Sand Nativity in Italy

If there is something I love about Christmas it is nativity scenes. They are much more elaborate and interesting than Christmas trees and make you think of the meaning of Christmas, which is not just presents, food and parties.

If there is something we should remember it is why we celebrate Christmas at all. These days commercialism seems to have taken over and has made us forget that Christmas is a religious celebration and it is all about peace and love.

In Italy every town, every church and the majority of homes will make a nativity scene even if just a small one. Some are extremely elaborate with moving people and animals, mountains, running water with mills, fancy lights and sounds. In Naples they are just incredible: it is a culture on its own which recalls the birth of Jesus. In Italy it is known as “presepe”.

Sand Nativity in Italy

Also you’ll get real life nativity scenes and those can be very suggestive.

Every year in Lignano Sabbiadoro, a busy seaside resort in the north east of Italy, on the beach they make a nativity out of sand. The final result is stunning as they are real works of art.

These photos have been kindly sent to me by my dad who is passionate about art.

Sand Nativity in Italy

Sand Nativity in Italy

Real drawings have been used to make the scene.

Sand Nativity in Italy

A pregnant Mary with Joseph traveling on a donkey.

 Sand Nativity in Italy

Sand Nativity in Italy

Angels and shepherds with their flock

Sand Nativity in Italy

The focus of it all: Jesus is born

Sand Nativity in Italy

I wish all my readers a peaceful and wonderful Christmas. Buon Natale a tutti!


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8 Responses to Sand Nativity in Italy

  1. la cucina di Molly

    Che belle foto, non sapevo di questo posto dove si possono ammirare presepi di sabbia! Anche a me piace molto il presepe, anche se adesso non lo faccio per questione di spazio! Mi ricordo quando ero piccola e mio padre realizzava un grande presepe in casa dei miei nonni, era bellissimo! AUGURI E FELICE NATALE anche a te! Baci!

  2. Balvinder

    That looks beautiful! Is that all sand?

    • Alida

      yes it is!

  3. Choclette

    My goodness these are stunning and amazing. How very clever and beautiful they are.

  4. Mich Piece of Cake

    Oh wow these sand sculptures of the nativity scene are simply amazing!

  5. Italian Notes

    What an absolutely lovely nativity scene. It’s amazing such legends can be carved out in sand.

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