Speedy Ricotta & Spinach Pie


Speedy spinach and ricotta pie

Speedy Ricotta & Spinach Pie

By 15/11/2020

No time to cook? Almost everyone is faced with the same problem these days.

I have hardly any time anymore with a full time job and family commitments, but my blog will always be my fun place to be. I was looking back at my recipes and it was 9 years ago when I started it. For several years I did it as a full time job whereas now it is much more fun for me as this is 100% my hobby and I try to keep it non-commercial as well.

It takes 15 minutes to put this recipe together. This is my mid-week speedy meal and it is so tasty as well. If you can try to find all butter puff pastry (unless you are so brave to make your own of course) instead of ordinary one. It tastes so much better and butter is certainly healthier than the alternative (cheaper) fats that are normally used.

In these strange Covid times, we need to learn to love what we have and appreciate the little things and food is one of them, homemade I mean. You can get so much satisfaction from feeding your family with something tasty or with a delicious homemade cake.

I hope you enjoy it!

  • Prep Time : 10 minutes
  • Cook Time : 25 minutes
  • Yield : 4



Wash the spinach and drain them. Cook them in a pan with a tbsp olive oil for approximately 3 minutes. Place them in a bowl, add the ricotta, salt and pepper, the eggs and the grated cheese. Stir all the ingredients well.

Place the sheet of pastry on a greased round baking tin measuring approx 25 cm or 9.8 inch diameter. Cut the edges of the pastry with a knife so the pastry will cover well all the tin. Prick the bottom of the pastry with a fork then pour the mixture in it levelling it well with a spoon.

Bake at 200C or 390F for approximately 25 minutes. The pastry should look golden and crispy.

Enjoy warm... buon appetito!


Puff pastry ricotta and spinach pie - quick recipe

Puff pastry ricotta and spinach pie

Puff pastry ricotta and spinach pie - quick recipe


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13 Responses to Speedy Ricotta & Spinach Pie

  1. angiesrecipes

    wow This looks amazing..both the crust and the filling! So happy to see you update the blog again, Alida.

    • Alida

      When I start I cannot stop eating this and it is really quick to prepare too!

  2. Chef Mimi

    This is beautiful. I love how your crust turned out – gorgeous! It’s a crazy time, but good for families and home cooking!

    • Alida

      Yes, this is the perfect time for spoiling your loved ones with delicious food!

  3. Ron

    I love the rustic look of your spinach pie and I’m sure it’s very tasty as well. Wow, 9 years of blogging is impressive. I enjoy my blog as it’s a hobby and I can post as I wish on what I wish. So, good on you for keeping it up…

    • Alida

      I prefer it as a hobby too and you do it whenever your fancy. I hope all is well with you.

    • Alida

      Grazie cara

  4. 2pots2cook

    Looooove speedy pies ! Perfect week dinner !

    • Alida

      So popular in my household!

  5. All That I'm Eating

    I love this! I’ve made a few ricotta and spinach dishes but I’ve never put it into puff pastry, what a great idea.

  6. Karen (Back Road Journal)

    Love this savory pie. I tried to pin it several times but they wouldn’t do through. The message said I wasn’t allowed to pin from this site. Congratulations on nine years of blogging, your photos and recipes are always a pleasure.

  7. Jeff the Chef

    Nine years! Congratulations. This spinach pie is a great way to celebrate; it looks amazing. I’m married to a huge fan of spinache, so this is great for me.

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