Romana style chicken with peppers

Romana chicken with peppers, a colourful and tasty dish

By 31/03/2014

Do you have some chicken to cook but are you fed up with just roasting or cooking it always in the same way? Well you got to try this recipe.

Cooking it "alla romana" means cooking the chicken with peppers and tomatoes and you will be guaranteed a dish with great flavour and plenty of colours which will make it great for a dinner party too.

This Roman dish is typical for "Ferragosto" the Italian festivity on the 15th of August. Imagine the Romans sitting outside with their glass of wine enjoying this dish.. I feel nostalgic, Rome is such an amazing place. If you have never been there than you should! It is a trip of a lifetime.

I loved, yes I really loved this dish which was easy to prepare and it ended with the classic "scarpetta"; mopping up the juices with some rustic bread is a typical Italian thing to do. Bread is king on an Italian table. The first thing Italians notice when they eat abroad is that there is no bread on the table!

  • Prep Time : 20 minutes
  • Cook Time : 45 minutes



Wash the peppers and tomatoes, cut them into strips and remove seeds and filaments.

Roman style chicken recipe

Stir fry the garlic in a pan with 3 tbsp of olive oil. Make sure you don’t burn the garlic. Add the chicken pieces, the herbs and a dash of wine. Turn the heat on and brown the chicken of both sides.

Roman style chicken recipe

Add the peppers, the tomatoes, salt and pepper. Cook for about 45 minutes at a low heat with the lid on. Remove the lid for the last 20 minutes of cooking.

Roman style chicken recipe

Sprinkle some chopped parsley, serve with salad and rustic bread and with white wine like Frascati.

Roman style chicken recipe

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5 Responses to Romana style chicken with peppers

  1. Alison

    This looks like my sort of dish, love peppers and tomatoes.

  2. la cucina di Molly

    Buonissimo, il pollo con i peperoni è saporito e sugoso e come dici tu è d’obbligo la scarpetta! Un abbraccio!

  3. Javelin Warrior

    Such a beautiful combination, Alida, and I love peppers with tomatoes. I’ve never combined them quite like this, but I’ve done something similar in the past and always so delicious…

    • Alida

      Thank you Mark!

  4. Sophie at Franglaise Cooking

    That looks delicious – France is very like Italy in that you have to have bread on the table for all meals, and I really miss that now we’re living in the UK, especially mopping up the sauces at the end of a good meal! I’m pinning this recipe to try it another day – maybe in the slow cooker…

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