Prawn and Courgette Risotto

Prawn and Courgette Risotto

By 04/12/2011

Prawn and courgettes seem to go very well together. The two flavours combine well, the distinctive taste of seafood is rounded up by the creaminess of the courgettes.

If you can find fresh prawns it will make a difference. Previously cooked ones don't taste of the sea so much. Even if you find small prawns but fresh, it would be so much better.
In a risotto prawns should always be added towards the end of the cooking otherwise they will be chewy. If they are big they should be added in the last 5 minutes; if they are small ones just a couple of minutes will do.

  • Prep Time : 20 minutes
  • Cook Time : 18-20 minutes



Fry the onion and the garlic with the olive oil until it is brown.

Add the rice, the sliced courgettes and stir fry it always stirring for a few minutes.

Add the stock and enough hot water (about 1/2 litre) to cover up all the rice.

Add the salt and pepper, the wine and keep stirring for 13 minutes. Then add the shelled prawns and cook for a further 5 minutes always stirring. Keep topping it up with hot water as it dries out

Switch off the heat and add the parsley and the butter. Stir in well until the butter has melt.

Serve immediately.

prawn and courgettes risotto

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2 Responses to Prawn and Courgette Risotto

  1. Terry Humphrey

    When do you add the courgettes? They are in the list of ingredients and then they disappear.

    • Alida

      Sorry the recipe has now been amended. Thank you!

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