it in stands like this one which can be found in town centers or during village and town festivals.
They also often sell nuts coated in melt sugar and sell them still warm shouting  “Calda la mandorla!Calda la mandorla!” which means: warm almond!warm almond!. I cannot help but smiling when I go back to my home town and hear the man selling them still shouting the same thing!

lots of sweeties

lots of sweeties!

One of the things I used to be mad about was Epiphany which is the three kings arrival at Bethlehem and it marks the end of the Christmas festivities  On the night of the 5th of January every child will hang his stocking and a witch (or Befana) will fill it up with some small toys and lots of sweeties just like a mini father Christmas.

If you were been naughty she will also bring you “carbone” or charcoal which I used to love because of course, it wasn’t real charcoal but it was made with sugar to look like the real one.

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  1. seanymph

    Thank you for stopping by my blog about orange marmalade. I love anything Italian and was married to one for a long time. So I learned from his mama how to cook alot of the things they eat. Now I come here and see your Real Italian from Italy and I browsed your blog and love it. Ill add you to my list. Nice to make a new friend. 🙂

  2. alida

    Thank you so much. It thrilled me to get such a nice comment and to share recipes and ideas. I am pleased you like my blog.

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