Spaghetti alla Vesuviana – Vesuvio style spaghetti

Spaghetti alla Vesuviana – Vesuvio style spaghetti

By 12/01/2018

An explosion of flavours of the Mediterranean, that's how I would describe pasta "alla Vesuviana" or pasta "Vesuvio style", the Neapolitan vulcano! As you might expect this is a spicy one although, of course, you can choose how much spicy you want it to be.

Very similar to a Puttanesca pasta but without the anchovies, this is a beautiful pasta dish with olives and capers, light and easy to make, so I am not convinced when people say that eating pasta makes you fat. It entirely depends on the sauce that goes with it. A lovely light sauce like this is a good one to make if you want to stay slim and..happy!

Yes, because eating nice tasty and colourful Mediterranean food can only make you happy. Feed your body and your soul at the same time.

Buon Appetito!

  • Prep Time : 15 minutes
  • Cook Time : 25 minutes
  • Yield : 4



In a pan stir fry the garlic cloves with the 3 tbsp of olive oil and the chopped chilly. When it sizzles add the tomatoes, a pinch of salt and let it bubble up for 15 minutes. Whiz the sauce to a puree consistency, whizzing is optional, it is the way I like it.

Cook the pasta al dente in salty water for 2 minutes less than the cooking instructions on the packet.

Chop the olives into quarters and add them to the sauce with the capers and the dried oregano. Mix well and let it simmer for a couple of minutes.

Pasta Vesuvio Style - Pasta Vesuviana

Drain the pasta and add it to the sauce with a little cooking water. Drizzle with olive oil, add the grated Pecorino cheese, a grind of pepper, stir well and serve.

Pasta Vesuvio Style - Pasta Vesuviana_ Spaghetti with tomato sauce, olives and capers - Vesuvio Style Spaghetti

Pasta Vesuvio Style - Pasta Vesuviana with olives and capers

Spaghetti alla Vesuviana - Vesuvio Style with olives and capers


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18 Responses to Spaghetti alla Vesuviana – Vesuvio style spaghetti

    • Alida

      Perfect for January, we need a bit of comfort food at this time of year.

  1. Mimi

    This sounds amazing! Puttanesca is my favorite pasta I think, if I had to chose one! But I love the addition of olives!

    • Alida

      There are so many types of pasta sauces. That’s why I love Italian cooking: you can be so creative with it.

  2. Carla Konsten

    Just reading your recipe makes my mouth water! I’ll give it a try soon, using my home made tomato sauce instead of fresh tomatoes. Thanks for your suggestion!!

    • Alida

      I can only imagine how delicious your tomato sauce must be. My mum makes her own too and no jars of shop bought passata ever tastes as good as homemade, even organic one.

  3. elisabetta

    Yummy, I love this dish and make it often. I totally agree with you Alida that eating healthily will feed your body and soul. I would add that embracing Italian food culture will also make you happy and radiant.

    • Alida

      Yes, Italian culture, based on the love for your family, good food and a healthy lifestyle.

  4. kutukamus

    Aye! That sure looks temptingly volcanic! 🙂

  5. speedy70

    Conosco questa pasta, molto appetitosa, brava!!!

    • Alida

      Una classica intramontabile ricetta

  6. Balvinder

    looks amazing! Love chili pepper in pasta!

    • Alida

      Thanks Balbinder, a bit of spice always helps in lifting up a dish.

  7. All That I'm Eating

    This sounds absolutely delicious Alida! Just my kind of dinner; I love capers to so I know I’d love this.

  8. Frank

    I love puttanesca, so I’m sure I’d enjoy this pasta.

    • Alida

      Very similar but without anchovies

  9. Alma Vorrei

    I love this kind of dish, and I think this is a great alternative to Fettucine Alfredo.

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