Radicchio and orange salad

Radicchio and orange salad

By 23/01/2019

Radicchio is a beautiful, tasty and "tough" winter vegetable capable of coping with cold temperatures.

I grew up on radicchio, my parents always used to grow lots of it in the field. Homegrown radicchio is far tastier than the radicchio you can find in the shops, particularly if it is organically grown; it just has a much deeper and better taste altogether.

I tried growing it in the UK but it was a struggle because the weather is too wet for it and it just goes rotten. In order to successfully grow radicchio you need a cold and dry weather, that is why Northern Italy has the perfect climate for it.

To prepare radicchio it doesn't take long. Just a simple dressing made with olive oil, vinegar and salt will make it delicious. Radicchio can be bitter that is why it goes well with something sweet like orange. Radicchio and oranges are both winter crops, in season now.

This salad will only take a few minutes to prepare.

TIP: If you like, you can add something else to it like for instance sliced fennel which goes very well with it.

  • Prep Time : 15 minutes
  • Yield : 2



Clean and wash the radicchio, cut it into strips and arrange it on a serving dish. In a bowl mix the olive oil with the vinegar, the juice of half an orange, salt and pepper and mix well.

Pour the dressing on the radicchio and mix well.

Peel the 2 oranges, remove all the white skin. Cut them into segments and arrange them on top of the radicchio.

Scatter the dill leaves on top and serve.


Red radicchio

Radicchio and orange salad

Radicchio and orange salad

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23 Responses to Radicchio and orange salad

    • Alida

      Thanks Gloria, have a nice day 🙂

  1. angiesrecipes

    I adore radicchio and have been eating lots of them. Yours with oranges looks vibrant and tasty, Alida.

    • Alida

      They are both packed with vitamins and we need plenty of them at winter time.

  2. mimi rippee

    This is fabulous, Alida! And so pretty!

    • Alida

      Thanks lovely xx

  3. 2pots2cook

    Beautiful vitamins packed office lunch Alida ! Thank you so much !

    • Alida

      My sister brought it over from Italy. I love my radicchio so much!

  4. Karen (Back Road Journal)

    Not only a nice flavor combination but a pretty colored one as well.

    • Alida

      Thanks very much Karen,

  5. Ron

    Alida, radicchio is a real treat for us when we can get it. Ours comes from Italy and is very tasty. We use sweet tangerines occasionally with it in a salad, but mostly we use pear and apple.
    As with you in the UK, we’re not able to grow radicchio here either. Thanks for sharing salad ideas.

    • Alida

      I like the idea of adding pear and apple too. I will try that next. Thank you Ron!

  6. Alida

    Thank you Gloria.

  7. Frank

    One of the wintertime staples in our house. A delight to the eye and to the palate.

    • Alida

      Absolutely, a very refreshing salad indeed.

  8. Chiara

    un contorno di stagione ottimo e leggero ! Un abbraccio

    • Alida

      Un classico delle nostre parti.

  9. All That I'm Eating

    What some beautiful colours Alida, just what we need at this time of year and sounding delicious too!

    • Alida

      Yes radicchio has lots of vitamins, I love it.

  10. Balvinder

    Such a classic winter salad combination! I love the contrast of orange with radicchio.

    • Alida

      Thanks Balvinder, the orange cuts nicely the bitterness of the radicchio.

  11. Zaza

    What a healthy salad! I’ve never bought radicchio. Full of vitamins and minerals, I hope to find it next week at my local market. Thanks for sharing, Alida!

    • Alida

      It has much more taste than ordinary green salad.

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