Rustic polenta canapes

Rustic polenta canapes

By 30/12/2013

For the days leading up to new year we are all still looking for recipes on how to entertain. I will be having friends at mine on new year's eve, but we decided that we will all be making some food.  That's why these classic rustic polenta canapes, might come in handy if you are entertaining too.

"Crostini di polenta" are a classic in the Italian cuisine and are often always very well appreciated.

The best thing about them is their rustic taste. Polenta goes well with cheese, rich meats or mushrooms that's why I chose these ingredients to make my canapes. Needless to say that it is entirely up to you to chose your favourite topping. If you like Gorgonzola cheese that would go very well too.

To save time I have used quick cook polenta this time. You can find it in most supermarkets.

  • Prep Time : 30 minutes
  • Cook Time : 40 minutes


Make the polenta in salty water according to packet instructions.

When it is cooked pour it over a greased rectangular dish. Let it cool down until it is completely cold.


With a wet knife, slice it into small rectangles or squares

slicing polenta

Clean the mushrooms, slice them and cook them until soft in a pan with a tbsp of oil. Cook the sausage with the red wine; drizzle some oil over a pan then heat it up until very hot and toast the polenta slices for about 5-7 minutes each side. Pour more oil if needed.

toasting polenta

The polenta should look nice and golden

polenta slices

Cut the sausages into slices and put them over some of the polenta, decorate with thyme leafs. Melt the butter and pour some over the sausages.

sausage polenta canapes

Make the mushroom crostini by putting a slice of cheese over the polenta and then the mushrooms. Pour over some melted butter. Garnish with a parsley leaf.

mushroom polenta

Put a slice of cheese over the other polenta slices, then a slice of speck, pierce it with a toothpick and decorate with a sage leaf.

speck polenta canapes

Serve warm with a glass of red wine.

polenta canapes

polenta crostini


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4 Responses to Rustic polenta canapes

  1. gloria

    look delicuous Alida! happy new year dear!

  2. Javelin Warrior

    These canapés sound delicious, Alida, and so simple to make. I could eat these without out any toppings, but the ham and cheese sounds particularly good… Hope you have a marvelous New Year!

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