Pasta with raw tomato sauce

Pasta with raw tomato sauce

By 02/09/2015

September is here and my long summer Italian holiday has just ended. We came back last night a bit tired but with a nice tan, topped up with plenty of vitamin D, relaxed and looking forward to cook new exciting meals.

Whenever I spend time in Italy each time I sort of become a little bit more Italian at heart and I love that. So in tune with my Italian spirit my recipe today is a light and healthy pasta with raw tomatoes, basil and olives.

Raw vegetables retain most of their vitamins which are often destroyed during cooking. I have had so many this summer in fact I have found myself constantly chopping.

So this pasta dish with olive oil, raw tomatoes, olives and fresh basil is just the perfect dish to keep healthy and it is ever so tasty. Just make sure you use perfectly ripe non-watery tomatoes. Beef tomatoes and sun-ripen cherry tomatoes would do.

  • Prep Time : 15 minutes
  • Cook Time : 10 minutes



Chop the tomatoes into small pieces, cut the cherry tomatoes in halves and let them marinate for 30 minutes with one sliced garlic clove, the torn basil leaves, the olives cut in half, a pinch of salt and 4 tbsp of olive oil.

marinating tomatoes

I used fresh basil leaves for maximum flavour. Much better than dried herbs.

fresh basil leaves

To the marinade you can add a few thyme leaves if you like.

fresh thyme

Toast well the bread then rub it with the other garlic clove, then reduce it into crumbs. You can put it in a plastic bag and beat it with a rolling pin to crush it.

Cook the pasta al dente in salty water then drain and mix it with the marinated tomatoes.

Serve with a sprinkle of olive oil, the bread crumbs and garnish with basil leaves and thyme.

Pasta with Raw Tomato Sauce

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5 Responses to Pasta with raw tomato sauce

  1. Dottie Sauchelli Balin

    Hi Alida,
    Welcome back to the UK…I love this dish as you have brought back a little bit of Italy with you. A simple and such a delicious recipe. Bringing us back to our roots. I agree with you that the raw veggies are so much better for you as far as nutrition goes. I also love the flavors this dish brings out, the fresh herbs and with a little sprinkle of the breadcrumbs. Spectacular recipe! Thanks for sharing…have a splendid rest of the week. Ciao!
    Hugs x Dottie 🙂

  2. carla

    dear Alida, luckily I live in the Abruzzo region, so I am still here in lovely Italy. Your recipe sounds heaven, I will make it tomorrow for lunch!! We have a farm, so I will pick the tomatos and basil from my own garden. A warm and sunny hug from the Abruzzo, Carla

    • Alida

      Lucky you! Your tomatoes and basil kissed by the sun must be fantastic! Abruzzo is such a wonderful region. Ciao!

  3. Elisabetta

    Alida what a coincidence, I also returned home on the 1st September (throwing a tantrum naturally!). Not only that, but the first three sentences in your article could have easily been written by me – I feel exactly the same, also I’ve only ever acquired a tan when in Sicily!!). I love a crudaiola, it’s quick, nutritious and absolutely gorgeous. Grazie. 🙂

    • Alida

      It is always so hard to go back from your holiday especially if you go back and wear long sleeves and jackets again! Let’s make nice food to cheer us up 🙂

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