Persian love cake revisited, delicate and perfumed

Persian love cake revisited, delicate and perfumed

By 12/02/2017

I am in love with this cake.

Persian love cake is a classic enchanting recipe with floral oriental notes decorated with pistachios and rose petals. Not only is this cake pretty, this is something you won't be able to stop eating. If you are a romantic and celebrate valentine make this for your other half, I could not think of anything better to receive at Valentine.

I have adapted the recipe by reducing sugar and instead of rose water I have scented it with orange essence, vanilla essence and cinnamon. Of course use rose water by all means if you have it. Also I have added greek yogurt.

The texture of the cake is moist and rich which I think will go very well accompanied with a dessert wine or with some bubbly like champagne.. perfect for valentine!

  • Prep Time : 20 minutes
  • Cook Time : 50 minutes
  • Yield : 8



In a bowl mix the almond meal with the sugar, the melted butter, the salt and the cinnamon.

Almond, yogurt spiced cake gluten free

Add the yogurt, the eggs, the lemon zest, the vanilla and the orange essence. Mix well. Grease a round spring form baking dish measuring approx 20 cm or 8 inch diameter with oil and then sprinkle it with a little flour (use corn or rice flour if you are gluten intollerant). You can also line the bottom of the dish with parchment paper for easier removal of the cake later.

almond yogurt cake gluten free

Pour the mixture into the mold and level it well with the back of a spoon. Sprinkle the edges of the cake with the ground pistachios. Bake for approx 45 to 50 minutes at 180C or 350F until the cake looks golden on top. Check with a toothpick that it is cooked.

Almond, yogurt spiced cake gluten free

After cooking it I have left it in the switched off oven with the door left adjar for a further 10 minutes as it was still quite moist inside.

Let the cake cool down completely before removing it from the mold. Decorate with powdered sugar and rose petals or if you like you can make some icing and drizzle it on top.

Pink not red roses for me at Valentine. And like every year I bought my favourite Valentine Italian chocolates "Baci Perugina". Classic dark chocolates with a whole hazelnut inside... looove them!

Pink Rose and Baci Perugina

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9 Responses to Persian love cake revisited, delicate and perfumed

  1. La cucina di Molly

    Che torta deliziosa, golosa e romantica, perfetta per festeggiare la festa degli innamorati! Un bacione!

    • Alida

      Grazie cara un abbraccio!

  2. Chiara

    un bel dolce con ingredienti che amo, tenera la foto del tuo piccolo aiutante, un bacione

    • Alida

      Lui adora fare dolci, starebbe sempre in cucina!

  3. gloria

    Love this persian love cake ! Look amazing Alida!

  4. Angie@Angie's Recipes

    Indeed a perfect treat for Vday, Alida. I love that it’s naturally gluten free and bet my husband will love this too.
    Have a wonderful week ahead!

  5. Nat

    How much rosé water do i have to add? Is it instemde of the cinnemon, vanille, Lemon cest and orange essence?

    • Alida

      Hi Nat, 2 teaspoons of rose water.

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